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  1. sofingaw

    My Swing (sofingaw)

    Gotcha. More like this, perhaps? Found it noticeably easier to turn from this setup position, though I still don’t think I was turning enough or consistently on each swing. Also hit many more good shots than usual during this session. This new setup will take getting used to, but I’m encouraged by the results so far.
  2. sofingaw

    My Swing (sofingaw)

    Have been working on you guys’ suggestions, specifically tried: 1) Standing a bit more ‘athletically’ with just a bit more knee flex. Feels like I’m more ‘ready to hit’ if that makes any sense? 2) Adding backswing hip turn. Still not much there. I’m having trouble consistently turning my hips without swaying. One out of every 2 or 3 swings where I actively turn my hips back will not have me swaying. And contact is... iffy at best with the hips turning well. If I focus only on my hips, or go slowly, I can do it. But not at speed or with any other swing thoughts. Definitely a long road ahead on hip turn. 3) Continuing to shallow out/flatten my backswing and especially my downswing planes. Since my hips can’t seem to get in gear yet, I’m doing this with my arms mostly. In the picture, I’ve compared a swing from today (bottom) with one from my last post (top). Red is address shaft plane, green is obviously the shaft at about the same point in the downswing. I think I’m on the right track. I’m definitley not ‘chopping wood’ so badly anymore, and on some of my swings, like this one, my club points straight down the line at the top of the BS and not across the line anymore. Some swings I’m still across the line though. This is going to be a long process. I can tell because to get the little bit of change I have here, I feel like I am actively manipulating the club in the backswing and downswing QUITE a bit. I’m trying to get the club laid off a bit, and It feels like I’m swinging the club almost totally horizontally from address. Obviously I’m barely making a change! Feel ain’t real indeed.. Thanks for the look!
  3. sofingaw

    LPGA's Lincicome will play in PGA Event in July

    Like I said, I won’t be/am not. But I’ve seen in the past some guys come out against women playing events on the PGA Tour for various reasons. I’ve heard: ‘waste of time’, ‘waste of a spot for a guy trying to make a living’, ‘publicity stunt’, ‘feminist/liberal agenda’, etc.’ Some folks get QUITE worked up about it.
  4. sofingaw

    LPGA's Lincicome will play in PGA Event in July

    I mean, reading her (Lincicome’s) comments on this, she claims that she’s not personally trying to prove a point or make a statement or anything, but simply taking advantage of an opportunity. Of course the narrative changes if she does well and contends. And of course the narrative will be also filtered through many agendas along the way. But I fail to be riled up about this, and most certainly not in a negative way like so many seem to be. I’m interested to watch, and I hope she does well and enjoys herself. And I take her comments at face value as they stand for now. Would definitley be entertained to see her contend or win. It would
  5. Absolutely! Practice and lessons are vital for improvement. But that’s not what I’m looking for here. I would have posted that in ‘Instruction and Playing Tips’ But thanks for the advice. Good point. I mean, I definitely want both. But I’m looking to prioritize which to get first, I guess.
  6. sofingaw

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    Compulsory education (with suspension/revolution of play privileges possible for non compliance) on the specifics of proper pace of play (ready golf, taking clubs, moving to ball immediately when safe, not waiting excessively for others to play, proper use and parking of carts, etc.. and etiquette would go far, but of course would be nearly or completely impossible to institute, require and enforce. I guess the best we can do is teach everyone we can the right way to play as we meet and play with them.
  7. I shoot over 100. Want to buy one of two. Which is likely to be better for my game? Portable Launch Monitor like Mevo? or Stat/Shot tracking system like Game Golf/Accros?
  8. sofingaw

    Driving Range Only

    I play only once every month or two on average. Twice a month max. For me it’s because my job and family take up a lot of time and focus. However, if I could play more I definitely would. And I fully intend to. (Someday...!) And i’m certainly practicing (often) now in order to play better later. But if asked right now, I would also be forced to say that more than once a month for me would be a lot. Perhaps once I get very old or injured, and can’t hit it far enough to score well, I could be satisfied with only practice. But hopefully that’s many, many seasons from now.
  9. sofingaw

