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  1. Go buy a Casio zr 10 off eBay really cheap and perfect for slow motion videos it's what I have. Plus it fits on my golf bag perfectly right above the little grab handle I position it if that makes sense. If I try to crush anything I revert back to old habits of my body getting way out in front with my arms behind me. My current feel with a full swing is backswing then I feel like I pull my arms down half way before I ever shift my weight. It's just a feel to speed up my arms and keep my body from getting way out in front.
  2. I wouldnt worry about your right elbow. Everytime I tries to focus on that i ended up being stuck with the face way open and no shaft lean. Honestly i think you need to stop making full speed swings if you actually want to tackle this. Everything should half speed and videoing everything. Make half swings until you get that position duf is in. Keep making them longer until its up to a full swing. Think 10% speed half swing at first.
  3. If it feels normal, you are doing it wrong atleast at first. I'm not saying hold the wrist angle, as you should NEVER do this but your handle of the club should feel uncomfortably forward at impact. This will feel weird because you are used to hitting the ball at your back leg not your front. If you are still having trouble with pausing at the top, make half swings and pause. Its a drill, all you want to see is the club parallel to the ground when your left hand is over your right thigh. Hitting it well with the drill doesnt matter you need to video tape yourself to make sure you are hitting t
  4. No problem man. I am going through the same exact thing as you so I know the feeling. Forget about everything else and work on that drill and maybe post the video of you doing the drill.
  5. IF you properly sequence your arms, you wont have to worry about your lower body. Speeding up your arms to make them outrace your body should be your number one goal. Even if you focus on slowing down your hips, you will still cast as you are doing now. Do this drill like I explained earlier but feel as if your arms go first and everything else follows. Video yourself and you'll see the amount of lag/forward shaft lean will be much improved.
  6. Matteo Manassero. I love his move, that swing hasnt changed a bit from when he turned pro!
  7. I went from a 12 cap to about a 3 (disregard my unupdated profile). Anyways I had a very similar flaw as you. You're way out in front of it with your lower body because your trying to kill it so you hit it high and lose distance. In order to fix this you need work on sequencing. That's how you obtain lag and distance. What I did was make a backswing pause 3 seconds at the top and start your hands down first. Do this a lot, you'll notice the amount of lag and shaft lean you have. This is a drill to get the feel of moving your arms faster than your body in order to gain lag. Once you do this a
  8. Shot a one over 71 today. I hit 14 greens today which is like 10 more than i usually hit :P. 2 birdies and 3 bogeys. Course is my home course at 6200 yds 70.2 131 from the tips.
  9. Just waiting on OP, surely he'll deliver with a swing video. Until theres evidence hes wasting our time
  10. Just so people know, Stricker isnt playing lol. Ian Poulter -7 Henrik Stenson -7
  11. The Casio ZR10 is a perfect slow motion camera. Its cheap, extremely durable (literally have dropped that thing SO many times and its still in awesome shape) and great for golf recording. Got it off ebay for nothing.
  12. Jesus man, your swing looks 110% better. Good job!
  13. Haney is one of those guys I think should shut the hell up about everything. How is Foley to blame at all? Rose and Mahan played pretty damn well. How's any of Haney's students doing since working with him on the Haney Project? I've heard a couple stories of people going to Hank Haney and coming back with a ****ed up golf swing. As for the Tiger comments, I could care less. Tiger will win a major this year and everyone will eventually shut the hell up.
  14. The first two sentences was an intro bc i honestly had no idea how to ask the question. This thread pretty much answered it though, thanks
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