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  1. Tried to setup at a 1:30 spine angle for driver, but my Thanksgiving feat kind of got in the way of practice. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  2. Not only that, but. . . So, they want to change the ball for everyone because of something that applies to that 0.001% of golfers who play something like 1% of the courses in the world? Gee , that's sounds really smart!
  3. Have not tested the shallower swing for driver yet. Still working on my iron swing. Using a mirror with a club simulator at the top and transition making sure the shaft is straight on the target line with relaxed arms.
  4. There's probably a difference between recycled and refurbished. When I hear a recycled ball I think found on a course and cleaned. Refurbished balls to me are repainted. I think the video demonstrates that the painting process is critical and that kind of justifies the expense that Titleist goes through to insure consistent product.
  5. FWIW, I bought a few potentially used Tour Balata 100 balls from a local store that I sorted out of a pile of balls. My son and I played a 9 hole executive the other day with them. We both shot low 40s. These balls were just a bit better than hitting range balls on the course. My son teed off with a 3i Cleveland CG Tour blade. He consistently hit it 230 off the tee. I teed off with my Tour Selection circa 1980 3 metal wood 15 degree loft with steel shaft hitting about the same distance. No modern drivers wood or hybrids were employed. I used my Ping i20 clubs for approaches, and my son just used those old style blades. Not muscle backs. So, the only thing we noticed different is that blisters started forming on the balls after a few holes. Possibly just getting too old? They were possibly used as well. Don't ask why I bought these, but apparently the balls are not what you'd call "collector" items. My distances were shorter with the 30 year old stuff, but not significantly score altering. Shots did feel good off the face though.
  6. Still practicing steepening my swings with irons, hybrid and wedges. This seemed to get me my high flight back, and the divots seem to be much cleaner off grass. The shallower swing is likely better for my driver and wood. I'll have to practice and see how it works out on the course. Pitching stroke is finally getting more solid. I can brush through really thick rough now. Trying to get more spin without a more aggressive swing. Just swinging naturally letting the arms hang freely.
  7. Now I'm wondering about some of my sporadic flights with what felt like okay shots because of my habit of using golf balls until their paint completely peels off? Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just my swing or contact, but I definitely won't be trying to use golf balls for 10+ rounds any more.
  8. Big eye opener! So, prior to seeing this I had been benchmarking my shots with range balls. Not any more.
  9. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Momentum or just the velocity at impact? Does a more massive arm have an advantage over a less massive arm for example?
  10. If I know it's going into the water I take my club and stop it just before it enters the hazard. Still within the rules. That's where learning to juggling a ball becomes useful. I treat the rules like rules. They are meant to be followed, and they even have decisions we can look at. That's partly what makes this game fun and interesting to me. That's the way it should be, but it has nothing to do with following the rules. Rules are there to insure that the score you come up with is equitable with other golfers. If not all golfers use the same rules, how would you make the game equitable if you were to play with them? At the end of the day, I don't care what my score is, but I do care if I actually played a game of golf, which is by the rules. The rules are not equal to GOD. They are there so we can play the same game. You have to ask yourself if you'd prefer to play golf or some other game? If golf, then your score will be reflected by the rules. The irony is that they're not even playing the same game.
  11. I can’t believe this is so hard. Honestly, you’d need to be a low single digit or scratch to do this. I used to birdie two of the par 5s all the time, just not in one round. It’s either feast or famine and never in the same round. Maybe I’m thinking about playing for a score then trying too hard? It’s like an old car radio. Push one button and another one pops out. Bogey offsets a birdie. Well, at least my better rounds have been double free.
  12. This is funny, and interesting. Make a new thread to discuss having rules for amateurs and pros. What do you think should be different and ask others to make suggestions. I’d guess that topic would also go in circles. People like playing by the same rules as the pros, because they know they are playing the same game. If balls are rolled back let’s say 10%, I’d guess less old people would play because they don’t want to play a different game than everyone else. OTOH, more people could play exactly like the pros but using nonconforming equipment. It could be an interesting topic, or not?
  13. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Thanks. Just to see if I understand it, here’s what I think it means in a personal example? Seems like I’m more of a CP swinger now. Took forever to get there, and now I’m trying to put CF back into my Swing with my trailing arm accumulator? I’m trying to put some extra Swing into the arms through impact, probably got all the terminology messed up.
  14. Mac O'Grady Swings

    Thanks, now, what's the difference? Other than the force vector direction that is?

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