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  1. agree about whispering pines East, good track. We enjoyed Mid Pines the most. Pine Needles is a must play for our trip this year.
  2. Forget the pit. Mid Pines is a must play.
  3. All good tips. I tend to come over the top when I "hit" at the top. I work on making a nice smooth transition at the top and pour on the speed once my hands are at about 9 oclock (hope that makes sense)
  4. Yup, great Links style course. My team won our company outing there last year!
  5. About an hour North of Dayton.
  6. none of the above, 5 wood (18*) for me
  7. My goals for 2008 1. Get more consistent with my driver, when it's on I'll shoot low to mid 80's, when it's off it adds 10 strokes. 2. Better course management; quit being so stubborn, LOL, when the drivers not cooperating learn to leave it in the bag and trust my irons and short game.
  8. 38 years old when I started.
  9. Hi, I'm a newbie from NW Ohio. Cabin fever is setting in for me so I wanted to join so I could at least TALK about golf. Hitting into a net get's old.
  10. Sergio has huge potential, he just needs to grow up and quit making excuses.
  11. He's a winer, really turned me off last year when he was blaming the course setup for injuring his wrist. He and Sergio should start a support group for winers, LOL.
  12. I work for a pipeline company. I'm a training planner/scheduler at a training center.