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  1. YES!!!!!!!!! i mean why not give yourself a perfect lie ?? one of the courses I play at has a short par 3, 120yards and I tee it up everytime...
  2. ok, thats my bad on that question........ i think winning a golf Major is underrated in the grand scheme of things... I say that because when people use to say is Phil a great golfer.... ya but he's never won a major... Same with Sergio, ya he's good / great, but now he's got a major.. and like IACAS said, longevity in career helps too, and not just getting hot for a couple of weeks..
  3. Overrated/Underrated #4 : Winning the US Open vs the other majors and GO!
  4. I went with the Same brand but different version vote..... I've been using MaxFli's since 2013..... i've dabbled with a few other's but, always felt meehh about them, even if they was in the same category.. but I just feel comfortable hitting the Maxfli's because i know what to expect from the ball
  5. While Cam does hit it far AF!!!! let's please all give him a couple years to see how he does... i mean yes him already having a win on Tour is something.. but lets all calm down
  6. JM 2cents, i think picking a Mt Rushmore for Golf is tougher than any other sport... because so many guys have been dominant in their careers.... If you just go by the top 4 in wins...... it's Snead , Woods, Jack and Hogan..... yet the next 4 are....Palmer, Nelson, Casper, Hagen... and then next 4 are, Mickelson , Middlecoff, Sarazen, and Tom Watson... Or should people just go by Major wins..... which goes Jack, Tiger, Hagen, Hogan / Player
  7. Look up JC Penny's Big and Tall..... I know one of the malls near me in the JC Penny's has a "Foundry" which is their Big and Tall section, and they tend to have PGA pant's and polo shirts in the big size....
  8. ummmm Keep Both???? I mean I like having a fluid set of Irons, so, how about keep the Vapor Irons, and use the other stuff for practice or a backup set
  9. so i just turned the channel to see this happen in a highlight......... is this really where Pro Golf is going??? 181yd 9iron????? I mean that's a hell of a shot but damn.............
  10. I've been playing the SoftFli's for a couple years and love them!! the price point for them is good, especially when you can get them 3 for 30$ lol But i do like them for the feel and distance i get, plus if i happen to have a bad round and lose a few balls, i'm opening my wallet and burning 5$ per ball.. Plus the nice thing when i am going into the green with this ball is i go flag hunting, cuz with this ball for me, it's basically a 1 hop n stop with maybe 1 foot of backup... Another ball to check out is the SpeedFli,
  11. 1 - shoot under 40 for 9 holes..... came close a couple times in 2018 ( low 40s ) always had a couple bad holes... 2- continues to cut out 3 putts.... this was a big goal for me in 2018, since it was always a score killer in the past, and this past summer i worked on cutting out 3 putts... which goes to another goal lol 3- improve chipping and wedge play into and around the green... this also was something i needed to improve, and i felt like i did improve in this area, which was nice to be within 10ft of the pin vs 20 to 50 ft away... and this helped out in #2 above 4- Improve my driving off the tee accuracy... I did figure something out with my swing this past summer a big ( ahh ha ) moment, and felt it really helped me cut out the slicing problems i've had... And I found new confidence with my 3 wood, which helped in distance and accuracy off the tee ( since i can hit my 3wood farther or almost as far as my driver when i am hitting my driver good ) .... and this helped out with a few of the issues mentioned above!!!!!
  12. back in the spring of 2000 i got back into golfing and bought a "cheap" set from McSports i think they was PowerBilts, and by mid summer i had snapped the heads off a couple of the irons and even the 3 wood... my boss at the time had a cheap set of clubs he wasn't using anymore so he sold them to me for 50$, since he bought a nice set of Callaways ... that cheap set he sold me lasted till i sold them in 2004, and no lie they was a no-name brand but i could hit them pretty good and they didn't break... I then bought another cheap set in 2008 ( dunlop ) and instantly regretted it..... my brother at the time had a old set of Wilson Deep Reds that he wasn't using anymore, since he had bought a new set of Titleists.. And the difference between the two set's was crazy.... even on good hit's the dunlops just didn't feel good, while the Wilson's was like butter... Fast forward to 2013 lol, i get back into golfing again... and I spot a set of Titleist iron's on Ebay and snag them up... Probably one of the best 4am buy's i've ever had lol... i still have the set and they just work... I probably will only get rid of this set when the grooves get worn out... sorry for the rambling, but with how much turnover there is in golf equipment, someone either getting into the game or getting back into the game can find used equipment pretty cheap, and wouldn't have to worry about the stuff being junk..
  13. you could check out the Maxfli U/Fli or U/speed , right now GG / Dicks has them @ 20$ per dozen..... I've found when my swing is good hitting their premium balls like the U/6 is unreal, i can get the ball to check up and bring it back sometimes 20ft on slow muni-greens...... And i am by no means a good player...
  14. if this was me.... i'd take driver / 7 iron / and 56* wedge
  15. Buttery soft is how i'd describe it..... or when you hardly feel that you hit the ball at all...
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