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  1. Hahaha...this is the most someone has said with the least number of words!! 👍
  2. Sometimes people need to help themselves with the simple things..like being ready to play when they get to their ball 🙂 Other things like making sure your trundler or bag is where it should be (ie. on the correct side of the green), just not faffing about on the greens (just hit the god damn ball already) but also sometimes golf could help itself at times too. It maddens me in the winters when we could help speed things up ourselves by enforcing local rules for leaving the flag in the hole. Then you don't get people walking unnecessarily on the greens and people can go straight to their b
  3. This is one of those can't win arguments There have been threads on this forum where people were taking the p1ss out of someone exactly because they dressed like a "professional" golfer YET here we have people now taking the p1ss out of anyone who dares to not dress tidily on a course Personally, I don't mind throwing on longs and a tidy shirt when playing in a competition. Conversely if I want to shoot out and play a few holes after work then I just wear what ever shorts Ive got on and a tee shirt and just go for it. doesn't hurt anyone AND we have enough issues with people not repa
  4. The one that annoys me the most is the PGA Pro who plays off 18 and comments on everything along the lines of "why didn't you play an 8 iron and lay up". That one gets me particularly! In the end I gave my LSW book to him to shut him the f88k up about laying up! Didn't work though!! :) Now look what you have done @bones75! You've got me all excited and ruined my day now cause I can't stop thinking about how much THAT GUY works me up on the course!!! Regards Mailman
  5. We have some very fast greens and also some very slow greens. But it really doesn't matter as I am skilled enough to make all our greens look impossible :) Regards Mailman
  6. South Korea is a completely different culture though. Its not as selfish as Western culture and much more community/family centric AND given South Korea has a very real threat just north then it is drummed in to them from the get go that they MUST to their bit for their country. The guy should have got his military service out of the way years ago while he was a younger. Now he has to deal with the consequences of his decision to fight and delay as long as possible. Mailman
  7. When I watched some of Dans earlier videos for the first time the thing that stood out like dogs bollocks was the lack of athleticism (and natural talent). Even back then it was clear that he was going to be fighting an uphill battle. Then there was the offers of help that he failed to take up (but I guess thats understandable given he had a clear vision in his mind how he wanted to approach this). But yeah, its evident this was only going to end one way. You just can't do this kind of thing without some underlying natural ability and talent. I mean, have a look at something like X F
  8. I don't see what the problem is? I know plenty of high hcpers that can hit it 300 yards but if course the real issue isn't distance but whether they can find the ball or how much they've missed the fairway by ??
  9. Just play 90% of the handicap for the 4bbb matches and full handicap for the singles. No need to make it more complicated than it needs to be. I think sometimes us golfers like to over think some thing's far too much eh? ??
  10. I played golf in NZ when visiting family a few months ago and used a set from the golf club from the dark ages (no idea when from BUT they looked old and were a brand Id never heard of...and did I say they looked old?). Anyway, my misses were just as big with my Titliest bats, my drives were just as long as my Titliest driver and my chipping was just as bad as with my vokeys! Of course that was a completely unscientific way of looking at this from a data pool of one round but hey, from the 4 hours of loving I had with this old set of bats I really couldn't tell just how much differe
  11. Ah...then that makes sense. Although for $500 that to me seems like a really expensive way of trying to work out your gapping when maybe a $50 session on a launch monitor would be a more cost effective way of doing this? Having said that, because its a toy, its related to golf, and I have absolutely no need for it then it goes straight to the top of my list of "Must Buys"!! :) Regards Mailman
  12. Seems accurate with irons and a bit hit and miss with the driver. I guess the real question is once you have the numbers from a swing what do you do with them? How do you fix what you are seeing? Regards Mailman
  13. I think the simple truthful answer is NO. Ive been stuck on 18 for what feels like an eternity and worst still, this year Ive been struggling with a power hook! Coupled with being busy at work and having no time for practice and lessons its really been killing my enjoyment of the game (where it got to the point I was going to chuck it in when it came to renewing my membership in June because i wasn't able to get out and play golf as much as I wanted to!). However I put my man pants on, invested in a few lessons and set aside time for practice to try and sort these things out and the
  14. Ive a GPS and a laser range finder and love them both. I use the GPS for fixes on trouble that I can't see and as a confirmation if a lasered distance is looking dodgy. Each has its strength and weakness and really at the end of the day it just comes down to what works for you. I have an old Garmin Approach G3 that is actually pretty good but thank god AA batteries cost a pound for 8 at Poundland otherwise this thing would chew through them like a fat chick at a smarties factory! Regards Mailman
  15. Not so much best shot of the day but best recovery of the day. First drive was a big wide ugly push right so wide that it went OB in to the driving range next to the first fairway! Third shot was a nice little 260 yard drive down the guts. Fourth shot was an 8 iron bang on the money (160 yard carry) coming to rest about 6 feet from the pin. One put for a bogey and a half as it was match play. Take 5 on this whole any day of the week :) Regards Mailman
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