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  1. Are you kidding me! 1. In match play you have to wait until your opponent comes over to you watch the drop or gives you consent to do so, 2. You are not allowed to play out of turn, regardless how closer to the hole ball is, if you play out of turn the opponent can ask you to replay the shot. You should take this up with the course pro or your club rule committee. i am glad you won the match! You did nothing wrong!
  2. I live in Burbank, we have lots courses within 10 miles but you would not find $20 a round any where in California. DeBell at Burbank has good rates for twilight hours which starts around 2 in the summer and 1 in the winter. It is a beautiful course, short and challenging, men club is coot too. Look me up and I will play a round with you.
  3. I am a right handed golfer, golfing for 3 years, was practicing 3 time a week to learn and improve my game. I was having a little pain on my left ring finger at the knuckle, pain would stop after a couple of days, did not think much of it. Played a round of golf today after three months and pain came back after few swings and I started to worry whether this is the end of golf for me, came home and started searching the net. I am going to try the followings: 1. change my grips to mid size, 2. hold the club more towards the palm of my hand, 3. try the arthritis gloves and last use lighter grip p
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