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  1. Thanks for the response, I have been swinging at the 85% level (found empirically with lots of money spent on range balls). Wish I had communicated with you on this forum before buying my first club. I agree with everyone about fitting, that's what I finally ended up doing. However, Jimbo has mentioned that he doesn't wish to spend the money on fitting at this time. So, with his swing speed XS would not hurt him even if he does not get fitted. It would help change his moniker to "Jimbo long and straight", but he could still use the stiffer shafts.
  2. My typical shot, not the average, is 175. Right handed is a bit more. I have hit them 190 in the past, if it's a perfect shot. So, it makes sense that better golfs than me can regularly hit this iron 200 yards or more. There are plenty of people on the ranges where I practice who hit really far with irons. Don't know exactly where they land, but they hit far. Usually, I can see stuff within 175 easily, there are markers, when these folks hit, it's far.
  3. Left hand set: Burner 1.0 irons Diablo fw3 Burner fw5 Ping g15 driver Burner 2.0 driver Adams a70 putter Ping g10 which I do not use Burner r9 which I never use Cost me about $1200 worth about $150? Maybe? Right hand set (I am ambidextrous): Titleist 735cm Diablo big bertha driver Diablo 4 hybrid Adams putter Cost me used about $220 worth about $200? Maybe? I think golf equipment loses lots of value after you btheir, the cost is in the service of selecting and tuning the clubs work for you. I only wish that I had communicated with more people on this forum before buying my first club.
  4. It's fun seeing a bit of nature. Glad you saved the little guy.
  5. Don't try so hard. I did the exact same thing for a year or so, but I am not that much better. Broke through the 100 barrier, and stayed pretty much there. Not really trying hard at this point. Just enjoying the scenery. My son is a different story. He was pretty much a bogey to double bogey player for 2 years playing once a week from the start. At some point, he just figured out that he does not want to duff any shots. Once he did that he dropped down below bogey. At this point he is working on getting below the 80s. He 4 putts occasionally, so that's what he is working on. From an observers perspective, he should be able to get into the 70s before his 3rd year ends. If his goal was to be scratch in 3 years, he might not be where he is today. He plays once a week, and enjoys his good shots, laughs at his bad ones. I'm learning this from my 12 year old.
  6. I understand your point now. Thanks for the insight on the general use of a regular shaft, which was my mistake. Only from my personal experience, the opposite was true. When I first started golfing I was told to use a 12 degree regular shaft with a low kick, when I was obviously hitting a high pull hook with a 10.5 and regular shaft. So, I bought the 12 degree club from my coaches' pro-shop. This turned out to be a really bad idea, unless I was duck hunting. I hit further up in the air than forward. The shots were within 1" on the sweet spot of the club, but the shots went airborne. Realizing that this was a serious mistake, I was then recommended to purchase a 10.5 degree regular shaft. This too created a tendency toward a pull hook. As I got my swing tuned to a very specific speed, everything worked great. However, it was hard to get that small band of speed consistently. It was about 60 to 70% effort. Being a beginner, it was really hard for me to swing a specific speed consistently. Plus, my swing was not that smooth. So, I ended up getting my swing speed measured, and my swing speed was consistently around 105. This was a bordline Stiff according to the store technicians. I decided to spend the money on a stiff club with a mid kick. This was a risk, in my mind, because of a general rule of thumb against beginners using a stiff shaft. Finally, within a two month period, I got a club that worked for me. I still hit high shots, but theyawede in the direction I wanted. The issue is that two coaches, who knew my swing, were completely wrong about the shaft and loft I needed to use as a beginner. This was probably based on the anti-"macho" rule of thumb. I'm definitely not macho. They should rename the shafts from "stiff" to "more control" or something like that. I would think that less torque and flex would have a more predictable swing path for the club head. Unless, using a stiffer shaft makes your body do unpredictable things. Anyway, I felt I wasted a lot of money to get three clubs, where only one was needed.
  7. Lihu

    Finally broke 100!!

