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  1. I’ve had a person or two ask me to teach them. I’ve always told them that I’m not a teacher , and I’m not,that they need to seek out a pro.
  2. Need help identifying this club

    Looks like a mallet type putter. It appears to have a stick on label. Stickers were invented in 1935 so it’s no older than that. Being a metallic/ plastic sticker I’d put it as younger than that maybe 50’s 60’s era. Just a guess though
  3. Lost ball rule and pace of play

    I’m not sure any rule change will speed up play on courses that are popular and or have tee times at 8 minutes apart. It only takes a group or two to mess up the flow on the entire course.
  4. Courses without "real" senior tees.

    I don’t look at tee color to make a decision. I look at yardage. Besides if your keeping handicap it will be adjusted from whatever tees you choose on GHIN
  5. Trying to Hit the Ball Picking Cart?

    I do like to drop wedge shots in front of the picker though
  6. Trying to Hit the Ball Picking Cart?

    I used to try occasionally. Not so much now.....well, once in a while
  7. Who needs club fitting?

    Many have searched for the grail......only the truly worthy will find it
  8. That little pocket was a solution in search of a problem that didn't exist
  9. Should I get fitted?

    Get some lessons to get a good foundation for your swing
  10. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    Bro hug?
  11. #2 Tianna Golf Course. Walker, MN. Par 3
  12. A short survey...

    13.5 1. 15 ft chip 2. Middle 3. Uphill 4. Don't care 5. 7i 6. Driver, fade 7. Chip and run 8. Flag in 9. Self imposed, when I have a really good round , last half of back 9
  13. Worth buffing out?

    It's cosmetic. If it has a bit of a burr you may want to smooth it with some 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper. IF it really bugs you
  14. Joining A "No Match" league

    I think most folks are going to want some kind of competition. It doesn't need to be much....5 bucks. Handicaps level the playing field
  15. I can't comment on shafts but.....have you tried the forearm band that takes some pressure/tension off the tendon?