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  1. Too bad it was on the last hole, I think your mental game went downhill on your tee shot... Mental game is like 5%, that’s a hole, next time just play the last hole first... 😂 Seriously, let someone else keep score and just play...Good luck breaking 80, sounds like it’ll happen soon. 😊
  2. Other than trash and tire marks on the fairways, it’s not too bad... of course, I sometimes go to those UCLA games myself 😁
  3. I’d say that as long as the drinks are correctly stated as having sugar, she’d need to refuse it. If someone lied about it being sugar free or something like that, that’s a different issue of course. It’s really not everyone else’s responsibility to remember and know your weaknesses. It’s really up to you to determine what you can drink or not. On top of that, if you’ve drunk alcohol then driving is a no no, right? Is tiger responsible for his stupidity too?
  4. Totally... it’s like the drinker doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions?
  5. Tiger Woods faces wrongful death lawsuit brought by parents of restaurant employee Tiger Woods and the GM of his Jupiter, Florida, restaurant face a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of a bartender who died in a car crash. Wow...I mean, wtf?
  6. Even if you move to the gold tees, I can guarantee that you’ll have more fun. 😊 Green is a great idea! Honestly, unless you shoot in the 70s is doesn’t make a lot of sense to play the white tees...
  7. It’s pretty rare to have the average hole be 320 yards only to have a monster one 130 yards longer though. Of course, most men won’t play from that short a distance even if they don’t drive long enough to play the tees they do.
  8. Downtown Philadelphia would be great, outside York might not be worth the 2.4M. What are the comps for land value?
  9. I think just distance should be the main factor with handicap coming in at a distant second place only as a testament to someone’s accuracy? Age either causes distance loss or not, so I would really factor that in with distance. 😁 Even then, they don’t have to be that accurate, just enough to make reasonable second shots...
  10. 🥺 WTF??!?! Are you pressing charges against them? If not, you should...
  11. I use them about half the time. Access depends upon your host. Some networks are also restricted by providers now. New laws... Not endorsing this but many Russian VPN work on everything pretty much. The issue there is you’d be watched by someone for sure...just be careful. What’s your OS, make sure it’s pretty bulletproof...
  12. As long as you play fast, taking an extra stroke per hole isn’t a bad thing...
  13. It kind of boils down to bogey or play up. Some people think a glass is full versus empty, I suppose...
  14. I haven’t really teed off with a driver and less frequently the 3W this season, yet. So, I end up about 200-220 off the tee too. My second shots are usually only 9i or less though. If I end up on a 450 yard tee box, I’ll hit hybrid and/or 3i to reach in 2. That said, I enjoy playing from 5700 to 6000 yards when my woods are out of the game. Again, golf really shouldn’t be an impossible challenge that puts you on the edge of your seat every time you tee off. It should be a comfortable and enjoyable challenge. Golf is already hard enough without playing at your capacity...
  15. As I said before, that one approach you made was “just like watching a video game” 😂
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