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  1. Try hitting with those woods or old irons using balls from that era. I had better results with my Ping eye2 irons using an old titleist Professional ball than I did using a pro v 1.
  2. Had a set of Jack Nicklaus Muirfield persimmon woods back around I think 1984. Driver was tough to hit but the 3 wood I could hit off the tee plenty far.
  3. Take a look at Golf Galaxy...it's only a Winn AVS grip. They might have it there.
  4. Yeah, the Red Spider is money. I was thinking of picking one up since I had pro shop credit. I need nothing...putter would have been fun though. Red Spider I make everything...even with the thin grip. I have a mid slim 3.0 on my Newport. I was trying to like the Ping Tyne but it needs more toe hang. The Red Spider matches up with my Newport. The Black DJ model I'm not a fan of the feel in comparison to the Red.
  5. Yeah, you went from almost 120 gram shafts down to 105 with the KBS...that's gonna take some getting used to besides the fact that Project x and KBS are pretty different. The vokey shafts are probably 120-125 gram wedge shafts so now you have a big difference between M1 and those. I reshafted my Cally pm grind wedges with the Nippon Modus 105 wedge shafts. I play the modus 105 in my iron set.
  6. Give it some time before u do anything. U won't always have the same gaps from club to club. If u have wedge shafts in your wedges they might feel better because they play softer than whatever your stock shafts are...plus maybe heavier?...you like Heavy? I don't know what shafts are in your m1's Still, I'd give it 5 rounds of so before I did anything..
  7. It seems a lot of Fuji shafts feel like that. I have the stock pro60 in my M1 and even though everyone poo-poo's stock shafts, I love the feel. The white tie...yeah...I don't know anyone that has one that likes it.
  8. +1 to Callaway centers....it was funny reading the thread, I was thinking of this place. we have one in New Hampshire and it's inexpensive to get fit for irons....and they fit for ANY manufacturer. Also, if u buy you get a percentage back toward purchase and they usually throw u some swag. I've heard nothing but good from the one near me.
  9. I heard somewhere that the made for Fuel was smoother than the non made for...which is a good thing. The Tie series u can look up. I had a white tie, played soft was supposed to be high launch low spin but never found it to be high launching. Not really impressed with it. We had a red tie at work and that played stiff to flex but it felt better than the white. The black tie I just stay away from, too low everything for me. I happen to like a softer butt shaft anyway.
  10. Ping rep didn't mention by chance a plumbers neck Tyne putter ? Driver...meh. Never the longest but very forgiving as usual. Same hosel adjustability?
  11. Funny that I found this thread. I am in the process of going back to overlap. With my driver and for chipping I always stayed with overlap. Driving, interlock killed my pinkie and for chipping, I couldn't get used to it. Irons though, I changed because I felt I needed the hands more unified. So now, years later, my fingers hurt a bit and the pain makes me lose my grip and regrip sometimes. I hit some wedges at work on the GC2 and it was like welcoming an old friend. Yesterday was my first time outside, at a demo day and I was all over the place. Today I went back to the grass range and hit about 100 balls, mostly irons to figure it out. The big thing I like, aside from the lack of pain is how powerful it feels and how much easier it is to hit a push draw. Interlock would give me the high rights but overlap seems to give me more solid shots. So I left the range feeling confident with the grip change...who h is nice.
  12. I've always stuck with Golf pride tour velvet....or some version like the lamkin 3 gen that I put on a couple drivers. Cheap and I love the feel. I have the MCC plus 4 on my wedges to see how they work out. Not a fan of cord but these are ok. Not worth the money though. Next time I would just build up under the lower hand and use tour velvet.
  13. Have u tried choking down on the 5 wood and inch or so? That's what I do, mostly because I have very few shots from that distance. Usually from that distance I'm not pin hunting either, I'm looking to just get it on the green somewhere. I'd rather another wedge in the bag since I hit a lot if those or sometimes nothing...less to lug around.
  14. +1 to that choice. I hit the one that came out a couple years back...the Callaway x utility prototype. I was amazed how easy it was to hit. They are around $50 on eBay...a steal!!
  15. When I was looking for butt soft driver shafts that was one that came up. Oldie but goodie. Didn't know they would still fit people into that one where it's not high end current. Great shaft! Good for a smooth transition