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  1. You mentioning this reminded me of another thing the golf academy mentioned. They said when addressing the ball to do three things, 1) not to have your weight forward and to check this by placing the shaft against your left arm and ensuring the the club head is on the inside of your leg. 2) to put your right hand on your right knee, (I'm guessing for shoulder placement) and 3. to close your stance a little to the target. Not sure if those would help eliminate the slice or things to do to try to add distance, just throwing it out there
  2. I think EverythingGolf has it right. I think my swing path is generally good. Today I saw a repeat of school of golf today. It was chapter 2: crushing the driver. The second part of the episode they talked about hitting it straight with power. They said to slide the hips forward slightly, dip the right shoulder and to roll the right foot on to the instep. I wish I could find the episode to put it on here cause it was interesting to see and get other people's thoughts on it.
  3. Title says it all. My irons I hit great but my woods and driver I consistently slice. I'm pretty sure (99%) it's because I have the clubface open. Any suggestions, video's to watch, or exercises I can do to eliminate it?
  4. so quick update. grandpa took up to a par 3 and he had a blast. Especially because he was consistently hitting the ball straighter than me and his grandpa. Will still offer when I go out just because it's finally a sport he has shown interest in, but will still do whatever he wants to do just to spend time with him. Thanks for the the different types of advice.
  5. The thing that kills me is he has such a pretty swing. He just turned 9 and can consistently hit all his clubs straight and his distance range from 35-40 yds for his wedge to 100-110 for his driver. But I'm a patient man, I've already waited 8 years for him to show interest in a sport, I can wait a while longer.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Sker, there isn't a problem of getting out and running around playing, just no interest in sports. I'm probably doing exact opposite of pushing him, since my dad really pushed me with football. I'll keep inviting him whenever I guy out and if he wants to come just encourage him when he does come. That is unless somebody else comes up with a genius idea.
  7. First if this is in the wrong place, I apologize and ask kindly for it to be moved to the correct place. Last season my 8 year old son got interested in golf and wanted to play with me (I just picked it up as well). So we got him a set of clubs and went to the different par 3's around town. For Christmas his grandma got him some golf lessons and after today's lessons he told me that he didn't like golf and didn't want to play anymore. Any advice on how I can turn his attention back to golf? His only care right now is playing video games.
  8. I would like to propose a follow up question. Can a person figure out an accurate handicap index only playing a par 3 or a 9 hole par 31 executive course?
  9. The article wasn't about rolling your wrists. in the article it said people are keeping the clubface square through impact and swing straight down the line instead of continuing the swing on an arc with the face rotating as through the swing. It continues to say that by keeping the face square you're forcing the clubface to open up. They recommend to let the arms roll over naturally.
  10. two suggestions. Get some video from the caddie few. I would also find something that can play the video in slow motion. I've seen people post links that will show how to do this. As for what you have recorded, it looks like your tempo is off. your hips are almost done with their motion by time your arms move. I wonder if you're forcing the arms through there leaving your hands open at contact. Other than that I didn't see much that looked wrong. But this is also coming from someone that just picked up the game this year, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  11. My previous post about carry distance may be confusing some people. The distances I mentioned are the distances to the greens. Carry distance for the first hole is 40-50 yards, with back of the green being 130. The second hole is 150 to the back of the green with carry distance of 90-100. But I will try, along with all the other holes, as I usually am coming up just a few yards short of the green. I have a question though. If taking a longer club would promote a more relaxed swing wouldn't I be hitting it way past the green since I would be hitting it better?
  12. Thanks, for the tip. I just recently have been making good consistent contact with the ball. I think this is due to a change in my pre-shot routine. This is something that can easily be worked into my routinel. Will have to try.
  13. The first hole is about 130 and I use a 9 iron. The second hole is about 150 and I use an 8 iron. These two holes I take a couple extra practice swings really concentrating on a smooth swing along with the other things I mentioned earlier.
