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  1. https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/1996/classics/newport/ I know this shows the Newport but, same thing. So it is Carbon Steel and has that oil can finish like my Tei has. I thought it might have because both my putters have/had that finish stripped off more or less and looked like Yours does now. So I had then put the original oil can finish on mine. It's nice but I have to keep a rag soaked in baby oil in a Ziploc bag with it so I can wipe it down after each round. If it's wet out, don't UAE the head over, it'll rust...no fertilizer...sort of a pain in the ass finish...but it looks nice. The longneck, if I do it, will have a black matte finish...something with less upkeep.
  2. I have a couple old Scotty Tei3 Newport and Newport longneck. I sent my Newport to BOS refinishing and they put the original finish on it for around $100. I can't believe how it came out...even my Golf hatin' wife was impressed. Looked like new and it was beat up worse than what I got there. Yours just looks like stainless steel. Look on the BOS website, many finishes to choose from. Turnaround time was about 2 weeks. It'll cost extra if they have to pull the head so if u have the means to only send the head, that is the preferred way. Definitely do it, best money spent. I still have my Tei longneck to send unless I just sell it the way it is.
  3. Typhoon92

    Yesterday was Drive-In Movie Day

    Exactly... http://www.milforddrivein.com
  4. Typhoon92

    Yesterday was Drive-In Movie Day

    Actually went last night! Milford Drive in...Milford New Hampshire. Cool thing is aside from using your car radio for the sound, absolutely NOTHING has been updated. Same playground with kids in their pj's running around on the sand with dirty feet. Skanky bathroom and the good old snack bar with the screen door that slams shut. Love it!
  5. Typhoon92

    Driver head screw

    I'd go to golf galaxy or something and have them retighten it to see if it's the screw or not. My guess is the wrench. Tittie wrenches are garbage
  6. Typhoon92

    Kid Clubs

    I'm 5'6" on a good day...I think there is a set of US Kids Clubs that actually fit ME.
  7. Not rare, just old. But a good set. U can never go wrong with Ping. I had a set of Ping Karsten 1 irons from the mid 1970's that I sold for $100 this year. Again, only seemed rare to me because they were old.
  8. Typhoon92

    Emergency Fitting

    Sorry to hear you couldn't get in to see my buddy Frank at Ace of Clubs. He is amazing and does all the brands you mentioned. I know he is crazy busy year round but that happens when you're the best. Didnt know there was a Cool Clubs in Natick. Best of luck!
  9. Jacob, those are excellent irons! NICE choice!!
  10. Typhoon92

    Emergency Fitting

    I can personally vouch for Frank at Ace of Clubs for being the best I've ever dealt with.
  11. Don't know anything about them other than they are much older than the R7 irons. See if u can hold off for a while and find something newer that'll be more forgiving like the R7
  12. Typhoon92

    Time On The Driving Range

    Right, you've added MORE pressure on yourself by striping it on the range. You get on the 1st tee and this goes through your mind, " u hit everything good on the range so this one should be good too...what did I do on the range that I have to do now..". And then it's in your head. You hit one bad and it's a panic to try to think about what you did on the range. Your expectations are too high. I remember even at a scramble if invaded hit a couple balls i start overthinking on the first hole...wondering why lunges shot went left. If I just stick to my putting routine then play, it's a better mindset. Nothing cluttering up my head. Practice days are fun...hit you 5-6 buckets and enjoy. But play days are different Good luck!
  13. Typhoon92

    Time On The Driving Range

    How about NOT hitting balls before u go out to play? Just hit some putts and maybe a few chips from the fringe... If I hit balls before I go out, I end up sucking...something gets in my head, I think it's trying to be perfect. It's never been my routine. I remember years ago at my first US Open qualifier I got there early and hit balls...developed a snap hook I could not get rid of. Played awful. Never did it again, learned my lesson.
  14. Oh yeah...and upgrade those woods as well. That's a monster dent on the bottom of that driver. Newer will be more forgiving.

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