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  1. I don't think I like Finland.
  2. An important note -- when you sign in for golfing (at least here in WA state) you sign a waiver that says you are responsible for any damage you cause while golfing.
  3. Anyone who thinks people who live on golf courses "have it coming" if a golf ball damages their home need to rethink . I live on a street, am I therefore responsible if a driver runs his/her car into my home? Yep, I can expect a broken window, dings in my house...I do live here. That does not negate golfer's responsibity, nor the golf course who is pushing alcohol in their beer carts. People need to take responsibility for their actions. You break a window or injure someone while golfing, man up. We duly pay our taxes to live here, which probably benefits your kids' education. BTW -- we have had incidents where RESPONSIBLE golfers have owned up to the damage they cause. There are many golfers out there who do take responsiblity.