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  1. What do you mean "tag" a shot? I used Game Golf again today. I got used to the interface and it was fine. I only wish I could just enter the number of putts. In order to capture yardage of my approach iron, I go to my ball on green and select putter. But, after that, the phone stays in the pocket. After I putt out, I then drag "add putt" a few times to end the hole.
  2. I used this today. It took a little getting used to. At first, to count putts, I had to keep repeating "+", select putter, over and over, for each putt. That seemed idiotic. I wish I could just type the number of putts. I did find the "Add Putt" feature, after you select the putter once. I clicked VIEW to see the yardage before selecting a club.. I hate how you can't easily edit the scorecard. Not the best interface, but it's a step up from Golf Logix since it can track each club length. Thanks.
  3. What's the difference between SIM and M3 ? SIM Max 3 is $250 M3 rescue is $180 Both are 19*
  4. Is myRoundPro free? I want to do this: 1) Look up yardage 2) Enter club After I hit, and do the same thing on the next shot, it will have calculated how long I hit the last club.
  5. Does the free version allow you to track distance hit with each club ?
  6. Just walked 18. The pace was perfect. 4 hours to walk. I was worried I would hold people up, but my group was walking, and so were the people behind us. Really worked out well. Being able to walk is a total game changer. 5 mile walk makes it feel like less of a huge waste of time, LOL. Carrying my bag for 18 started to get uncomfortable on my shoulder, and a bit clumsy, so I will invest in a push cart. I like the idea of walking 9 as a way to go for a nice hike.
  7. Just walked 18. The pace was perfect. 4 hours to walk. I was worried I would hold people up, but my group was walking, and so were the people behind us. Really worked out well. Being able to walk is a total game changer. 5 mile walk makes it feel like less of a huge waste of time, LOL. I am of the old school of thought. Proper golfers don't use those silly toy carts. Carrying my bag for 18 started to get uncomfortable on my shoulder, and a bit clumsy, so I will invest in a push cart. As for the round, it was a good one. I was driving straight most of the day. Possibly the best driver day of my life (I never hit driver during my 20s) I lined the driver up 2-3 inches behind the ball, to catch the ball on the upswing, and I finally got some loft on the drives. They don't go far, but many were straight. Had a few pure irons that felt great, but overall, I am hitting irons thin, and not really taking the right divot. Shot of the day? I holed out a sand shot. Open stance, back foot, 2" of damp sand. One bounce and plop, into the hole. Worst hole was +2, so that's good. I feel my misses are getting lucky. Thin iron still stays straight and in fairway. Only hit one trouble shot from under trees today.
  8. I use GolfLogix free to see how far the pin is. I'd like to be able to enter each shot and club so I can track distance hit with each club, and other stuff. Is there a popular golf app like this?
  9. Played 9 holes and tried to bring my "smooth tempo" and "no hero shots" mentality to the course. +2 +1 +2 +0 +1 +1 +1 +0 +2 = 46. I was not hitting consistently, but my errors were straight. Good damage control, with my worst holes at +2. Pleased with the result. Smooth tempo makes my misses all good. Thin an iron and it still is on the fairway, etc. I did not hit a single trouble shot (but many layups) Had a nice flop shot with little green to work with. Also had a decent bump/run w/ 8 iron. Expectations are realistic (chip onto green = win) Biggest issue is that I am getting no loft on my shots, except PW.
  10. +6 after 12 holes? On track for a 79 ? I wish I could play that well once in my lifetime. My goal is to break 90 if I work hard all summer But I have no idea how I can practice short game Where is this section of the website? I would like to get feedback
  11. Is this correct as rules of thumb? Uphill. Ball more forward in stance. Weight on back leg. Add one club length. Aim right (ball goes left) Downhill. Ball more rear in stance. Weight on front leg. Remove one club length. Aim left (ball goes right) Above feet. Choke up. More club. Aim right. Below feet. Choke up. Less club. Aim left.
  12. His average round for 9 holes is 48. Par is 33. So, he is averaging +15. If you take the 10 best of his last 20, average round is 45, which is +12. If you double that for 18 holes, he is around +24
  13. Lesson #3 Wanted to continue the theme of "smooth tempo" and just reinforce reps with lower clubs. Hit a bunch of 5i and 3i, with the same tempo with on 3i and PW. That was a huge mental leap that I never made back in the day. 3 irons, I'm not getting the classic loft, but the balls are going straight. And I am hitting a many pure balls in the sweet spot Mis-hits are also going straight, which is good. I hit driver today and was making clean contact on some balls. Driver was going low, but straight. Some were dead straight. If I am honest with myself, I could never hit driver in the Big Bertha era. With Rocketballz, I could finally hit a driver, sometimes. With smooth tempo, I got a taste of consistently ok drives. Very pleased! For a new tweak, I de-lofted the club at address, and moved my hands ahead of the ball. I think this gave a feeling of a descending blow; by de-lofting, I was hitting crisp and getting a tad more loft, ironically. Still thinking of starting the downswing with the hips to induce wrist lag, and I was hitting some pure balls. Overall, quite pleased. And I am experienced enough to not expect this to translate directly to the golf course. Going forward, more of the same. Smooth tempo, hip rotation, etc I am already smart about not making stupid decisions. I can lay up with 7i from 220 and not go for the low risk 3W into a green hazard Used to shoot 80's Now, I shoot 100+ Goal is to break 90, or at least play the irons game like that. I know the short game will not come back so quickly, if ever.
  14. Lesson #2 Today, I focused on: 1) smooth tempo. As the clubs get lower/longer, I tend to think I need to generate the distance by swinging harder. Today, I swung every club like it was a wedge. Hit the 5i and 3i smooth as butter, and no jerky muscling. I let the clubs to the work, and the result was crisper contact, longer distance, and straighter balls (even when off-center) and 2) keep the wrists not tight. Loose wrist will flip over naturally at contact, but next lesson, I will think about that more explicitly. 3) and start the downswing with the hips. That allows some wrist lag. I also kept the ball mostly in the middle of my stance for PW, 7i, and even 5i. 5i was maybe a ball towards the front foot, but nothing extreme like inside heel of front foot
  15. Lesson #1 Got some fundamentals back into my head. Squared up my address. My natural stance was slightly open. Now, I just close it a bit, and I am square. Keeping club face vertical/closed on takeback. Trying to loosen up and release wrists at contact. Like whip cracking the wrists at contact area. I tried to transfer the "smooth whip, snap the wrist" mindset to the longer clubs. Like most rec hackers, I think I have a tendency to muscle/jerk the long clubs, instead of smoothly letting the club do the work. I think that showed a glimmer of hope, as I hit a few 5 irons clean and smooth, without feeling like I was trying to crush the ball. I was hitting my PW very nicely, 100 yards, smooth and clean. Not over swinging. Pure strikes. I was hitting 7,5,3 irons progressively worse. Thin, skulled, sliced, toe, etc. Nothing like the wedge. Like a different player
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