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  1. Killing some time today and wanted to try these 2 irons. Since everything seems to be more of the same, I really wanted to see what was up with hollow body and foam filled offerings. Both were 7 irons with the DG105 shafts. I currently play the Ping i-e1 with a Modus 105 so I figured it'd be great hitting the same weight shaft as my own irons. Yeah...no. Taylormade was ok. Looked good at address, top line and head size reminded me of the TM CB irons. Ball flight was just what I expected for a 7 iron...not high, not low. Sound...clicks a bit. I hate now they say forged on them...because that is not a forged feel when it's not one solid piece. Didn't care for the shaft...I don't know why. Ping was worse. Blade was long looking at address with a bit more offset than the TM but not bad at all. Ball flight was so high that I didn't see the first 2 I hit. Not in the "window " I was looking in. Stupid high. Also a lot of high and rights...really hated the whole package. Again...really disliked the shaft. Just for the heck of it I went in and grabbed a TM 770 7 iron with. KBS 120. Like night and day with what I was just hitting. Lovely feel, everything either straight or a tiny draw like I wanted. Effortless...now you would think the SGI irons would be no brainers but it was the opposite. I'm thinking maybe head weight is different with the SGI heads because my own Pings with a 105 gram shaft feel fine...then again...it's a Modus3. I Was hoping the Ping and TM would shine but not for me.
  2. Is the 5 wood dead?

    Hybrids I hit were mostly old ones. My fitter told me it's the lie angle being too upright. Fairway woods just suit me better.
  3. Is the 5 wood dead?

    Couple things...I'm not Rory or Tiger so I don't see a 2 iron going in my bag. I'm not good with hybrids...hook machines. I've always been good with fairway woods so I used to carry driver, 5 wood ( 18 degree) then 4 iron etc... i recently went to an m1 4 wood so I can loft it up to 18.5 if I want or play it at 16.5 standard. So toward the end of last season I used driver, 4+ wood and then 4 iron etc.. Depends on the pro I think. Believe it or not, some pros have more confidence hitting one type of club over the other just like us.
  4. Would You Change the Golf Channel?

    Holly's seen better days. Looks like she been " ridden hard and put back wet". I'm not a Martin Hall fan really with his "right is rubbish" and other crap anecdotes, but Blair is where it's at. Most of the time I mute it and just watch. Tiger is the needle right now so naturally they will take advantage of it. Personally, I like the coverage because he is what's going to jump start the sport and it's exciting to see. I'm lucky enough to see both Tiger and Jack in my lifetime. Big Break was good in the beginning, but like other reality tv shows like " The Voice"...the longer it's on, the more commercialized it gets and goes downhill. Shows like " Shells Wonderful World of Golf" are fun to watch and would be great to rejuvenate even for 9 hole matches with current golfers...even seniors. Another idea for shows would be DIY shows ....I know I mentioned club making shows but how about adding ones about setting up backyard driving range/cage. Short game area, Making your own artificial putting green. How about a season of turning your backyard into a practice area with what I mentioned and adding in landscaping to tie it all in together with brooks, bridges etc... Just some innovative ideas instead of re-runs.
  5. Yeah, thought I was gonna die. I felt guilty a couple times doing 4 swings instead of 5 but I just couldn't get "up" for doing it. It was taking a half hour too. I looked ahead to the next protocols to see if they upped the swings because I was going to go out and buy myself a cemetary spot. Thank God it going to be more...figured I'd get used to it. Like I said before...now it seems like nothing! Great program though. It's good to find something that is proven and works.
  6. Putting Issues

    Distance control sounds like an issue since u mentioned playing on a lot of different greens. Not sure how to help on that. I saw big improvements in my putting when I did 2 things... 1. Set up: Set the putter on the line with my right hand ( I'm right handed), get myself aligned then put the top hand on and go. 2. Fit my putter for shaft length and lie angle. This was huge...my putter is now 32".
  7. No, I watched the videos...I took it as they were " showing you" how to do the protocol. I thought they were going through " one set"....not the whole thing. Like I said, I'm used to the gym mentality where " one set" was 3 clubs standing...not each color was a " set". It really didn't hurt me...I picked up a lot during the intro. It wasn't a ton of swings doing it 3 times. Where it got stupid was level one with me doing 275 swings. Glad I saw the chart on Facebook.
  8. Would You Change the Golf Channel?

    I could NEVER get through an episode of the Golf Fix without falling asleep numerous times. My wife would come in and say, " how can u fall asleep with this guy yelling in your face?". I'd say to myself..." Because I've been married for 28 years...." Shows like that though we're always a topic when our group went out to play during the week. Something I looked forward to.
  9. It'll be fine Marty. I've seen a lot of ones like that where people hit the top of the ball with bottom of the heel like you did. Only issue would be if there was a crack but I don't see one.
  10. Would You Change the Golf Channel?

    My wife complains that every time she turns any tv in the house on The Golf Channel is on. So yes, I watch it a lot...or would like to if the programming were better. What would I change? Have Morning Drive be available " on demand" or have an abbreviated version on at night so those of us that have to work in the morning can watch it at night. Yes I know I could DVR it but it'd be a better choice at night than watching "The Greatest Game Ever Played" back to back to back for the 8 millionth time. Loved the Golf Fix...how about more instruction shows like that. Maybe shows about building clubs, Following people through Q school, Club factory tours, Clubtests, shows about golf in other parts of the country... Anything except having to watch repeats of golf movies..."The Squeeze"...seriously. Playing Lessons from the Pros and Feherty are entertaining as well...good stuff.
  11. Winter Depression Thread

    Yes, it sucks to be us. At least the snow totals are going down some on the north shore. Supposed to start at 8 am Wednesday but now they are saying 4 pm. Cold as f*** too. Spring ...my ass.
  12. Well I just found out something. A "set" lifting weights and a " set" according to superspeed golf are 2 different things. Super speed intro is standing swings. 3 sets, 3 clubs doing 3 dominant and 3 non dominant side swings with each club. To me...and what I did each session was think that 1 set was 6 swings with green club, 6 blue and 6 red done standing 3 times through ( 3 sets right?)... Wrong... Found out after I finished the intro protocol was that one set was 6 swings with the green, set 2 was 6 swings with the blue and the third set was 6 swings with the red. Then move on to the same thing doing " step change". What this means is every time I did a session, I did 3 times the amount of swings. Sort wondered why level one after intro was so brutal. I did it for a week and was doing 275 swings each session. I was very tired and it took upwards on 30 minutes. As far as progress, I did hit some drivers on my SIM over the past few weeks. I've gained around 20 yards, all the numbers are up. Pretty good for 6 weeks. Now it seems like I'm cheating I'm done so fast.
  13. You can go hard but be smart. Don't know how old you are Elmer but I'm 56 and do Crossfit as many days a week as possible or as I feel. I developed some shoulder pain so I modified the exercise or did something else. My goal is to workout without injuring myself. I still keep up with everyone in the class but I have to modify a few exercises or so less weight. For about 6 months I only used a 45 lb bar for bench because of my shoulder. Overhead squats kill my back so I do them with only a pipe for range of motion...who cares if I'm not doing the prescribed weight on the board for the class...I'm not in competition. I have a problem with my left thumb joint so push-ups I do on Dumbbells and I modify doing wall balls. Sometimes I'm not up for the running outside so I row for the same amount of time someone runs for. Go hard but be smart.
  14. Kelly Tilghman Leaving Golf Channel

    I know it's only 8:47 am but doubt I will hear anything more funny all day!
  15. FS: Project X Satin 6.0 .370 3-P


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