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  1. 3 hours ago, tehuti said:

    I just use these. 


    Those work really well too!

    I just bought a bag of 100 4” Champs tees. That way I can dig in more. But in the meantime I have the wood ones.

    I played driving range too much. No time, but I like the idea of all 4 of us going to Whittier then Tito’s afterwards! :-)

  2. 5 hours ago, Shindig said:

    Well, I wasn't going to tell you tee height when I wasn't hitting it well.  But those last two drives... you know the LSW chapter about driving, and that includes a higher tee height than you used the first 16 holes. 

    Worth noting that I'm not entirely sure I know how to hit a tee shot on a windy day other than "hit it and allow that the wind will stop it at some point."  But that's not the topic for your swing thread. 

    You hit really well that day until the last three holes. Your swing really impressed “Gino Rodriguez” the professional boxing referee. Your Swing does look nearly picture perfect!

    It was a windy day to boot. Like I said earlier we didn’t play bad, just not good :-D

    Right, my tee shots were a near perfect demonstration of LSW. Tee up high and hit up to drive long, tee up low and things are “not so good”. 😊

    Like duck hooks. I loved the attempt I made to “make the same shot” and teed too low exactly the same way and I duck hooked both shots exactly the same way into the next fairway. 🤪


  3. My carry distances are well into the 250-255 range on Foresight. It’s possible my SS is only 95 or something like that but it said 104...I doubt my SF is that good either.

    1 hour ago, Konsta said:

    Foresight measures swing speed higher than trackman and flightscope. A 1.45 smash factor on the GC4 equals to about 1.51-1.52 smash factor on Trackman. Most likely your swing speed is a lot lower than you think it is. You can see my trackman stats in the photo below.



    I just need to make sure I use a taller tee, as @Shindig and I found out this last weekend 😂

    I was hitting duck hooks and spinny slices with my driver until I teed up higher. Hit the last drive 260 into a headwind, and two holes earlier over 280 which stayed on the fairway thanks to a side wind.

  4. 2 hours ago, ncates00 said:

    Dots don’t go on the ball for quad. They go on the club head. 

    Worry about ball speed. Who cares what your SS is? It is what it is and you can work to improve it. Work on increasing your ball speed to get everything out of what you have. Your SS is either 1) not as high as you think or 2) you’re striking it so bad that it doesn’t matter. Either way, focus on ball speed. 

    Dots on my Mevo.. of course...

  5. On 1/24/2020 at 4:49 AM, ncates00 said:

    Unless you had your club dotted for the gc2+hmt or gcquad, Foresight doesn't measure club head speed directly (it extrapolates from the ball data), but it does directly measure ball speed, launch angle, start line, sidespin, and backspin.  Even with a dotted up club plus gc2/htm or gcquad, Foresight reads club head speed slightly higher than Trackman; I think I read somewhere that the respective units read the head at different points in the swing or something.

    However, assuming 104 is correct, you should hit a few "gamer" balls and see what happens.  Range balls will not see as much ball speed as your gamer ball; but, we won't be talking like 10 or 15 mph extra ball speed here, unless the ball has gone completely to crap.  Therefore, what I said about ball speed still remains--you need to be in the mid 140s at the minimum at that club head speed; if not, you need to resolve your striking.  That's the beauty of launch monitors--you can write down your "ranges" for ball speed and check them each time you practice to ensure that you're striking it well.  Just be sure not to count those dread hooks and pull hooks; it is very easy to see your ball speed numbers jump up and get too excited haha.

    Yup, full setup. Tested on a Quad, same results. The problem could have been my running out of dots and not putting them on the cold range balls. SF seemed to go up a bit after using them but still not over 1.45. But I’m sure someone will say it makes no difference. No big deal though.

    I'm kind of past being worried about my SS these days. I’m just enjoying the game regardless of my either “perceived to be self imagined” swing speed or what others “theorize my swing speed to be” 😂😂😂

    Thanks for posting though.


  6. On 11/23/2019 at 6:12 PM, ncates00 said:

    I've not used a Mevo, but from what I can tell, it's pretty accurate.  If you're getting high 130's ball speed, it sounds about right.  You're not going to be carrying the ball much past 230 max without some high launch knuckle balls. 

    That said, if you're swinging around 100 mph, you should be getting at least 145 mph ball speed.  I wouldn't want to get much less than 1.45 smash factor; otherwise, that's pretty poor striking to be honest.

    Just confirmed 104 CHS the cold range balls are 5% less bouncy in summer... and much worse in winter. Went to a Foresight.

  7. Btw, you could draw that line starting at the mats where everyone hits every day except on Wednesday... then you’d be about right.

    Just now, iacas said:

    100% wrong. I looked at the FlightScope data not that long ago.

    I didn't measure you hitting an 8I. Only the driver. You gained almost 60 yards on average (seven or eight tee shots averaged 175, then five at the end averaged 234).

    You didn't hit an 8I that I measured on the FlightScope.

    I'm done. You're just lying now.

    Nope, that was R Kim, not me. He owns the Ferrari, I own a Subaru :-D


  8. Edited by Lihu
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    6 minutes ago, iacas said:



    That's 266 and it's all the way to the fence.

    @Lihu, when I helped you before a commercial, you averaged 175 yards with your driver. After your "lesson" (mostly setup stuff, one swing thought to help your path), you got to about 235.

    I think you're conning yourself here.

    Bear in mind I don't really care. I can only know what I measured on Google Earth. I can only wonder what "fairway" you're talking about when there's no "fairways" to hit across for your long-driving friend. Whatever. I don't really care.

