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  1. Non-toxic, to be sure. Just not meeting OSHA standards for pregnant women. I’d say a 3 level, or roughly putrid. 🤪😂🤪
  2. My Callaway XR16 seems to have a better flight than my old Diablo. I can’t hit either of them as well as my hybrid flight and consistency wise, but the newer one is better head to head on the driving range.
  3. Sounds nice! I’m only a possible though. We’re visiting colleges that month...
  4. I know how you feel, it’s raining at least one day out of each weekend, and we were barely able to play only one round, go to the beach in the cold, grabbing one sunset before the rain came along...I mean look at those ominous looking clouds 😩
  5. Guilty of this, but none of the others, any more 🤪
  6. My personal experience is definitely not something to go by. Getting kicked off the course for golf incompetence isn’t fun 🤪 😂 Honestly, it doesn’t matter what is your skill level as long as you’re willing to pick up on a hole when pace of play is lagging. If you're keeping up with the group in front just keep trying to get to the green. That said, golf isn’t all that much fun when every shot is duffed. I’d say when you can get at least 1/3 shots to your max distance with any given club, it’s maybe time to try your luck on a course?
  7. Where do you play again? I might follow behind and find some balls along the way. 😁
  8. My wife and her friends signed up all our children for first Tee because they thought it was a great price and a great way to spend some weekends together. I was into archery and other shooting sports at the time, and my wife doesn’t really like guns even though her dad was an officer in the HK police force. So, they signed up, and instead of shooting, I had to sit around a golf course 4 hours a day on the weekends. They coerced me into playing golf, so I did. First round with my wife’s friend from HK coming to visit us, we got kicked off the course. The Marshall came and told us they’d refund all our fees if we left. And the really bad playing was from me... 🤪 So, they forced me to take lessons. I signed up and spent $$$$ that year on lessons equipment for all of us. Still played terrible until my son and I switched to playing lefty. Started blogging on this site to try to learn something about this game, and got to a pretty decent playing level playing 9 to 36 holes per day. Stopped for several months due to golf overloading. Now, I’m just enjoying improving my swing just because it feels good doing that. Don’t play as well as at one time, but my life is balanced a heck of a lot better and I still knock in birdies now and then. 😊
  9. Funny that beautiful clubs are looking more like my MP-32s 😊
  10. Brownian motion. With so many balls piled up around the hole one should fall in as long as they don’t stick together. Spray Teflon on them too for good measure 😂 Of course, my goal is just to get a ball into the hole after making a shot. 🤪
  11. I think on the last day 250 balls to go or not, one would be pretty apprehensive to hit well at all, possibly even the second two weeks. 🥺 If the old balls stayed in a little pile around the hole I might take that bet, but nooo... wayyy otherwise...🤪
  12. Oh yeah, I did continue putting right handed until I bought two lefty putters. He got the first lefty putter because he was the one taking the classes at the time.
  13. Cool! I wondered how he’s doing. My son and I started off right handed then switched to lefty after a year and things couldn’t be better now 6 years later. 😊
  14. That’s much higher than I thought, I always though margins were the same as consumer electronics. That’s possibly why there’s no new innovations outside of the tech industry in the US? Engineering budgets are probably far too low?!? That explains why golf clubs are virtually the same as they were in the 1980s 🤔
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