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  1. chilepepper

    Should I Carry a Lob Wedge?

    I carry a 60. But only after I put some pratice into it.
  2. chilepepper

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    The 14 are: Showing up less than 15 minutes before your tee time. Nope Putting with too many balls on the practice green. If I’m chipping 8-10 Failing to pick up the flagstick. Nope Taking only one club to your ball on cart path only days. Nope Looking for a lost ball for more than five minutes. Nope Talking to someone else's ball. Frequently Standing behind someone as they putt. Frequently Walking in a player's through line. I don’t but dozens of people have previously walked on the green , it don’t matter Placing bag on a tee box. When I’m walking ,all the time, it doesn’t hurt the tee box Walking across the green with your bag. When I’m walking I will some times, it doesn’t hurt the green Lack of divot pattern on the driving range. Some days Not picking up on a match play hole when you're out of it. Checking your phone too much. Depends Gimmes (failing to give, taking too many for yourself) nope
  3. chilepepper

    I Thought I Would Be Shooting in the 90s by Now...

    Post a video of your swing in the “ my swing “thread or take some lessons. That said my game goes through up and down periods
  4. chilepepper

    The $5 Bucket

    This.....at a local course there are a number of “ golf moms” who scurry around collecting extra balls for their kids to hit. Then drive away in a new Lexus 😉
  5. For myself 3-4 rounds for premium balls depending on what it hits .....rock cart path etc.
  6. chilepepper

    League Play: Pros and Cons?

    i play in several different leagues. Some more serious some more laid back. The pro’s - you play with the same group at the same course The con’s- you play with the same group at the same course
  7. chilepepper

    Warm Up

    I like to warm up. 20 balls or so then putt. To avoid buying range balls I won’t hit all of I save balls if find and use them on the range
  8. chilepepper

    Nike VRS Black Grips Instead of White?

    They have been regripped maybe
  9. chilepepper

    I think it was a mistake to play on Labor Day

    4:45 for 18 today. 2 fivesomes in front of us playing a slow scramble
  10. If you don’t want to hear the naysayers how are you going to handle your mind when you have to win-place to get a paycheck
  11. chilepepper

    Xperon Golf Balls

    And they add 20 yards to your drive
  12. chilepepper

    Local courses

    My usual San Diego area courses. Vineyard, Mt Woodson, RB inn, Carmel Mtn Ranch - now closed, Riverwalk, Oaks North, Tecolote. If I’m feeling flush I might go to Maderas
  13. chilepepper

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Friday shot 44-41 in mist, light rain. Couldn’t seem to adjust to wet slow greens . I was surprised and pleased that the course ,Longbow, was pretty empty
  14. chilepepper

    3 Club Tournament

    Hybrid 7i gw. Hybrid for putter
  15. chilepepper

    Gary McCord Has Got to Stop Talking So Much

    I’d prefer that Feherety and McCord be the only announcers in golf. Well .....get Trevino with em for the hat trick. I can SEE what’s going on, I don’t need analysis, entertain me for crying out loud

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