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  1. I’m a Ping fan boy and I try to like the i500 but I just have never hit a good shot with them and the sound ..the “ click”... can’t. I’ve only hit it indoors but I have never had that issue with anything else. They look so nice, but they are a small head with minimal offset which is not beginner friendly.
  2. What I found most interesting was the speed at which a driver head performs correctly at.
  3. I be never heard of senior heads, only men’s , women’s and juniors. If they did I would think it would have to put and “s” or something on the model to know it’s senior. Looks like men’s but is women’s weight... great idea!! BTW, have you checked out Krank take on heads for slower swing speeds? It is interesting.
  4. Don’t be afraid to look at women’s heads either. A lot of Seniors look at loft , shaft weight and flex which are all well and good but pay attention to head weight. If you do work with a fitter or someone at a golf store, please bring that up and try it. I think that’s where XXIO is getting a lot of its customers from... those choosing an overall lighter weight club. Another option if you’re looking at clubs is Krank golf. They sell driver heads for slower swing speed. They are not legal but if you are playing for your own enjoyment you should check out their website.
  5. Are you more accurate with the new irons? Seems to be a lot of talk about distance...irons are for getting it close to the hole.
  6. We have 2 of these at our course. Rather expensive to buy but there is nothing like walking! Tempo Walk Hands-Free Caddie | Club Car Meet Club Car's autonomous, hands-free caddie designed to make walking your round more... I use it every time I go out. The remote is the size of a beeper. I put it on the back of my belt. Toggle button on and off. Flip it on and it follows about 5’ behind you.
  7. I just hate him spending money on something that’s perceived as “lower tier” . I’d rather have him spend the money upgrading the Foresight GC2. I think he was looking to add the Ernst. Again, I’d rather see something by Flightscope or something like that for the money. I sent him the Full Swing Link from here... that looks great Thank you for the replies.
  8. Yup 1 flex stronger and use an 8 iron shaft. Talk to me about Tiger-stepping | ShotTalk.com From what I gather Tiger-stepping involves using 10 cpm stiffer shaft tipped to 8 iron...
  9. So I click on one of the golf WRX links just to read up about it again and... now I can never even log in over there since they changed the site so I just don’t bother.... I get an email from them that’s a member pm. I open it and it’s a link to porn. they suck over there
  10. Does anyone have any reviews on any Ernst launch monitors? Our indoor place asked me about them and I really know nothing about them. I’d rather stick with our more well known equipment but maybe Ernst are good.... thanks!
  11. Have you looked into “Tiger Stepping”? I’ve always had trouble flighting down wedges with wedge specific shafts but have just lived with it. My best wedge flight came from my old Ping Eye2’s that were before someone came up with wedge shafts. Check it out, I think it has to do with using your sets 8 iron in the wedges.
  12. Pm back at ya Piz. This should be fun. Thank you Adam as well. We’ll have to keep comparing notes next spring when the weather gets better.
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