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  1. Lihu

    7 iron challenge

    I’ve done this, and really enjoyed it too. No bags to carry, and I used the 7i as a walking stick. Felt unencumbered.
  2. Lihu

    What driver brand do you use?

    Getting fit is pretty important for sure, and most of us could use all the help we can get that we can afford.
  3. Lihu

    What driver brand do you use?

    Callaway! XR16. Tempted to switch to the Rogue... Not sure about that. It’s possible that a newer driver head could be more forgiving in a way that helps my shots?
  4. Lihu

    11 reasons you stink at golf

    Love the hero shot and the 150 yard stuff. I often wonder if I should carry another hybrid and wood and dump the 56 and 50 wedges or not? I rarely use them, and can easily pitch my PW those distances. Seems like a driver/mini-driver/3W/5W/3H/5H/5i-PW/60 could work better than my current driver/3W/3H/3i-PW/56/60/putter? I’d possibly use the top end clubs a bit more than my 52/56? Even though I carry my driver 245 on average, I rarely hit it optimally. A 220 carry with even a light headwind is still iffy, so a layup position with a mini driver in my hand could come in handier. OTOH, I really don’t belong on a course at or over 6400 yards 😂🤪😂 So, I’d add “you don’t belong on a course over 6000 yards” 😁 12 reasons why you suck at golf: 12) You’re playing the wrong tees...
  5. Lihu

    What tee to play from?

    I’ve noticed that many courses in my area play about 300 to 600 yards shorter during normal play. So, the 7200 yard tees are more like 6700 and 6400 more like 6000 while the 6000 are more like 5700 or so. It's really not that significant to me because I can play most holes without incident, but it does seem like pace of play is better and it’s more fun. I was told that they move things around to save the fairways, but it always seems shorter than longer. Possibly so tournaments are played on less divoty fairways? Don't really know, but the few times when I played at the markers during normal play, many of my higher handicap shorter hitting partners complained about reaching the greens. Shorter seems better, because people who have difficulty hitting perfect shots are probably better off closer to the hole from rough or trouble.
  6. Lihu

    What tee to play from?

    I was playing one time off the wrong fairway and the fellow on the fairway gave me a hard stare when two more balls landed near us. Two minutes later two other golfers took the brunt of his displeasure 🤪🤪😂
  7. Lihu

    What tee to play from?

    I’ve experienced the same, but expect horrible treatment when playing from some else’s fairway 🤪😂🤪
  8. Reminds me of a Moe Norman clinic 😂
  9. Lihu

    The Mental Game in Two Words

    Depends upon what your definition of “reasonably” is I suppose? At this point, I almost exclusively switch clubs on the driving range. There’s no point hitting ball after ball except when warming up.
  10. Lihu

    The Mental Game in Two Words

    Yes, I should have clarified that with the current consistency of my shot shape and spin that I can’t depend upon my shot sticking a particular portion of the greens even on the greens. If it does, I’m more surprised and delighted. Off line a few degrees isn’t going to get me upset either, I know my shot zones and play for the potential 10-15 degrees I might be off. I’m not angry that I hit a shot a little outside my norm, just when I do something that I am able to practice and execute reasonably well. A bad shot as a result of not choking up the club on an uphill lie or not taking a reasonable practice swing or something like that is more in my control because I was in a hurry or something like that. If I mishit by a lot I can get angry with myself, but if I hit 20 yards short in a 200 yard shot? No big deal. Just within my norm. Nothing is really in your control, but I agree that setting realistic expectations for your outcome can mitigate some mental anguish many of us seem to experience?
  11. Lihu

    The Mental Game in Two Words

    That’s more or less what I meant originally, but in reality if you want to succeed that might not work. i can only say that for myself, the execution of the swing is far more important to me than the exact outcome. I’m at a stage where I have more control of that than wherever the ball decides to stop. Better players have more control of where the ball goes. I practice on the range to get me in a position to execute shots better on the course. The only thing I might get annoyed at is a mishit shot than where the ball ends up. That’s because that’s what I practice at the range. I’m doing shooting sports as well, and emphasis is on setup and speed. The only thing I can control is my setup and position. If I’m out of breath because a station was setup far away and I only have a few seconds to get there that’s out of my control. I’ll be out of breath. The only thing I can control is what I practice. So, that is what I meant by caring less. Most of us care too much about things out of our control.
  12. Lihu

    The Mental Game in Two Words

    Oh, you mean play GOOD too? 😂
  13. Lihu

    The Mental Game in Two Words

    Mental game in two words? care less... 😁
  14. Lihu

    Swing plane and height

    I have many shorter golf partners, and many tall ones ranging from 5’1” to 6’10” and have seen flat swing in both. Arm length and length of clubs might have some impact too? Whatever works I suppose?
  15. Are you possibly confusing single length clubs and a Moe Norman swings?

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