    Cool. I know the feeling. Just did this recently as well.
  8. I just got a 4h 21 degree hybrid burner 2.0. It's really great. Just played a 9 hole executive course, only 5 holes of it waiting for my kids league class. On 2 of the par three 175 yards (I adjusted the distance to get 175 for both holes) and teeing up 1/4 " I get it right on the green at a high trajectory. It landed with a definite thump. One was on the green the other just in front of it. From the ground it gets about 185 yards with a really high trajectory. It seemed to hold two greens off a 1/4" tee and an even higher trajectory. I would recommend the hybrid just as good clubs to have rather than irons only. This gives you a choice of landing trajectories. My irons tend to be really flat. It seems to give me more choices, even though I am a relative novice at this game. Just for reference I get about 200 yards from my 5 fairway wood.
  9. We hit the same distances, except I can't hit 3 and 4 irons. I use a fairway wood at half swing or 4 rescue/hybrid, and I can only do a 3/4 swing on the 5 iron for a distance of only 175 yards. Usually, it's a bad drive then trying to recover from it that hurts me the most. Your distances would be perfect on the courses I play in the Los Angeles area. I hurt my shoulder so all I could do is putt and chip. So, for 4 months, that's all I practiced. This seemed to lower my scores by about 5 strokes per round. Doglegs hurt as well, so learning to purposely drawing and fading the ball would help. I can't do it. However, when looking at where my balls land and the geometry of the courses I play, it seems like that would gain an extra 20 yards or so from a drive. Take a look at what the scratch and single digit handicappers are writing on other threads.They are really impressive. It seems like a totally different game from what I am trying to play.
  10. Lihu

    Blow up holes

    I would be happy with a 78 :-) Anyway, you're right it's recreation. We should just be happy we can get out to play.
  11. I am also new to golf, and have been inundated by people recommending softer flex, and at the same time slowing down my swing speed. I don't know about you, but when I slow down my body moves in a jerky fashion. This is because it is not my natural tempo. Try moving really slowly in a controlled path, rather than in a relaxed turning motion at your natural tempo. You will definitely feel your muscles firing in a slow sequence. Most of the folks here know golf really well. I saw many answers that emote lots of good experience. However, only you know your own body, and what it is capable of doing. When I used a regular flex, the ball would go wild. Stiff made if more straight. Now, still have a problem with high ball flight. I think I might be hitting too far down on the ball when I swing harder. Plus the swing mechanics of a full swing seem much more difficult to get right. Logically, I would go with Xstiff as a rule. Your swing speed is high enough to make up any potential distance loss. Also, your swing is not as smooth as some, and the stiffer shaft helps reduce secondary oscillations. I am starting to add test sensors to some of my clubs now, and am playing around with some gyros and accelerometers, to find some answers. Tried out a I20 (generally for low handicappers) with a really stiff shaft. It lowered the ball flight, but, unfortunately could not test it on the range. Not sure how it would work for me on the course. I don't really understand the rational for people recommending regular shafts for beginners. It seems to me that a beginner would benefit from using an extra stiff shaft. If a beginner has a high swing speed following his natural cadence. And his Swing mechanics is not that good. A stiffer shaft will produce less torque and oscillations. You can pretty much swing yourself out of your shoes, and still hit straight (assuming you hit it anywhere within a quarter sized sweet spot). However, as a beginner, I am also focused on my short game and putting. Mid irons are hard for me to get acceptable. The driver is important, but as long as you hit fairways (even 190 to 200 yards on average), it seems to me you can get down to 82. My 12 year old son does just that. He is working on his short game and mainly putting to break into the 70s. Imagine making greens in regulation only to 4 put occasionally. I hope your next thread will read something like "why is it hard to believe I can hit greens in regulation and shoot in the 70s after only 1 year of playing".
  12. I will try the sandbox drills you suggest. Hopefully, I will get the feel. Thanks again for your help. I did not realize this was a very complicated problem.
