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  1. I don't see the finish holding up very well
  2. I had the Lamkin midsize crosslines on my previous set of clubs. I installed them about 2.5 years ago, looked just like the ones in your link. Not sure if there was a compound difference between several years ago and 2017. My take... they wore well, 2-3x a week play plus practice. felt secure, even when wet with rain gloves on
  3. I went with jpx900 5i-LW. Just because I wanted everything the same, look- shaft- everything. So far so good. I do need to get my GW tweaked a bit to adjust a gap between the PW
  4. " Rory is a money guy" .......so are you Steve, so are you. You just haven't been as good at cashing in. Everyone in the field is a money guy Steve, it's the driving force of the competition
  5. I played with it years ago, probably because others did it. For myself plumb bobbing is useless. If I could hold the shaft perfectly level, that may give me some indication of slope.
  6. Spend some time hitting both sets. You'll figure out which ones to keep
  7. It's frustrating to drive out to practice and have the range closed due to light rain. The Vineyard is pretty good about staying open, the range is all grass. They do move you to mats usually though. That might be a bit of a drive for you. River walk might be a good option.
  8. 82. Things were clicking pretty well. Putting needed some work, a number were online but just short
  9. Driver Nike covert 10.5, 3w Callaway x2 hot 15*, hybrid ping g20 20*, mizuno jpx 900 hot metal 5i-lw. Ping anser 2 putter
  10. Good for Phil. I still think he's phony though
  11. I see those guys at the practice range all the time
  12. There were about 16 of us wearing jeans at yesterday's men's club game. Of course it didn't get much past 50 deg in north central Minnesota
  13. I'll go once maybe twice a month depending what going on with the game. My instructor does 1/2 hour lessons and I find it's pretty much perfect for working on one thing.
  14. PW 115-120 GW 90 SW 80 LW 70 rarely hit a full LW. Considering trying the GW a degree stronger
  15. Everyone I play with plays ready golf including on the green if someone happens to be hacking it back and forth. The exception being "birdie honors" on the tee