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  1. Guess who Venmo users pay? Other Venmo users. Have fun waiting your your 1929 bank run. Clearly you've never used Bitcoin. Bitcoin is way too complex for clicky-click Millennials to use.
  2. Credit cards are so 1980s. Even Paypal is obsolete Today, it's Venmo for mobile personal payments.
  3. via Imgflip Meme Generator My issue is that it's a service I don't need and did not ask for. My clubs are clean. It feels like a FORCED money grab to this cheapskate
  4. I'm a DIY guy. I don't like "service" of any kind. I hate valet. I don't have cleaning ladies. I repair my own cars. I went to a upper tier public and the kid grabs my bag off the cart and starts cleaning my clubs. I am a crank, but I tipped him $10. But I was not happy about it. The next time, I made sure to drive my cart directly to my car and put my clubs away.
  5. What is the latest word on the popularity of this sport? Are courses still closing? Private club decline in favor of golf now? Helicopter parenting not letting parents go play golf for 5 hours? What has been the story the last 10 years? Any articles you can link to? LAst thread on this from 2012
  6. I need to revisit this. I am actually going to try the first tip by Patch. It might look silly, but it really should work
  7. Ecco. I can not wear sneaker looking shoes. Call me trad. I need shoes. Current ones are all black. But, I like saddle shoes also
  8. My current ones are from 2001, and the soles are decaying. Plus, I need to replace the worn out spikes, or just get new shoes. Any good values out there? I don't want sneaker looking ones. I want ones that look like classic dress shoes. Here is an option: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/footjoy-fj-originals-golf-shoes-16fjymfjrgnlwhtbrgsh/16fjymfjrgnlwhtbrgsh
  9. Inflation over the last 4 years has been a few percent.. That would account for a rise from $50 to about $52
  10. In 2014, I bought a used Rocketballz RBZ 10.5* driver from Ebay for $55. 45.5" Regular flex shaft Got it cut down to 44" and a new grip for a whopping $7. Total cost for a "fitted" driver was $62.. Now, when I search Ebay for the same exact driver, they are selling for $100. What happened?
  11. He's got a tiny driver. He tried my RocketBallz and liked it. He wants to upgrade, and I said all the new ones are essentially the same. I told him to get a used Ping G15/20/25/30. Is there any real difference between these models? I figure any one of them is a huge upgrade from his tiny driver.
  12. Just started playing again after many years away. Game is rough around the edges. Inconsistent for now. All day I've had a consistent bit of slice fade. On the last few holes, I told my friend to stand behind me and see if my feet were aligned correctly. He said my toes were pointed to the left side of the rough. So, I adjusted and the slice was reduced bigtime. What are some of your tips for correct alignment and aiming?
  13. This thread has answered my question. Modern graphite can have various flexes, and are not always 1990s fishing pole whips. My shafts even say "R", so I will keep using them. They are probably a better fit than my old stiff shaft DCI's, and they are a free $1000 set of irons. So, I will keep using them!
  14. As long as it's not a massive mistake and totally inappropriate for my average swing speed, I will gladly use the upgraded clubs. Saves me on regripping costs!
  15. Just practice that shot hundreds of times. Do you have a place where you can do that. Practice is everything.
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