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  1. What kind of equipment do we need to have at the bare minimum?
  2. I have been playing on and off for the last maybe 12 years and my handicap fluctuates like the tide. The friends who took up the game later than me now have single digit handicaps. I am so inconsistent, I keep hitting over the top.......just frustrated
  3. I do not mind investing in some gym equipment, I have also been paying for a gym membership even to this day and have not gone to a gym for more than a year due to the pandemic....
  4. Okay will follow them Interesting, I used to go to the gym 3 times a week and one Yoga Session per week and my aches and pains from having a desk job sitting for more than 8 hours and playing gradually went away but now because of the pandemic I practice more but lost the opportunity to go back to the gym because of the threat of catching COVID 19. I appreciate all your comments but I got no idea what the exercises are called and the only things I have at home are a few barbells, stretch bands and that's it. I have weak joints and as I exercise or strengthen one joint another weak link
  5. Can you help me find out what these exercises are and how to do them? is there a website? I am 58 yrs old and I realized exercise helps me avoid injury.
  6. Since the pandemic I built myself a net and a nice mat and began hitting balls. I never went to the driving range because my body is sore after and when I go out to play I suck because of the hurt in my body. I am 58 yrs old. Now since the mat and net I have taken a video of my swing and try to correct the faults. Since then my body does not hurt as much and I began to see improvements. I also followed Mobile Clubmaker and fitted the driver myself based on his video. Now I am hitting my driver with much consistency. My weak point now is putting. I am now trying to build my own putting gre
  7. How often and how does one practice at a driving range? do you start everyday with the same clubs? do you hit the clubs that are more troublesome? at an average how many balls do you hit at a driving range per session? All these questions for a 58 year old player. Thanks,
  8. Thanks Billy, I did not get professional lessons and a lot of technology is not available on Guam including a proper fitting. It would be nice to get fitted properly as the body ages so is the need to get the eqpt properly built for the aging body. I have been trying to follow videos on YouTube (Mobile Clubmaker, TXG and Rick Shields)on how to fit myself with my clubs. A few days ago I bought a swing weight scale and some lead tape. I have also been playing around with the head weights on my Titleist driver which is an old one. I used to use my TaylorMade M2 but I cut it shorter and now it is
  9. sorry not too technically inclined it took me a couple of days to figure out how to edit the video so I could get better..
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