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  1. Yeah, start over with maybe a qualified fitter in the area. Smash factor can be manually set so that every shot will give you 1.5. The only correct thing is a lower lofted driver would be right if your AOA is a positive 5-6 degrees. The lower loft will also bring down spin. I would keep only that in mind and go elsewhere.
  2. Right, you can’t “fix” it... what I mentioned will clean it up. Won’t be a perfect match and you will have to stay on it.
  3. Looking to trade a 2017 Taylormade M1 9.5 degree head only for a Ping G400 LST 10 degree head only.
  4. A scotch brite and some “Bar keepers friend” should take care of the browning. It is a hard sell when clubs look like that.
  5. Something most everyone overlooks is shaft length. I get sick of hearing about “jacked lefts”. Clubs need to be like that because of improvements over the years. There is so much more to clubs now than it just changing the bounce. Your old Ping 5 iron might go 190 yards. Your NEW 190 yard club might be a 7 iron. It’s fly at the same height, be far more forgiving and you will be more accurate due to the fact the you’re hitting a 7 iron shaft length vs. 5 iron shaft length.
  6. I’d say it’s probably worth a shot getting fit for the g410 and then go hunting for a used set of g400’s with the same specs. You’ll save more than $300!
  7. It’s fun actually. I’m getting used to just staying home. Massachusetts is one of the 3 states left with no golf. I’m out there for a few hours. Hit some balls, sit around...
  8. Facebook Marketplace as well. There are groups on Facebook as well like “golf club traders “ and “golf club junkies”.
  9. So I’ve been hitting at home in my Covid 19 range. I got the idea from watching the video of Boogielicious practicing. This is the first year I’ve seen really good gains in clubhead speed. Maybe it took me a couple seasons to figure out how to swing when using the sticks. Also this year I added in my own driver. I did make a couple swing changes as well but in past years the changes didn’t amount to much. My gains in other years were minimal, but at 58 years old, I was glad to not be losing speed. So that’s a plus. The end of last year my driver swing speed was 110. If I pushed it, 115 mph. This time I shocked myself. I actually thought it was a misread. Using the same blue swing speed radar I always have, I posted 121 mph average. If I pushed it I was 128. I’ve done this on multiple occasions the last 2 weeks so it wasn’t a freak thing. Here is my Covid 19 Range... I have a heavy tarp under the ripped drop cloths. It keeps the balls there.
  10. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this happening at Golf Galaxy. Good luck with it....🙄
  11. Well apparently the OP left the building. I didn’t want to call him out on it right away. I knew once he got outside he’d see nothing was adding up.
  12. I can’t for some reason. My swing speed with my driver is always faster whether I’m hitting a ball or not hitting a ball vs. my speed with the red stick. My driver swing speed is more online with the blue stick. Blue stick being a bit faster. Yeah, not a whole lot to do. The superspeed, some Erik stuff and putting at least keeps things current
  13. I read where they say you should be able to swing the red faster than your own driver. Doesn’t happen with me. I know you don’t want the same swingweight but at that length 44”, it’s just too heavy. I’d have liked an actual heavier club but a lower swingweight. They can’t do that though if they want to stick to a 44” length and 40 gram weight differentials The red is about the same overall weight as my driver but with the higher swing weight and shorter length it’s a leverage thing so you swing the longer one faster.... which is my actual driver. Im going to keep my own driver in the mix for the reasons in my original post. I did swing it lefty as well, did not use it for any feet together or step through drills. Just my normal set up swing but both ways and at the end when you take the green club for session ending fast swings in one direction, I do that with my driver after the green club.
  14. The E-3 swingweight of the Superspeed Red stands out for me. The green and blue are “a and b” swingweight letters and the jump to “e” is substantial. Like I thought, my 3 wood and 5 wood closest to any of the Superspeed clubs for length and weight. That’s why I wanted to add in my driver. I’d have the added length and the weight is pretty much in the ballpark. I did try my experiment with hitting a whiffle ball with the fast swing and my driver after the Superspeed session. It’s good to do because I almost whiffed the first one. Didn’t realize I was taking my eyes off the ball. Next 2 I was able to keep up the speed and hit the ball. Then the rain came.
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