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  1. I'd like to get some input from younger and senior golfers. I have been very fortunate in the past couple of years. I have been able to go back to my irons rather than high lofted woods. No real problem from a physical point of view. However, recently I found a putter that I really like (older one 2007). It's a 1/2 Wacky-E by ping. Found it on Ebay and bought it. It came with a 30" shaft. I love the putter but had to extend the length about 1 1/2". I decided to commit some real time on the putting green about an hour. Since my length at 74 yrs old is not what it use to be my short game is more critical. I was on the green for about 30 minutes and my lower back began to ache. Has any of your younger guys experienced pain or discomfort practicing putting for a loner period? I'm of the opinion that I need to strengthen my lower back muscles. No problem putting during a normal round but a concentrated hour or longer appears to be a real challenge. I just have always believed in practice, practice, practice. Comments appreciated.
  2. I appreciate all of the input. I am 74 years old with history of back surgery. However at the present time my back does not present a serious issue. I have fairly good flexibility and work out at the YMCA fitness center regurally. My Driver is a Taylormade RZR Fit (2012) with 12 degree loft. My 3 wood is also Taylormade jetspeed. I Have Adams 3,4,and 5 hybrids. My irons are taylormade 6-9 (used to hit all woods after back surgery but can now hit irons) My biggest problem is driving. I rarely can get more than 160 yards with my driver. I get plenty of loft. Just not enough distance. I have been trying to use "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson. He teaches to use the proper body turn with almost dead arms. Just let the arms move as the lower body turns. Patterned after "Iron Byron" So far not much help as to distance. I took about 10 lessons from an apprentice PGA TEACHING PRO but I must be a lousy student. I have considered visiting one of those Golf Tech locations where they hook you up and examine all aspects of your swing. My drives are straight (rarely in the rough) and I hit my 3 wood about 155yrds. Thanks for all the suggestions. At my club there are guys in their 80s hitting their drives 150-170. Must be their fundamentals.
  3. I would like some advice from some senior golfers age 70+ regarding distance and to what degree equipment change could help
  4. Is there a average golfer's (whatever that is) perspective on guys with Peripheral Neuropathy walking the golf course rather than riding in carts. Obviously it up to the individual not to do something that would aggravate an existing medical issue but there are degrees of the condition. I am told that I have it but I still try to walk at least 9 holes. At 72 it's good to experience the best way to play golf. I may have sore feet at the end but that is far from blisters and wounds on the feet.
  5. As I have posted before, I am 72 years old getting back to the game after a long layoff due to back surgery and significant club modification. I am taking lessons and will continue after I get over a current bout with vertigo. Getting old is not for the faint of heart. I was wondering if since we are approaching winter and I don't play in 50 degree weather, if the zepp swing analyzer would be a good investment to monitor my swing when not on the course. I don't expect to get back to consistent 80s but I do want to play in the 90s with an occasional ease into the 80s. I realize the candle can only burn for so long but I love the game and wouldn't mind going out on a fairway somewhere. Ha Ha .Comments appreciated
  6. When Hogan stated on page 39 that we should start at address with both knees pointed in; does that mean close together or what? You certainly can't point both knees toward each other. Can someone explain?
  7. All good input and I appreciate it. One of my biggest questions is, can an instructor teach and evaluate your swing by only watching you hit 10 to 12 ft. into a net inside? Don't get me wrong I have immense respect for my instructor and he is a great golfer (I have watch him play), but looking at the various instructors on golf channel and books Hogan and Jack, they all seem to have a little different approach. So the questions remains, is it reasonable that an instructor with enormous skill anticipate distance and other outcomes by watching balls hit in a net? Thanks.
  8. I am getting back into the game following a medical layoff. I have taken 5 lessons from the club pro; all inside hitting golf balls into a net. No way to get feedback on how the shot went (hook, slice, shank, pull, push). So one day I'm on the range and he comes over and simply says "turn your shoulder" and like magic I starting hitting shots like I am unconscious, the best I have ever hit. So good it almost scares me. Then the next day I have a tournament and I'm slapping, hitting fat, sky balls and slices. I'm 72 years old could that be the problem??? I don't have unrealistic expectations in that I expect to hit it 250yrds and straight. I would just like to replicate the previous day when He comes up to me and says "turn your shoulders". Believe me I am trying to turn my shoulders. I can't afford to have a coach on retainer like the pros. Any ideas how I can replicate the success on the range two days in a row.
  9. Sorry change that to I currently have an Adams 3 wood and looking at TaylorMade Senior flex
  10. I currently own a TaylorMade recently purchase new Adams Speedline F11, steel, draw. I could change the shaft on the Adams to senior or purchase a 2014 Jetspeed Fairway Wood for about 80.00. Kind of a toss up from a dollar point of view. We do not have a golf store where we live (closest one is about 100 miles) Any thoughts off the top of your heads.
