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  1. What Buckeyebowman said about a hard trailing wind is correct. It will take spin off a ball and take it down, not " riding the wind". I was just hearing or reading that somewhere else.
  2. 10 years I'd say you are due. You don't need to spend a boatload of money, buying last years models would save u some money if u want. What you'll get with irons is more forgiveness. You hear people complain about stronger lofts but in reality your 8 iron now has a shorter shaft, still goes 8 iron distance and as we know, a shorter shaft is probably more accurate. Distance, meh...I try to avoid that argument. Just make sure the distance gaps are good for u. Driver, you should gain on both fronts.
  3. I don't think Ping made anything that would be classified as crappy. They are older clubs but there's nothing wrong with them. You probably got a good deal and that's what u were looking for. Just a guess but does your pro sell clubs?
  4. +1 to that for me. I liked them on my wedges but was afraid to invest on doing the set. The Nike VPC irons I got from Global Glof had brand new ones on there so I was psyched to try them. love them, will do my clubs with them forever.
  5. So it's been 6 months. I wanted to say thank you to the guys on this thread who responded with help. I'm happy to say adding some knee flex backed me off the ball a bit and gave me more room to swing from the inside. This year I have hit my irons better than I ever have. I'm hitting more greens and scoring better. Much more accurate and fewer mishits. I usually just play9 and in the past hit an average of 7 GIR . This year, 7 is the poor side. Every round has been 8 or 9. So again, thanks for helping make my swing better.
  6. Yeah, if the dimples are worn down I get that f'ed up ball flight where the ball looks like an out of control drone. I know it's the ball when u see flight like that.
  7. Avatar is Rob Zombie...another rocker
  8. There's one of Nick with Sebastian Bach after Sebastians show. He was side stage watching Nick last week in Sweden and was complementing him on his shredding. The others are from the show. You can see stuff on youtube Dee Snider rockfest 2019 Barcelona. Can't describe what's it's like to stand up side stage and watch him in front of 50,000+.
  9. Years ago would have never dreamed being here doing this. We're at Rockfest in Barcelona going to watch my son later playing guitar with one of the legends of rock in front of 50,000 people. Never could imagine this happening.
  10. Oh my God, seeing that is worse than catching your parents having sex.
  11. You could pick up a 55 gram regular flex shaft with the adapter on eBay for around $25-$35.
  12. I think you can have high bounce depending on the grind. Personally I don't like to have to think so much about equipment. For years the Callaway x forged and now the pm grind wedges give me no complaints. Is there something better out there? Probably but I prefer less tinkering so there is less doubt and second guessing. Seems too some companies like Callaway and Cleveland have a line of wedges geared toward the higher handicappers
  13. Love my Newport Tei3 from 1998. On my wish list is a Newport 2 studio style with the GSS insert from 2006.
  14. Don't know any history of your game but is this a sudden loss of distance? We're u not hitting it to the right last year...is this something new? Physical limitations? Pings that you have are one of the easiest to hit. Maybe check in with a PGA pro and have him check your swing issues before spending a boatload of cash on equipment. Welcome to The Sandtrap!
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