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  1. I won't be able to play. Those are both great courses. Everyone have a great time.
  2. redsbux86

    Win a New Cart from Sun Mountain!

    Congrats and enjoy the walk.
  3. redsbux86

    Replace mid irons with Hybrids

    The longest iron I have is a 6 as well. I love my 4 & 5 hybrids and get better distance, accuracy and score much better with them.
  4. redsbux86

    Win a New Cart from Sun Mountain!

    I would really love to win the Gunmetal/Red Speed Cart GT https://shop.sunmountain.com/Speed-Cart-GT-20119-detail.html I love walking in the evening. My old pull cart is being kept together with duct tape and it would be wonderful to have this so I can easily walk the course without having to pull my old one. Thanks for the opportunity,
  5. redsbux86

    Golfing With Strangers-The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

    Believe me, I wasn't wanting them to heap praises on me. I was just baffled how two people could pretend that you didn't exist for 4 hours. I play by myself all of the time and happy doing it. I keep telling myself that I must be participating in a psychological test.
  6. redsbux86

    Golfing With Strangers-The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

    I wish I could have, but the course was pretty busy that day. I did keep thinking it was going to get better. I remember hitting a shot and saying, "thank you", but they didn't say anything. Anyone else I've ever played with would have said, "nice shot". I did laugh to myself after I said it. I do know if I ever see them again, I would allow they to play without me.
  7. redsbux86

    Golfing With Strangers-The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

    I've been paired up with some pretty cool folks except one time. I was paired up with a guy and his girlfriend. They were both in their 20's and I'm in my 50's. No big deal. His was the better golfer and she wasn't bad, but not as good. I couldn't care less. I just enjoy being out. She picked up her ball the first 2 holes without putting out. I was going to tell her to putt out and don't feel like she was slowing me down. I just let it go and then thought I was just keep it to myself. I always tell people how great a shot or putt they have and this time was no different. However, they never spoke a single word to me. They didn't even acknowledge that I was there. Of course, this got in my head and couldn't shake it. After the 13th hole I almost left the course. I decided to stay and finish since I did pay. I tried to keep positive, but it wasn't working. At the 18th he shook hands with me and said it was nice playing It was the worst time I've ever had on the course.
  8. redsbux86

    How do you beat the winter blues

    I practice chipping into the love seat with a short wall backstop in the family room.
  9. There is an item called the Club Rack. I've been debating on getting it myself. The link is http://www.craichaelgolf.com/theclubrack_us.html
  10. redsbux86

    Win a Free iPad Playing Fairway Solitaire!

    This is a pretty cool game. I really did enjoy it.

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