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  1. Same shaft in your irons as the Pings?
  2. I read that the pga tour pro metronome average was 76. The one I downloaded was great, easy to use. I wasn't too far off from 76...it was cool to get the beats in you head and hit 5 footers and 12 footers on my Birdie Ball green. The metronome smoothens out your stroke too.
  3. With burpees we go " chest to floor"... You're right, not the same as squat thrusts for sure. We have one girl, who blows everyone away with doing more rounds than anyone. Tiny young girl in excellent shape. She was the only one to do 20. Next was a few of us at 16. Most were in the 11-12 range. Burpees are a great all around exercise anyway...this made it a killer.
  4. Big c, I made it to 16. I didn't attempt 17.
  5. Don't know about the fw edition of that shaft but I hit one in an Adams xtd driver and I know it's billed as smooth swinger mid/mid but it played stiff to flex. I did like it...much better than the white tie I had. The white tie was billed as high launch and was lower than the red. The red felt better, more responsive. You should like it, don't be afraid to hit it hard.
  6. Try this...you'll laugh at first but let's see how far you get. I did it today at the end of my workout. 20 minute cap. ...so for instance minute 1 you do 1 burpee then rest the remainder of the minute. Minute 2, 2 burpees and rest the remainder of the minute..so... Minute 1 you do one burpee Minute 2 you do 2 burpees. Minute 3 you do 3 burpees etc... If you make it to the end, the last one is minute 20 you so 20 burpees
  7. Yes, nice work on the 77. I'd start with a heavier shaft, same flex and see how that works. Seems weight is what makes inconsistency whereas flex will have u with a certain ballfight all the time like. Hook, low fade... Need to find the center of the clubface first
  8. Looking at the I200 cavity made me dislike the blue stripe on my ie1 irons. Started last weekend working on getting rid of it. Bad news is it's NOT painfill.
  9. Always thought for some reason 3 trak was flightscope. Guess I was wrong on that one!
  10. Cool...great shaft and great head. Best of luck Joey
  11. Excellent!
  12. Another good place to look is Play it Again Sports. I just saw an Adams 9064 LS with a RIP shaft for $30 the other day.
  13. The About Golf simulators use Flightscope 3 trak. You can put a sticker on the head to get smash factor, AOA, face angle etc...too. Also something I've noticed at Golfsmith in the About Golf simulator....they need to use the balls with the black or green " dashes" all over it so the spin gets read correctly. If your at Golfsmith on one of these and u are hitting normal golf balls your numbers will be off as well. Back to the GC2 question. I don't know of any tweaking to get crazy numbers. The unit I believe does get calibrated but is good to go out of the box. We also have the HMT unit with ours to measure AOA, smash factor, face angle, where on the face the hit was etc... Without the hmt, smash factor is calculated at I think 1.45. Those are the 3 screens in order to change a golfers distance on that SIM. Have fun, when no one is looking boost the crap out of "player" and then leave!
  14. Great choice, can't go wrong with the Ping G series irons.
  15. Time for an upgrade. You can get a 2 year old driver used for $100. Taylormade r11 you can get for a song. Look for a Ping G25...it'll run you $120-$150 Plastic extensions are ok, I've never had an issue, but 3" ...like one I'd the posters said, wouldn't be a good idea.