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  1. I ask them on the live video they did this morning. They said they will reach out to flightscope to get one to test or if someone that as one and willing to ship it for them to test they will. The SkyTrak was ship to them from someone who had it for them to test.
  2. I saw where he went on the Fore Play podcast so I had to listen and wow this guy as to be on something. He kept on saying he didn't do it on purpose and that there was no water so that is one reason he played bad. Saying he was injured but never really said what was wrong. If you do want to listen to the podcast skip to the last 15-20 minutes of it I believe.
  3. Well I finally broke down and bought the overspeed sticks. I'm looking forward to see if I can get my speed up
  4. I'm looking at getting the speed sticks myself. I do have question. Can you use the mevo instead of the swing speed radar? Because I'm also looking at getting a mevo as well and did not want to spend extra money on the swing speed radar if the mevo will work in its place.
  5. I was wondering what if Joey was Tiger caddie through the glory years and now we have Stevie on the bag. Would everyone be saying that Stevie is not a good fit for him or would we all be saying Tiger needs to pull it together mentally?
  6. He's 2 under through 13 holes. He started on #3
  7. One thing that bugs me about the course is there tee box area. It looks like they just put the tee markers out in the fairway. Other than that I like the course.
  8. I voted funny and Bubba needs to come out to the golf boys song
  9. I do not like the 2 hole playoff. If player A goes up by one or more it is over. I'm sure there is a stat somewhere that shows a player that goes up by one with one to go wins 90% of the time.
  10. 8:04. I needed that little break from work
  11. I guess this is kind of to each to their own. I do not think golf is boring or everyone figured it out. I think there is a lot of diversity in the sport. When you have one guy that can make up their mistake by using his putter ala Jordan Speith. Then you have a guy that's really long off the tee DJ. Then you have a guy with very creative wedge game Phil. I mean Zach Johnson won the Open and hes not a long hitter. Jim Furyk shot a 58 and he's not long at all. I do not think all the courses look the same. Do they have some similarity in them sure. There is a tee box and a fairway and a putting g
  12. True. What I should had said was, there are a lot of rules in golf and there are some with multiple ruling under one rule. So why couldn't they put in the rules where if match play or team play is happening and Player A hit is ball and done with the hole, with the ball having no chance of making it in the cup, then you could pick up a moving ball with no penalty. I'm sure there is a better way to reword this to make it sound more professional.
  13. Yes the rule is there for a specific reason or it wouldn't be in the rule book but I do not think the rule was in place for what Spieth did. There should be some common sense in these ruling or have it where the other side can cancel out the ruling by not accepting it kind of like in football. I know there are purist out there saying this is golf and rules are rules. But as time changes so does the rules. I thought this was just the perfect storm for the US side with the talent they had this year. The International did not play up well either. I do not know how to make it more com
  14. I'm looking forward to few of these match ups today. Fowler and Thomas vs Oosthuizen and Grace. See if the Fowler and Thomas can keep their mojo vs a machine for the internationals. Then we get the long ball hitters in DJ and Brooks. It should be fun morning either way.
  15. I think the balls are not the problem in golf. I mean guys are swinging harder and trying to get that extra yards out of their swings. These guys are getting more information that are helping them use that in their swing to get the most out of it. Their are guys on tour who hit long but are not great wedge players and then their are guys on tour that are not long but are great wedge players. That is golf. Look at Bubba he is one of the longest guys on tour but he's not winning every weekend. Does it help to be long hitter sure but there is more to golf than hitting it long and that what makes
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