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  1. Funny that after nealy 50 years of using them the authorities have decided that the long putter is ok, it's just the way we've been holding them.
  2. I've always said, Mickleson is a classy bloke. Woods.......uumm.
  3. What about Bill Haas? Seems to have gone back to a standard length putter. It's all about what suits you and we don't need regulation on that thanks. We need the men in suits to look at stupid rules like touching a blade of grass in a hazzrad on the back swing, picking and dropping from a fairway divot that was not replaced.........
  4. Where can I get a set of these irons? What if you hold the top end in your hand and rest the hand/wrist against the body, as some do now. Would that be ok in your book?
  5. To be honest I'm a big fan of the new Puma/Cobra stuff...... Wow Lexi looks maaaaaaagnificent!
  6. Wow, you must be a lawyer. Only they could come with a whole bunch of words that mean nothing. If there was no perception of long/belly putters being an advantage then there would be on move to ban them.
  7. Ok Shorty, I will do this slowly so you can follow. The fact is that only 3 people have won a major with the "long" putter so you can go back as far as you like all that does is reduce the win rate even more. I chose 16 as they are all different winners and to avoid duplication. So we have only three winners, yes? The point I am try to make is against the arguement that "long" putters are an advantage, they are NOT. I used a small sample of evidence in different circumstances (number of major winners, Adam Scott and Robert Garrigus) to make the point. Majors winners - 3 out of 16
  8. Ok ok ok, I apologise to all you Americans over there for my aggressive and rude approach. You lot really are a pretty good bunch and I was wound up by one particular nob and responded with stereotypes of my own when he said we were all a bunch of unemployed ........ Sorry and I will try to be more friendly in future. However, the "Get in the hole" plonker still needs a kick in the nuts.
  9. There is a Welsh Open, a Scottish Open and an Irish Open but alas, no British Open. The so called British Open is often mistakenly called so by ignorant Americans (Nevets88) who are not bright enough to differentiate between the US Open and the one held across "The pond" in Britain, The Open Championship. We gave you this wonderful game and look what you are doing to it. You know, the same sort of people who shout "get in the hole" while standing with their super-sized coke resting on their even bigger waist lines at the tee of a par 5. Invading greens in The Ryder Cup, giving us The circus (J
  10. Phil is just lurking, waiting for a few things to click then wham, 3 majors on the trot! However low Phils game is (at the moment) he is still remarkably accepting of the crowd and the position they have put him in. Woods will happily walk past and ignore a kid who has spent his last few bucks on a TW hat just because he missed a putt. Phil is classy, Bones too.
  11. Just shown the missus you post and she's comin' to get ya - be afraid.
  12. He gone mate, past it, all washed up! The only thing that can save him is the longer putter!
  13. I reckon he needs a belly putter. They work wonders for has-beens!
  14. Phil is the best, no, I mean it. The way he conducts himself, the way he plays he is a top man. Only wish Woods would follow his lead.
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