    But… I do believe it can be helpful to people to maybe consider whether they're tricking themselves.

    Also, I've found the Mevo to be VERY accurate.

    Nope, 175 wasn’t me. Try 218 to 238 carry on your XL.

    20 yards 2 strikes only... you’re confusing me with another Asian dude 😂😂😂

    8i averages 142 carry with a few 165 shots and duffs to 120 which you averaged in...

    And my driver had an X200 steel shaft in it. You’re conning everyone else 😂😂😂

    Wrong Asian dude, did Kim really get out to 235? Nice!

  9. 29 minutes ago, iacas said:

    That range is only about 250 yards maximum distance. This is a 235-yard shot:


    I'm not sure I'd trust any signs at that range.

    Check that bin distance outside the range...keep that line going another few ticks 266 is the marker from the mats where you drew it

    But I’m usually on the right side mats...

    11 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    Don't think I've ever seen a driving range with a dogleg right...

    It’s a double range. The Elite membership lets you hit off grass every day not just Wednesday’s...

    Hitting the other way of course, with the wind the poor guys like me hit into the wind a bit... 😂

  10. 2 hours ago, iacas said:

    What's the address of the range?

    As in, the street address?

    I go to 3...but here most...

    Arcadia Par 3 driving range... 

    620 E Live Oak Ave
    Arcadia, CA  91006
    United States

    Brookside GC Pasadena Ca

    Santa Anita GC Arcadia Ca

    2 hours ago, billchao said:




  11. 55 minutes ago, billchao said:

    68°F is cold?!?

    We’re in so cal... gets down to 40F at night.


    29 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Is your range downhill or something? Because the Mevo is going to give the flat carry yardage.

    Pretty level. Maybe 10-15 feet overall downhill? It’s got lots of little hills where they plant the flags.

  12. With the Mevo sitting 12 feet behind the tee. Here are my readings.

    The highlighted shot hit the bin 266 yards away about 8 seconds after my shot... “ponnnng” 😂



    One of the other players (A low single digit player) saw my first 3 readings and was like “How can I hit farther than you?” He got on my Mevo and his best swings were 80mph with a carry up to 190. We could see his balls landing clearly past the 212 yard hill marked at 212 and ranged within a yard to the flag. I told them the Mevo is great for tracking improvement and such but not very accurate at all.

    My Canadian ex-pro long drive friend was swearing he was hitting the balls perfectly and never saw any drive above 306 yards even though his shots were landing 360 yards into one or two the fairways behind the fence over water. The way we could tell was people dispersing at their second shots.

    Yeah, going to go with my Mevo not being accurate in absolute terms... 😁

    Still like using it though. Every now and then some cocky hitter goes to my range I’ll ask him if he wants to get “Mevoed” only to look disappointed he only hits 10-20% shorter than he thought! And swears he has an over 100mph swing speed only to see 90mph 😂😂😂

    These were with my shiny new M6... Loving it!

    Very light prevailing breeze into our faces... 68F 700 feet

  13. 2 hours ago, tehuti said:

    Most of the year I’ve been playing 9 holes on Fridays after work and every Sunday 9 or 18 somewhere in North OC. 

    I could do that :-)

    16 hours ago, Chasing_Bogeys said:

    I hope you guys are all doing well. I played a TON of golf this year, but most of it has been midweek after work in Ventura county. I managed to get my handicap down to a 15.4 and continue to grind at getting better.

    I'll probably sneak a couple more rounds in before the end of the year, but I rarely plan more than a few hours ahead.

    Have a great end of the year and maybe we can catch up early next year. I'll drive down to OC to play with you guys if we can find a Saturday that works.

    Sounds pretty good to me :-)

  14. 46 minutes ago, iacas said:

    If the Mevo is too close to the driver it will tend to over-rate clubhead speed. Put it 8-9' behind, even 10' maybe.

    That’s exactly where I put it... 8’-9’.

    I’ve actually tried all distances from about 6’ to 10’ and they didn’t seem that different. Maybe 1mph...?

    Anyway, I’ve signed up for a lesson... hope it goes well.

  15. 8 hours ago, Typhoon92 said:

    Could be any number of things.  Have you tried posting a video in the member swings / instruction section of the forum?  I did at the end of last year and a couple of the guys were a great help.

    Without seeing a video it’s impossible to know.

    I’ll go with the PGA pro advice! Last couple times I posted my swing I just got criticism without the advice 😂

  16. On 11/12/2019 at 9:31 AM, Typhoon92 said:

    Sounds like u need to see a PGA pro and fix whatever is giving you the high launch and crazy spin.  I don’t think a club is going to be able to overcome what you are describing.


    After a lesson or 2 you may find the TA Atomic works just fine and you’ll have saved money and helped your game!

    What types of things could be causing this crazy high spin and launch?

    Driver with 5i spin? 😂

    To be honest the club feels pretty good.


  17. On 6/10/2019 at 7:02 AM, ChetlovesMer said:

    Okay, this should be about the least controversial polls of all time.

    I noticed the other day that I only put my golf glove on if I'm hitting the driver or metal wood (usually, but not always including my hybrids). A gentleman I was playing with never took his glove off the entire round. He even wore it while putting. 

    When do you use a golf glove... or do you use one? 

    Yeah, only off around the greens. I had one glove last 6 months. No signs of wear but it was definitely beginning to take on life forms. So, my partners would wince when I took it off. 😂

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