  11. I am changing from a reg shaft to senior shaft on my Driver and 3 fairway wood. I am 72 years old with back issues. My swing speed is a dismal 65-70 mph. In purchasing a new 3 wood with senior shaft would you suggest 15 or 17 degree loft (distance is my big concern)
  12. As some of my post previously indicates, I am 72 years old and had back surgery few years back which really slows down my swing speed. My teaching pro tells me that my swing speed with my 3 wood and Driver has slowed to about 65 mph. I am going to try to increase that since that is really slow. He suggested I switch my reg. shafts in my Adams 3 wood and my Taylor made burner draw to senior shafts. It makes sense to me. He says the cost of changing out the shaft including the shafts is about $100.00 each. I found a Callaway RAZR Fit 11.5* Driver Senior Flex Aldila RIP'd NV 60 Light on ebay for less than that. I started reading and stuff like "shaft length" "purring" was mentioned in changing shafts. I can understand shortening shafts and re-griping which I can do, but this purring thing is something I don't know much about. Can I presume that a new Taylor made senior shaft has already been purred?? Also would it be cost effective to spend $100.00 to change the shaft if I can buy a new driver with the senior flex. Not to be cheap but I have to watch my budget
  13. I am a Marshal at golf course and in the winter (40 degrees) we have more golfers than one might expect that play in these conditions. I have seen a lot of information about golf cart heater that are used with a plastic cover enclosed golf cart. Has any one had any personal experience with a particular brand or model. I purchased one through Amazon that is extremely hard to start but once it is lit does a great job. I was wondering if anyone had personal experience with such a heater. Some of the things I read about some models were "it goes out if the cart experiences a jolt or bounce" or as in my case "extremely hard to light". I would appreciate sharing your personal experiences.
  14. Following back surgery a few years back I thought that I would never be able to play again. I would go in my back yard and could not bend enough to hit a wedge or short or medium irons. A club pro suggested I switch out all of my irons to woods. I've really never had a problem hitting fairway woods so I said what the heck. I have the following clubs: Driver 200yrds, 3wood 160yrds, 5wood ??,7wood maybe 130yrds, 9wood110yrds, 11 wood??, 13 wood ??, 15wood ??,17wood 100yrds and 19wood as a pitching wedge up to 90 yrds. The questions marks are because I haven't used them enough to establish an average. It may sound strange but it works for me. Has anyone ever heard of anyone doing this. I would love to discuss this experience with someone who has. Thanks for listening.
  15. I am 71 yrs. old and thought I would never be able to play again. I had a laminectomy a few years ago and thought I would never be able to swing a club again. Someone suggested switching out my irons (which I haven't been able to hit for some time) for high angle fairway woods. I have 3,5,7,9,13,15,17,19 (19 is the wedge) I am learning to hit them fairly well and keeps me playing because the shaft is longer and I can sweep the ball and not have to hit so much down and through. I have started taking lesions from a PGA pro and can really see a difference. The problem is consistent application of the correct teaching that I have learned. I still have problems with bulging disc at L6 and S1 but decided against surgery and opted for pain management. 3 Tramadol a day keeps me moving and playing golf. My question is I don’t have much distance and I find out I don' really need all of those clubs. How do I decide which ones to carry? I don't hit very long and am taking lesions and it makes a big difference. I would like to open a discussion with someone knowledgeable about some issues/questions I am having getting back into the game. Would very much appreciate a few guys willing to share their experience if they have similar back issues. This is a great site and looking forward to learning a lot.
  16. I'll try to be brief. I'm 71 and used to play 2-3 x week. Following a laminectomy (L4/L5) and recommended physical therapy, given ok to try to hit some balls while taking it easy. Began hitting easy pw/9iron. Proved a disaster. several months later Doc said now I have problems with L6 and S1. Recommended fusion or pain management. I went with pain management. Low dose of Tramadol each day keeps me active. Again tried to hit some ball with wedge. Really hurt for days after. Thinking it may be having to bend over so much and the back twist I almost gave up. Instead I found some hybrids and high degree medal woods/hybrids. It felt great. I think it may be the longer shaft. So I'm ok with driver, and misc. assortment of metal woods but what to do around green i.e. going over bunker. I know I can choke down and just grove a swing. The highest degree wood I have is 27 degrees. I know the purest may say that isn't golf. You know what? I don't care if it allows me to play the game I love so much. What would anyone's ideas be for the best club around the green. I know I can't stop the ball but have to depend on the roll but that's ok too. What is the highest degree of metal wood? I could always put longer shafts on my wedges??? Thank you for any thoughts./
  17. JML:yuck back surgery how old are you guys?......Longevity offers rewards and challenges. Just pray you get the opportunity.
  18. Good feedback and I'll try to apply when I get back out on the course. I really think that I on scoring well (which is important) but failed to realize that as a weekend golfer (when I was playing) I need to relax and enjoy the experience for what it is rather holding myself to a standard that was a little unrealistic.
