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  1. They might have struggled when they were 5 years old, but by high school, the best players on the team are really good once they’ve hit puberty and can swing really fast.
  2. Not sure about this, data driven conclusions generally point to the physical aspects more than the mental. For instance, if you duff some percentage of your shots then it’s better to temper your expectations accordingly, because improving the mental game doesn’t change those stats.
  3. Yes, likely the balls, but they’re subtly different except the limited ones usually state it. Usually.
  4. I’m sure the private clubs don’t have a down draft either!
  5. The best thing is to use a launch monitor... then you can see your performance based upon launch conditions and not where the ball lands 😊
  6. Limited flight balls use a unique dimple pattern and are only a little bit lighter, less than a gram or so? From what I could tell, iron shots are pretty much the same until spin goes down below 4000rpm. Then they drop like a rock after 200 yards or so. I like watching that though... Here in So.Cal. We have plenty of room so the balls we use are labeled “Premium Wilson” or “Super Range” and are normal balls except 2 layer and get old pretty fast. At most they only lose 5% distance, if they still look reasonable?
  7. Welcome! Where do you play?
  8. 60 wedge until I end up in a deep bunker...😂 Honestly, 5i to 3i are pretty useless to me except to make bets at the driving range. 😁
  9. Got it guys... I might have that propensity too? My great grandfather, grandfather and dad were/are all alcoholics. That it’s at least 50-60% genetic isn’t a good thing. Luckily, my wife doesn’t drink and my kids likely won’t have it? I don’t, but my brother owns a winery, and my sister overeats... I do drink Yerba Mate though. Without caffeine, I’m never awake enough 🤪
  10. Wait, what? “Alcoholism” is categorized as a disease? That doesn’t seem right? I know many people who are just as addicted to the driving range as some are to alcohol? Should golf courses be sued for excessive shoulder, wrist and other related injuries because they offer large buckets? 🥺
  11. Too bad it was on the last hole, I think your mental game went downhill on your tee shot... Mental game is like 5%, that’s a hole, next time just play the last hole first... 😂 Seriously, let someone else keep score and just play...Good luck breaking 80, sounds like it’ll happen soon. 😊
  12. Other than trash and tire marks on the fairways, it’s not too bad... of course, I sometimes go to those UCLA games myself 😁
  13. I’d say that as long as the drinks are correctly stated as having sugar, she’d need to refuse it. If someone lied about it being sugar free or something like that, that’s a different issue of course. It’s really not everyone else’s responsibility to remember and know your weaknesses. It’s really up to you to determine what you can drink or not. On top of that, if you’ve drunk alcohol then driving is a no no, right? Is tiger responsible for his stupidity too?
  14. Totally... it’s like the drinker doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions?
  15. Tiger Woods faces wrongful death lawsuit brought by parents of restaurant employee Tiger Woods and the GM of his Jupiter, Florida, restaurant face a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of a bartender who died in a car crash. Wow...I mean, wtf?
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