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  1. Never pulled for DJ so much before! Would love to see this come from behind!
  2. Ooooooooooo getting crispy now!
  3. Well, we were half right. No Tiger bounce back, but Brooks pulled away with a merely ‘solid’ round..
  4. Voted for 90%. This poll and the replies are enlightening. I’m still working on going from ‘Overswing’ to ‘Swing’ in general. Seems like most better players chiming in here gear it down lower than that.. I always figured that it would be much harder to get consistent distances swinging less than ‘full’. I have always believed my distance control to be a (relative) strength. Or, at least, knowing what club was the ‘right’ one. Seemed like ‘know exactly how far you hit each club’ was sound advice. It’s certainly repeated enough. It still is, I think. I guess the dist
  5. I agree with this. But remember of course, Brooks doesn’t have to shoot 63 tomorrow. Anything around, or especially anything under par keeps him in a great position. Brooks shoots 66-70, and he’s still likely pulling away from the field some. Tiger is the one who needs the low round at some point. Heres to hoping he gets it! 🍺
  6. Fun Fact: Tiger Woods is 3rd All-Time in wins on the European Tour, and has NEVER been a member. Sounds like a ‘Chuck Norris fact’, but is completely true. Astonishing!
  7. Two that stand out on back to back holes from yesterday: First a Par 3, 205y, Tee and Green both elevated, deep valley between, backstop mounds around green. Hit 5w that bounced off the green and rested on one of the backstop mounds. Chipped on, two putted for bogey. Next, Short Par 4, 310y, downhill, bunkers on both sides of the green. Was playing alone, so hit my first shot, which felt great, and felt like it went left, but lost sight of it. Hit a provisional way right. Praying to find ball number 1... I find it in the left green side bunker! Of course I hit the ball itself out of
  8. Fair point, and I support walking as well. My main issue was the attempt to equate walking on a golf course with military training and the assessment that they were the both good for you in the same way. To clarify, I think walking and playing golf regularly is generally great for someone, and doing 5-20 mile ruck marches is generally not.
  9. I know your reply is a few weeks old, and the conversation has moved on, but this struck me.... All that ruck training is most certainly bad for one’s body, particularly joints and bones (shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, back). You may get and be strong carrying all that weight, and have the muscles to prove it while you’re in the military. While young, you can keep on (t)rucking. As you age, and especially if you keep it up... it WILL catch up with you and your joints/bones.
  10. This was very cool to watch. I do still wonder specifically what the speed threshold is for a modern golf ball or club face where elasticity is lost and the materials transition to the plastic phase of deformation. This video gives us ballpark figures, and that’s cool enough, and rather surprising to me. Particularly how much abuse the modern balls can take.
  11. Hey man, you’re a Pro, OK? There. I said it. On the Internet. That makes it true, right? I don’t see anything in this thread that suggests you’ll probably fail. I think we can close this thing out now, folks!
  12. I’d play for the sweep if I were him. Odds are incredibly low, but that would be a hell of a run. I’d give it the old college try.
  13. LMAO, nah, you’re probably just another dirty damn liar like the rest of us! 😂
  14. And I’ll pay for your round and buy you a drink, too if I can’t substantiate my claims! We can play on a real course if you like, as well. Any game, I’m down.
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