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  1. How much weight difference is there. I know if I put on a pair of old school metal spiked foot joys and then slipped on a pair of Knit Adidas I’d tell right away. Todays shoes it seems like it’s a couple ounces here and there is all and I don’t really notice. So when you play do you get physically tired because your shoes weigh so much? I don’t have much brand loyalty on shoes either. I’ll also pay attention to what they look like. Eccos I can’t do, they look like orthopedic shoes, sketchers and new balance just aren’t golf for me. I usually look to find a pair of adidas, Nike,puma or Tiger. And I’m looking at closeouts
  2. I’m sitting here watching “Morning Drive” at the PGA merch show. They are talking with the Adidas guy and the sketchers guy. Am I missing something here with golf shoe tech? I don’t get it, maybe it’s me. I just want comfort and waterproof with replaceable spikes. Weight? It’s not like there is a big difference from one to the other. I’m walking and hitting a golf ball. I don’t need sketchers putting Hot Melt in the toe blah blah blah. Watching this reminds me of the old western movies with snake oil salesmen. My foot joys I had for 4 years started to leak last year so I bought a pair of Nikes at Marshall’s. I walk the same, shoot the same scores... should I expect some kind of magic with a $250 pair?
  3. Yes, Ken Collins at Kustom Clubs. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about his work. I met Frank years ago and I ended up sending our customers to Frank for fittings etc... Kept our people happy! Frank is good people, good family guy. I’m always satisfied with his work!
  4. I’m not a fan of the big box fitter which I consider CC to be... they are a chain. I prefer the independent guys near me. Got a guy up in New Hampshire, name escapes me right now and the guy I go to, Frank Viola at Ace of Clubs in Massachusetts. Much better experiences.
  5. I don’t see any downside to soft spikes because there are so many variations. I’m surprised the players on tour haven’t done something about players that use them.. you want to putt over their spikes marks when metal are not necessary. The LD guys don’t wear metal so any PGA tour player that says he needs them for grip ... should “get a grip”
  6. My gym is small, it’s a CrossFit gym. They are just leaning against the cubbies where we work out so it’s not like anybody would steal them. It’s just a good place to do it because I’m loose and it’s warm.
  7. Maybe swing them in the garage if you have one? I either swing them in the gym or in the garage so the cold doesn’t interfere
  8. No updates here in a while. How is everyone doing with this? i started it back up at Thanksgiving. I have stuck to the intro protocol until this week. With the sticks I only picked up 2-3 mph. I was disappointed. I noticed though that along with my Superspeed beginning numbers I also put down my actual numbers in our simulator. I hit in the sim again and my clubhead speed was up 4-5 mph, ball speed was up 5-6 mph which translates to a sizeable distance gain. Very pleased!
  9. My vote goes to the shank. Even the word alone is demoralizing. I remember hitting one a few years ago and it’s just so surprising....but it’s the worst shot in golf. The 3.5 foot birdie putt has me thinking but unless you missed the putt 4 feet right if the hole, chances are it was close to being good. A shank has nothing in it that resembles anything near good.
  10. Good point! I also end up using needle nose pliers on mine.
  11. You can’t fix “stupid.”
  12. ...and yet the national USGA handicap has only dropped 2 strokes in the last 25 years. Oh yeah, another “ game changer.”
  13. Old Ping Hoofer from 2013. Ping bags are the only ones I’d ever buy.
  14. I think the adjustments work as long as you sole the driver at address and then take your grip without moving the club. I was hitting my pro’s 10.5 degree Ping G410 Driver at the state’s 10.5 degree loft. I then hit it at 9 degrees by adjusting the hosel adapter. Going down in loft 1.5 degrees reduced my launch angle from 16 degrees down to 12.4. Spin came down only 100 rpm. Max height came down by 30 feet. Ball speed was 2 mph faster at the lower loft but that was due to lower loft giving a higher smash factor. Total distance was the same exactly, the lower loft landed 4 yards shorter but more roll than the 10.5.... hence the same total distance. This was done inside on our AG golf simulator ...again, sole the club, then take your grip.
  15. What you have there is fine. Gonna need a set of irons though. Make sure if you are starting out you look at Game improvement or Super game improvement type. Might want to look into buying a used set as well to save money.
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