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  1. Guys, I made a comment that Randy's trail leg looked a little straight. It was not a big deal, it was an observation. We're taught here that straightening this leg too much restricts the amount of torque you can generate in your body in the backswing. The theory is not that you are using your tendons as springs (well, not much anyway) but that in order for you to get the most from your core muscles they want to be extended so when they fire they can generate more power and speed when they contract. Twisting your core extends these muscles. X-factor has absolutely zero to do with tendons a
  2. Ok, firstly lose was a typo, thanks for pointing it out :) In discus, yes you move your feet after the first turn but you create much of the power and speed in that first turn away (want to say coil but you don't seem to agree there is any). It's a sport in which you create a form of rotational power in a very similar way to golf. You may think that's irrelevant, I disagree. I think it's relevant in the same way that it was relevant that Carl Wolter was a Javelin thrower pior to winning the remax long drive championship as a complete rookie to the sport. But we can agree to disagree if yo
  3. I'm not sure we totally disagree - I justthought the leg looks pretty much totally straight. By coil I mean having at least some resistance in the lower body against the upper body. What you are describing is what I'd call turn not what I'd call coil. What do you loose by straightening the right knee and by that I mean totally straightening it? Basically you loose power. When I threw discus competitively I was always taught that you had to maintain flex in the trail knee in order to create coil. In fact you squatted slightly on the 'backswing' to ensure you maintained this flex. Fai
  4. Phil, are you saying biomechanically you can put as much torque through a straight knee as you can through a knee with some degree of flex retained? We're taught the opposite here at our National Academy. Could be our physios and coaches are wrong and you're right but it is something they teach. Still, the day every golf instructor agrees on everything it'd be a surprise :)
  5. Have you tried any low point drills like putting a towel laid out flat on the ground an inch or two behind the ball and hitting shots to ensure ball then turf contact? If you're fatting and thinning it can often be from the same thing - low point being behind the ball so you fat if you hit the ground and thin if you miss it and hit the ball on the way back up. If strike rather than direction is your main issue then it could be worth spending some time doing this :)
  6. Hey Randy, how's it going? I'll leave it to the instructors on the site to go into the nitty gritty of your swing but the one thing I notice, particularly dtl, is that your right leg gets quite straight on the backswing. This makes it quite difficult to load up and coil on the backswing and so can rob you of potential power. It's something I've had to work really hard on as after a sporting accident and surgery on my right knee I have no feeling in it at all. Anyway, that's something that may (or may not) be worth looking at. Out of curiosity which way did the ball go - starting line
  7. Nosevi


    Over here in the UK the girls can't have a handicap over 36, guys the maximum is 28. If you don't make that you don't get a handicap, so can't be in competitions etc. Bit daft imo, you're as good as you are and everyone should just have a handicap that reflects their ability whatever that may be. There again our handicap system is pretty daft anyway and the fact that things like this seem to be there merely to encourage elitism and keep what the powers that be see as the 'riff raff' off the course has stopped surprising me now.
  8. Been kind of away for a while, sorry to hear this :( My goals are all about competition at my local club level this year. First year of club competition so I could well 'bomb' big time, we'll see. 1. Win at least 25% of club competitions (ie shoot the lowest score disregarding handicap. We have a handicapped and scratch winner for each comp, only really interested in the scratch scores). 3. Win Club Anual Eclectic (lowest score on each hole taken over the summer to give a ecletic score for the year ie birdie every hole in one competition or another over the summer and you're 18
  9. I have never thought that we're "better golfers" or that our system in any way 'breeds' a tougher golfer, what a thing to suggest! ........Although of course we had 5 Englishmen in the top 10 at The Masters vs 5 of your guys in about the top 30.......And of course there's the way the leading pair going into the final round handled the pressure compared to Willett and Westwood....... Then there are all those Ryder Cups to consider....... I don't want to, but in light of statistical evidence I may have to reconsider my position on this topic I'm mucking about of course, there are ebb
  10. I agree with this. I do think in that particular situation Jordan needed experience on the bag but I guess you don't learn how to get back up without falling down a few times. Thing is Jordan is that good that Greller hasn't had to learn that lesson as yet. Very cliché but I think they'll be a stronger partnership having learnt that lesson.
  11. That's what he said. From me? Surely not ? The only thing I'd say is that in this interview he said he couldn't committ to the second shot on 12 because he didn't know the yardage, he said that in another interview too. That seems mad - the shot was about 80 yards so given the distance from the water to the pin plus the distance across the water, how long would it have taken for his caddy to say "Hold on, I'm going to get you the yardage." And to pace it off to the water's edge? Must have only been 50 paces or so. It's not like in the final group he was going to get hit with a war
  12. It's a good point: 8 strokes better than the pre-cut field (including those that left their game at home this week) vs 5.7 strokes better than the post-cut field, I'm stuggling to see which is better. Tougher conditions on Thursday, more pressure on Sunday - I know which Spieth found trickier but not sure which round was more 'difficult'. Here's a thought, many sites are saying what a shock win this was. DW was actually the number 1 ranked amateur in the world just before turning pro. Could it be that it just took him a few years to make the transition from amateur to pro? Justin Rose was
  13. They show other views sometimes, with the golfer swinging towards you is sometimes interesting, this was the first I came to though:
  14. Will get some later. The kids are in the middle of a movie with some friends - there would be a riot........
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