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  1. All my irons are graphite but my wedges were steel , much heavier feel, so I kept my PW but bought a Cleveland CBX GW, (52*) with a graphite shaft, feels much better. Don't know what to do about the SW, I like the weight for getting out of the sand but I may switch that out too.
  2. Went to the range yesterday and was killing them, everything straight and long, (for me). Wonderful workout, now if I could just take that to the course.
  3. My 4H also launches lower with a lot of roll out, my 7W launches higher, I'm hoping it will hold the green better.
  4. My swing speed is no wheres near 120 mph, more like 90 and I only carry 180 to 190, with a roll out I get maybe 200 if I'm lucky. I have tried a lot of things to increase my distance but to no avail, (I have four drivers in my garage). I'm 68 and have had three back surgeries so I need to take it easy. I concentrate more on hitting straight then distance, I have my 3W which I hit well off the fairway, that makes up for my lack of distance. What I really need to keep working on is my short game, mostly getting the ball closer to the pin on my third shot, (on a par four). If the OP is driving 265 yard but carries a 17 HC IMHO he needs to work on his short game. Just a thought.
  5. Before I spent $1150 on new irons I would want to test my current irons against the new irons on the same monitor, i.e., bring you current set in and hit them as well. I'm not sure I trust the monitors in all these stores, I may be wrong but I don't think I have ever achieved the distances these monitors predicted once I got on the course. And also as stated above the manufactures have changed the lofts over the years.
  6. If I was driving 265 yards average I wouldn't change anything, screw ball flight, LOL.
  7. I have a set of the Cleveland HB Launcher which as you say are all based on hybrid design. I got them because I have always been a big fan of hybrids and the set is consistent in terms of distance gaps, etc. throughout. I'm also 68 years old and have a much slower swing speed then in the past. I don't however use the GW that came with the set, for wedges I'v gone to Cleveland wedges for my GW and SW. They work much better. I think you will see a distance increase and higher launch with the hybrids vs irons, but I guess that depends on your particular swing. Good luck with the new set and enjoy getting use to them.
  8. Sadly I was never able to manage it and golf suffered. However, the company where I worked had golf league and I told my wife I was joining because it was good for my career, social interaction, getting to play with the bosses, etc. We played after work once a week, (9 holes). I also told her I needed "me time" to play once a week and I crammed all the other stuff into my other time. One thing I never scrimped on was raising the kids, that took up a lot of time but it was worth it. I could never get them interested in the game though. My wife would never pick up a golf club, she is not into any sport but she has her own things to do. Now that I am retired my wife is glad to get me out of the house! I have no problem getting time to play and practice.
  9. I've been fitted by Ping, everything was standard in terms of length but I was a blue dot, just off of black which is their standard lie. I'm 6 foot tall with I guess "standard" length arms etc. Did they cut an 1" off based on static measurements, did you hit off a strike board? An 1" sounds like a lot to cut off unless you are short in stature.
  10. Thinking about my clubs today, nothing else to do given it is 29* outside. I've struggled with my long irons last year so I thought about adding back a 7 wood, (I have an older Cobra S3 which matches my 5W and 3W). Anyone else playing a 7W and what yardage do you use it for?
  11. Yes we can hit bad shots but I've had occasion where I've hit my drive and someone will walk out onto the fairway or while I'm in my back swing, I'm not looking down the fairway but at my ball. Last thing I want to do is hit someone but they don't even look. Some wait and actual wave you on with your drive, other don't.
  12. Snowed yesterday, now the cold arctic air is moving in, I'm really golf depressed.
  13. What bugs me the most is when I'm ready to hit my drive and someone walks out from the trees because he/she sliced or pushed his or her ball onto my fairway.
  14. In the golf league I'm in, of older retired guys and gals, if you are over 65 you hit from the gold tees, i.e., play it forward, (women still play forward from the reds). We do this because we don't hit the ball that far anymore, have about 10 foursomes that are teeing off and we all want to get to the 19th hole in a reasonable amount of time. We also play best ball otherwise we would be out there all day. The league is for fun, though we do each kick in $10 that goes towards some minor prize money but most goes to help a homeless shelter and a home for battered women in our area. When not playing in the league we still play it forward. We understand how frustrating it can be for other golfers following us when we are not playing our best, which is often, (LOL). We always let those behind us, if they are waiting on us, to play through. Bottomline we check our egos at the door, we're there to have fun.
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