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  1. True.. But the average swing your players is 110 and they carry 290-300 according to golf digest.
  2. Why is it unbelievable I can drive 300+ ?

    Technique has allot to do with it to... For example my swing speed is between 110-115 and I only get about one out of twenty to go that far because I have issues hitting the sweet spot consistently and completing my swing. Haven't been on a monitor so living on an island with high winds could contribute good or bad.
  3. Hovering driver

    I don't know that I tee up any higher than normal.. But since I started hovering I have tee the ball a little higher than I used to. If you can get your hands on the Golf Digest issue with Bubba on the cover... Think it was "The Driver Issue" he talked about teeing the ball higher to get better distance and contact. I have been teeing to where the ball is just slightly higher than than half way above the driver when the club is grounded. I think that's about normal height but like I said, is higher than how I used to tee. I think it's helped me with my drive considering I play allot more from the fairway now.
  4. I hit my driver around 280-285 but much like others... Where I live is very windy. I live on an Island so you can guess how the wind and ocean breeze can affect a shot. I hit my 7-iron between 175-180 if that helps.
  5. Hovering driver

    I know your looking for low handicap player but I'm around the same scoring range you are. However the one thing I can do is hit my driver. I hover my driver at address for a couple of reasons. The first is that I feel like I make more consistent contact each time when I hover. The second is that I get a better feel for the club, which keeps me from snatching the club at the start of my back swing. It seems to help me be a little smoother and less jerky than when I rest the club on the ground. Bubba Watson hover his club as do many other tour players. I guess it all on what works for you though. Hope this helps and good luck!!!!