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  1. I know what you mean, really slows the game down. I usually bring three of four clubs with me given I kind of know the distance.
  2. I just use a 9 wood, 24* loft, Great club for me. So I have a driver, 3W, 5W 7W and a 9W.
  3. I leave my driver and putter head covers home when I play. My fairway covers go in the back of the cart when I use them.
  4. I've had three back surgeries so I can walk nine but not eighteen. I play better when I walk because I can walk straight to my ball. When I ride I'm always with someone else a lot of the time we search for the other guys ball, then I find it difficult to find my ball, (unless it is in the fairway). but I feel rushed. Have to learn to take my time. I also don't like it when it is cart path only for the carts, makes club selection difficult.
  5. Between the two I haven't played in months. I made it to the range a couple of time, not good, I really need to play again. I guess that is what I get for living in NY. Anyone else feeling the pain?
  6. Well I found a new D7, 13*, senior shaft on Ebay for $199.95 a purchased it. It arrived yesterday, looks nice, as well as my Cobra. I took it to the range today and I must say it felt really good. Ball flight was nice, most of them straight, club performed well. Now I really couldn't tell distance, that will have to wait until I get on the course. It was cold at the range, 46* and windy plus I was hitting range balls. Can't wait to take it out on the course on a nice day and see how it performs in the real environment.
  7. This season I purchased my third pair of Foot Joy Classic spiked shoes. I find they last for years, (I guess that depends on how much you play, I play like once or trice a week but not in the winter). For me they are very comfortable and I like the classic look, plus the price is right.
  8. I am 69 years old and have had three back surgeries, needless to say my swing speed is pretty low, 85 MPH on a good day, usually less. I hit my driver pretty straight but have trouble with ball flight, i.e., lack of distance, ball appears to drop out of the sky, strong fade sometimes a slice. My drier is giving so much trouble I have actually been using my 3W instead, driver stays in the bag. I'm currently using a 10.5* loft Cobra. Anyway, searching the web someone recommended that I try the Wilson Staff D7 13* loft with a senior shaft. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. PS, no stores or p
  9. So basically you're looking for a new set of clubs, irons then woods, maybe hybrids. IMO you should wait until you get a little more flexible and work on your swing then go get a fitting for a full set, (assuming money is not an issue). I have been fitted many times through the years as my physical condition has changed, (age, three back surgeries, etc., I'm 69 now), and have found each fitting and club selection to be very helpful. I too do not shape the ball, never could, I want straight maybe a little fade, and that is what I have although distance is a problem for me with all my club
  10. I read the post on Vice balls so I looked them up. I'm an older player, (69 years old), have had three back surgeries so my swing speed is low, 85 with a driver. In reading on the Vice web site I picked the Tour ball anyone in my age group with a low speed speed use them? Your impression? I ordered a dozen to try them out.
  11. Haven't been on a launch monitor in a while but the last time I read my swing speed, 85 - 87 MPH with a driver, carry was maybe 180 to 200. That was with a M3 driver in the store, not my driver, (I know I should take my driver into the store and compare). I'm using a Cobra F-Max driver which I like. Wind does have an effect on my distance especially when hitting into it, I play new Titleist balls, not Pro V1s. I've tried different balls which for me don't appear to make that much of a difference, except the KIrkland ball, I don't like them. Based on a post here in TST I bought a box
  12. I'm an older player so my swing speed is not what it use to be, more like 85 MPH with a driver. One thing I have noticed is that when I hit my 3W, or any other wood or long iron, the ball starts out on a nice arch and when it reaches it's peak it appears to just drop out of the sky, I mean like straight down, big loss of yardage. Someone told me I'm putting a lot of backspin on the ball, if that is the case how do I stop that? (I don't think that is the problem though). Any thoughts?
  13. My son bought me a large putting mat. Problem is it is so big I have no place to unroll it. I haven't told him. Replace the grips they'll feel like new clubs, (IMO). Nice, good luck with them.
  14. Same here, when I go to the range I don't even look at distance.
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