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  1. It’s all about how folks walk on the greens. I’ve seen plastic claw spikes really scuff up greens pretty horribly
  2. Which one is perpetually late? Pick the other one
  3. GHIN website won’t even load at this point. I just get the opening page
  4. 31-36. Oaks North exec course. Par 62
  5. I’ll take a different look at this......did you notice the driving range and door dents before you bought the place?
  6. That would be my only hole in one. Sycuan, willow glen course, #12, 150 yds
  7. It depends on the course/greens topography. I used to play one regularly before it closed that, if you were 6’ above the hole, downhill putt , it would not stay on the green if you missed the hole.
  8. Most courses I play have pretty sketchy bunker maintenance to begin with. Beyond running a sand pro over them occasionally . id be good with raked green side bunkers , some could even be grassed as some are in bizarre locations. Fairway bunkers.....leave em waste areas or grass them in
  9. Perhaps they will consider “ozzy man” from YouTube. That would spice up a broadcast.
  10. You can play any color tee you want in casual play. Your handicap if you keep one is adjusted accordingly. I look at total yardages for each tee and choose one that I know isn’t a ridiculous length for my game. In tournaments you play the assigned tees. In foursome comps you go with the majority
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