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  1. I don’t see folks being left behind......unless it’s self imposed by playing the tips
  2. Highest Price You've Paid For Green Fees

    $100 in PV, mexico. Not really worth it considering I can play 2 x on similar quality courses in the states for that price. Average around home is $25 on senior tuesdays up to $50
  3. Regular or stiff shafts?

    Before you start swapping out shafts get some lessons. It’s money better spent. A fitting, at some point, would help determine what shafts suit your swing best. All shafts labeled as “stiff” vary quite a bit
  4. I gave the guy points for actually thinking and doing something positive
  5. 3 Wood Usage

    I did consider it at one time but.......instead I went to the range and worked things out
  6. As previously mentioned a specialty running store would be worth checking out. My wife goes to Road Runner Sports and gets custom insoles for her hiking and workout shoes. They cost about 90 bucks a pair. She swears by them . You walk on a treadmill and stand on some other device iirc and a computer driven thingamabob makes you customs
  7. Have you consulted a podiatrist?
  8. ESPN's Max Kellermans ignorant comments

    ESPN is talking about sports? Say it ain’t so. It thought it was a political network
  9. The only points this guy gets is esc, max # of strokes per hole, that only counts when he posts his handicap. I wouldn’t put too much stock in this blowhard, sounds like he plays fast and loose with the rules. Find another to round out your foursome next time

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