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  1. Oh yeah, i500...nice concept but I never hear anything good. I hit them outside, don't see any benefit. Prefer the i210. Now the Blueprint irons...hmmmm....look nice but the Ping rep told be a few months they are very tough to hit. And expensive. I have a demo day coming up in June so I'll probably hit this all day.
  2. I'd spend the money on a fitting. You can pick up a used putter based off the fitting for under $100 too. So $200 spent this way will be better than $200 on a used driver.
  3. I just picked up a set of Nike Vapor Pro Combo Irons just because I have always loved the look of them and the DGpro shafts are based off the True Temper Monaco shaft that my fitter had me try years ago and was great. I'll probably keep my Ping Ie-1 irons too.
  4. I don't know how big of an operation your fitter has but it sounds like he is actually gluing all these clubs together for you to try and then has to unassemble them too.... Sort of weird that he doesn't have some sort of " fitting cart" type of set up where he can screw things together for you without gluing. Sounds to me like that is his issue. Screwing together 10 different combo is a lot less work, time and money than gluing and taking them apart. If your not happy, find someone else. Sounds like he is helping though.
  5. Vinsk, after reading his last post I think u and need to move to the UK....I'll " steal" your '95 bimmer....
  6. I wonder if the insurance company wouldn't just look up what the clubs are worth in the PGA Value guide? If they do that u won't get much from them. Hopefully the insurance adjuster isn't too bright
  7. I hear the same things Adam was saying. Good news is I can't remember anyone saying they got a bad fitting there. Just be prepared for the upswell on crap that was mentioned ( puring) and the fact that it will always be a $400 plus shaft they recommend. Check and see if there are any specials on fittings, I know they run them time to time. The suggestion of taking he specs and looking for a shaft pull and maybe a demo head will save u a lot of money.
  8. Best thing to do is call Ping. Current to me would be the i210 irons ( the i500 are hollow body irons) and there is not much choice for woods...has to be the G410, there is no other line for that.
  9. If your doing a workout that's taking a lot out of you, don't play that day. I had a killer workout this past Monday and I played 9 a few hours later. My game was a little " off" and I definitely think the workout had something to do with it. Most days I can do both but when I notice some shots going where they never go, I have no doubt it's fatigue.
  10. We should have a " Horseshit Driving Range" thread. One near me, Richardsons has balls exactly like u described. Hit one with a driver and the ball looks like an out of control drone flying in 8 different directions. The balls are terrible....yet the place is always busy.
  11. Like Boogielicious said, 8-10 lb.. It's more about speed and fast twitch muscles than it is tossing a heavy ball at the wall. You don't want to throw it with your arms, ...explosive hip turn and extend your arms in a tossing motion.
  12. I'll have to check it out. I watched the Como speed one last night and after 15 minutes deemed it was 15 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Maybe it was just a bad one....ill check out your recommendation.
  13. Yeah, another vote for taking care of the edges. We have metal frame boxes at our place and I've seen people miss and cut the shit out of their shins. I missed once and it chipped the bone on my right shin. I've stacked a couple boxes to get to 42" but I wouldn't make it a habit unless we get the softer boxes that Velcro to the floor.
  14. My mistake on Cindy was it's 20 minutes and I was 5 squats short of 23 rounds
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