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  1. I’m watching my 8th episode of Bewitched today...
  2. I sort of skimmed through this so I'll just add what I'm seeing here in Massachusetts. Laid off from my job of 18 years last fall I started working in the pro shop and will be teaching at the golf school that operates at the same club. We are a public 18 hole course with range, restaurant, bar and patio. The governor issued a stay at home advisory last Tuesday. He was keeping parks open though. He said " just be smart and don't play basketball or football". ... Friggin brilliant! We closed the restaurant, bar and patio the weekend before. The course and range closed on Tuesday. The owner of the course talked to the board of health and town officials. Where the order specified "brick and mortar" we moved our operation outside. We abided by most of what was listed I the survey in this thread other than members only and group size. We also wiped down every cart that came back in. Staff wore latex gloves. We reopened on Thursday afternoon since the town said we sounded ok. We sold out Friday and Saturday tee times. Friday afternoon the board of health and 3 cops came down ( and they were not social distancing) with a revised letter from the governor closing us down. We did let everyone finish. We told the cops they would have to go out and get everyone if they wanted them off now. I can see how stupid people are though. We did our part yet people come together in a car. We give hem separate carts and a few people wanted to ride together and then questioned me on the one cart one person rule. I told them that's the rule or you get no cart at all. It's what we have to do to stay open... This week I plan on going out myself. I work there. I'm safer out there than anywhere else. Walking down the street there are others out there, going to the grocery store, liquor store. There is no "need" to play but I'm no threat out there and nobody is a threat to me.
  3. Yeah, I don’t know how many advancements are made in an MP-57. It’s basically a chunk of metal. If that’s what u like, go for it. It seems the advancements are more with players distance irons and game improvement irons where a lot has happened in 12 years.
  4. This is exactly why. Lofts have to be changed to go along with the rest of the tech.
  5. I played at The country club of Billerica. I’ve been working there in the pro shop. We’re open! I heard about Hickory Hill closing, seemed weird because the only other ones I heard about closing were city or town owned courses... The Meadows in Peabody and Fresh Pond.
  6. I played today. Left the flagstick in... common sense. My other course decided to remove the flags... seems stupid to me....just don’t touch it. I won’t bother playing there.
  7. Yeah, probably fake ... they go for $11 each retail here. Tour Velvets are half that. Tour Velvet also comes in “plus 4” as well and is around the same price as regular tour velvet. i have the MCC plus 4 on mine and love them. Clubs came with them. When I regrip them myself it’ll be the tour velvet plus 4
  8. I’m friends with my area Ping reps. When the g400sft came out I hit it at demo day. The rep called it their best kept secret. He was right. I killed it, and every one of them went left...exactly what it was supposed to do!!! And it was long. I own a G400max because that also does what Ping claims. I do kill the Max, it’s also longer than anything I’ve ever hit but the accuracy is stupid good... so good that I’d keep using it even if it was 10 yards shorter than anything else.
  9. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Could be a poll where “ other” is the winner. FYI, I didn’t vote.
  10. Hybrids don’t work for me with the flatter lie angle...hook machine. 3/4 iron is money for me.
  11. I went out yesterday, place was packed. It was a Monday and we had a good laugh because mid season on an 80 degree perfect weather day in July the parking lot will have 10 cars in it. Didn't really care if I played but the guys felt like it. No drive carts either which made it even more amazing. I’ve never seen a millennial walk and carry a golf bag.
  12. What does the rest of his set look like?
  13. It would help some but I don’t know how inaccurate you are. Personally, I’d take a putting lesson. Your putter might be too long, your alignment off, too close/far from the ball, jabby stroke. Fastest way to shave strokes, short game. A new driver is $500. A trade on yours will be $75 tops. Look around for a used Ping G400max. You could find a used one around $225 and then trade in the xr. Ping is uber forgiving and get your putting fixed.
  14. Yeah, your trying to fill gaps and think of what you’re using them for... especially that 54/56 spot. Personally I have a 56 and 60 so I have 2 sand options. A 54 out of the sand doesn’t give me the proper sole.
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