  13. Thanks for posting this. I will try it out. Is there also a post or article to help with setting the ball position at address? What are the optimum positions in all three dimensions in space?
  14. I have gone out with a relatively small guy, who hits it regularly 270 or possibly more if he hits it perfect. His swing speed is also 115. The only way I "keep up" with him is with fairway shots. All my shots land either on the fairway or in the rough next to it. He usually has a gimme on the green. I need to pitch it an extra shot every hole. Unfortunately, this usually means a bogey for me, as it takes two putts every hole except the occasional par 3. The main issue you are having is that most people seem to not believe you can hit it 300. The math shows it is possible with a 115 swing speed. Forget trying to convince people on the Internet. Just have fun showing the people at the driving range :) Even with my slower swing speed, it's fun hitting the back fence, and calling the posts it will hit sometimes. I just joined the forum last night, and I am hoping there will be lots of people who can help my game.
  15. We have roughly the same swing speed, as far as you have mentioned. But it is possible your speed is higher if you are not enclosed in a tiny stall at golfsmith where you would measure it. I feel like I need to back off my swing so nothing bad can happen inside the swing speed measurement stall. However, I still have issues with high ball flight. Your video does not show high ball flight. Is it possible that a 105ss could get 300 yards with a low penetrating ball flight? I don't know. I recall making it to the front of the fairway bunker on a par 4 320 yards once from the tee box, but I assumed my shot over the trees of the dogleg shortened the shot by 40 yards or more. Nevertheless, 240 to 260 yards is a long way, and most of the time I don't see where it lands, exactly. I can only tell by the feel of the shot, and from what I observed on the range where I hit the back fence. However, I need to fix my high shot. Help...
  16. Okay, I agree with ValleyGolfer, I am a novice (about 2 years) and my swing speed is probably about 105 as well. When (if) I hit it pure, it seems to only go to about 240 (public course fairways) or sometimes 260 yards with lots of roll. Otherwise, it mostly goes straight (sometimes a light fade), but really high. I am lucky to get it to 200 yards, because the ball gets about 100 to 120 yards of vertical distance as well. Now, I probably should post this on another thread, but I am going to ask you folks, here, anyway. I hit my 3 and 5 fairway woods reasonably far (5 goes about 200 (avg) to 220 if I get it perfect, and 3 goes anywhere from 220 (avg) to 240 if a good hit). This is off the deck, if I tee it up they go really high as well, and I lose about 10 yards for every 1/4" I tee it up in the same way as the driver. I need help with my setup and positioning of the ball, and the little alignment target on the driver. I have watched many videos and my kids coaches drive. There seems to be no common position to setup the ball relative to the club. First of all, the driver feels really heavy and awkward compared to the 3 and 5 woods. Is this normal? Secondly, how do you align the ball relative to the club head: X, Y and Z axis? It seems that setting it up farther out is better as the arms "stretch" out during the swing. Or is this incorrect thinking? I have experimented with about 200 balls over a five different practice sessions, and have not found an optimum position to setup the ball. I tried teeing up lower, higher and hold the club off the ground during setup. Setting up the club centered on the alignment target on the club head, and near the toe. Weak grip, strong grip, and various neutral grips. All with the same results. What do you think is going on? If a video is requested, I will re-post this on another thread.
  17. I'm the parent of two of those first tee program kids, and we (the parents) started playing instead of sitting around waiting for them. First tee is really good for the kids, and my kids seem to enjoy it. My family often goes to play 9 hole executive or 18 hole as time permits.The greens fees are $1 for the kids at SCGA sponsored courses. A foursome (on 18 holes, super-twilight) for only $56 includes 2 carts, we usually get 16-18 holes before dark. I presume that we will continue to play as a family for years to come. Far better than theme parks (we live in So. Cal.), and less expensive too. We can purchase 2-3 year old equipment (brand new in the store) for about 1/3 the price of new model years. So, there we are happily playing golf twice a month together. We get some hard stares from people behind us, until my small 12 year old (with a 15 handicap) drives 200 yards off the tee.
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