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  1. It has some merit but yeah, each player has unique swing issues can arise at many stages of the swing. Perhaps the member is genuine in believing that method can reduce slice. Fact is most people know why they are slicing, if it was a matter of a quick fix we would all be smashing it 300 yards down the guts. Yeah I haven't gotten around to filming another swing, it's tricky to get it on plane - I did read your notes. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I went out and played 18 and trialed teeing up a club head length behind the ball and it worked. I felt I could really hit through the ball as I was able to release the club at the bottom of my swing more comfortably and a result was closing the club face at impact. Still hit a couple of fades but there were a lot more straight ones in there and "gasp" a draw.
  3. It certainly worth a shot. A related to a lot of the issues raised, I definitely "fall back" a lot due to no room to release the club head.
  4. Thanks! It's almost like a 3/4 swing. I'm not reaching the top of my back swing, or pausing at the top - scared to really take the club back, then I snatch or "cast" the down swing a little which gives it the over the top (out to in) swing path. I think when I slow it down a little on the back swing and try an load my hips up a little more, and also when I tee it up slightly higher I feel I start to get that "right-wrist roll) which closes the club back on impact (bringing ti back to square rather than open), and results in a straight drive rather than fade. When I'm playing well, and as I relax more. that tends to happen. This swing however is my "safe" or "natural" swing which is what I immediately revert to under pressure. I've charted my overall progress here.
  5. I've been Playing Golf for: 4 Yrs My current handicap index or average score is: 25.2 (90s) My typical ball flight is: Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Scared of pull hooks, which is why I settle for a tendency to fade. Videos: Could really do with some thorough examination of my swing. It's mediocre. 9/10 I fade and I can only generate about 210-220 meters. Love to get in the 250+ and to draw the ball. Cheers!
  6. Golf is hard. Mentally it can destroy you. I watched a guy put two balls out of bounds during a comp and man did he rage out like a beast. It sucks you in for a while, makes it feel easy. Just last week I was hitting long drives, chipping on the green and putting out comfortably. A week is a long time in golf. I'm back to the same antics with the driver this week and it's not pretty. When things go wrong I always go back to the basics, stance, alignment, grip - and I focus on correcting and/or checking one aspect of my swing - obviously the one that I intuitively think is causing issues with my timing and ball striking - I think stance is number one issue for most high cap golfers this guy really hit the mark on what I was doing and is worth checking out if your having driver issues. I personally don't get lessons (but only because of the $$$), I think there can be value in it but there is nothing you can't fix by getting feedback from peers, or recording yourself at a range. There are a lot of articles, videos etc that you can study to compare your swing and break down your swing mechanics.
  7. I think I have the formula, borrowed from a certain Mike Shinoda: " This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skillFifteen percent concentrated power of willFive percent pleasure, fifty percent painAnd a hundred percent reason to remember the name! "
  8. Statistics in my opinion is book keeping, it works well in in hindsight. If you want something bad enough you will get it. Most guys that make it it's the mental drive that stands out. Naturally you have to be talented as a starting point - the reason why pros have "talent" IMO is because they started young and that "talent" is just a natural development of their growing ability- when your young the mind absorbs information rapidly, muscles are supple, joints are flexible, there is no fear and there is time and a safe environment to learn - ie no pressures of the daily grind to survive. Most of all it's fun. So many factors go into it after that. To be honest being a touring pro would be quite a challenging life style, lot of sacrifice, hotel rooms, missed cuts, etc. I watched the Australian open one year and was in awe of some of the players who were playing amazing golf shots, and were solid golfers most of which were out playing seasoned pros like Adam Scott. Then you find out one of them is a part-time plumber and makes less than 40K p/a on golf so they are in that tough position of following their dream or working as a plumber for close to 80-100k!
  9. Putting styles like putters come in different styles and sizes. I think it's the most idiosyncratic swing in golf,. Everyone has their own grip, routine, stance. I guess there are still fundamentals in achieving the correct speed & line, but I think a lot comes down to the individual.
  10. Modern drivers are designed to increase distance through carry so my guess is that it's harder to generate the required swing speed for distance if your not confident in wielding the big stick. A well struck 3wd could therefore be just as effective until you get confident with the driver.
  11. Cool. I guess I like to let my playing partner aware of the situation before lifting my ball - just extra insurance.
  12. Here is the situation, I'm Teeing off and duff my drive. My ball travels about 1m from the Tee. I'm playing a hole which requires clearing a water hazard so I figure I'd rather re-tee the ball then play off the ground. I announce to my group " I'm deeming that ball unplayable" under Rule 28. I then opt for proceeding under stroke and distance Rule 27-I by playing nearest to the spot I played my last stroke. I proceed under rule 20-5(a) to take my next stroke on the Teeing ground as the provision states: - It (the ball) may be played anywhere within the teeing ground and may be teed. I hit my third stroke off the Tee and play continues. **** Following needs to be clarified. How do I proceed in bringing the new ball into play? I'm assuming I can re-tee the ball without taking a drop ie bring the ball into play by lifting my original ball and re-teeing it? This seems common sense but just wanted to be sure *****
  13. Great to hear father and son hitting the golf course together. I have 7mth old twins - boy and a girl) and can't wait for the day we can all go out and enjoy a round of golf together - welcome to the forums.
  14. I meant to say I walked back towards the tee because I fluffed my drive (1st stroke). I had not taken a drop yet but was hovering over the site of my second shot. I did not re-tee the ball, I was about 10 yards from it as per where I took my 2nd stroke.
  15. I understand and agree with all that has been posted, but want to point out I was not penalised - there was no official club ruling on the matter - it simply caused a debate around the club house and there were those people for and against - although the majority appeared to regard walking away from your ball as abandoning it. I think what I will do is simply approach the committee and seek clarification of the rules. I again want to stress that the matter was not officiated on by the club, it was a matter raised by a member, so his view is not indicative of the club's rules and policies I can assure you they take the rules of golf very seriously.
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