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  1. While going through this heart problem I lost my wife of 47 years to cancer, so physically I'm doing good, mentally not so much. She passed away on April 5th, it really sucks.
  2. Mine is mounted high in my chest so I don't think it will be a problem, Glad to see I'm in good company. I'm waiting two months for the wires to 'in 'bed' in the heart then I'll ask my doctor if it is OK to swing a club.
  3. I recently went through some heart issues and had a pace maker put in. I'm not allowed to play golf for eight weeks, they say I could pull the wires out of where they are attached in the heart. To say the least I'm a little concerned about playing again even after eight weeks. Anyone been through this?
  4. I felt the same way, I'm trying Vice balls now, we'll see how they feel and react.
  5. I enjoy reading them but I take them with a gain of salt. Basically I find that every review says the club hits further then last year, how can that be?? As said above you really need to be on a launch monitor to get some accurate numbers, but then I worry about the launch monitors in the stores, how accurate are they, do the amp them up to give you better numbers? Bottom line for me is I hit my older drivers as far and as accurate as my newer driver, I guess their hyping the club works.
  6. My brother lives in West Palm Beach and knows the Pro at The Breakers. He took us out for a free round, best course I ever played, couldn't thank him enough. BTW, he beat the pants off both my brother and myself, fun to watch him hit a drive.
  7. I changed all my grips, except the putter, because I wanted all mid-size grips. I did the entire set, driver through SW. As stated above it is a personal choice, how do they feel for you? I know some guys don't really care and some do. Changing my grips gave me the feeling that I had an entire new set of clubs, worked for me. I guess my answer to your question would be to change all your grips.
  8. Wow, you certainly have a mix of brands but hey if they work for you I wouldn't change them. I too am waiting to get back out there but this winter is a bitch, can't even get to the range here in NY.
  9. Not that it matters that much but what brands are you hitting? Set up looks good, I can't hit a LW that well so I wouldn't use that club, I know others love them though.
  10. $20 for a half hour. You bring your clubs, I even used my balls, (put theirs aside). Now this is the Dicks by me in Patchogue, New York, don't know about others. But I go to the cashier and she has the bar code for renting the room on a piece of paper, she rings it up, you pay and your good to go. I have the golf tech set up the machine for me.
  11. I have a full set of Ping Eye2s (3 through SW) steel shaft. Anyway I took the to Dicks to see how I could still hit them and how they would perform again new clubs. I rented the driving range/room for a 1/2 hour with a launch monitor. Anyway I was hitting the Ping Eye2s well, they felt good. What surprised me was that I tried other clubs, 7 irons is what they had, and was getting the same distance and dispersion. I thought sure all the new technology would make a big difference, I found it did not. Why have I spend all this money on new clubs with graphite shafts? Now I have t try them o
  12. I don't know what my hands and arms are doing. Taking lessons again in the spring to help straighten me out. Good film, amazed the one of the golfers achieved a 100 MPH swing speed.
  13. As one disabled vet to another, thanks for your service.
  14. I've been playing for years, although my index wouldn't validate that. I just enjoy being out in a nice environment with friends and hopefully shouting a half way decent score. I also play in a league of retired guys and gals, some good some not so good. We play a best ball scramble to move things along, (there are usually 10 to 12 foursomes going out), we also play it forward because none of us hit the ball that far anymore. It is great fun, we switch up the foursomes so we get a chance to play with different people. I also am a bit of a club hound and I enjoy shopping for the newest shi
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