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  1. Yes they are compatible. Adapter change after for the new g410. Also the G25 adapter is different. G30, G and G400 all the same.
  2. I was putting with an old PGA Tommy Armour silver Scot the other day at the golf store used bin.
  3. I've used citristip to strip paint fill from my Ping ie1 irons. Sold at any hardware store. in fact, I'd check the hardware store before you start with the wire wheels etc... You paint this stuff on and let it sit. Then wash it off. Might take a few times but seriously, hit up the hardware store paint dept.
  4. Let's see...I agree with " Year of the Driver". Nice choices out there that seem to be what everyone is looking for. Someone will find something good...but the PRICES are something else. I think $500 is a threshold in everyone's mind. Never heard a complaint about price until this year. Driver replacement...every 3 years or so. I test mine against what I'm interested in. irons...well I had my eye2 irons from 1986 until a few years ago when the Ping i.e.-1 irons came out. Now I've been using those for the last 3 years. Considering the i500/Blueprint combo set with a heavier shaft than the modus 105 I have now but I can live with what I have. Fairway woods....I have a Ping Tisi tec 3 wood that I'll never part with. U find a good 3 wood, don't give it up. wedges...jeez, I had my Ping set wedges for 30 years... I have the Callaway pm grind now the last 3 years, seem fine to me. Putter... I have my Scotty Tei3 Newport but I hate to use it since it was refinished. Been using a Ping milled Anser 2...meh. Looking to get rid of some putters and pick up a Scotty studio style Newport as a gamer.
  5. Guys on TXG were killing it. Maybe Jossypit's friend got a bad one...it happens.
  6. I saw MGS 2019 driver test too. I'm a bit skeptical where the Cobra F9 wasn't near the top. That driver is the one everyone raves about. I've hit them all indoors and the F9 is best...indoors. I took the Flash sz outside and although I could not tell the distance, it was accurate with a great flight. The M5 for me lacked ball speed but might have made up for it in launch and spin. What I don't like about indoors is it seems a sub 2000 spin rate with 160 ball speed and 12 degrees of launch is not enough spin to get the ball to go over 300 yards every time. The GC2 shows it going that far but I don't think it's correct. I prefer 2000-2200 with 14 degrees launch at that ball speed...then the distance would make sense. I agree with the poster whi didn't like the g410, very disappointed when I hit it. I was wondering how the non pro version of the Tensei pro Orange would be since I use a HZRDUS yellow now but it was disappointing.
  7. At my course anything I find goes in the fish bowl for them to sell for a buck. Round or not round wouldn't make a difference for the crap that plays at my place.
  8. A while back I really liked the look and technology behind the 2014 Taylormade MC irons. Picked up a set with the PXI shafts that I was told would be great for me. I was awful with them. Sold them and picked up the current Ping's I have now...no problems. A year ago Dcember I saw a set of the Taylormade/PXI combo for short money at a Play it again sports store so I picked them up. Wouldn't u know it...same issues as last time...I was amazed, maybe I shouldn't have been. I always blame myself but in that case it was the clubs. Dont force yourself into something that looks good if it doesn't work for u.
  9. In certain cultures, playing expensive clubs like at with rubies encrusted in the cavity is a status symbol. I asked a few of our members about the clubs.
  10. Not real comfortable with either. Is this guy any good? Any reviews or recommendations from anyone u know? Forget the first one, that's a waste. I'm surprised on the Trackman one that none of it gets applied to purchase. Places I've inquired about there is always something.
  11. I was excited to see my Golfers Warehouse had the G410. I've been loving the F9 indoors and the flash subzero was good to me outside when I had the right shaft in it. It's been a 2 horse race but I really wanted to see where the Ping would come in. i was disappointed with it. I was hitting on the new GC2 quad and was psyched to see it had Tensei Orange shaft in it ( even though it was not the pro model). Since I have a counterbalanced HZRDUS yellow now, I thought this would be great. Practice swings it felt dynamite...and that's where that ended. 2 way misses, low ball speed, lack of distance, mediocre spin and no feel. I even went so far as to hit it a few different times after hitting the F9 just in case I was swinging bad the first time. Didnt make a difference. I actually get better numbers from the g400 Max with almost any shaft I put in it. At least the TM M5/M6 even though ball speed was not great had lower spin and still got the ball out there decently. The Cobra is just crazy good.
  12. Just an adapter change. If u don't do the work yourself a local Golf Galaxy or Golfers Warehouse/Roger Dunns can do the work.
  13. I've had my Cameron Tei3 Newport for years and putt great with it. I did pick up an Anser2 milled a couple years ago and started using that. I think if you can keep the same style putter but upgrade to something with newer and proven technology than that's a good thing as long as it works for u. I putt the same with both but like the feeling from Scotty better. The Scotty will always stay. If I could find a reasonably priced Scotty Studio Style Newport I would trade the Ping for it.
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