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  1. Optimize Existing Irons or Buy New?

    Xray, the normal Apex, not the Apex pro irons. Sounds like your friend has the pro version...maybe I'm wrong.
  2. Optimize Existing Irons or Buy New?

    Yeah, I agree with Bill. Look for a used set of irons. The Callaway Apex irons with recoil shafts would be something to look at. 2001 is too old to invest $$ in. Today's iron heads have much more forgiveness...that'll get u back to whuppin your buds.
  3. Jds...we have 4 AG 3 trak systems at work. Couple things to watch for... Best bet is to be sure it's set to " player"...not another name because you can go in and change settings for a person to boost or cut back long, mid and short woods/irons. Next up is be sure the balls have the black or green dash marks all over them. Green is better because they are softer and spin is more accurate. Black dashes are ok but spin is off...it's a solid ball vs the green is multilayer. If they are using a pro-v or something...nothing will be right. Also occasionally you get misreads where a wedge or whatever will go stupid far...especially roll. That a a misread. If you look at the numbers, you will see a negative spin number. If the ball is going like outside, then you're fine. But if you are wedge gapping, you want the green dash balls.
  4. October weather for the NE corridor

    You're right, weather up here in MA has been outstanding. My legs are still tanned!
  5. You can't stop technology because someone doesn't like it. It's everything... Clubs, launch monitors we have now for custom fitting. Hell, I picked up yards getting fit. Conditioning...compare players now to players back then . Would there have been a senior tour back in the 1960's or did they all snake and drink themselves to death. Scott McCarron looks like he's in his his 40's! Course conditions are huge...fairways are measured with a stimpmeter now. Jeez! We all see the bounce and forward roll they get. There's guys with 170 mph ball speed hitting it 340 now because of the fairways. Their fairways roll faster than the greens at the muni I play.
  6. Mixed bag different style clubs

    Like Marv was alluding to...combo set is fine but same shafts. Need the continuity in feel. That's also the reason I changed out the heavy wedge shafts for what was more in line with my irons.
  7. Cramp between shoulderblades

    Was it a cramp or a pinched nerve maybe? I get the occasional pinched nerve out of nowhere...locks me up.
  8. How often do you play?

    2-3 9 hole rounds a week due to time. Then I practice 5 days a week for an hour or so. I'm not high Maintenance.
  9. Pool Noodle Grip

    James...we MUST have a picture if this!!! I float in my pool with one under my head and one under my legs. I can't imagine
  10. Just my Scotty Tei3 Newport putter and Long neck version.
  11. How old are your irons?

    Yeah, the lites would be too soft for me...had my attention, those are nice heads. My Modus 105 stiff is probably as soft as I could go.
  12. How old are your irons?

    Ooh...bet those Nike's are nice. Ctaper regular at 105g?...are they the ctaper lites? Stiff is what, 120 and x was 130. Anyway, my irons are 2 years old. Previous to that my eye 2 irons were from 1986. I noticed the shafts were now better for me, clubs more forgiving, hitting shorter irons into greens with more control. More GIR per round and consistently lower scores now with the new Ping ie-1 irons. Upgrade would be good. Plus balls from this era work better with clubs from this era...that's how it's all tested.
  13. I don't think grip size and height are related. I've noticed the same thing too...seems like I see it more on the lower tiered clubs. Guy came in our place last night with some knockoffs and the grips were the size of my leg.. He had no idea either....
  14. Fitting question

    For me, I measure for what should be 2 degrees flat when u look at address but at impact I'm one degree upright on the lie board so that's what I have.
  15. I agree with Mr.Desmond on the Grenade 2. I know people that have it and they kill it. Plus, Mr. Desmond has trustable golf club knowledge. The Triton like someone mentioned as having a closed face...yes, sooo closed its nauseating to look at. I don't like to give out shaft advice since too much of shaft selection has to do with more than just clubhead speed. That being said, if your only choice is flex and your swing speed is 115ish you'd have a better chance of x working before stiff IMO.