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  1. I guess you have a point. Perhaps Justin can pick and choose what he would like to answer, or for that matter, maybe he can talk about the weather. Let me try this one more time. In my lowly opinion, it would have been nice to hear Justins thoughts on the matter. I do have a right to an opinion, eh?
  2. The reason to answer it would be to get Justin's take on the matter. I doubt that he would answer it exactly as Chamblee did. He sidestepped the question, in my opinion, because he did't want to offend Koepka. His behavior was awful, he makes it difficult to like him. I just wish Justin would have answered the question, I will bet his take would be interesting.
  3. Justin might be top notch but he sure didn't have the nards to answer the question concerning Koepka's behavior. Chamblee nailed it squarely whereas Justin launched into how he played. Chamblee is not afraid to say what needs to be said, that's why he's so refreshing, Justin is unwilling, at this point. to do that.
  4. Does anyone know why Patrick Cantlay did not play most of June and July 2017, he was having an exceptional year considering injuries and such?
  5. boonecash


    Without a doubt one of the least sportsmanlike moves I've seen and I am 60. Making Tiger grind when it means absolutely nada. What an opportunity missed. That is the difference between a class act and someone who is playing for his record in the Cup. Shameful.
  6. Unreal. I couldn't begin to tell you how many very accomplished players think exactly as I used to(until I joined this forum). I've been teaching an incorrect move for over twenty years. Nice going. Thanks for the info guys.
  7. If anyone has access to the high speed photos talked about earlier please post the link. I am very interested in correcting a forty year old mistake. Thank you.
  8. boonecash


    Disingenuous is probably a bit strong. What I meant to convey was in trying to bolster his point he showed shots on Saturday being played from the rough and Thursday shots being played from the fairways. I think a more fair comparison would be to have shots played from the fairways on both days.
  9. Pure and plain stubborness I guess.
  10. I'm starting to think I'm a stubborn old bugger. With two different people saying the same thing perhaps I'm wrong. Can this backed up by science, and if so link me man. Everyone of my assistants and myself teach this method with all mostly all playing college and various tours. Should have joined the forum way earlier. Link me.
  11. Your'e right about the squeeze thing since if hit properly the ball is gone before the club touches the turf. What I should have written is the angle of attack is steeper on that shot and feels as though it's being trapped. About the ball flight thing, it has to start down the swing path.
  12. I"m not advocating aiming your club at a tree right in front of you and so on. If your swing path is 6 oclock to 12 oclock and you're i n the middle of the clock with your clubface aimed at the 11, it's an absolute impossibility the ball will not start at the 12. Doesn'tt matter if your face is aimed at the 10. The swing path will determine where the ball starts out. It's freaking physics. I've played this shot for over forty years with the old and new equipment. Really, try it.
  13. Thank you for the welcome, but I believe you are wrong. The ball takes off down the path of the swing. Having the club open or closed determines what spin it then has. Try a flop shot and you'll see it takes off along the swing path with left to right spin. The line the ball takes off on is created not by the alignment of the clubface but by the swing path. Thats why when players are lets say left with trees blocking a direct path to the pin we align the face at the pin and the feet to the right of what is blocking a direct route. The ball starts down the swing path (to the right of the ta
  14. Gettin it from many sides tonite. Trapping the ball merely means squeezing the ball against the turf with the blade. Love Johny but I'm not certain he coined the call.
  15. The setup I explained is called a trap draw. I'm sure you can find someone on the net that tells you to use a rake to play the draw. I've been a member for a whole hour so far and will not spout credentials, but the simple fact is at the highest level of the game that is how a draw is played. I might add that some players because of their swing plane will naturally draw the ball. This method is for golfers not in that category. Why don't you try it, I'm sure you will then agree.
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