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  1. Just looked up Shaft selection on the Callaway website. The Atmos Black 6x is a $300 upgrade. Tack that onto the $529 price...$829.00!! That shaft is a "no cost" stock shaft with the Cobra which is $448. What surprised me is the Tensei CK pro orange is only a $250 upgrade on the Cally. Although I'd do neither, regardless of the gift card I have...id prefer the Pro orange and save $50. For that price, the Callaway better be able to cut my lawn, snow blow my driveway and pick up the dog crap at my house too. Wow...
  2. Typhoon92

    Adams Clubs

    My God, I hope you're kicking their asses with this "subpar" Adams clubs.... Adams has made some fantastic looking irons...I especially like a lot of their old "players irons". Their lines of hybrids are killer! Adams produced a ton of top notch golf equipment.
  3. I hit the Flash subzero today. They also had an Epic sz and a Rogue sz. Those 2 look awful to me at address... I couldn't put a good swing on either one so there was no Callaway comparo. The Flash must have just came in, only shaft selection was a few light weight, lite flex Even Flow Green and a HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 70 gram. I couldn't not do an "apples to apples" test vs the Cobra because the closest thing Cobra had was the 6.0 60 gram smoke. To be honest, I tried the smoke in the Cobra and it really didn't work for me. I got such good numbers from the Cobra/Atmos black 6s last time that I hit it again and also the 6x. Got even better numbers with the 6x. I just have to look at the numbers again for consistency between the 2. ok, getting back to the Flash SZ... It's wins on a lot of fronts. It's better looking to me at address the way the heel settles in. I like the choices with the sliding rear weight vs. Cobra's set up. The Callaway dual cog adapter is also better. I like the 2 up/ one down option better in addition to the dual cog. Performance...I didn't get along with the shaft. A few I hit well performed close to the Cobra whereas 90% of the Cobra hits were great. Cobra wins hands down on sound. What I want to do is find a better shaft to try in the Flash to go up against the Cobra. These 2 are my favs....the Callaway with the proper shaft like the Atmos black 6x might out perform the Cobra...I would not be surprised. If performance were the same apples to apples, I would go with the Callaway based on adjustability of the hosel, weights and look at address.
  4. Golf Galaxy in Reading had it, not sure about Burlington.
  5. Hope to hit it tomorrow afternoon. I like the sliding weight on the flash subzero...we'll see how it fares vs. The Cobra and I'll probably grab a rogue sz and if they have one an epic sz.
  6. Cobra is less money, great shaft selection and Arrcos...which is a cool feature to play around with. im hearing people say the Epic Flash sub zero is really no better than the original Epic sub zero. Interesting but I want to hit the Flash Subzero myself and see.
  7. After your round u can slip into a pair of these... https://www.thegrommet.com/grass-flip-flops-synthetic-grass-sandals-black-and-green
  8. Why does the Ping G410 say "plus" on the bottom? It's just the standard head I believe. Since I've been trying the latest drivers over the last couple weeks indoors, Cobra, Titleist and Taylormade. Still throwing the G400 max into the mix. The Cobra has been on top by a large margin. The Callaway Flash pair hasn't showed up as of last week. As soon as I see it I'll put it up against the Cobra. I want to go into the spring with 2 or 3 drivers to demo at our big 3 day outdoor demo and see who comes out on top.
  9. The cobra with the Atmos black 6s was great. I wish the fitting carts had the Tensei pro orange to try. This spring our big outdoor demo day should be fun. For now though, I'd like to hit the Atmos black 6x and 7s as well just to see he numbers and know what I want to try in the spring.
  10. Everyone has the demo now and the cart but none on the shelves for retail sales. i never even looked into the club to be honest...never on the radar since it seemed Cobra drivers were becoming sort of "second tier" and not focused on distance like the days of their Remax LD team. Now they seemed more focused on positioning their irons among the top choices. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. This thing is the driver to beat.
  11. Guys, holy crap....go hit the Cobra f9 driver. The 9 degree is the low spin head. I've hit it on 2 seperately occasions with the Atmos and the smoke shaft...weight forward. Launch angle remains high at 13-14 degrees, spin was down, ball speed up. This thing is crazy good. Was not even on my radar. I happened to stumble on it seeing the color at the store. i put it up against the G400max I wanted and both new Titleist drivers. This Cobra blew them out of the water on distance AND accuracy for me. I haven't tested a potential "game changing" driver since I put my Ping G30 driver up against the 2016 M2 back at the end of 2015.
  12. Hoping to hit one at Golfers Warehouse tomorrow. I hit the Cobra f9 speedback today and was blown away .
  13. Typhoon92


    Nothing wrong with forgiveness. Life is tough enough.
  14. I was just thinking this morning how it's going to be a GREAT year for drivers. You've got Titleist getting rave reviews for their step into the distance game with their 2 new drivers. Sort of a Taylormade approach with one less adjustable and built more for raw distance. Next you have Callaway Flash/subzero with what sounds like a very impressive computer program with 15,000 iterations before coming up with the best "one" ( or is it 2 counting the Sub zero?). Ping has people excited wondering how much better the G410 can possibly be after an amazing G400. My question...will the G410 with its improvements basically be a G400max with moveable weights? I haven't looked into the new Cobra really and it looks like there is nothing really different going on with Taylormade...the " screws" on the face but really no increase in ball speed from a few people I know. For me, I'll be pitting my 2016 M2/ HZRDUS yellow HC up against the new Ping and the G400max, the 2 Titleists and the Cally Flash Subzero ( like the head shape better than the standard Flash). I don't need a driver but I have a ton of pro shop credit. Going to be a fun spring!
  15. Typhoon92

    New Driver Shaft Not Hollow?

    I meant the OP, not u Boogie. Sounded like something someone at wrx would do, then dump it and buy a $600 shaft...

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