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  1. 44-40 yesterday at Headwaters GC in Park Rapids, MN. My previous 3 rounds were 91 91 93. Nice to be back in “average “scores
  2. So true. When you go to Jersey Mike’s for a sub sandwich, fast food joint, and the CC machine has an option for a tip........it’s gone too far
  3. I look at flight with range balls. I’ll hit balls I’ve found on the course if I question the range balls. I’ll usually carry a bag ,just in case, when I go to the range
  4. I’ll tip a couple bucks. But it’s not a service I really want
  5. Welcome. SoCal is kinda big.....what area are you in?
  6. Go forth and have fun! It wouldn’t bother me at all
  7. Playing against an opponents previous SCORe because they didn’t show? Yea, no thanks, not a format I’ll participate in
  8. NXT’s and also OP pro V’s. Find lots of prov’s along the course margins
  9. If I had to line up 30 deg offline to keep it in the fairway I’d be beating a path to the pro I see occasionally ,not trying to sort it out myself. Kudos to you if it works and you're happy.
  10. DJ spitting on the course. Does not even move my give a sheet meter. first world problem right there
  11. Doesn’t bother me one bit. The folks that do get rattled over every little thing.......I refuse to play with again. Real short list.
  12. Woods Valley GC. Escondido, Ca. 43-42. Nice morning, marine layer stayed the whole time.
  13. Well.....then we disagree
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