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  1. I was hoping to try the Ping Tyne slight arc up against the Taylormade Spider Tour. I would prefer the Ping but all I can find in the stores is straight stroke and want to compare the 2 of them as well.
  2. Good call on getting last year's model wedge. Glides are nice, I didn't get along with mine but that's just me. Plenty of good press on them. Personally I like the Callaway wedges. Classic shape designed by Roger Cleveland and plenty of spin. U could probably find the cally tour grind wedges cheap. I'm contemplating a 54 myself. My gap wedge is 50 and then I have the Callaway pm grind wedges at 56, 60 and 64. I might end up bending to 54, 58 and 64.
  3. Club Rat, this demo they do every year at the same place. It a a huge 3 day event. All the companies have at least 5 people working. A few I counted 10. They know there is green there too since its there every year I could see if there was only one or two people, your right
  4. Just went to another demo day where there is a large putting green yet No DEMO PUTTERS!! Seriously, wtf? You can hit every friggin club these manufacturers have on the range but why do they not bring putters? Is it me or am I wrong that Taylormade is making huge news with the Spider tour putter with Sergio winning with it, Having DJ and Rahm going head to head in the final round a few weeks ago, each using the Spider Tour. Odyessey touting it " hinge" insert and Ping coming out with the Sigma G line that they are screaming about. In fact, the Ping rep gave me a new Sigma G hat...yet the putters were nowhere to be found. This makes ZERO sense to me that these companies don't demo putters.
  5. Cool, that was one was the second choice from the fitting. In fact, when I've been away and had Ping rentals I've used the cfs and the AWT 2.0. Never had a complaint, played well with them.
  6. Spot on...looks, playability and feel. Great clubs. What shaft did u get? I didn't remember seeing. I have the modus 105 and love it
  7. I agree, each round should be separate. What would have happened if the infraction was on Sunday? Given the swiftness of the governing bodies, it would have have been 5 pm on Monday nite when the tournament was over that they came to a decision?.
  8. Watching the video it looked like she moved the ball to the side of where it previously was when she put it back down. I doubt she gained an advantage. Why is golf the only sport where you can call in for the officials to review things? Anyone else find this odd? In other professional sports, the minute there is notice of an infraction possibly resulting in a penalty, all play is stopped so a decision is made. Why don't they do that in golf? Anyone who sits at home calling in what they think are rules violations should go out and get a date.
  9. What I was saying Erik is last yyear they waited until, I forget who it was hit her final approach. Poor timing, should have made the group wait for the ruling. And this year...the infraction happened a day ago. That was what I meant. True, they were legit infractions, ( I still disagree with people calling in penalties....how about they do that in the NBA, NHL and NFL...let the home audience call in penalties) but with Lexington too, adding on a 2 stroke penalty for a signing a wrong scorecard for a rule u weren't informed u broke until the next day??? Seriously? So it wasn't so much the call, except the extra 2 shots...it was the gap and timing of the calls in both instances
  10. I'm done with the LPGA . Boneheads screwed up a major last year and even WORSE this year...the infraction was from the day before...I'm done.
  11. Nice to pick up distance! Titleist does cater more to traditional and yes, distance is nice when u can control it. The Epic I hit...it was fine but I was already fit so the Epic fitting was getting me nothing...which is fine...just good to know the fitting was correct. I think some of these forum " testers" got some sort of fitting and can now blow it past their older driver that might not have been fit for them. I had the demo day fitting for my G30 and it was good...until 2 years later when I got a real fitting. If my fitter did Ping I might have just changed out the shaft but I went the whole route.
  12. I bet we see a lot of Epic and Epic sz in the used bins...like Lastings said, sales fueled by people with too much money. And when they figure out not to believe the forum ass kissers who won't utter a bad word in fear of not being a tester anymore, maybe they'll realize it's no better than a Cobra or Taylormade from last year. I know they prey on forgiveness...toe and heel shots go just as far as center hits. But is that what u want? I know if I toe one I'm yelling for it to get down...stay short of the trees. That being said, my TM M2 and M1 for $299 and a Ping G30 swap are every bit as good as an epic.
  13. I hate the Northeast. Played one of the 2 decent days this month. Now it seems the snow will be here forever. End of February I was thinking of getting some early fertilizer down. That would have been a waste. Getting good with the GC2 anyway!
  14. The reason the 5 wood works for me at my course is I can choke down on it, play it up in my stance...allows me 215-230. My 4 iron tops out at 210. Our one par 5 i can reach in 2 with it too.
  15. I carry 5 wood since my lowest lofted iron is a 4 iron and I can't hit a hybrid. I can add in a 3 wood depending on the course. Been thinking of only a 4 wood lately