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  1. Lihu

    39" Driver

    That’s great! I also like my 43” driver quite a bit! Lower spin keeps the drives much straighter.
  2. Are your ball flight really high or really low? S300 are for higher swing speeds. A comfortable 100mph driver swing speed could be reasonable for S300. Even then, many prefer a gentler shaft. The ball flight will naturally be a bit lower. If high, I’d guess you might possibly be casting the club?
  3. This is more commonly the case. You’re like most beginners. Although if you really hit 3W 210 off the tee, that would be eally good.
  4. Lihu

    My Swing (JonMA1)

    Nice! That’s why good practice is important 🏌🏻‍♂️
  5. Good for you! I’m doing that from now on too. 👍
  6. 6 mile hike today with 44 floors. Did some light swings to stretch out the muscles. Making sure my setup puts my neck in a good and less stressful position during the swing. Using the mirror to give me direct feebbavk. Weight 188 BP 116/78 RHR 63 peak HR during hike 150.
  7. Lihu

    Gapping? Rogue 4H-Rogue 5i.

    This sounds kind of dumb, but learn to hit the 5i to the right distance. if the flight is too high you might me setting up too far forward or something? Do you have a launch monitor like Mevo? That can tell you a lot.
  8. Although short game and putting are my current weaknesses, I have to say that my overall enjoyment of the game is better with a better long game. That’s my opinion, yes, but I’m also reasonably confident that I can get my short game as good as I was 3 years ago. Still ifI pay for more instruction, it would still be with long game. Many more subtle things can affect my score and enjoyment more there than with the short game. Golf seems much more enjoyable when you spend more time around the greens. I’ve also never found the practice greens to adequately mimic the course. Seems like my best place to practice short game in on a somewhat empty course where I still have some time constraints and other pressures in addition to the actual course conditions.
  9. Not too bad a pull. Mostly a lightly pinched nerve. Taking medication. Doing really light PT and some of the club simulator. Laying off the Super Speed sticks until I get back from my trip. Hit a couple balls and am allowing my lead arm to flex a bit. I think that combined with trying to swing the Speed sticks too fast pulled the muscle and my head alignment caused a pinched nerve. Working on some minor adjustments to my head tilt during the swing.
  10. Lihu

    What makes up a sand save?

    Up and down from sand 😊
  11. Lihu

    3 wood to 5 iron gap

    This assessment makes sense for most players, but the OP stated that he carries his 3W 242. So, filling a gap might not be literal? I doubt he’d run into a situation where he needs a 220 yard carry club versus a 200 carry club that often.
  12. We can meet at Brookside sometime, and you can try them out. I’m going back east for a couple weeks, but will be back early August. They work really well. And I have a Mevo so you can see before and after...
  13. Lihu

    Cheating in tournament

    I hate not getting closer the first two putts 😂

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