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  1. Like the boy that cried wolf that folks eventually ignored these warnings have the same effect. They are on almost everything, people pretty much ignore them
  2. It’s not the amount of players, it’s lack of caring by slow groups. Recently played as a foursome with a twosome in front, we were on their A**es until the turn when they bailed out.
  3. What kind of equip is available? The only thing I’m aware of is exoskeleton high tech type that seems to still be in the research stages.
  4. Loose fitting light colored clothing wide brim hat water water water wet towel around the neck between shots at the water coolers/fountains run some water on your wrists. Water water water. If you are not peeing close to clear you are not drinking enough water
  5. I had an 8 track. Got good at splicing tapes the player ate.
  6. Getting your son a few lessons would be big help
  7. I added distance to all my clubs , 10 yds +-,this past year by doing one thing. I went from 210 lbs to 185. 5 more to go. I lift weights and do some flexibility stuff and the biggie......diet.That’s all.
  8. I don’t get any golf mags anymore. Too much advertising . The course reviews are generally for high dollar courses I won’t play.
  9. Lose the weight. Seriously. It might not resolve all your physical issues but it sure will help.
  10. I play tees based on total yardages not color. GHIN takes care of the rest
  11. Tell him you’ve decided on a hobby for yourself......that you start private pilot lessons in a week
  12. At one time, early on, I was a bit self conscious at the range or 1st Tee. It went away with time. Go enough and you will get over yourself.
  13. Played Torrey Pines N a few weeks before the tourney. You were lucky to find your ball in 7” rough just off the fairway. That wasn’t the problem though. Maintenance staff was beyond rude......tow behind fairway blowers running just off the tee boxes, crew wouldn’t leave the greens when you hit into them, they just stood there. It’s not the first time the grounds staff did this nonsense. Pretty insensitive stuff when it’s $200 + with cart to play there
  14. 43-42. Things getting back on track a bit. One blow up OB 7. One. Bird.
  15. Hopefully you’ve come away with one or two key things to work on. NOT a laundry list of stuff that will only hinder you
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