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  1. I'd guess that since I started playing 20 years ago (at age 10) I've probably logged in 1200+ rounds. Of those, 150-200 were in competition at the high school and college levels. I'm guessing that I got below the 5 handicap level around age 16, or after maybe 150 rounds. During those early years, and especially while playing college golf, I made far more trips to the practice range/green than I did to the course itself.
  2. Some guys on our team worked part time jobs on campus, I'm guessing 10-15 hours per week during the golf season if I remember right. Full time (40hrs) would be a stretch, especially if you have class & studying to take care of.
  3. I played for a competitive DIII program a few years back. My scores ranged from the low 70's to the low 80's, with most being in the 75-80 range during competition. I moved back and forth between the 1st and 2nd teams throughout my 4 years on the squad. Our top guys averaged around par and we also had guys on the team who rarely played in tourneys that averaged around 80. We kept 12+ guys on the team. I enjoyed the daily practice rounds more than the competition, great way to break up the days between class & studying (partying). Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.
  4. I spit just about anywhere on a golf course, however I won't "hauk a loogie" on a green, tee box etc. If I ever spit a little guy onto a green, I'll use my putter to tap it down/into the grass. Though, I have no problem with the Euro Tour fining Tiger for spitting on a green, he's on TV and should be held to a higher standard.
  5. Sabbatini, Westwood, Crane, Woods, Langer, Cink, Love III, Olazabal, Pettersson, Villegas, Dimarco. I used to root against Monty, but other than in a Ryder Cup, I hope he does well in tourneys.
  6. I'd like to see pics of each club from an "at address" angle. I do enjoy The Hot List overall, gives me something to drool over during the long winter months.
  7. I don't love the show, but do like it. Something new & different, they'll find what works eventually. Recapping the weekend tourney and guests have been good. I could see watching 30min or so in the morning, 2 hours of it would probably get old.
  8. Euro - GMAC, Jiminez, Seve USA - Mickleson, Kim, Couples, Palmer
  9. I concur with this. My grades would have been much better in college had I golfed more and did other activities less. College is about doing things away from class & library as much as it is about hitting the books. Bring the clubs, you'll need a break from time to time away from studying.
  10. Maybe offer 1 free practice shot for those who pay to play???
  11. I play my best when I only have one swing thought "slow & easy." Pick up Bob Rotella's books..... great for the mental game. Golf is too hard to not take a simplistic approach to it.
  12. You weren't the first nor last to do something like that. Handling nerves (of that kind) gets better with age & experience. I topped my 1st tee shot into the pond in front of the tee box during my 1st match as captain of my high school team. I also shot 87 in my 1st college tournament round after qualifying for the varsity team with a couple 73's.
  13. I do it probably 5 - 8 times a year and play around 100 rounds a year. I usually have to get my putter rolling to break par (no 3 putts), hit 12+ greens and have a day where I get some breaks. Some days that cup just looks like a basketball hoop. Best round ever was -4 (67) and best round this year so far was -2 (70).
  14. As with most official competitions, you keep your opponents official scorecard. However, you should also keep your own score at the bottom of your opponents card for verification after the round. Where I grew up, each team had 6 players and the 4 best scores of those counted each day.
  15. I played D-3 golf on a pretty good top 10 nationally ranked team. However, D-3 golf has a lot of variation in the skill level from team to team. In our conference of 8 schools or so there were only 3-4 teams that had a realistic chance of winning tournaments or the conference. To make the squad for a contending team you had to shoot at least in the 74-80 range consistantly and closer to par to stay on the varsity starting 5 that traveled week to week. If you played for a conference bottom dweller you could shoot in the mid 80's and probably make the starting 5. The individual medalists a
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