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  1. That shot is not for me, I'd chip it out to the fairway. I heard of a guy who lost and eye by hitting a tree, bounced back into his face.
  2. I love walking except three back surgeries means I can't. I can walk 9 but 18 is out of the question.
  3. I agree with you about guitars, (yes I know it is off topic) but I love my Taylor 810CE. had it for many years. Unfortunately the face now has a crack in it, don't know why but it still plays great. I have found that as you age and develop injuries, (I'm 68 and have had three back surgeries), your preference for drivers changes. I Use to be a Ping G guy but as I got older I have now changed to the Cobra F Max. Helps with a strong fade due to it's offset. When I hit it right it really goes for me, not that far maybe a 200 yard carry but 9 times out of 10 it is straight.
  4. You should call and get a tee time, they've spaced tee times out to every 15 minutes vs 8 minutes for separation. Just visited your beautiful country last December on a cruise, loved it. Stay safe and hope you and your's are all well.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look elsewhere if I ever plan on moving, which is not likely. Born and raise on Long Island, NY and except for the winter months we love it here.
  6. I thought about that myself when my friend moved there, also flooding, but Rich, (my friend), isn't to concerned, we'll see.
  7. Bought a set of Pings a while back and the shafts had a sticker that said they were made in Vietnam. Had me a little disturbed because I'm a Vietnam vet and well..... I guess I just need to get over it.
  8. Friend of mine moved to Charleston, South Carolina and loves it, he is really into golf and boating, (fishing). Haven't been there yet myself, may be a little hot in the summer, don't know. But if you are on the coast maybe not so bad. He had a new house build for less then what he sold his house for in New York.
  9. My driver! I don't understand, I go to the range and hit it well but when I play on grass, like I did yesterday, it fails me. Had to resort to my 3W for most of the game. Putting also suffered but that is because of lack of playing lately. But it was good to get out.
  10. Played West Sayville yesterday, course is in good condition, temp green on number 6, restrictions we've all talked about, (PVC in the cups, etc.). I played like crap but what can you do, short game and putting were off big time.
  11. In New York they had closed the State courses but reopened them a few days later with most of the restrictions mentioned above. Played yesterday, 9 holes, didn't play that well given the amount of time since I last played, short game and putting were the worst. County courses are now open, again with the same restrictions. It was good to get out though, nice day. I went as a single and was teamed with three good guys. One thing I like about golf is that I rarely encounter people who are not fun to play with, respectful of the game and each other. We kept our social distance, no hand shakes, etc.
  12. Played West Sayville this morning, great to get out. Didn't play well at all given I haven't played in like a month or so. Shot a 98, short game and putting killed me. Course is in nice condition, temporary green on number 6, no rakes, ball washers covered, PVC pipe cut and put in the holes so you don't have to reach in to get your ball, no touching the flag pole. But a nice day, now back to the range.
  13. I got the same email from NY State Parks, I play Sunken Meadow mostly, you have register a tee time on line, no walk ups. If this darn weather get better I'll be out there but I'm sure I will play like crap given the last time I played was weeks ago.
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