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  1. honestly i would like to drop both the 3i and the 4i iand get a hybrid that is a "hybrid" of a 3i/4i. The distance for my 5W is 220, my 5i is 190 so just something to close that gap would be good. Say something I could hit 200 - 210 pretty consistently.
  2. thanks for the replies nuck81 and max power. nuck81 - yeah even though i never hit the 3W it will probably stay in the back. i think it might just be time to upgrade it. max power- well that sounds like a great idea. i will look into the 24* hybrid. i demo'd a cleveland xls hibore 3h last night and i liked it but i didnt love it. I felt like it should have been longer then it was. I will look at the FYbrid, thanks for the advice.
  3. Ok so I have decided to add a hybrid to my bag. I am confused about what would make the most sense for me. Currently I am carrying a 3W, 5W, and Driver. I dont hardly ever use my 3i or 4i but I usually carry one of the two for the heck of it. I hit my 5W pretty great and I am not sure I want to replace it just yet but could be convinced to give something else a try. I would have no problems getting rid of the 3W. So I am looking for a hybrid that can kind of be used to fill in the gap of a 3 and 4 iron without being the same as my 5W. Does this make any sense? I want something to maybe repla
  4. Here is a site I have used before. It is not the best but the only site I have found... http://www.golfclubspec.com/
  5. A couple weeks ago our group had just finished our scramble and we were comparing scores. We were going to put our clubs back in the cars and then go sit on the veranda and have a couple drinks and talk about our rounds. Well on the way to drop the clubs off at the car we all watched as a gentleman who was hitting balls on the range collapsed. A couple of my friends jumped up and ended up giving him mouth to mouth. He ended up dying before the ambulance got there. The medic shocked him about 15 times and he never came to. It was surreal. Very sad, his wife was right there too. I guess this is
  6. Well I finally got to play my free sample ix balls. I have to say i am impressed. These balls checked up on the green for me better then any other ball I have used this year. The distance was pretty good. The durability was awesome. I played 18 holes with one ball and when I was done it was still in great shape. The only thing about this ball that i didnt like was that they feel kind of hard off the irons. I would play these balls again and maybe even buy some more.
  7. I liked your blog. It is very honest and open, just the way a blog should be. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I am confused... You paid a website $20 to tell you what balls to go out and buy? They tell you to buy balls that are kind of no-brainer balls. I mean Bridgestone, Titleist, Callaway all make great balls and I would know to try them without having a website tell me to do so. So is there more to this website that I am not getting here? Don't take this as a slam it is not intended to be, I would just like a little more info about how this website works and what intrigued you to sign up for it. Do they send you free sample(s) of the balls that are recommended for you? Or even coupons or promot
  9. I used to hate my left to right ball flight. Then I started to draw the ball and I realized that I was so used to taking the left side of the fairway out that I had no idea what I was doing with the draw. I am very happy with my fade and I wouldnt want any other ball flight. Are you slicing or fading the ball, there is a huge difference. Is your problem with all your clubs just irons, or just woods?
  10. This driver makes me feel like a God on the tee box. I feel so confident and love the feel of crushing the ball with it. I wouldn't say it is the longest driver out there but it does go long! I dont have a single complaint about this driver. I will look into their hybrids, and a fairwaywood next year for sure.
  11. Couldnt have said it better myself!
  12. IMO Hogan definitely has the best swing. It is effortless, smooth, controlled, balanced, powerful, repeatable and consistent......in other words perfect. I think that the reason that people refer to his swing and compare to him is because his book "The Five Fundamentals" was so well written that for the first time the golf swing made sense to alot of people and they could understand it. His idea of the swing plane was revolutionary and the first time I read about it in his book everything made perfect sense to me. Not only that but after reading his book it made me a much better golfer.
  13. Well it was not surprising that Phil choked, but I was pleasantly surprised that Vijay was able to hold on. Very impressive victory IMO.
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