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  1. It’s not just the deployment result and the output of the classifiers, but also what you do with the data afterwards. That’s partly why the higher end systems process up to 2000 frames per second and getting faster. Pretty cool stuff, but yeah, going to take another 15 years before I trust it too... 😁
  2. Wow, that’s a very strong opinion on these technologies! My friends working at Google and Tesla, don’t really feel that negatively, but it’s a tough call for me as well. That’s kind of the direction of the technology though. ML is not perfect but it’s better than inattentive or debilitated humans... 😁
  3. I lost my sister in law and a cousin to drunk drivers and know quite a few others who have lost family. Drunk driving is stupid. The question is if we all should pay for that stupidity or not? We live with quite a few laws already because stupid people did stupid things like drunk driving, I’m not sure another law would hurt? OTOH, drunk driving isn’t the only problem. What I think would make more sense is mandatory automatic braking systems and enforced speed limits through GPS. The first step towards self driving cars. Something like that, but thought through thoroughly before deployment. I answered to add vehicle safety, but I can understand the arguments against.
  4. I design consumer goods and know sensors are prone to failure and all that, but even so, this legislation makes sense. That and waiting for self driving cars that I’ll need in 20 years 😁
  5. If I had to do it over again, I’d likely have gotten fit. Even if your swing starts off total crap, your fitted clubs will pretty much work fine even if you gain like 10-15mph. It’s not that big a deal to get fit when you’re a noob then advance to not a noob with a decent swing. A decent club fitter will take all that into account. As for getting nice shiny clubs, if you like them, get them. Chances are you’ll be able to use them for years to come...
  6. This is a great question! I find a lot, but leave them alone unless they are obviously not in play 😂
  7. Voted 1-2 but it depends upon where I play, and if I have time to look for it. 3 minutes is too long for some folks behind you 😂
  8. White is usually OB? Unless, there’s actually a sign saying so. You can always take that as unplayable... I have to agree, GUR is wrong.
  9. I don’t see that too often, but you’re the instructor 😊
  10. Speeding up the backswing is not going to help at all. Everything else sounds reasonable. If you’re always 20-30 yards short, you can look into hitting more woods. I know quite a few who use 7W and even higher? Just practice a ton with those woods. Some of my range rat buddies are much older and do exactly that.
  11. Like Taylor Swift’s song... ”Say it in the street it’s a knockout. Say it in a tweet it’s a cop out...” 😁 In this case, the data shows that he’s correct. I could manufacture all kinds of stories and the like to prove my point, but I don’t have to. All the “internet instructors” who spout distance helps more are taking into account that longer distances usually result from faster swings with better strikes. Better strikes usually end up with better accuracy too. Hitting consistently long takes both. We’re definitely not talking about that kid who hits 350 yards then 220 slice next hole...
  12. I’d probably prefer to look into just using a shorter club but same swing? For me, distance accuracy are related. On days that I hit bad, my shots are usually shorter too. Bad strikes or hitting the corner of the driver does both of those things... Good ball striking helps...
  13. Distance and accuracy usually develop together. As I got longer, I also got straighter. I don’t see the two as a choice? And I overhauled my swing. There’s no quick fixes...
  14. I question the validity of the experiment primarily because the 20 handicap seemed to hit relatively good tee shots and attempted shots I don’t normally see them attempt. He looked more like a 15. Or 13? At least off the tee, right? Not sure about forcing the “20” hit to within 100 yards though? He must have a terrible short game with a glaring weakness in all aspects of that? That’s why the experiment worked. They found a “20” with a decent tee shot and so so approach and horrible short game. If he’s a 20 because of that then, yeah, of course the experiment is biased to work...🤪 The person conducting the experiment even stated his bias and conclusion before the last shot was made 🤔 So, you’d rather hit 180-220 yard tee shots then chunk a ball to within 100 yards as a 20 handicap than pitch or chip from at most 50 yards from the green? 👀 Hmm, any other bets you’re willing to wager? 😁
  15. The sprinkler head didn’t even slow it down 😂 Guessing this was a posed shot after they 6 putted 🤪 Been there and done that on the 18th of my home course... rough hole placement. The approach fairway was very nicely manicured, What a beautifully maintained course! 😁
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