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  1. True, that is a stupid statement. The only way to use the xe1 wedge is if your sand technique is poorly designed. I tried it today chipping around the green. Long grass, great. Fringe, if you use a proper chipping set up, forget it. If you set up square, don't break your wrists, use a pendulum motion, the ball pops up in the air as advertised. Same thing in sand. If I used my normal bunker stance I was awful. If I stood there square and took a normal swing it slid under the ball and it popped out. For me it would bounce off a tight lie and sand. If I set up " wrong" it worked perfectly.
  2. Some kind of red wine that's been sitting in the fridge half gone for a week. Hate to pour it down the drain. Probably cost me $10 for the bottle. Best thing about being out of work other than golfing and crossfit everyday is being able to enjoy a drink every night.
  3. After 6 weeks of putting that was " just not right", I looked through some old notes and found my ball position had moved back too much causing pulls, pushes and flips, mostly flips. i wasnt 3 putting, just not making any putts I expect to make. I Played 9 holes and birdied 5 of the first 6. Hitting putts of 6,8,10,15 and 8 feet. Parred in from there. Lately if it's not a tap in birdie then I'm screwed. Really felt good to finish a good hole the right way.
  4. That xe-1 wedge that Aaron Oblehoser (or whatever his last name is ) was hawking in the Golf Channel a couple years ago is magic. A couple of our high handicap,members have them and swear by them out of the sand and heavy rough. Works as advertised, don't open it up, just swing, the heavy head and wide sole design do the rest.
  5. Big fan of the Ping G400 sft line for fairway woods. One of our guys who has his struggles off the tee uses one in the 3 wood variation and hits it great. Very easy club to hit and right now it's last years model do there are used ones to be had.
  6. What bums me out is I used to be a good bunker player. Probably still am but our bunkers used to be fine. The thing is they fixed 2 of them by making them less than half the size they were and making them more of a pot bunker to save the sand from being washed out. This could be done in half our bunkers. Just the other day we were walking up #8 and I was pointing out to my friend Frank where the bottom edge of the bunker used to be. It is now 8-10 feet past that due to wash out.
  7. I would dump the 46. Bend the 43 to 44 and bend the 50 to 49.
  8. Where I play we have bunkers that are " ground under repair". They have been poorly maintained to the point that they are u playable. The sand is so washed out of them that they are twice as big as they once were. There are weeds and crabgrass in them. Very little sand ( yet when they plug and dress the greens they use a stupid amount of sand). He other day I saw something sticking up out of one and it was a piece of a ceramic or China dinner plate. One of our guys laughed and said that bunker might be an ancient Mayan burial ground.
  9. Another watch out when adjusting loft is you are affecting the bounce or the way the club reacts to the ground. Too much of an adjustment and you could find yourself digging or the opposite. A lie adjustment is always a good thing. Just be sure to be actually hitting balls when they make the adjustment, not doing a static lie fitting off your height and arm length.
  10. I somehow injured the left side mid to lower back, sort of above my kidney. God knows how I did it but it's been there since May. It might be from my stupidly uncomfortable car since my wife has issues as well. I think I strained it by standing in an awkward position and moving a drill press from 1935. It seems to feel better after I work out. Hurts mostly sitting or sleeping. We just got one of those electric shiatsu massagers and when I use that I am ready to scream. Been using it every nite and it helps me while I sleep. I think I should get on the heating pad every night since I will never be able to quit golf or crossfit long enough for it to heal.
  11. My wife and I went to see my son play with The Dee Snider Band at Rockfest in Barcelona in July. We can be seen up on the left side of the stage. My son Nick is the long haired guitarist also stage left. Quite an overwhelming experience to be up here with them watching almost 50,000 people.
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