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  1. Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    It's definitely not the club. . .there's no way a 105 to 110 mph swing can do this to a club on a proper strike. Hitting too close to the heel is very likely the culprit. That could be swing related, coming over the top, not setting up correctly, tensing the arms on the downswing, etc.
  2. Finally back home. Doing more tempo training. Will hit the range tomorrow early morning for a lesson, and extended practice session.
  3. Being tall an advantage?

    Agreed , any small sample size of one is very likely an outlier. Maurice did note that one of his arms is 6 inches longer in "Morning Drive" to Michael Breed, but it sure didn't look that way in the video?
  4. Being tall an advantage?

    Possibly wishes to be taller, I'd have no idea about that, but his shorter stature exactly as the OP noted his height to be had nothing to do with Maurice hitting the ball 486 yards. That's really long for anyone of any stature. . .
  5. Being tall an advantage?

    Is being taller an advantage? Ask Maurice. . . http://www.worldlongdrive.com/players/maurice-allen/ 5'8" in shoes. . .
  6. Miles of golf demonstrated this. My son's high school team were monster long players. The longest hitter hit a couple Balata balls with an older style club with a steel shaft over the fence 240 yards away and about 75 feet high or more. Other than playing baseball, he didn't really workout a lot. I'd guess that if he were playing in the 1980s, he'd be one of the longest hitters. His average drive was something north of 300 yards. Average, not poked. I was told that one of the players the web tour have hit over 390 yard drives with some frequency. The longest LDA is now almost capable of reaching the high 400s. http://www.africanamericangolfersdigest.com/maurice-allen-long-drive-hitter-phenom/ For those who think height is the most important attribute, Maurice is 5'8" in shoes and 225 pounds.
  7. I can't believe the airport driving range at HKG closed down. Interspersing blogging and practice swings in a quiet part of secured area of the airport. No guards came by asking what I was doing, yet. Wireless headphones can play the metronome and music at the same time, but if the tempos are different then it gets confusing. . .
  8. A few buckets and a hot little caddy later and...

    If your hands move independently that could cause some inconsistencies in your swing?
  9. A few buckets and a hot little caddy later and...

    A mirror works too, but nothing beats having a "hot little caddie". I'd rather look at her than myself any day!
  10. Lost the love

    A month is nothing. I stopped all golf stuff for about 5-6 months just because it was getting kind of boring. At this point, I've been back at it for a couple months and enjoy much more than if I dragged on playing. Do other things in parallel to golf. Golf is fun when you look forward to playing. It's not work!
  11. A few buckets and a hot little caddy later and...

    The topic title gave me a completely different picture than your OP! Glad things are working out...
  12. TaylorMade M2 irons

    Those P790 look great, and the "goodness factor" was affirmed by the lawsuits.
  13. That's true, I've never actually seen anyone use their putter from the tee to the hole in a reasonable number of strokes before. To add to this and joking aside, I see a lot more people on the driving range practicing fulls swings than in the short game area. It seems like people either consciously or subconsciously know that long game is a very important part of their games.
  14. Good thread. . . Actually, I read Erik's first few responses, and they seem consistent with whatever he says now. Some people were beating you up but at least half agreed with what you stated in your OP. Yet, there are plenty of 225 yard average golfers who play better than 270 yard golfers because of a pretty amazing short game and a command of their long irons and woods. I'm sure you run into the senior player who hits a Driver then 3W on a 400 yard hole and ends up rolling onto the green consistently. I also agree that given the same ability to play short game, that distance helps. In general, it's tough to generalize on any statement like "Drive for show and putt for dough." but it's also tough to generalize and say "a 270 yard average player will always beat the 225 yard player" as well.