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  1. I don’t think I can change the title of the thread but I’d anyone wants to buy the TM adapters from the shafts I used in my M2, make me an offer.
  2. When I was a kid I couldn’t hit driver to save my life. Grew up hitting 3 wood and I think it made me a longer hitter because I always felt I had to keep up with everyone else’s driver. To me, 3 wood was my driver and 4 wood was my fairway wood. I could kill that 3 wood and never missed not being able to hit a driver. The “bunt” drive someone mentioned earlier does work. I call it my “stinger driver”. I don’t carry a 3 wood now so off the tee I can hit a stinger 270 on a rope.
  3. Well there’s an image I won’t get out of my head for a while...especially looking at Don Knotts while reading it! LOL!
  4. My vote was the flighted one hop and stop. Driver is a full swing, long or mid iron is a full swing... something I do every shot. The flighted shot is something nobody practices. Go to the range, it’s people beating ball after ball, nobody is there creating shots. It takes skill, finesse and touch. Feels great to pull it off and it messes with the heads of people playing with you.
  5. First off, make sure you try a putter at the proper length. Cutting a 35”to 31” will not be good...weight will be FUBAR. Second, what style putter do you like? I prefer the Anser style and stick with that. I had a mallet before and it was fine but I prefer the simple look of the Anser style because I can look at Ping, Scotty, Odyessey and find the same look. That’s something you don’t get with a mallet. I second going to Golf Galaxy and looking through the used bin. I would have killed for that $80 Cameron Newport mentioned earlier in the thread. My current putter which feels so good I can’t see myself giving up is a Ping Anser Redwood that I picked up used at Golf Galaxy for $60 like new.
  6. This reminds me, next week is my yearly skin Doctor appointment. Once a year I go and see if he needs to burn anything off me. I don’t use sunscreen, I have him instead.
  7. My season is over for playing outside. This year I played better than ever and learned a lot about my swing and what keeps it on track. One big thing was I’d be playing well but I could see things starting to unravel. What you need to do when this happens is go back to your set up, make contact your priority over speed. Focus on the line you want to start the ball on and take one more club, especially on the long irons,and swing smoother.
  8. It’s here today. Wasn’t thinking the season would be over but it is. 8” overnight, couple more today and another 6 coming tonite. Crap. Listening to the forecast and my wife says, “ what kind of math is that?” They said total of 6-10 inches when all is said and done. We had 8 at 11 pm last night and a couple more this morning. Today another 3 and tonite into tomorrow another 6”....
  9. Last fall while we were playing there was an Asian man with his family out between holes 2 and 3 not playing golf. There are a couple apple trees there. We were lucky enough to be watching them and see the father fall out of the tree.
  10. I prefer wood but I use plastic if I happen to grab one out of the bag. Can’t say I’ve ever bought a tee, just use what I find. Guy in our group uses the 4 more yards tees and sometimes there is an all out search on the tee looking for it.
  11. it’s all coming to an end soon... and I’m playing so well too.
  12. My golf guys, yesterday... We have 2 groups, the riders to first, they are in their 80’s and then we walk and follow. I kill a drive on #3. It’s driveable in the summer for me but not now in New England, ball loses 30 yards off the tee with the weather. Get near the green, don’t see it, look everywhere it could have kicked, but it was smoked and right at the green. One of our guys looks and it’s in the hole. Our guys go nuts, me not really because I’m still stunned. Our other group is on the 4th tee and I yell to them that we’re gonna be drinking! they are laughing and start walking down. Angelo puts his arm around me and says,” I put it in the hole.... but it was only a couple feet from going in”. We all started laughing and calling him a ball buster... they are the reason I enjoy playing.
  13. I have said that for years. It’s only for people on golf wrx ...lol ... because they can tell the difference!! I play both, no difference. Had them both on the GC2 as well, no difference. Nice to see the TXG guys get exactly what I got.
  14. Laughing a bit harder now that I read the entire article. I’ve read about it before but the above link in great. $288/yr to tell me when I’m straining doing an exercise, that my heart rate is elevated and when to rest/recover? So there is really a group of people out there that can’t figure that out on their own.
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