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  1. I guess this is kind of to each to their own. I do not think golf is boring or everyone figured it out. I think there is a lot of diversity in the sport. When you have one guy that can make up their mistake by using his putter ala Jordan Speith. Then you have a guy that's really long off the tee DJ. Then you have a guy with very creative wedge game Phil. I mean Zach Johnson won the Open and hes not a long hitter. Jim Furyk shot a 58 and he's not long at all. I do not think all the courses look the same. Do they have some similarity in them sure. There is a tee box and a fairway and a putting green. Its up to these guys figure out how to play these course to their advantages. You hear pro's all the time say that one course suit them better than another one. I think golf is in good hands. Will we see it spike like when Tiger was winning probably not but we will see. TV ratings in a lot of sports are down. There are other ways now with technology to watch them. I'm sure if you had couple big names on Sunday at the Masters the ratings would not be down.
  2. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    True. What I should had said was, there are a lot of rules in golf and there are some with multiple ruling under one rule. So why couldn't they put in the rules where if match play or team play is happening and Player A hit is ball and done with the hole, with the ball having no chance of making it in the cup, then you could pick up a moving ball with no penalty. I'm sure there is a better way to reword this to make it sound more professional.
  3. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    Yes the rule is there for a specific reason or it wouldn't be in the rule book but I do not think the rule was in place for what Spieth did. There should be some common sense in these ruling or have it where the other side can cancel out the ruling by not accepting it kind of like in football. I know there are purist out there saying this is golf and rules are rules. But as time changes so does the rules. I thought this was just the perfect storm for the US side with the talent they had this year. The International did not play up well either. I do not know how to make it more competitive but until the International best plays up to it then they will be in trouble for few more years to come. I heard one theory on how to make it competitive but it would be a different tournament than the President Cup would be to add the LPGA and have a co-event. Where the US men and women play together as a team vs the International team. That way you would have the women of Korea to even it out the sides.
  4. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    I'm looking forward to few of these match ups today. Fowler and Thomas vs Oosthuizen and Grace. See if the Fowler and Thomas can keep their mojo vs a machine for the internationals. Then we get the long ball hitters in DJ and Brooks. It should be fun morning either way.
  5. I think the balls are not the problem in golf. I mean guys are swinging harder and trying to get that extra yards out of their swings. These guys are getting more information that are helping them use that in their swing to get the most out of it. Their are guys on tour who hit long but are not great wedge players and then their are guys on tour that are not long but are great wedge players. That is golf. Look at Bubba he is one of the longest guys on tour but he's not winning every weekend. Does it help to be long hitter sure but there is more to golf than hitting it long and that what makes this a great game. It be like taking a pitcher in baseball that throws it 100 mph and tell him he cant do that because only handful of guys can so you are only aloud to throw 92 mph to make it fair to the other guys. Sure he can throw 100 mph but if he cant throw strikes he is useless.
  6. 2017 Solheim Cup Official Discussion Thread

    It would be interesting for the LPGA have a President cup type event. It would give LPGA another platform to show case women's golf. Hopefully draw more sponsorship in as well.
  7. As I am watching the PGA Championship at work I saw Rory hitting from the green side bunker. His ball came out and struck Jon Rahm ball that was sitting on the green. Why do the pros not mark their balls when they are right there by the green?
  8. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I played a 9 hole course this past Saturday. It's small but a fun course I like to play with my dad. It's a par 70 course and on the front 9 I shot 8-over. I enjoy getting to spend time with my father and wasn't even worry about my score. I shot a 1-under on the back 9 to finish with a 77. I couldn't believe it. It seem like I was making every putt. I guess I need to play more with the old man. He may be my lucky charm.
  9. I think most people understand that what he did is impressive. The people that has something negative to say is a) don't like him for few reason or b) think anyone that doesn't do golf full time should not compete Aka other athletes
  10. Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    So lets say you was driving 42 mph in a 40 zone. I have my radar gun and clock you speeding and then told the cops. Then you get a ticket in the mail few days later. Would you be okay if this happen even though you knew the law and broke them. Plus you knew a cop didn't catch you but someone watching from the streets did.
  11. Tips to Improve Slow Play

    http://www.golfdigest.com/story/25-easy-ways-to-speed-up-play I saw this on golf digest. I think this should be a rule at every course. 13) Waiting? Take as many practice swings/strokes as you want. Your turn? You get one.
  12. I was playing in a 3-man scramble this weekend and I saw a golf cart with a wrap on it. Out of curiosity I went over there to look at it. It was for a putter company called Ice Cube Putter. It was very different but a pretty cool idea. I was wondering if anyone else as seen or heard anything else about them. I posted their link below. http://icecubeputter.com/
  13. I am about the same as I was last year or maybe a tad bit better all around. I can shoot anywhere from mid 80's to high 90's. I hope to be better next year. I am finally breaking down and getting lesson for the first time in my life. Little nervous about it honestly.
  14. World Long Drive Championship

    I remember watching it the other night and one of the guys played in a pro-am and he shot a 72. I forgot which one it was.
  15. One Ball condition- Presidents Cup

    I kind of understand the rule but does it say anything about team match play. How can ZJ be penalized for something he did not do.

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