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  1. Typhoon92

    Why am i lipping out so many putts?

    A lot of good things here to look at guys. I definitely appreciate the suggestions as I've been at wits end all year over this. Aim is generally good. I changed the way I set up a few years ago and ironically a year or so later the guys on your set up that way...very funny to me. It does work but I think I'll put a little more focus info it tomorrow when I play and see if it makes a difference. Getting " on a roll" for a few weeks of making putts would take care of the mental side and I'm betting that'd so the trick but this year...ugh. When I was writing about making putts inside 10 feet I knew someone would bring up the PGA tour average. I knew what it was but I'm in zero land whereas before I was right on par with their numbers.
  2. Typhoon92

    Why am i lipping out so many putts?

    Yeah, that's the thing...I can miss on either side but the only thing is its not 17" past the cup on either side. I hit one yesterday from 8 feet, perfect line, a little left to right break, about 18 inches from the hole it takes an unexpected left turn and misses lowside about 5" past the cup. After we putt out, I drop a ball same spot, same aim and it goes in...no left turn.
  3. Typhoon92

    Why am i lipping out so many putts?

    Putter is fine Patch, I have gone back and forth between my Scotty and Ping with the same result. Speed could be the issue because my putts finish past the hole ( unless they horseshoe!) but under a foot. Maybe I'll focus on that.
  4. All year the amount of lipped out putts for me is mindboggling. Normally inside 10 feet I make a lot of putts. This year...no. Set up is fine read seems fine, no pushes or pulls. Example..played in 2 tournaments and the guys said they have never seen anyone lip out so many putts. I played 9 today and lipped out 5 putts in the 7-10 foot range...2 were horseshoes. I had a 6th putt go in the cup, hit the metal cup liner and pop back out again. Anyone have anything? Putts start out on the intended line then all of the sudden take a sharp left or suddenly straighten out after being dead center. Public course so we're not talking great greens but jeez...
  5. Typhoon92

    New Ping i500 Irons, Lost Distance

    We're u able to compare your Mizunos and the I500 irons side by side using the same type of ball?
  6. Typhoon92

    Common sense and etiquette trashed?

    It's the " Top Golf mentality."
  7. Typhoon92

    Do You Hit Full Shots With High Lofted Wedges?

    I hit full shots with all my wedges including the 60 and 64. I know they are always within a foot of their ball mark.
  8. Typhoon92

    AP2 like irons

    Since I have a set of Ping ie-1 irons...I was going to suggest the i200. I saw where you said they felt hard. They are 431 stainless, same as my ie1 irons and they feel soft. Not like a mb forged iron, but not like cast. I'm curious if you hit them inside or outside and what kind of balls. I've hit the p790 inside with non tour balls and they felt like crap. Outside...different ballgame. Sometimes it's sound not feel...that happens inside. If you did hit inside, try outside and see if it's better.
  9. Typhoon92

    Stock set PW or 45* "Wedge Set" wedge?

    Yes, I use them all. I don't use the 64 a whole lot but I'd miss not having it. The 60 I use a lot from 100 yards in on full shots, chips around the green and in greenside bunkers. The 56 is for full shots under 115 and short finesse chips around the green where I don't want the roll out from my 50 degree. The 45 degree pw is just a 10 iron to me...no chipping, the 50 does that along with shots 115-125.
  10. Typhoon92

    Stock set PW or 45* "Wedge Set" wedge?

    My wedge goes with the set. I use it for full shots...to me, it's nothing more than a 10 iron. My gap wedge is also a set wedge...works fine to me. I use it as an 11 iron and bump and run / chips. the "specialty wedges" like my 56, 60 and 64 I use for full shots no problem but the sole being different makes it versatile for flops, lobs and sand more so than anything that might come with the set.
  11. Typhoon92

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    " The Slow one...". Thanks for the wishes!
  12. Typhoon92

    Twisted Sister fans?

    Just finished a show in Sweden. Right now he's having a few beers with Dokken...lucky kid!
  13. Typhoon92

    PX Driver shafts

    Yeah, the ahina would be more of a clear cut choice. If the black was a HZRDUS Black....you'd get low launch and spin. The old PX black...who knows. The LZ shafts I had in some Callaway woods and they felt smooth as hell but really had no control. I don't load a shaft hard but these were stupid easy to load and I wasn't used to that. It made me feel like I needed to go up in flex...but I didn't need to...felt like I did because it was really loading.
  14. Typhoon92

    Used TM- psi vs speedblade?

    Speed blades were nice Game imrpovement irons. Great for someone not playing much or on the verge of getting back out. The PSI were never a big hit...sort of clunky and didn't seem forgiving. I've hit a lot of irons...Speedblades won with me easily hands down. Much more friendly club.
  15. Typhoon92

    ping yellow dot

    If anything it'll help you draw the ball. I bet you'll be fine, it's not much off from " ping standard". imsee you live in Belguim...my son is heading out to Belgium the week of August 4th playing in a rock festival with The Dee Snider Band ( Twisted Sister).

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