    2018 Memorial Tournament Presented by Nationwide

    That’s three VERY makeable putts he missed, not to mention the one he barely missed from the fringe. Could be sitting on 9 or 10 easily right now.
  10. Interesting. It makes sense. Even if we only consider one factor. Even looking at the distance factor alone, doing complete ‘ballpark fuzzy math’ and assuming that technology has allowed the average player to gain between 5-20 yards depending on the club (say 5-10 per iron and 10-20 per wood/driver) over the last 20-25 years’ clubs and balls.... We have increased distances by 5-20 yards per full shot, so you’re effectively playing a course that’s anywhere between 200 and 800 yards shorter (assuming about 40 full swing shots a round) each round compared to how the same length course played for you 20-25 years ago. 200-800 yards a round is between 3 and say 6 shots per round that we aren’t taking now. Of course that’s just one factor to consider, and complete ballpark stabs around numbers, but it is sensible to me that everyone’s scores are dropping.
  11. sofingaw

    2018 Memorial Tournament Presented by Nationwide

    Damn, Matsuyama was impressive! To recover after that nasty shank, and reel off birdies like that, of course the hole out, and then leaving his putt just about an inch short from another birdie on 18. He has won here before, too. Let’s see if he can keep rolling. Lots of firepower in the field who didn’t have great days today will be hungry to make up lost ground tomorrow and Saturday.
  12. sofingaw

    Time On The Driving Range

    Couldn’t agree more!
  13. sofingaw

    Time On The Driving Range

    I also LOVE hitting balls. I’m truly convinced that I could spend a full day hitting shots every day if I didn’t have to work a real job, and as long as I avoided injury. I’m reminded of the classic Hogan quote: “You hear stories about me beating my brains out practicing, but the truth is, I was enjoying myself. I couldn't wait to get up in the morning so I could hit balls. I'd be at the practice tee at the crack of dawn, hit balls for a few hours, then take a break and get right back to it. And I still thoroughly enjoy it. When I'm hitting the ball where I want, hard and crisply—when anyone is—it's a joy that very few people experience.” Ill of course never match Hogan’s accomplishments, but I share this exact feeling with him. The good news for me (and my family, and probably my game, and body) is that I work 5 days a week and have two kids under 4 years old, so I only get to play about once or twice a month, and I have to hit the range before work each weekday. My range opens at 6, and I have to be at work by 8, with a 30 minute drive. So I can practice max 1 1/2 hours a day on the weekdays. This probably keeps me from reaching burnout. But I have NEVER left the range ‘done’ with practice. Even when I was single and first starting out, and spent whole days at the course.. I l’ve always wanted to hit ‘just one more..’ (bucket!) I feel like if I had taken up the game in my early youth, instead of my mid-20’s, who knows how far I could have gone? I definitley have the drive to spend the time on it.
  14. sofingaw

    Driver snap hook on course

    Agreed, impossible to say without seeing your swing, and I’m also a very bad player, not qualified to assess. However, two things that seemed to cause me to hit nasty hooks off the tee were: 1) Not getting my weight forward enough/not getting ‘through’ the shot. I would ‘hang back’ on the tee when playing, and hit a very weak shot (snap hook or slice) due to not committing, and not wanting to swing too fast and mishit it. Ironic that taking it too easy caused just that. 2) Alignment. I often still line up inconsistently, and will make weird swings at the ball including the dreaded ‘double cross’ where I think I’m set up to specifically avoid the hook, and ‘fade’ (slice) it, but end up smothering it left in some awkward last second compensation as I swing through. Again, I suck, and I haven’t seen your swing, so either, or more likely neither may be what you are doing. The reason I decided to drop these in here is that you specifically mentioned the range being much better. On the range both issues are not present for me generally either, because: 1) I swing away on the range, with no fear. I get forward and through on most of my shots. 2) Alignment basically takes care of itself after a few swings and minor adjustments on the spot. And hitting from one bay (‘tee box’) again and again gets me used to where to line up to get more consistent results. Just some thoughts. Good luck on your issue, and I hope you’re able to cure the hook. It’s a nasty bastard.

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