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  1. Is it my fault?

    Maybe a lesson or 2 will help with that steep angle of attack. Also your clubface is probably closed at the top ( closed is when the face points to the sky at the top) which will give you low snap hooks. I have the same swing apeed, smooth transition and too long of a backswing as u do and I've never broken a shaft in my M1 or M2 driver heads. My angle of attack is +3. I'd you are steep, maybe you have a negative angle of attack...club hitting the ground...that could do it. All just a guess though since we never saw u swing. I'd go to a PGA professional and talk with him.
  2. Thinking of swapping irons

    The Apex non pro and the Ping i200 are different classes of irons too. Apex is more of a distance iron and the I200 is more of a non-hard core player's type iron. They will play differently for you. The Apex is more like the G series Pings. With your handicap you should love the I200!
  3. Replacing putter grip question

    I've never used air, still tape and solvent. I should probably try it but I don't regrip a lot.
  4. I just left Golf Galaxy...Bought a 10hp Ariens snowblower , 3 bags of ice melt and a chainsaw.
  5. Replacing putter grip question

    Clubrat, I use the paint roller tray too! Best idea .since sliced bread. Let us know how u made out Al. I've even taken the superstrokes off and reused them. It's a workout though!
  6. Replacing putter grip question

    No idea what u messed up. Just to review.. tape on the shaft as long as the grip is. Pour solvent in the grip putting you thumb over each end so it doesn't leak out and swish it around good so it's all over the inside. Pour the solvent out onto the grip tape and use your hand to make sure the grip tape is completely soaked. Then put the grip on. Maybe once it's half way down you can stand the club on the grip end and push it down Again, maybe u did all that...who knows. Just trying to help and not be condescending. Hope it works!
  7. Replacing putter grip question

    Jeez...put an extension on. You will be extremely unhappy if you don't. It won't feel right...the entire grip needs to be secure. Plus...if u don't do it right and don't like it, u just blew $30 on a Superstroke grip unless someone has a tool to take it off and re-use it.
  8. Thinking of swapping irons

    Cool article Lihu! Inthecup u are correct that you need spinbto keep the ball in the air or it just drops out of the sky. I ran into that at a driver fitting. My 1700-1900 rpm of spin did me no favors. My launch angle was fine...all other numbers were fine. I just needed the right shaft to give me more spin. It increased both my carry distance and overall distance. I was amazed. I now realize people chase low spin like it's the holy grail and its hurting a lot of them. U might need a more flexible shaft, which is what I went to but it has to do with my smooth transition as well. You said u have a good fitter so you're on the right track....and your assumption is correct as well. I read for a spin rule of thumb it's the club number x 1000...so a 7 iron would be 7000 rpm, 8 iron 8000 rpm etc...
  9. New Putter Porn

    I'm seeing this putter popping up in forums everywhere lately. I actually looks like it might be a decent putter. I was thinking of getting one and whoever 3 putts in our group and to use it until the next person 3 putts, and then they get it etc...
  10. Bought new irons. Was I fit correctly?

    What a sack of sh___! He's got a lot of balls calling himself a fitter. Like Colin said, go on his website and leave a crap/truthful review. Also, don't forget to add where u went to get properly fit.
  11. New Putter Porn

    Man, you never see Bullseye putters anymore. I remember when I was a caddy they were HUGE.
  12. PING - MAP

    You are correct...A couple years ago I was able to order a brand new set of G2 irons for my son from Ping. They built them to his specs too after the fitting. I'm not sure how many years back they will go.
  13. Me being me...refused to go to the doctor. Picked up a night splint so I would keep the tendon stretched overnight. It helped. Used the frozen water bottle and tennis ball but it lasted a couple months...then exactly one week after i noticed it was better the other foot flared up. Sucked. I go to the gym a lot and could not run...I hobbled. Should have seen an orthopedic doctor.
  14. Yeah...devil is getting to me. I have a set of Karsten 1 irons form the late 1970's woods and irons. Tried selling them on forums to no avail....I could trade those all in and that brings down the price. I could clean them up nice over the winter and sell them for a profit. Funny thing is the pxi shaft was one I was fitted for along with the Modus 105 i currently use.

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