  14. I am a righty. There are two holes that I accomplish this on and both are par 3's. The first hole has a pond 15-20 yards from the tee on the left and a creek that runs across the tee box at the same distance. This hole also has a bunker on the right so I am for the left side of the green, but end up near or in the bunker (about 20-25 yards from where I was aiming). The second hole is a lake that starts about 20-25 yards from the tee with the majority of the mass on the right. You can hit around it, but if you go over it the distance is about 120 yards from the tee. The second hole I also aim for the left side of the green but end up in the rough on the right side (about 30 yards from where I was aiming). When I first started playing I was always trying to muscle it over and my form was as bad as it could be, with me hitting it fat and it either ending up short of the creek or in the water.
  15. As of late I have noticied that when I hit over water I end up slicing it. I'm guessing that I am either gripping the club too tight or speeding up my swing trying to muscle it over. Being that I am a beginner I was hoping some people would be able to either confirm that these are common reasons for slice or add additional common mistakes people make when they slice it.
  16. Check out courses in Aurora. The green fees for places like murphy creek, springhill, ft simmons, and saddle rock aren't terribly expensive.
  17. Ahhh, love to see another mile high citizen on the forums. Are you native or transplant?
  18. Don't have an answer to your question but want to add another one similar to this. For the people that practice a lot at home which one is better to practice with a wiffle ball or one of the dense foam golf balls?
  19. anytime. HIs reasoning behind all the shots and having to make so many in a row is to simulate the pressure putts. Imagine how disappointed you would be missing your 25th putt and having to start all over. I don't mave much time for practice and scale the numbers down, but its still a pain in the you know what.
  20. On another forum a gentlemen posted his putting/chiping/pitching/bunkers/long bunkers/irons/driving exercises. Below is his putting exercise (which is a small portion of his entire exercise) week 1 make 25 in a row from 3 feet 20 in a row from 20 feet stopping in a 3 foot circle 20 in a row from 30 feet stopping in a 3 foot circle 20 in a row from 45 feet stopping in a 3 foot circle week 2 make 25 in a row from 5 feet 30 in a row from 20 feet stopping in a 3 foot circle 30 in a row from 30 feet stopping in a 3 foot circle 30 in a row from 45 feet stopping in a 3 foot circle
  21. I had this same problem when I started. I was lucky and a gentlemen was watching me and gave me this one piece of advice. Hopefully it will help you. At the point of impact I would lean my upper body back. Feet planted, hips forward and shoulders/head leaning back. He told me to keep shoulders/head over my hips it will help it go straight. One other trick that helps me hit it straight is to wear a watch on your left hand. On your down sing think about having the face of the watch face towards where you want the ball to go. If the face if facing towards your face you get ugly slices like you described. If those two things don't work my last suggestion would be to video your swing and post it on here, Lot of golfers better than me that will be able to identify areas to improve your swing.
  22. being a beginner, I'm going to point a possibility and somebody better than me can tell me to STFU or maybe say I'm on point. You didn't mention how long you've been hitting like this, but the way it's written, I'm assuming you just started hitting this way this year. Could it be the new clubs he got this year? I know its not the answer OP wants, I'm just throwing ideas out there.
  23. Instead of starting a new thread I will just try to hijack this one and go with the opposite problem. When I am on the range I hit good shots 6-7 times out of 10. Once I'm on the course I'm hitting 1-2 out of 10. I have noticied that there is a dent where the ball was, so I'm pretty sure that I'm topping the ball. This is also would make sense because the ball will get little to no flight. Just looking for some general tips on what I could be doing wrong.
  24. I've been interested in playing golf for a while and finally built up the nerve to buy a set of clubs. This is how begginer I am. Been to a driving range about 5 times, played a par 3 four times and a 9 hole par 31 twice. Which led me to this forum. My goal the first time I play 18 is to shoot below a 110. That being said here are my questions 1. Do clubs really make a difference? A buddy told me that when he finally bought a good set of clubs he dropped about 5-8 strokes off his game instantly. I know I bought a cheap set (Tour Logic from Target), should I just give up on this set of clubs and shop around for a decent set of clubs within my price range? 2. what is the best way to determine the distance I hit with each club? driving range, golf simulator, or something else I'm not aware of? The reason I ask is because I don't consistently hit the same distance with a difference of as much as 50+ yards from one time to the next. 3. With only about 3 hours every Saturday morning to practice what should I be doing at the driving range/chipping/putting course/par 3's to work towards my goal of shooting below a 110 my first 18? A big thanks to everyone for taking a moment to look at this thread.
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