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  1. Playing my first round today. It's supposed to get all the way up to 45°. Close enough.
  2. Played the first round of the year last night. Hit a terrible drive....pushed it to the right, over some trees and into another fairway. My approach shot was over some other trees with about 110 remaining and plenty of room to put a wedge over the trees and safely onto the green. Almost completely miss the ball (had been striking my irons and wedges great all through the round prior to this), boned the ball....it goes into the trees, hits some rocks and trees, bouncing around like a pinball, across the cart path and onto the green.
  3. ERC7.5

    Big Break 2011

    Does anyone know when Big Break 2011 will air?
  4. All American Nightmare - Hinder
  5. Was just talking golf to a friend and he mentioned an incident where Craig Stadler used a towel to kneel on and was penalized/disqualified. I decided to look it up just to check it out and it appears that this incident with people calling rules violations in isn't a first. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,963732-2,00.html Quote: While Stadler was persevering to a second-place finish worth $37,333.33, TV replayed his arboreal adventure. The switchboard, as they say, lit up..... Alerted by the whistle blowers, P.G.A. tour officials penalized Stadler two strokes for innocently "building a stance" with his flat towel and then disqualified him entirely because the scorecard he had signed the day before was now incorrect. Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,963732-2,00.html#ixzz1BDm2kFNu I thought this comment was pretty funny... Quote: Almost no amateur golfers play by the rules. They have come to an accommodation with themselves and one another to bump the ball in the fairways or nonchalant it on the greens. The game most of them play combines croquet with tiddledywinks. But they know the rules. Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,963732-2,00.html#ixzz1BDmUkI6k
  6. I was going back and forth on this topic and was actually leaning toward saying No because not every shot by every player is shown on television. This means the higher profiled players which get the majority of the TV time have the greater odds of "being caught". Then I realized that was a poor reason since a) the players should be policing themselves and not committing these infractions or calling themselves out on them and b) the number of times that this will happen will be minimal. I just hope it doesn't turn into a segment on the Golf Channel or during the broadcast. So, Yes....viewers should be able to call in Rules Violations the infraction should be penalized no matter who noticed. If there were actual officials/umpires/referees....I'd have said no I'm just glad I won't be the one taking the phone calls.
  7. Very nice! I enjoyed watching her on BB DR
  8. Just ordered one. This will give me something to work on in my living room until the snow melts and/or the local golf dome opens.
  9. Thanks enis. It didn't have what I was looking for in regards to the putter tip size.
  10. I had a 7.5° G10 and hit the ball much higher with it than I do my 8.5° TaylorMade Tour Burner. It is a good driver though.
  11. I need to replace two shafts. I need to replace a Project X 6.0 shaft in my 9 iron and the stock shaft in my Odyssey White Ice #1. The problem I'm having is trying to figure out which is the proper shaft tip (.355 or .370). I calipered the shafts right above where the shaft enters the club head and it's measuring .365 on both clubs. Can I assume that these would be .355 at the tip? Edit: I managed to find the shaft tip size for the 9 iron on TaylorMade's website (.355). Still can't find anything on the putter.
  12. 85 on Sunday and 85 last night. Two triple bogeys last night. Terrible.
  13. To me, a top 5 would be a huge win for Tiger. But to Tiger....that's simply not good enough. He needs to win and has a good shot at it.
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