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  1. This is definitely setting up nicely for the US this year.


    Rory can't putt. Poulter is injured. Rose battled some injuries as well. Stenson is really the only Euro in top form right now.


    Apart from this past week's outlier, DJ is obviously locked in nicely. Koepka and Walker are putting pressure on DL3. Phil playing well. Rickie and Jordan had nice weeks. Brandt is playing well, and even Bubba relatively.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Scotsclaff said:

    Just watched Day's reaction walking up the 18th when he knew Walker had birdied the 17th,brilliant,I love honesty.

    Still talking about the big 3 in the studio,too many players too close them now,what big 3??

    What sucks for Rory is I think unless he gets a new caddy and figures out his putter, his window to dominate might have closed. It seems like the tour has completely changed in the last 2 years. With Day, DJ and even Henrik finally getting the monkey off their backs, and Jordan rising to his level, it all happened at the same time. Now you get Phil playing well again, #48 ranked player in the world win a major, Willett birdies what 4 of the last couple holes at Augusta to win? You have 3 different players shoot 63s in the last two majors. Branden Grace has been lirking in majors the last year. Matsuyama seems to get knocking on the door. All the while I haven't even mentioned the likes of Rose, Scott, Bubba and Kuchar. Its just crazy. 

  3. Whats crazy is the fact Day has 5 2nd and 3rds in majors. He could be heralded as one of the absolute greatest of all time if he turned a couple more of those into wins. I guess you could say that about a lot of guys, but its just crazy. Day was fighting his swing all day today. Couldn't hit his driver for shit and pulled almost every approach shot, yet he stripes a 2 iron 250 yards to a raised #18 green and sinks an eagle putt to put the pressure on Walker. The dude is unreal. The all time greats win when they don't have their best stuff, and Day almost did that.

    This was a fun year for majors with 4, 1st timers. But here's to hoping next season's winners are bigger names getting their 2nd, 3rd, 5th, etc. I would love to see DJ, Day and Spieth catch up to Rory.

  4. 11 hours ago, ChrisP said:

    The funny thing is Kisner could shoot a 64 in his final round while most of the leaders are still playing their third round. That's why I just don't like the way they're doing it. It's really quirky and not the way a major should finish. The weather looks pretty bad tomorrow....there's gonna be a delay. At this point I would just say let's get as much as we can tomorrow, do a quick re-pair after round 3 and play round 4 into Monday if need be.

    Btw, ESPN wrote an article basically saying the PGA dropped the ball by not moving the tee times up into the morning. But like I said earlier, it's all about live scheduled TV. They've been in these positions before and they never change the tee times. But given the forecast it would have been nice to see them say "screw live tv" and focus more on getting the golf in. Especially since it's a third round and not a fourth round. TNT could have gone on the air and showed it live in the morning and then CBS re-air it in the afternoon.

    Ugh this entire tournament has the perfect setup for a Robert Streb win. PGA sure as better hope Day wins this.

  5. 2 minutes ago, ChrisP said:

    Looking more and more like Monday. PGA is now acknowledging that. Supposed to be really bad there tomorrow as well. There's a chance they may not play anymore today as the plume of rain extends all the way back to Central PA.

    Just another batch of bad luck to further push the PGA Championship to #4 among majors. Feel bad, because they sure as hell set it up better than the USGA. Yeah, Oakmont had rain, but they managed to finish normal.

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