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  1. Thanks Ernest Jones Sounds absolutely like what I've got to do. Without the advance chipping I was surprised on the field. Only after a few rounds I got the feeling of how long the ball will roll. Thank you! Nave
  2. Thanks so much guys. I went early to putt and stretch for relaxation - thanks again for the advice. The score was 120'ish with two mulligans. I lost a handful of golf balls and hit about five shots that I was very satisfied with. Two pars ~ yeah.
  3. This coming Saturday I'll be playing a round of 18 holes, it will be one of my first few times out on the field. Today Monday, it was the first time "ever" that things started to make sense at the range. - I used less muscle power to swing my irons and the ball flew further and straighter than ever - I was well relaxed - Shot around 200 balls and almost half of them went straight - My driver (usually a complete failure) started to find it's path (didn't find it really but who cares, I'm a beginner) - I didn't have any body pain leaving the range Now ... the
  4. Maybe its a head/shaft thing they got confused. However in the pro shop I bought them they promote the whole club set (incl. head) as "Made in Japan Pro Set". The irons' shaft is N.S.PRO 950GH R JAPAN. The head obviously has no "made in" written on it. It's not much help but here is a another shops' site: http://www.avesports.com/shop/show.html?code=20130219-4 The clubs were just released on Monday here, so not much further info available yet.
  5. Hello I just bought the G25 iron set - forged steel made in Japan. My expectation was that iron sets are cheaper than graphite, my iron set was well expensive though. Where I live only the "made in Japan" version is available and it comes with a high price. The extra cost holds a promise that the Japanese forged irons have better quality and finish. Well, I had no other choice... Are they made in a legendary and historic Japanese Samurai steel forging temple by Hattori Hanzo, or what? I guess the clubs available in the US are made in USA and other region
  6. Thank you guys, that helps! Ernest: “… direct the hit to a spot past the ball ”. I’ll definitely try that next week, I heard about this a few times and never did it. Thanks! JoeKelly: Yeah, I feel it is a mental matter. Thanks for the book recommendation! cipher: You’re right - I need to relax more. Heard a few times that my posture looks tense. I watched the video, he just drops his arms and then the club follows – awesome. In my case my arms pull the club by force … Interestingly I hit my fairway woods reasonably consistent
  7. Thanks waynec I will definitely try hovering it today and see how it goes.
  8. Hi As a beginner I naturally thought that the harder I "hit" the golf ball, the longer it will travel. I'm a former athlete and I hit the life out of the golf ball, to my surprise resulting in short distance followed by all sorts of (expected) elbow and wrist pain etc. Recently I'm trying to teach my brain that the natural down-swing supported by gravity and the right wrist action will hit the ball further than my muscle power. Apparently a more relaxed wrist, reduced pressure on your grip and a less "forced" swing are part of achieving more distance. I'm really st
  9. Thank you LuciusWooding, BuckeyeNut, MacDutch, newtogolf, colin007 and Mr. Desmond By coincidence I hit 8/10 driver shots straight just over 200 yards last week. With two different old Taylormade and some random Dunlop driver. It was through stabilizing my leg pose more and reducing how much I swing back. Now I'm curious how a smaller club head can help an accomplished player more? Does a smaller club head allow a higher swing speed? What's the benefit actually? I'm aiming to get either a PING G25 (I just love the looks) or a Titleist 913 next month.
  10. Thanks Lucious - I'll consider that in my purchase.
  11. Hi Most of the threads I found relating to small vs big driver heads are years old. Some of them are by golfers who, for example, achieve more control and distance with woods or hybrids from the tee instead of using the driver. This year, again, Titleist is leading that conversation by releasing the 913 D2 (460cc) and D3 (445cc). The typical claim is that the bigger club head has more club face, hence offers more forgiveness on miss-hits. The smaller club head offers more control and "workability" (whatever that really means). Now I like the look of the the new
  12. After a while playing with my dad's old clubs, I'm planning to get my first new set. First I was aiming to get the Titleist 913. But now I'm definitely getting both the PING G25 driver and set of irons. Is there a new bag that goes with it as well?
  13. Yeah, he's one of the cool players. He's the reason I started my waggle. Apart from that, I also enjoy when Bubba and Fowler fool around with him on the web.
  14. Hi! Seems to be a good alternative in comparison to what's out on the market already. How can I contact you for overseas distribution opportunities? Thanks, Nave
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