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  1. Number of Different Courses a Year?

    I'm slightly jealous of the number of times some of the people in warmer climates can golf in a year. In Calgary we're lucky to have 3 and a half good months to golf so when Im busy and can only get out once a week, that gives me about a dozen rounds. Some summers I can get out twice a week and may end up getting around 25-30 rounds but thats about it. I play at least half of my golf at 1 course, and the rest of the golf is at places I'll play once a year. Usually between 7 - 10 different courses. I do know people who get in 100 rounds around here in one summer but I don't have the luxury of playing every day.
  2. Golf course in a space station

    Thanks Navid, like you said "why not?" Kathy, the nature is important to me. One of the reasons I love golf is the nature of the places Im able to play. I walk my dogs in the woods everyday for the same reason. I've always loved walks in the park and would assume that people in the future, wherever they may live, will draw comfort from nature, no matter how artifical the rest of the environment may be. Even people living in small apartments can get joy out of a house plant in the corner of the room. A large space station will need larger house plants.
  3. Golf course in a space station

    It is a pretty good exercise to imagine how the ball would react in such an environment. Once the ball is impacted then it will maintain its trajectory until it hits something else. If the ball was motionless and inserted into the void within the structure then it would float slowly for a while however the air within the structure would be moving with the rotation so the air itself would apply a small force to the ball. This would slowly force the ball to the outside of the rotation. The nearer you get to the axis of the rotation, the less air pressure would apply to any free floating object. We can theorize how this would effect the game of golf but ultimately, I think the first people who play will probably be inventing some shots that we would have a hard time imagining without being there. That would be fun.
  4. Golf course in a space station

    Thanks Kapanda, I actually thought a long time about whether or not to post this project and where to post the images. I have a lot of artist and space buddies who don't golf so they can't imagine why we'd take up room in a space station for a small golf course. I figured that other golf lovers would appreciate why I would try. It's my design so if I say there is a golf course, then there is a golf course. Unfortunately, although I do get paid to design conceptual visualizations for space exploration, this project is more of a labour of love at this point. Thanks for your comment broomhandle. At 500m it is the minimum size that the structure could be and still generate 1G of force while rotating no more than 2 revolutions per minute. Studies show that anything more than 2rpm could be disorientating. If it is only 80% earth gravity then the slower spin rate would be fine. Definitely, bigger would be MUCH better, not only for a more moderate spin rate, but with the added space we could do 9 holes and eventually a full 18. This winter I would like to do a 1km diameter structure and even larger after that.
  5. Golf course in a space station

    I have updated and animation that shows a brief fly-over of the golf course at: www.spacehabs.com/ 459883
  6. I've been working on a short film about space exploration and designing a large future rotating space colony. This structure would be a large can shape with about a 500m diameter (547yrds). In the process of designing the interior, I always try to imagine what I would want to see if I lived there myself. As an avid golfer, I obviously would not want to live in a community without a golf course (even if space is limited(...in space)). I decided I could probably fit at least 3 holes (2 par 3's and a par 4) in the settlement. Since everything would be built from scratch, we could mimic any holes that we would like to play. I based the course around an edited Pebble Beach (Par 3 7th, Par 3 17th and shortened Par 4 8th). The greens would be synthetic grass and hydraulically operated so each green could change to a different layout at the click of a button. By playing 3 holes 6 times from different tees, you could actually play 18 slightly different holes. Note: the physics in a zero gravity environment where the only force applied to the ball would be the centrifugal force applied by the rotating station plus the impact of the club, would drastically change the way we would have to play. ...and the putt would always break along the rotation axis of the structure. Updates and high resolution images of the course and structure can be found here: www.spacehabs.com/441354 Moving to a space station may be more appealing if you knew you could still get a tee time.