  19. I sincerely apologize for being so sensitive regarding the input to my memory question. But it has always plagued me since I was in my 30's and 40's. I always wrote it off to obsessing on my total score. I realize this is not a healthy way to approach the game and I just need to figure out a way to not let the focusing on my score interfere with my shot making. I have enough challenges to make a good swing without adding anything. This is why when I was playing, more times than not I simply would not record a sore (maybe I felt that what I didn't know didn't hurt my game). ha ha. But most folks think that if someone reports an incorrect score they are cheating and I fully understand that and I have experienced that with others people reporting their scores even though I would simply say I don't keep my score (just an excuse). I simply have to find a way to be able to do both before I play again. Again I do appreciate your input of something mostly unique to me> Keep it in the short grass.
  20. I have not talked to my doctor about this but perhaps I should. I ask what is apparently an absurd issue like this if I thought it was an insignificant matter. I don't know if I have been so concerned about not scoring badly that I block out the reality of the moment. But clearly I should not have asked a question concerning what appears to be a subject considered so ridiculous.
  21. I am probably one of the few that will admit that sometimes I forget how many strokes I have made. I think for a long time when I was playing regularly with friends we wouldn't keep score and just focus on making good swings. Or maybe that is just an excuse. But honestly sometimes I forget how many times I have hit that darn ball. I know there are gadgets/clickers that can help but I may forget to click the clicker. Ha Ha. Seriously it can be awkward when playing with someone you don;t know. You wonder if they think I am cheating if I tell them the wrong number of strokes and I am sure that has happened. Am I the only one that has ever had that problem?
  22. Thanks for the input. I have another question. Somewhere along the way I picked up a Nicket 3DX Iron wood 2/17 degrees. I think I probably bought it when I first read about hybrids. What is the difference between this club and say a 17 degree Adams wood? Additionally, given the ambiguity associated with the term "average golfer", about how far should this club hit the ball, assuming a good swing?
  23. I am 69 yrs old, retired from Army and recovering from back surgery. Can't do anything abut the 69 (I never apologize for living longer) while in the Army I played a lot of golf, even played in the 80s for a few years. In my youth I loved hitting 2, 3, 4 and 5 irons and hit them fairly well for a duffer. Later in life I flattened out my swing and seem to hit my fairway woods better than my irons since I was sweeping the ball. Thought came to me,"why not replace my long irons with woods(3 iron for 3 wood), (4 iron for 5wood), (4 iron for 6 wood), (5iron for a 7wood), (6iron for a 9wood) and so on. You see the problem,at least one of them is my slow swing speed about 80-90 mph and I do not hit down and through the ball. I sweep it and I seemed to have more success with wood that irons. This may sound radical but I want to enjoy the game and what success I can muster. I am going to schedule some golf lessons, I'm wonder if I should bring my 3-6 irons or try to convince him I can have more success with the woods. I remember a comment by Jack Nicklaus one time when asked about men carry so many wood.. He initially said he just past that off as folks that didn't under stand the game. But later he came to gain a better appreciation of the advantages of some different woods. Any advice that anyone would care to share would be appreciated. I am not going to try to impress anyone and starting over seem a bit silly at mu age Thank You
  24. I appreciate the various views presented here and the respectful manner in which they were given. I don't think that an exchange such as ours will change any person's point of view. We are not talking about a political persuasion. I respect other views concerning God and His SOVEREIGNTY. I really can't answer the question as to how people are born with certain predilection. Of course I believe what I have stated and would die for my beliefs. I guess I would plead guilty to believing the fundamental truths of the Bible as I understand them in its entirety. I am clearly aware that other denominations hold differing points of view, such as a more "Liberal", "Conservative" or so called "open minded" views. Labels rarely capture the totality of individuals. I would sum up my attitude by using the fundamentalist label (a label I have no objections to) I am fundamentally committed to my marriage, children, my God and my country. I do not devalue anyone else view point even if I disagree. Like a friend told me one time if we disagree, then you pray for me and I will pray for you and that is all of our responsibility. Of course if one does not believe in God then I guess they are on their own and they probably would like it that way. You folks are some of the most respectful people one could find on a discussion site. One thing for sure, we do have a love for golf in common.
  25. "God in the final days judges all of us . We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God and it is that simple."....I didn't want this to become a theological debate but it appears that one opinion prompts an analysis and a subsequent challenge. I am sorry for any perceptional judgmental views on my part. I can only present my views in support of the so called "chick fil a" issue. I think different people can agree to disagree on most things. My comments are clearly linked to the "Christian" Bible as best I can understand it. I know there are differing points of view from agnostic to atheist and those that appear to be simply religious. I did not write the bible! I can only read it and share what I understand to be truth. I don't apologize for that. But I try not to treat people different because God knows I am not above His judgment. If one believes the God created man then ALL men and women are subject to His judgment. If one doesn't then one day all of us will know for certain what is truth and at that point our "honest views" will be irrelevant. Kinda like some different cults in this country that believe they can have a dozen wives or worse. They eventually find that no matter how sincere they believe they are right, they do not get the last word. All of us (certainly myself) will have our test grade handed down "so to speak". I don't know about your teachers, but mine cared little what I intended. It was what I did that gave me the grade. Kinda Corny illustration I admit. But I will close my point in the chick fil a matter by saying God commands me to love all. And I try my best with all of my imperfections.
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