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  1. It doesn’t matter which stance or opinion I have on this..... I will be branded X or Y by one group or another. Why bother playing
  2. All steel has carbon in it. The amount differs from grade to grade, amongst other additives.
  3. The only thing I ever did on battery changes on 2 accords was to enter the radio code so it would work again. Anti theft stuff
  4. I got bored and antsy about a month ago and bought a 2016 mizuno EZ driver from second swing. Never been hit. Good deal.I went against my loose policy of getting fitted. I definitely would have been fitted if was going to drop 5 bills on a driver though. The driver is working well so far
  5. At this point the two courses I’d play are pretty wishy washy about working a single in. I’m good with it now. The course has one par four and I can hit driver on the range. $10 bucks a round.
  6. I’m out of town watching the grandson while my daughter/son in law work from home. I get out to the range/9 hole par 3 when I can. As a single player right now I haven’t even attempted to get a tee time at a regulation course. If I was back home I’m sure I could pull it off
  7. I’m going with Patrick Roy. The guy that faces the shots. All around goat
  8. While playing out of a divot annoys me.....it happens so seldom that it really doesn’t move the needle. I generally play <$50 courses that usually don’t have the highest maint budgets or the most conscientious players
  9. My gps app does all that . I manually enter as I score each hole. I’m not really interested in entering that info again for GHIN tracking
  10. Not to dump on the top100 courses , it’s all well and good. But for the most part these are places I’ll never play. Primarily due to cost. id like to see the top 100 sub $100 courses. I’ve never seen this list compiled
  11. Classy guy. Lived about a mile from me in Poway,Ca. It was nice to have one good player you knew wasn’t going to be traded or team hop for more money. As the story goes he wanted to stay in place for his family.
  12. I have a similar club my dad got in the early 70’s. I’ll see if I can find it and post a pic. The loft indexing sets in notches with a thumb screw to secure
  13. it’s certainly not for me. I prefer to pick a spot 12-24” in front of the ball as my aim point. PoP considerations are another.
  14. 31 for 9 holes , par 28 exec course. Nice to be back on a course.
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