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  1. Practice a pre shot routine at the range. I do this most of the time in practice anyway minus the practice swing. Take 1 practice swing, pick your line. Step up and hit the ball. Agonizing and over thinking the shot doesn't help me. Pick up after 8 strokes per hole go forth and have fun!
  2. I'll see everyone at the course. Probably 845 or so
  3. Not only that but, at least myself, I would burn out playing/practicing 7 hours a day everyday.
  4. Not only that. You get to find out who/what you are as do others
  5. Take a practice swing, stand behind the ball, size up the shot, hit the dam ball. 20 sec tops. It's not rocket science, you either got it or you don't
  6. I stretch a fair amount before a range session. Then warm up with some chips and wedge shots. I don't consciously try to swing all out, I try to keep it at 75-80% effort. That's optimal for me for distance AND control. Like others I keep it at an hour max with frequent breaks. Too much, too fast, too hard I'll strain my back and be sore and I won't improve anything. Putting is a part of range time so if I really want to spend longer it will be on the putting green and chipping
  7. 41-43 at the Vineyard in Escondido, CA. Putting was good,. Driver was off a bit, 4 fwy traps, but recovery shots were good.
  8. Where's the "block" button?
  9. I'm still in. Thanks for setting this up
  10. 5 lesson with Ledbetter and he could have had the A swing and been money ahead
  11. Bluefin tuna I caught yesterday. Sushi!
  12. For myself driver off the deck is never a good idea. The success rate would be <%10 if that
  13. Get fit. You may not save money getting used irons and restarting them.
  14. For myself it depends on the course length. If it looks like I'll be hitting 5 or 6i into most par fours I'll play up a set. Tee color is meaningless, length is
  15. Now I hope poulter keeps his card