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  1. Do They Really Mind???

    Wouldn’t bother me in the least. As a bonus I wouldn’t have to worry about you playing rap music during the round
  2. Play what you have confidence in and enjoy yourself. Three 6 i shots or so into a par 5 is better than driver, 3w and wasting time looking for balls
  3. How long should it take

    I’d suggest a lesson, some lessons, with a pro and go from there. They can see what you are doing and help you from there vs trying to “ feel” your way through this and figure it out on your own
  4. Not hit balls for 2 weeks

    It feels weird when I haven’t hit in a while. Sometimes it doesn’t affect my swing, sometimes it does.As it is I have 3 weeks to go before im back home and golfing
  5. Left/Right Shot Dispersion- Whats Yours?

    Straight , Draw to a pull(big miss) on irons. Fade to a draw on driver and fwy wood
  6. Winter Depression Thread

    Ok, after living in SoCal for 19 years I can now relate to winter frustration. I’m in Bergen Norway for 4 weeks . No golf, freezing and windy. I’ll get to golf late February.
  7. Why the hurry?

    A four hour round maintains a decent rhythm for a foursome. If I want to spend more time at the course I’ll play 27 holes.
  8. My favorite Peter Kostis analysis

    And here’s a guy, when he puts his glasses on, can see better
  9. I think a big problem with forums , or email/ text for that matter, is the lack of inflection etc one gets when face to face. So....it’s real easy for some to take things not as intended and get all butt hurt over a non issue. Sure there can be some rude folks, good old boys clubs etc , on some sites but in general I think folks take things the wrong way when getting advice, critiques etc
  10. Fowler Playing With Untucked Shirt

    No big deal. Heck when it’s warm/ hot out I always play with an untucked shirt. If that makes me an uncouth knuckledragger so be it
  11. Tee It Forward

    I don’t look at tee colors, I look at yardage on the card and make mr decisions based on that , conditions and course knowledge, if any
  12. How Much Did You Spend in 2017 on Greens Fees?

    If I moved 2 miles I could get the city of San Diego golf card and play it way cheaper. I’m not moving though and have only played Torrey once. Maderas is a better deal and less crowded
  13. How Much Did You Spend in 2017 on Greens Fees?

    1500 on membership, cart greens fees unlimited, in northern MN may- oct. 480 for players club at the vineyard in Escondido, 200 range balls a day, discount greens fees 260 jc players card, 8 free rounds and discount greens fees 350 or so in greens fees, mostly discounted call it 3 grand
  14. What are you listening to?

    More of the G-3 guys lately. Satriani, Pettrucci, Vai, Johnson. Not so much Yingwi though, too much classical/arpeggio rip off from him
  15. Tee It Forward

    I look at it this way. If I’m hitting more than a 7i into most of the par fours, with a decent/average drive I need to move up. The tees you play will be accounted for in your index calculations. The tees I choose to play depend on the course/layout.

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