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  1. First off..u sound like mostly self taught and that video, man u did a great job teaching yourself. You look to be maybe athletic anyway. A face on angle would be great to see ball position which could have something to do with the chicken wing. Set up looks great, might be a bit flat going back since the butt of the shaft points outside the ball in one of the thread photos. For now, maybe stick with 3 wood off the tee. Some instructors are good with video only, some are not. Tell us where u live, maybe someone here knows someone for u.
  2. Now that it's been mentioned, I totally forgot that the same idea popped into my head last year. Leave out my 6 iron. Glad it was mentioned!
  3. Ok...scratch...good info! I happen to be +3 and my issues are also that end of the bag. Club Rat nailed it then....it's what I do as well, set up depends on the course. I carry 4 - w, 50,54,60,64. Driver, 5w and putter. That's home. Liable to take out the 64 and add a 3 or 4 wood. From 210 to 240 I'm just hoping to either be ON the green or just off it and get it up and down. For me I can get my 5 wood anywhere from 210-230 depending on what I want to do.
  4. I would dump the 3 wood and hybrid and replace with 5 wood or a 4 wood. Choke down on the 4 wood some and u got 210. If your looking for a 200 club this will work too. What are your chances of hitting anything perfect from 200...even a long putt or a chip you might be fine with. I don't know your handicap but I think u said layups on par 5 leaves an awkward distance so why bother with the 3 wood...a 4 or 5 is more versitile I think.
  5. You should...friend of mine picked them up and even though it's winter here I was fitting them alongside my Callaway wedges. Full shots they were longer, which was great because my Callys with wedge shafts were too short. Good knows what shaft is in the Bombtech, no shaft bands but I'm guessing it's just a cheap iron shaft...but it works! Spin was great, height was what I expected, felt great. I swear if I knew about these performing like this a year ago, I would not have bought the callaways. Buy them!
  6. Ping G irons would more like the M2 irons where the M2 tour would be closer to the I200 irons. Not sure where u are in the progression from sgi to gi. The Ping G irons I used as rentals on vacation and loved them. Good feel, sound and easy to hit. The look great too.
  7. You'll beat yourself up with science and empty your bank account experimenting with everything....and nothing will work...trust me..years and years building drivers for myself that were all within 5 yards of each other. I ended up goin to a real clubfitter and had him do the work for me...then I saw improvement.
  8. How about just sticking with the 3 wood? Look at Stenson. For years I only hit 3 wood...blew it past everyone. Then went to a 2 wood...in your case maybe go to a strong 3 wood. From there...going back to the early 90's now...I got a Wilson Graphite Whale driver to try. I could kill it...shaft length wasn't the issue, loft and head size were I think..the old Taylormade Tour Burner drivers in 9.5 degree were no good for me. The whale was 12 degree. My suggestion...either a strong 3 wood or a high lofted driver. I wouldn't screw with shaft length unless your like 5'-3"...
  9. Good God...the Ping I200 are fantastic. No comparison for me anyway to the M2 irons. Plus the I200 are made from ahch softer steel so they will feel and sound much better anyway. The M2 tour iron, I think was a nice club...still, the ping feels and sounds to me close to a forged iron.
  10. Excellent...go in with an open mind. Only thing I usually tell them is my preference on shaft weight. After my fittings I like to look up info on the top couple of shafts and see how they are different or similar to each other and think of my own swing.
  11. Where are u getting fit? I just get worried, especially if someone doesn't have a lot of knowledge...from my experience you need to stay away from Dick's, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy. Look at the Golf Digest top 100 fitters and go to one of them. They will look at things like transition, release, tempo...things that are not showing up on a launch monitor...that's how a clubfitter knows the type of shafts to try with u. Big box stores...you don't get that.
  12. You have "Golfers Elbow". I know the spot, have it myself. Wearing a tennis elbow strap that has the air cushion in it helps tremendously. Similiar to Tennis elbow, it's just on the inside of the elbow vs. Tennis elbow which is the big tendon on top of your forearm. Do a Google search on it.
  13. Also mgraw, I did end up hitting the new M2 before I picked up mine. He told me if I liked it better I could get it instead... He was right, launched higher with more spin...distance wise it was like my old driver.
  14. My clubfitter, who is a Taylormade fitter and one of the golf digest top 100 fitters easily could have made an extra $200 selling me one but he told me the 2016 is better and less money now. Lower spin, better launch...all around better than the new 2017 M2. He said the 2017 M1 is an improvement over last year's M1 but even that gives u forgiveness equal to the 2016 M2 and no more distance.
  15. A favorite of mine that would fit into your price range would be the Taylormade MC irons from maybe 3-4 years ago...the ones with the screw on the cavity, not the most recent ones with the sole slot. The sole slot set is not all forged.