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  1. They won't do anything...the course doesn't give 2 shits. My parents live on a course where you would think it was impossible to hit their condo from the tee, let alon OVER their condo. The hole is a dogleg right and they live on the left. They have balls go OVER their place. I know... I was in their driveway once and heard, " tick, tick, tick..." It was a ball rolling down the other side of the roof facing away from the course. Dont underestimate people... They suck at golf. People hit balls to places unimaginable.
  2. Typhoon92

    Swing Guru program

    There is a camera opposite, face on from where I stand. It's almost like a PlayStation 3 type of camera. The program itself is interesting. My swing will score a 73 because I have flaws that I compensate for. One of our other guys who is shaped like a can of tuna, can't break 100 or hit a drive over 200 yards will score 100 percent on his swing. So I don't know how it measures hand speed since it doesn't have a radar. It will also tell me if I have a slow downswing. I just take it for what it is worth. For instance I know I need to move off the ball more, not stay over it because I get a little reverse pivot. The guru tells me this, my pro tells me this and I can use the program to fix it. The hand speed thing though drives me nuts.
  3. Great to see him back in the winners circle!
  4. Typhoon92

    What are you listening to?

    So the cool thing about my son being one of Dee Snider's guitarists is sitting here cleaning my clubs while he practices a set. Just heard " Tomorrow's No Concern" and " We're not Gonna Take it"...
  5. Typhoon92

    62/64 Wedge for hard lies?

    Where I meant it to be less forgiving was around the greens, I wasn't thinking full shots at all. That would be the same as my 5 iron is easier to hit than my 4 iron. My less forgiving statement was built around when I first started using the 64 and others I've taught flops or lobs to. The tendency is to open up the face, that screws with the bounce and you can slide right under the ball and it'll go 2 feet. With the 60 you can get away with it more than opening up a 64.
  6. Has anyone here used it? I was on it the other night and the thing that threw me for a loop was it told me my " hand speed" with my 6 iron was 7 mph and the tour average was 22 mph. Yet...I was dead on with ball speed 127, launch angle 14.1 and carry distance 185 with the Trackman PGA tour averages chart. My club head speed was 91...1 mph off. so what's up with hand speed? How far would the f*#^ing ball go if my hands were also traveling 15 mph faster!? LOL...
  7. Typhoon92

    Welding class putter project

    I almost died too when I saw 9 degrees
  8. Typhoon92

    62/64 Wedge for hard lies?

    One of the guys in our group asked my to show him how to hit a high green side lob. He has a 60 degree wedge and is about a 10 handicap. He practices it and does a fair job pulling it off...he is happy with the results. Should he get a 64 degree?...no. He doesn't practice nearly enough and will hit more bad shots than good ones. The 60 is more forgiving and will be better for him in the long run. Also, for him and his practice time...less choices so he can work more on that shot with the one club.
  9. I just stumbled on this thread and was going to wish him luck. God knows how it turned out. Friend of mine, good golfer, around scratch got someone to back his try on the Golden Bear Tour. Poor kid couldn't break 90 out there. We played as a team and would destroy everyone. If we played head to head he couldn't handle it.. It's the pressure...whole new world.
  10. Typhoon92

    Winter Depression Thread

    Got out yesterday too. This time of year 50 in the sun and little wind. Very nice. Rest of the week looks like crap though. Our course will be closed the rest of the week because the weather it lousy AND our pro hates the place. Says he wishes we had a trace of flurries so he could padlock the place. Hopefully it's open next week. As long as it's above 40, sun and little to no wind, I'd play.
  11. Typhoon92

    62/64 Wedge for hard lies?

    I have had a Callaway 64 degree with 9 degrees of bounce in my bag for years. Gotta be careful with sandy lies in the fairway or rough, sometimes you go right under it. It's a great club for those flops and short sided shots. I do hit full shots with too.
  12. Typhoon92

    Draw vs Fade: Which is Cooler & Reliable

    Agree with Iacas on this but I do think a draw looks cooler. No reason why.
  13. Typhoon92

    Ping Eye 2 BeCu Black Dot 1-SW set

    "Rare" because you can't make clubs from that material anymore. Nobody will work on them, the dust from them causes cancer...honest to God. Back in the day they felt softer than any other cast club so that was cool and just has that cult following. I think the copper heads were a bit smaller than the stainless eye 2's. I have a set. I won't be retiring on the money i would get if I sold them. Whatever you do, don't polish them...soap and water only. The darker the patina, the more desirable they are.
  14. Typhoon92

    Hybrid VS Driving Iron

    Lie angle, accuracy, ball flight and spin would be reasons. Lie angles with hybrids turn them into hook machines for better players. I know tour pro's can have them tweaked, we can't. Irons you feel more accurate plus better control being able to flight the ball down. Easier to control the spin with an iron. Hybrids will be popular with older golfers or those with low clubhead speed. UDI's will be popular with the opposite.

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