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  1. chilepepper

    Warrior Golf Balls

    They think their balls are worth 49.95 a doz? Ok, what pro plays them.
  2. chilepepper

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    40-44 this morning. Took 2 7’s when my chipping turned into skulling.
  3. chilepepper

    GHIN - Should it be called PITA?!

    Works just fine on my phone, iPad or the course terminal.
  4. chilepepper

    How to clean a bag

    If it smells a little funky put some fabric softener sheets in the pockets for awhile
  5. chilepepper

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    After having my hcp trend up a bit this month, 15, things came together today and I shot 37-40 at Tianna GC , Walker, Mn. 77 personal best
  6. chilepepper

    Golfing with a bad knee

    Ive had arthroscopy once to clean up a meniscus tear and surgery to repair a compression fracture of the tibia plateau . Doc recommends replacement next. What has worked for ME is exercise. Light squats, leg curls and extensions. Ymmv, I’m not a doctor
  7. chilepepper

    Closed Courses You Formerly Played

    Carmel Mtn Ranch GC just closed in the San Diego area. Couldn’t afford the water, couldn’t get hooked up to the recycled water system for some reason. That didn’t make sense because the freeway near by waters the medians with recycled water all the time so the source is nearby
  8. chilepepper

    3 wood to 5 iron gap

    Try them all out, go with the one you have them most confidence in
  9. chilepepper


    Retire, go fishing and golfing, text your wife if you’ve had a good round or caught a nice fish. It works for me
  10. chilepepper

    2018 Tour de France

    It’s lost is appeal with past scandals. Not that I was under any illusions of it being a clean sport to begin with. But the same has happened with other pro sports for me too. That and I have more than enough stuff that I do that, except golf, I really don’t bother watching anymore. I gotta say that even with drugs, blood doping etc, it is still one heck of tough game to be in
  11. chilepepper

    Who still makes a 1 iron

    Check out some of the online shops that have a large inventory of used clubs. Second Swing, Global Golf . eBay too
  12. chilepepper

    Is it illegal to write yardages on your wedges?

    Take this a step further. Write your various wedge distances on a 3x5 card. Include 1/2 and 3/4 distances for other irons and your hybrid. Now you have a better idea for punch shots etc
  13. I believe I’ve run out of four letter word combinations when I tank a shot
  14. chilepepper

    Top ten things to yell after a tee shot

    Sheet. A crude reference to #2
  15. Stay hydrated of course but I’ve been told that drinking a lot of water during weight loss is to help on keep a “ full” feeling in the stomach

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