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  1. If they act like an adult on and off the course I’m good with them
  2. Lettered in HS Gymnastics, competitively raced sailing catamarans , Prindle 16’s, for four years in the 1980’s
  3. And some days I’m counting the strokes it took to complete a hole on my fingers
  4. Buy inexpensive, used or boxed. Put some money into lessons. Get a repeatable swing, then get fitted.
  5. I see walkers, not bikes yet, on several courses around here. The courses are posted no trespassing. Some people sheesh!
  6. I’ll take that bet. Jail doesn’t seem to instil the same fear it did when I was younger
  7. Excellent ! Now I have a name for my early morning group. Sometimes it’s a twosome sometimes there’s eight
  8. I chose money. But I think, depending on the area, it’s more of a perception thing and not reality. If one looks at Aviara, Torrey etc prices and new equip prices I’d agree. But there are many avenues to keep costs way down. Used gear. There are two management/ owner companies that offer “players club” deals which keeps the green fees very reasonable.....sub $50 per 18 , sub $30 weekdays with cart. Even with about 6 course closings in 10 years competition is still pretty good amongst courses for players. Of the few I know that have given up the game most cite slow play as their excuse.
  9. I tried it a couple times, kind of fun. I know a few that play it seriously....you’d be surprised at the number of injuries. Particularly running into one of the poles supporting the net
  10. SoCal if you can afford it, Florida if you like 9 months of 90% + humidity
  11. Mc D’s Is fine but I’ll take In n Out any day. Folks just aren’t used to real fresh fresh fries
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