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  1. ejere1

    Big Break NFL

    I wonder what will the final match format be? Will it be like a Ryder Cup/Presidents Cup singles format?
  2. ejere1

    Big Break NFL

    So anyone watch the first episode???? Also what happened to Stephanie Sparks? Why is she not hosting this season? Will she be back?
  3. ejere1

    Big Break NFL

    How do you know all of the players already??? Anyways, looks like they're having the "reunion" episode 1 season early in this generation of the Big Break (Gen 3). FYI Big Break 1 to 7 was the first generation while BB mesquite to Dominican Republic was the 2nd generation and it seems about right. I would think that the reunion episode would be BB21 but I guess since this is the 10th anniversary the GC decided to change things up. The only seasons I watched all the way through (Gen 3) were Big Break Indian Wells and Big Break Mexico. I watched some of BB Greenbrier, a few of the earlier episodes of BB Atlantis and I think only one or two of BB Ireland. The only BB season of all time that I have never watched was BB PEI. I guess one main reason for not watching that one was there was no exemption to win (only $100,000). As a BB golf fan, I think the uniqueness of the show was that a participant could win an exemption into a tour event. Any general TV show could have a competition to win money. I guess there not using that particular format anymore. I'm glad Isaac is on this one as well as Oren. Also Chad is cool but can be a bit of a jerk. He is not as intense as Don, nor as crazy as Brian nor not as weird as Chan, though. Chan was the worst and really crazy and weird, worse than either Don or Brian, unusual for an Asian to act like that. It will be interesting to see Chad on this one though. Also looks like each team from BB Mexico is represented here. I like Will but I wish that Shank, Carl and/or the Marine from Indian Wells was here. And I didn't really see BB Atlantis, I did see some major missed shots on that show. But the worst golfers were on BBX Michigan...BY FAR. Those guys were hackers a lot of times.
  4. ejere1

    Big Break Mexico

    Big Break NFL thread http://thesandtrap.com/t/68506/big-break-nfl
  5. ejere1

    Big Break Mexico

    When talking about women competing against the men, you forgot to mention Danica Patrick, who won an Indycar race in 2008 and is now competing in NASCAR. Overall, the match was pretty good. I'm glad at least it was competitive and nobody won in a dominating fashion (like one Big Break season, where the winner won 5 & 4).
  6. ejere1

    Big Break Mexico

    Those four were definitely the best on the show. There are no real surprises like in seasons past (Pam in BB3). Also, maybe not all of their resumes are not notable as in past Big Breaks, but their golf games are better than in seasons past. Big Break X Michigan was probably the worst; in that show it seemed like almost everyone mishit a shot badly and these are supposed to be close to scratch golfers. Also Big Break Indian Wells contestants had some bad golfers and poor shots.
  7. ejere1

    Big Break NFL

    Apparently for the 20th season and 10th year anniversary of the Big Break on the Golf Channel there will be a Big Break NFL. From what I read, the show will feature several former NFL players paired with one male and female golfer. If a team wins, the former player will get $50,000 to a charity of his choice while the other two players will get exemptions to a PGA/LPGA tour event. Note: This isn't the "Big Break All Star Challenge" which featured celebrities competing against each other for charity in one-off shows, this is apparently the real deal.
  8. ejere1

    Big Break Mexico

    How did they film the "Last Break Challenge"? Did they film it on the same day as the show or before/after?
  9. well even though she is still with the Golf Channel, don't be surprised if she moves to NBC eventually since she now has exposure to covering overall sporting events, not just golf
  10. Everyone knows that golf will be at the Olympics in 2016 and schedule arrangements are being made, but what about the possible schedule conflicts for golf at the Pan American Games in 2015?? Why is golf scheduled to be there right before the Open Championship in St. Andrews???
  11. I saw Kelly Tilghman on NBC's Olympic coverage for the past couple of days and Golf Channel still has a bio on her, but even before the Olympics I have not noticed her on the Golf Channel's tournament coverage or on the Golf Channel in general. Is she being "phased out" of the Golf Channel in favor of younger talent??? Or is she "transitioning" to NBC coverage (since they now under the same NBC umbrella) for more money/opportunity???
  12. I heard one of the Golf Channel commentators during the PGA Tour event at the Greenbrier say that Tiger Woods was "taking a smoke break" during the round???? Were they joking or was Tiger Woods indeed smoking during his round?? (Serious responses only please)
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