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  1. yes this is a old thread revival lol.................................. Now i think there are a bunch of guys who are really good that haven't won a major yet..... Kuchar Fowler Schauffele Jonas Blixt Jon Rahm Finau Bryson Fleetwood Ian Poulter Hideki Matsuyama lee westwood and a bunch of others in the top 50 / 125
  2. I technically have two sets......... a set of Titliest 735cm 3-PW and a set of blades i put together Titleist 690mb 2-6 irons and 716mb 7-PW I was trying to do a full set of 690's but all of the 7-pw's irons were trashed, and at the time i was too stupid to just buy a full set, which i probably should have lol...... but it started out with me buying a iron here n there off ebay.... but the nice thing is my 690 irons are mint and the 716's i bought still had the wrapper and i got them each at a good price... plus i do have a few extra 690 irons, that i was going to experiment with or just use for practice, but never got around for it....
  3. while i am not a big fan of TW, even i am like Da Fuq????? his name is only in the news because he is the owner of the restaurant.... it wasn't like he was feeding him the drinks endlessly.... Now this goes back many years, and i tried to find the name of the bar, but there was a bar / club in Grand Haven Michigan, that back in the 90s had a incident like this happen... and even back then i remember going WTF?????? So to get into the bar you had to be 21 or over... well this kid who was NOT 21, i believe he was still a teen, probably 18/19, was BFF's with the front door guy, and well, the front door guy, let his buddy into the club.... Well the underaged kid, got himself drunk as hell and on his way home crashed his vehicle and died... And the parent's decided to sue the club.... And I remember thinking WTF????? you are blaming the club for serving your kid, when your kid is at fault.... and if his "friend" would not of let him into the club, he would not of been there drinking...
  4. David L Yskes

    David L Yskes

  5. Tiger Woods Because since he has been on Tour everyone in the media has been sucking on his pickle because he can do no wrong..( yet i somehow knew something was really fake about him )...... If he stares down someone in the crowd, that person did something wrong, if he starts cussing and swearing, it's just Tiger being Tiger and he is being competitive.... Yet when someone else does it..... omg!!!!! i can't believe so n so is so pissy about this or that... which is what you hear from the media and the golf snobs.... Not going to lie, the day his Ex Wife came at him with that golf club was probably one of those day's i won't ever forget because it made me right about him all along..... Even some of my co-worker's at the time was like why do you hate Tiger so much??? and I said it's because he had everyone fooled into thinking he was different.... but he is no different from some hood rat that goes around sticking his pickle in every girl he meets ( while he is married ) ... except he has a lot of money.... And the stories of him being overly cheap at tipping and especially this story Tiger Woods once baffled and irritated a group of Navy SEALs when he didn’t pick up the check for lunch The downfall of Tiger Woods, both on and off the golf course, remains one of the most...
  6. I've been using the Maxfli SoftFli for a few years and love them!!! last year i played a few rounds with the Speedfli which was eye opening, because it was about 1 1/2 clubs longer for me.... both balls i can basically 1 hop n stop on the green which is good for me!! because i just aim for the flag stick when needed and don't have to worry about spinning the ball off the green... i still have some other Maxfli's U/3's U/6 softs.... i will say when i am really hitting the ball good the U/6 soft is amazing!!
  7. My Wedges go PW 47* Vokey 50 and then a 55/11 and a 56/8 I know my max for my 50* is right about 105 yards... My distances for scoring Irons go like this 7iron - 145 yards 8iron - 135 yards 9iron - 125 yards PW - 110/115 yards 50* - 105 yards my 55/56* 90 yards now obviously i tend to hit high shots with my Irons..... so if i could ever figure out how to lower the flight of my shots, i'd probably add a good 20 yards to my shots.....
  8. back in 2016, i started playing regularly with my dad, and we'd walk 9 holes with push carts..... and i actually found it more enjoyable because we could talk about stuff more, and i could think about my next shot... And i seemed to play better too, because we wasn't in a huge rush.. which i always feel like when i am in a cart, you are in a rush to find your ball, and hit your shot.. I guess playing the course that we did, made a difference since it was only about 6500 yards from the tips.. and we played 1 tee up.. and a lot of the times when we played about 9 or 10 am , it wasn't super busy... So we didn't have people waiting on us..... But last summer my dad started to have some issues with his back, so we'd take a cart.... and this summer he isn't going to be playing cuz of shoulder surgery.. Now obviously depending on the course... i would rather take a cart vs walking..
  9. YES!!!!!!!!! i mean why not give yourself a perfect lie ?? one of the courses I play at has a short par 3, 120yards and I tee it up everytime...
  10. ok, thats my bad on that question........ i think winning a golf Major is underrated in the grand scheme of things... I say that because when people use to say is Phil a great golfer.... ya but he's never won a major... Same with Sergio, ya he's good / great, but now he's got a major.. and like IACAS said, longevity in career helps too, and not just getting hot for a couple of weeks..
  11. Overrated/Underrated #4 : Winning the US Open vs the other majors and GO!
  12. I went with the Same brand but different version vote..... I've been using MaxFli's since 2013..... i've dabbled with a few other's but, always felt meehh about them, even if they was in the same category.. but I just feel comfortable hitting the Maxfli's because i know what to expect from the ball
  13. While Cam does hit it far AF!!!! let's please all give him a couple years to see how he does... i mean yes him already having a win on Tour is something.. but lets all calm down
  14. JM 2cents, i think picking a Mt Rushmore for Golf is tougher than any other sport... because so many guys have been dominant in their careers.... If you just go by the top 4 in wins...... it's Snead , Woods, Jack and Hogan..... yet the next 4 are....Palmer, Nelson, Casper, Hagen... and then next 4 are, Mickelson , Middlecoff, Sarazen, and Tom Watson... Or should people just go by Major wins..... which goes Jack, Tiger, Hagen, Hogan / Player
  15. Look up JC Penny's Big and Tall..... I know one of the malls near me in the JC Penny's has a "Foundry" which is their Big and Tall section, and they tend to have PGA pant's and polo shirts in the big size....
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