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  1. You might not pocket any extra cash... I haven’t been to a store in a while to see what’s up with prices but I know in the spring the price of the G400 line was down except for the G400max which was still at $399. Now I hear they lowered the price on the g410. So the max and the 410 might be the same price now. IMHO, although the acoustics are better on the g410, the Max is just a superior clubhead. I own 2 of them and had a demo 410 for a while.
  2. I see them a lot at our club. I also turn a lot of them in to “lost and found” because they leave it stuck to one of the roof supports on the golf cart. People who have them love them. I’d go to a golf store and see if it sticks to your push cart. I would think they’d have a clip for you golf bag but I imagine if your interested in one you’d be looking at one live or on asking Bushnell. If you have to have music when u play then having gps talk to you is good I guess. Personally I don’t need music when I play and my gps watch or rangefinder does the trick.
  3. I stick to what works for me. Some of the newer brands just try to come up with some gimmick to appeal to a younger crowd. An ad with 3 guys smoking cigars with their hats turned around backwards does nothing for me. I stick to my Foot Joy sta- sof gloves, and footwear from the major footwear companies I’ve always bought from... Adidas, Nike, Puma and time a lesser degree Foot joy. They serve me well, I have no reason to spend good money where I don’t have to.
  4. We’ve been open and busier than ever. Used to average 200 people per day on a weekday and more on weekends. Now we hit 400 during the week ( because nobody works ) and 300 on weekends. Carts are out of control. People share, we don’t have enough for individual plus lie to get their own carts. They claim Covid fears but come in the same car and don’t wear a mask in the proshop. We do $3000 plus in carts/day. Nobody walks, and it’s a shortish flat course.
  5. Better accuracy, more consistent strike is what you’ll get now. Clubs with a shorter shaft ( accuracy ) are now coving distances 10-20 yards further. Instead iPod missing the green with a 4 iron, you hit it with a 6 iron.... all good. I went on vacation and played better with a rental set of new game improvement irons than I do with my own clubs.
  6. A year or so ago I shot 28 on my par 35 course. Some luck involved for sure. I holed my second shot on the first hole for eagle and then just hit it crazy close after that. My longest putt was maybe 15’ on the 7th hole for birdie. I remember telling myself a birdie would go along way when I was over the putt. That put me 6 under. 9 th hole after a good tee shot I hit my second to a foot and tapped in for -7.
  7. Just checked it out! They must have just changed the app back to letting anyone use it recently. They got a lot of bad reviews when they went from public to Ping accounts only. I downloaded it and just switch it to a public account. Glad it was mentioned here, I would have never had a reason to check it out anymore!
  8. I wish the Ping app was still available for us common folk. I had it a few years ago and I thought it was tremendous. Good to see that the fitting showed what the Ping app did....just bummed the app is done
  9. Also, it wasn’t a huge distance difference... 5 yards max. The balata would land, take a hop forward and then spin back. The pro v would just drop and stop. Decent angle. i remember when I hit the balata and said to myself, “there it is”.... that was the launch and height window I’d been looking for.
  10. I went out a few years ago When I was playing my Ping Eye2 irons and took a few balata Titleists. I wanted to see if ball and club tech went hand in hand to see the improvements. i had been using the eye2 irons but with prov1 balls. I wondered why I hit them shorter than I did with balata. I hit them side by side and off the eye2 irons balata was longer, spun more and had a lower launch angle and ball flight. Also angle of decent was good. The pro v1 spun less, launched too high, had an overall higher flight and a steep decent angle. It all added up to lost distance. Now the prov1 with a modern iron like my Ping ie-1 irons was much better than a balata with these irons. Gotta keep your ball and club tech together.
  11. Your question was pretty clear to me. You were only interested in the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 and the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4. Like I mentioned, I wouldn’t pay extra for the MCC. Love the Plus 4 feel, was soooo happy to see it come out in Tour Velvet at a lower price.
  12. I grew up using Tour Velvet, love the feel. The price was right and I could never understand what a $10 New Decade grip was gonna do for me vs. the far less expensive Tour Velvet. When the MCC plus 4 came out I was interested but would no way pay that kind of money. I picked up a set of Nike Vapor Pro combo irons and to my surprise they came with brand new MCC plus 4’s I loved them. I feel I have better control with my right hand now. What will I do when it’s regripping time? I’ll do the tour velvet plus 4. I like the plus 4 idea. The MCC feel does nothing for me but empty my wallet.
  13. Next time I get some time I am going to compare the 45” shafts at 9 degrees instead of 10.5 just for distance and accuracy. After that experiment I’m going to take a 45 up to 46.5.
  14. Thanks guys! We’ve watched the DVD with him already and it’s amazing seeing the crowd size among other things. Fun to get the commentary during the watch party! My wife and I are actually in some of the other videos from shows we went to. The band is incredible, the drummer... all of them and Dee sounds incredible.
  15. 45” is a nice length. It doesn’t feel too long, chances are you won’t be adding weight to the head, and you should get a great combo of distance and accuracy. I get that now with what I hit. I’m comfortable going longer without losing much in accuracy. The only issue I have is getting to the point of diminishing returns.... I’m starting to scale back my 48” driver because it goes as far as my 45” but it’s all carry. I hit it and it’s in the air forever. Looks impressive but end result is the same as the shorter one. I’m 5’5” and I know a few other guys whose optimal length is 46.5”. Anything past that they end up losing distance.
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