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  1. Is your Summer slipping away?

    Too friggin cold. I only play in shorts. Foliage is nice but I'd rather take a ride up the Kangamangus to see it than to ever want to play in it. I'm a New Englander but I hate it here. June...great month because we have the nice hot months of July and August. July...good month but I always think it's all downhill after the 4th. August...it's slipping away...dark at 8 pm, Back to school crap in the stores makes me think September and I'm not getting a tan anymore. Also time to close the pool in September. September...Still clinging to wearing shorts but know this is the last month to be serious. Pool closing is depressing...have to stare at the pool cover now for 7 months. October...sucks. November...just wish everything would close so I am forced to not go out anymore. December...Indoor golf training. I know...I'm nuts.
  2. I'd have the 50 degree bent to 48 to eat up the gap.
  3. Your Workout Today

    Insanity is appropriately named. We'be got all the P90x dvds and Body BEAST as well. ALL give you quite a workout and good results in 3 months! Have fun!
  4. Shaft Flex 101 for Dummies

    Oh my ...too much crap going on in your head over this. There was another thread on here with someone and reshafting wedges....also, too much crap going on in their head. I used to over think this too and spend too much of my life on it. After I was fit I was able to go back and look at what characteristics of my swing lead to what I was put into and then, if I wanted to try another shaft at least I could get something that was for my type of swing. It's almost like I worked backwards.
  5. Don't rule out a high lofted FW either. I carry a 4 iron and a 5 wood. I'm awful with a hybrid...snap hook city. At the women's Open championship many of the women carried 7 and 9 woods ( don't know where to find them but they must be available). I grew up. Fw guy and just don't get along with hybrids. I prefer to drive a 5 speed over an automatic as well !
  6. My Wedges, I just don't get it

    Yeah, rather not bend them because it changes the bounce.
  7. Shot Scope GPS + Performance Tracker?

    Wow...that looks great! I had never heard if that company but I clicked the link and it looks impressive. Getting all that for around $200...Wow. I have been using a Bushnell Neo for a few years now , front/center and back and love it. I'm going to look more into this one!
  8. U lucky Bastard!!!! Send us more pictures so we can live vicariously through u. Have a good round!
  9. Nippon. Pro Modus Tour 120. If u have a late release look at the 130. I'm a +3 with similar speed numbers as u but I have a smooth transition and not a late release. I was fit into the Modus 105 stiff. Speed wise an x would have been fine but I tried them for a month and consistency was horrible..something the fitter said he thought would happen. I went back to stiff. I also wanted the 105. The 120 would have been ok too but being in my mid 50's I wanted to transition to lighter if I could. I do hit it high but with little spin. 7 iron is around 180 with around 5500 spin. I like that because the wind doesn't affect it much and the ball pretty much is drop and stop. Wedge is next to or maybe a foot behind its pitchmark. 6 iron rolls out maybe 5 feet. Side to side dispersion is minimal. I had a set if TM mc/mb irons with PXI 6.0 and it was awful. Either too soft or just kicked wrong but I never hit the ball so far left in my life. In any case, the smooth feel everyone talks about with a Nippon shaft is true. I was skeptical...but it's true. I would never buy a set of steel shafts that were not Nippon. Thinking a bit more on the Nippon 120...You hit it high but the Nippons will spin less than what u get now, so thats a good thing. Also hardstepping/ softstepping the 120 is something to look into. I get afraid a heavy shaft could lead to some tired swings at the end of a round.
  10. Ping G400 Driver on the way

    " drops out of the sky"...u could not be more correct! I had the same driver and got caught up in the high launch low spin game. People don't realize that too little spin combined with high launch is as bad as hitting a ball that balloons from a negative launch angle and too much spin. Wow...it's rare to see someone that realizes that. So I had the LST and it looked great in the air....I realized it was shorter than my previous RBZ Tour. My AOA was +3-4., launch angle around 11 degrees and spin down in the 1400 range. I grabbed an off the shelf M1 and did a side by side on our monitor....big difference adding in some spin. So I ended up getting fit for an M2, swapped the Ping for an M1 just to fool around with. Now I'm getting a good amount of forward roll with my tee shots and more distance.
  11. My Wedges, I just don't get it

    The heavier wedge flex shaft that comes with the Mack Daddys will have u hitting it shorter. I have some Cally wedges and found the same distance issue. I put Nippon Modus 105 wedge shafts in them to match my iron shafts weight wise and my distance came back. You. an always have them bent too but it'll affect bounce so the sand game might get rough
  12. New driver or putter?

    Funny, I looked it up and edited it into my post that they are interchangeable and at the same time I were replying. Cool!
  13. New driver or putter?

    Check it out but does the R1 adapter fit the M series? If so, go to a demo day where you usually get a half way decent fitting for free from Taylormade. Bring your current shaft ( if the adapter works in the M) and have them look at the numbers on the launch monitor they use. It's free and no obligation to buy. You could even bring your R1 driver to compare it to. I've found the TM reps to be great. Ok, I got bored and looked it up, the R1 does fit it I'd do a putter fitting for length and lie angle anyway. Probably ask one of the pro's at Golf Galaxy a few questions and they'll get u in the right direction. Putter fitting for length and lie was huge for me. Ended up with a 32.5" putter.
  14. Reshafting wedge--what shaft?

    U might want to have a fitter do this for u. It's a lot of weight change etc... I had my fitter do mine so he could properly weight everything...he's a professional, for me to do it right , forget it! Plus the time involved...
  15. Another fitting question

    If the fitter knows your son or has any notes, it'll be a help. Like WUTiger suggested, go with a 4 wood or 3HL. 17 degrees is a better option. I think Ping has an adjustable hosel on the Fw's so that'll be a plus.