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  1. Just hit a lg bucket of balls then played nine holes at a nearby exec/ chip putt place. Fairly empty. enjoyed a brief break from the rain
  2. Doesn’t seem like a very efficient way to move drugs. But, then again, I’m not in the biz
  3. I haven’t changed much of anything due to the virus. Right now it’s the rain that messing up golf/practice. In January we discussed a Panama Canal Cruise......glad we nixed that
  4. I have one. Used to have two but recently gave my old slingshots to a neighbor kid. I am looking for some old blades just to have for curiosity
  5. Mt Woodson. Ramona, CA. 90 .......not too surprised, been more busy with other things for the past couple months
  6. In the 70’s/80’s it was three woods , 4-sw, putter. These days it’s driver , hybrid or two depending on course. 5-pw and three wedges. oldest club - 36 yo ping anser 2 putter. Other older model clubs, Nike driver, ping hybrids
  7. Golf is a rabbit hole
  8. Posting scores where liberties are taken do nothing but hurt , or make a fool of, those that do it. Sandbaggers , posting higher than usual scores , or not posting low scores, ought to be taken out back and whipped and outed with their picture in the pro shop
  9. Patiently waiting for a male pro to transition and go on the lpga. that will be big
  10. Thanks, just one of those things thats a bit annoying. One shows up and my wife and myself quizzing each other “ did you pay it?”
  11. Anyone get multiple USGA renewal letters throughout the year. I seem to get them almost quarterly in spite of renewing them yearly. My membership expires the end of this year and I’ve received another renewal letter ......about 4 weeks after I got my hat,bag tag etc. I’m starting to feel like they are trying to scam me into mistakenly sending more money.
  12. I sole mine. Seeing your a 7.7.......did you ask him what his cap was? don’t you just love unsolicited comments?
  13. Noise doesn’t bother me. Heck, playing in the San Diego area you have military-commercial-general aviation. Life flight, police helicopters, sometimes Cal-Fire too. Then you have ambulance and police sirens and general traffic noises. Then there are the guys that whine when a gnat passes gas
  14. It’s all about how folks walk on the greens. I’ve seen plastic claw spikes really scuff up greens pretty horribly
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