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  1. I have the Classic driver and 3W, like them although sometimes I play my Cobra driver and fairway woods, depends on my mood. Given my handicap and continuing struggle with golf I need all the help I can get. I watched a Mark Crossfield review of the Cleveland HB Launcher irons and tried and like them, I bought a set, 4i thru gap wedge. I know they are not to everyone's liking, (hybrid design) but I hit them well. I find them easier to hit then my Pings but I do sacrifice a little distance, (they hit the ball high). I just club up when needed.
  2. I lent my Ping putter to a friend to try, he lost the head cover. I called Ping and they sent me a new one at no charge.
  3. 2 to 4 a round. Played a few weeks ago and was pulling everything left off the tee, lost 8! That is why I play cheap balls, Top Flite, Callaway Hex.
  4. At 68 and three back surgeries I don't think I'm going to become a better golfer so I stay with the Top Flites, sometime Costco has Callaway Hex really cheap, I play them too.
  5. On windy days the old adage stated above 'when breezy swing easy' applies. For me, on windy days, I leave the driver in the bag and go with a 3W because it keeps the ball flight lower, out of the wind for the most part, but that is me. I hit my 3W well so I don't lose that much yardage and I'm on the short grass. I am not afraid to club up, a lot in some cases, for my next shot. What bothers me the most is the sound of the wind in my ears, makes me not concentrate enough, very distracting, especially when putting . Maybe I should get ear plugs.
  6. My problem was a strong fade to the right, not a slice but close to it. I watched 'How to hit a driver" under Swing Thoughts on TST and it helped a lot. I even wrote out the instructions and read them before I play because my 68 year old brain can't remember anything.
  7. No, play it as it lies, league rules. Except we are allowed to move the ball if it end up in a divot.
  8. Under 'Swing Thoughts' there are a few videos which have helped me when I have been in your position. I particularly liked 'How To Hit A Driver', really helped me with addressing the ball which I took to my other clubs as well. Hang in there things will get better. Go to the range without any expectations and relax, don't get mad or upset if you miss a shot, have fun with it. We have all had periods where we felt like we never played before. I played a few weeks ago and lost 8 balls while driving, had to go to my 3W and still a lost a few more, everything was going left and I didn't know why, I wanted to quit and take up tennis but I stuck with it and it all worked itself out. I still only shoot in the nineties but I have fun.
  9. I agree, I have been hitting Cobra fairway woods and drivers for years. I fade the ball so I went with the Max series with the offset.
  10. If you are new to golf why would attempt to do this yourself? IMHO take the clubs to an experienced shop/person to have them done.
  11. How did that work out for you, i.e., the 2 hybrid versus the 3W?
  12. Having had three lower back surgeries I know a 'little' about it. Don't go to the gym especially if you have pain down the legs, (right or left). Go to a doctor and I recommend a neurosurgeon not an orthopedics doctor, (not that I want to hurt anyone feelings). Lower back pain can be caused by many things, you need to have it checked out. They will probably do an MRI if the pain is severe enough or doesn't go away. Seek help.
  13. In the league I played in, you were to play it as it lies, no moving the ball, no fluffing the lie. If you were caught it was a one stroke penalty, and everyone watched everyone else, (there was money on the line). I believe that is the only way to learn to play golf, for real. If you're behind a tree, chip out onto the fairway and take your lumps. The exception we made was if you ended up in a divot you could move the ball out.
  14. Played today with back pain, probably should have skipped the round but it was with the league and so..... Anyway, time for the ice and stretching. I will skip playing for a week or so and see how I feel. Luckily no pain down the legs, it is just a muscle/ligament problem I hope, but it did/does hurt.
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