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  1. I looked at Costco On-Line, all they had was a women's set. You might want to look at Cobra as well, check Ebay of course.
  2. I play all different makes of balls from top flights to Pro v1s, (when I find them). I never noticed a difference in carry, except I tried the KIrkland 3 piece ball I bought at Costco. I definitely lost carry yardage, like 10 yards maybe. I looked up a review of the ball and they said it was not for a person like myself who has a slower swing speed, compression ratio is to high, They recommended a compression ratio between 55 and 75, (whatever that means), I never see compression ratio listed on the box so how is one to know? Anyone else find a make of ball that causes a loss of yardage? I'm 69 years old, have had three back surgeries, swing speed around 90 mph with a driver.
  3. I have used my Cobra S3 3W for many years, it is my go to club off the tee and the fairway. If it breaks I'm screwed.
  4. I always ask first especially when playing with someone for the first time. Some want you to so you can follow the ball, some don't it distracts them. But I ask at the beginning of the round. I want someone behind me because of my eye sight, I need another set of eyes on it.
  5. I know I am not answering your question but I would go see a good neurosurgeon, (I don't recommend orthopedic doctors, my personal opinion),have a complete exam including an MRI and see what he or she says. Lower back pain is nothing to fool around with. I have had three lower back surgeries, (L5S1). Now I am able to play without pain although I cannot walk 18, I have to use a cart.
  6. Nice game. My wedge play, (such as it is), doesn't chew up the cover so I'm good for the whole round except I'll lose two ball during a round, (LOL). A guy in the league I play in said he lost 10 yards using the Kirkland ball, I think that is BS, I notice no drop off in carry. Played a very tight course yesterday, little rough and a lot of trees, so I used my 3W a lot, I was putting them out there where the guys using a driver were putting them. Please note that myself and all the guys I play with are in our late sixties and early seventies so our carry distances aren't that long, maybe 200 yards, roll out to 210 or so. I like the ball, One thing I do really like is how it sounds and feels off the putter, I had four birdie putts, our team in the best ball scramble came in 6 under par, won $40.00, good day.
  7. i also lose balls during a round so price is a factor. To tell you the truth at my level of play I can't really tell the difference between balls. I have ProV1s and Top Flites, can't tell the difference. So now I play the Costco Kirkland 3 piece ball, they work for me and they are just over a dollar a ball, my price range. I'm sure others will differ from me on ball selection.
  8. 48 Kirkland 3 piece balls at Costco and three gloves. I'm done buying clubs, I have a garage full of clubs, don't need anymore.
  9. I just bought another pair of FJ Classics, I think I paid like $75. These are probably my fourth set, I just like the look. I compared others but went with the FJs. I like to be able to change the soft cleats each year. They last a long time as well and are very comfortable. So I would have to say no I have not moved away from the big brands.
  10. Be careful with your back, I've had three back surgeries, (L5S1), but I'm now back to playing with the doctor's permission, so far so good. Let us know how you are doing. I know it is your decision but I would recommend a neurosurgeon versus and orthopedic doctor if it is really bad.
  11. I'm 69 years old and like you only drive the ball 180 to 190 yards. I hit my 3W just as far so I use that a lot off the tee. As far as long irons go, I don't hit anything high then a 7 iron, I use hybrids. My set up is driver, 3W, 5W, 7W, 19* hybrid, 25* hybrid and 7 on down. I cover all my distance with those clubs. I cannot hit a 6 to 4 to save my life, don't ask me why, wish I could. But I hit hybrids very well and along with the 7W I'm in good shape, (although you wouldn't know it from my index but that has more to due with my short game which sucks). Welcome back to the game, enjoy yourself, no pressure.
  12. Right, other then the grip, (he kept putting his right index finger down the shaft), I just let him have fun hitting the ball. He did have trouble with his woods but his irons were hit well, of course he hit the mat a number of times but hell I do that myself, LOL.
  13. Took my 7 year old grandson to the driving range yesterday with his new set of clubs. He had a lot of fun hitting balls for the first time, no pressure on him. Taught him how to hold the clubs and let him swing away. Hope he gets hooked. Great fun for me too.
  14. I play all Cobra clubs except for my 50* GW, (Ping). my 56* SW (Callaway), and my putter.
  15. I only use 13 clubs. Where is your SW? I don't have much success out of the green side bunker with a 50* wedge. I use a driver, 3W, 5W, 7W, 19* and 25* hybrids, 7, 8, 9, 45* PW, 50* GW, 56* SW. Putter. I don't hit my long irons so well that is why I have gone to the hybrids.
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