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  1. What has the overall preference been for these putters? I have a 33 inch putter and have no thoughts of switching, but have had ideas of building one to try out and see how it could impact my game. Any thoughts would be helpful. thanks
  2. I have a 3 and 5 wood in the FW and have had great success with them. They are a Nike knockoff and built the entire club for under $30. I don't know if I lost any distance, but had the confidence to know that it would go straight every time with a decent swing put on the ball. Try one out, they have so many cheap knockoffs that you can experiment for yourself.
  3. I haven't hit these irons yet, but I use the driver, hybrid, putter, and eventually a fairway wood. These clubs are amazing and have had much sucess with them. They seem to be a blade-like feel, but a 5 handicap should have no problem with them. I will probably build a set by the end on next year in these. This years line from Snake Eyes in probably the best line they have ever put out for the mid-low handicap players. Good Luck
  4. I have never heard of this, but may give it a shot. I'll see how it affects my thoughts. I listen to rock, rap, all kinds when I practice with my iPod on. I listen to it for blocking other noise out, such as loud drivers or people talking. What kind of classical music does most people like, I would love to hear any thoughts? I have an important season coming up and would love to have any kind of an advantage.
  5. I would focus on some more forgiving, slight cavity clubs. Blades are fun to play with, but will benefit from a forgiving. Look at the : AP2, R7 TP, and Mizuno 52 or 62
  6. Those Rife putters are sweet looking and have a nice feel. Best of luck in your decision.
  7. I haven't hit them yet, but they look sweet and sound to be forgiving. The shafts are really good shafts too. good luck
  8. Has anyone ever done this before? Am I crazy? Was it easy or hard? I thought I might give it a shot, it's not like I can golf in 20 degree weather with 6-8 inches of snow tonight
  9. It is not stupid to put a low launch shaft in a 10.5* head. I would recommend the Grafalloy ProLite, which can be found on eBay for $35 with shipping. Also look at the Aldila NV and ProLaunch Red shafts are reasonably priced Good luck
  10. Look at a wedge or two, but honestly look at the driver. They change so much all the time that you could benefit from. So many clubs can be found used or on closeout. good luck
  11. Find the intermediate bounce and work on all shots in all conditions for the best use of your new wedges. Good Luck
  12. Did anybody watch the race? Anyone gonna watch the season? Like to hear some thoughts
  13. Thanks all for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love looking at everyones clubs and their bag set-up. I'll try to get some pics up later LBlack14- Love the P2's you have, they are awesome clubs!!!!1 Anxious to get the 655 TM Black wedges Thanks
  14. They SUCK, they are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY over priced and the HYPE is outrageous. What the pros play is entirely different than what is on the self. Don't like most Titleist products, except their GOLF BALLS, which are still OVER-PRICED
  15. +1 with the Grafalloy ProLite 35 shaft Have the FW in my fairway woods and bought a new one for my driver Only $35.99 on eBay with shipping Best shaft for your buck in the economy
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