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  1. Lihu

    Courses near Montreal central

    To McGill that is...
  2. Lihu

    Courses near Montreal central

    Great to know. We’re visiting schools my daughter got accepted into and she and her best friend both got in. Others too, long road trip ahead...
  3. Lihu


    You can take a look at GG when we go to Diamond Bar next week or so. I have just started tracking rounds with it again. I had been using a friends profile in Arcos because I got one free from him and he hates knowing how he actually plays 😀 Now that I am making some commitment to improving, I'll start tracking rounds in GG again. I can even help you download the free version for you to test out on our up coming round.
  4. Lihu

    Winter Depression Thread

    Sigh. Ducks are foraging on the driving range... And the short game area...
  5. Lihu

    Hi from CA

    Welcome! What part of CA?
  6. @Elmer might not have known this fact that many of us seem to be taking for granted. I also hike 2 to 3 days a week in the mountains with my wife, so there’s no need for “extra” exercise at this point.
  7. A new smaller bag could cost as little as $25 as I posted above. That’s less than most rounds of golf? He also carries almost a dozen balls which I expect he’ll possibly lose? Otherwise, why carry so many? It sounds more just like he wants to carry to look cooler than the old folks like me who push or drive a cart 🤪 That said, I do sometimes like to roam free without having to push or drive a cart around, that’s why I have an 8 club bag, and have been known to play only one club lately.
  8. The balls weigh more than you think, but 40 pounds?!? Even my bag with heavy steel shafts and 14 clubs only weighs 25 with a pint of water and sunscreen. You might consider a lighter bag for carry? They have 8 club bags...cheap... https://www.amazon.com/Sunday-Lightweight-Carry-Executive-Course/dp/B0016FZ7YW
  9. Lihu

    Sean Foley on "Living in the Moment"

    Nice interview, thanks for posting.
  10. Lihu

    I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

  11. Lihu

    I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    Yeah, thought that while snapping the picture, but she was cool with it after I asked... It is. Most women I know on the courses are part of clubs, and more women can get partners more readily than the men in my area and my home courses. That will likely change as more women work in more challenging vocations...
  12. Lihu

    I Saw a Woman Playing Alone

    Par 3 course, but I’ll post anyway... They exist but now I’ll snap pics 😎
  13. Lihu

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    I was surprised that so many people wanted to keep it in just because it’s a new rule and novel. In the long run, it should save a little time and effort and help on those downhill putts. 😁
  14. Lihu

    Great Ball Striking

    Completely agree.

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