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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the link Jamo, that's only 20 mins from me. I'll have to go and check it out.
  2. His blog and vids about the correct grip are pretty good, I learned a lot from those. His stuff pops up a lot for various golf instruction-related searches, but it might be due to his just having a lot of content. I'm not close to being well versed enough to comment on his swing type, though :) Plenty of decent golf instruction online (and some not so good), I'm a big fan of Mark Crossfield, Monte Scheinblum, and Martin Chuck's videos in addition to all the great 5SK vids here on TST.
  3. LOL! Apparently that guy is from Seekonk and was named a top eligible bachelor by People magazine or something. Quite interesting that THAT is the article/image Google chooses to associate with Seekonk...
  4. There's a range in Seekonk about 10 mins from my office with heated stalls, but they've been closed due to the snow/low temps. There's a number of sims in the area, but no places to hit and see real ballflight. We had a dome here in Dartmouth a number of years ago that offered a driving range, but it deflated and went out of businesses right afterwards. I was more upset about losing the indoor roller hockey rink then, than anything else!
  5. My father was on my case to take typing in high school, claiming I'd need it in the future. I blew that idea off... now 20 years later all I do is type all day! For me, the most important class I ever took was Electronic Music my senior year of high school. Learned how to splice and edit tape, how to operate a multi-track recorder, work a patch bay, use effects as a send, how to program a sequencer, and we also got some time in on a very early version of Pro Tools. I only record music as a hobby, but it's a hell of a lot of fun (mixed in with some headaches when you're dealing with meh
  6. Nice score. I just grabbed a brand new on clearance at Dicks for just around $90. I had mucho gift cards though, so my cash out of pocket was around $30. Still though, great deal!
  7. You started a thread called "Tantrums on Golf Course" and *I'm* the one being dramatic? You said you "lost it and slammed the club against the tire of the golf cart". Obviously it was bad enough for you to be told off, you've started a thread about it, and now are trying to make excuses when you're told that doing something like that's not acceptable. Don't be that guy. Oh, and advice? Realize it's just a game you paid money to play. Go enjoy it.
  8. Yes, definitely get checked. I hit a stiff flex driver all year, then yesterday I actually had my swing checked out. My fastest swing was 83mph. A few were in the high 70's. So, guess what I WON'T be hitting this coming season?
  9. My friend is 41. He throws tantrums on the golf course like he's 4. Guess who has a hard time finding playing partners because no one wants to play with him any more? We all get pissed and lose our cool sometimes. It happens. But just because some other bonehead threw a nutty and broke a club doesn't mean it's OK or acceptable. I don't blame your playing partner for telling you off, because acting out like that just isn't acceptable. If you wouldn't let your kids get away with something like that in public, why would it be OK for you?
  10. We had some fondue on the floor in the living room while watching the fireworks in London online, the kids loved it. They'll both be in bed by 9, my wife will be asleep on the couch by 9:30, and I'll be dozing by 10. As you can tell, we totally live it up around here.
  11. Go someplace with used clubs, and just putt around until you find one that works. Putters have very different feels, and some will just feel better to you. I had tried a number of putters at Dicks and found that I liked a 34" TaylorMade that was $89. Then I swung by Joe and Leighs (the brick and mortar of the 3 Balls website) and just started grabbing used putters at random. As soon as I picked one up, I knew it was for me because it felt RIGHT and I was sending the ball pretty much where I wanted it to go (granted, it was on a flat indoor surface). The best part? It was an Odyssey in n
  12. I picked up a V Steel 3 wood for $12 - regular shaft with headcover. I've only hit it off the deck a few times, but it's money off the tee for me on tight fairways. 200-220 yards with a slight 5 yard fade. I pulled it out a lot when my driver was slicing into the next fairway.
  13. I play with glasses and don't have any issues with seeing the ball either at my feet or out in the fairway (or more commonly, the rough). I do have soft contacts that I used to wear while playing hockey or running, but to be honest I've never considered them for golfing since I do just fine with my glasses on.
  14. Congrats! I got mine on my last round of the season this year, on a par 5. What was shocking was that the first two shots were both slices, yet I salvaged an eagle out of the deal. Then promptly followed with a bunch of doubles and triples :(
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