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  1. You're correct, but for me I suck out of the rough. I don't hit anywhere near 250, (age and three back surgeries), so I use my 3W to make up the distance which is hard to hit out of the rough.
  2. Having said this 6 years ago, it is no longer the case. I purchased a Piretti Teramo 365G, 34" and it is the best putter I have ever used. It will stay in the bag for a long time. BTW I have 11 putters in my garage, this one is the best by far.
  3. IMHO, I don't think a new driver is going to add 30+ yards over your G10. I agree with the above, play for a while, get your swing back in shape then take your G10 to a store and try it against the newer models. I would strive for better accuracy versus distance unless you are accurate with your G10. Being on the short grass is always better then playing from the rough. I forget, can your G10 have shafts be changed out easily? If so try different shafts first. By all means go to a good club fitter before you make up your mind.
  4. My PW is a 45*, Gap is a 50* and SW is a 56*, pretty good gaping. Having said that I fell in love with a Fourteen 52* wedge and I use that as my gap wedge most of the time. It feels better then the gap wedge that came with the set I purchased. I don't use a LW, have always had trouble with it.
  5. Little off topic, I don't have a new club this year, but I live in New York so I haven't played in some time, I'm also waiting for the weather to break. What is new for me is that I got into Yoga over the winter and have really increased my flexibility. Waiting to see if that helps me play better. I have had three back surgeries and Yoga has really helped. I also use to get terrible legs cramps at night, they are gone as well.
  6. I had 3/4" cut off a Ping G driver and it worked just fine. Good luck, let us know how it works out.
  7. Never purchased or used Tour Edge, I'm sure they are a fine club. However I have always loved the Cobra hybrids and in Dicks Sporting Goods they sell for $150 for last years model to $200 for the latest model, the F9. I would suggest you give them a try and see if you like them.
  8. Didn't know they were still made for some reason, does anyone play them? Saw their web site off of Facebook, looked interesting.
  9. Good point. Don't know what his gaps are.
  10. Hmmm, I'm apparently in the minority here but I would recommend a 3W and learn to hit it off the deck, (and tee). I carry both a 5W and a 3W and hit both really well. I don't use a 60* wedge, if need be I just open my 56* a little for those flop shots over a sand trap, etc. I don't drive the ball like I use to given age and back surgeries so I learned to hit my 3W to make up the difference with my second shot. Do you own a 3W? Not all woods are the same, I personally like Cobra woods. I find them easier to hit then say TM. Cleveland also makes a fine wood, I have an older Cleveland Classic which I also like almost as much as my Cobra. I agree a 3W can be a hard club to master but once you have there is that nice click and the ball really travels. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  11. Don't know much about these particular irons but they look nice, cavity back, etc. I assume they are standard length and you are of average height? For starting out you can't go wrong for $75.00. PS, Cleveland makes a good club.
  12. When I was working and had cash to burn, (I'm now retired), I was a club hound. I have in my garage four sets of irons, five drivers, eleven putters, untold number of wedges and fairway woods. But I now have a full set of clubs that work for me so I wont be buying anything except balls and tees. If I feel like switching clubs I just go into my garage and put a "new" set together from what I have.
  13. Was in Dicks Sporting Goods the other day, I still have a hard time with a set of irons costing over $1000. Maybe they are worth it but not for someone with my skill level. And yes, if I am in the market, which I am not, I would buy a two or three year old set of clubs, (unused). I usually search eBay when I'm looking for something.
  14. Thanks Mike, very helpful. I put into practice much of what was discussed, (taking it from "How to Hit a Driver"), my issue is not a slice or fade but hitting it 'pure'. My dispersion is pretty big left or right especially when I'm aiming at a green. I end up having to chip on from the side, then I am always putting for par and walking off with a 5 or 6. I need to get the accuracy of my iron down. I hit them straight but they are either pulled or pushed left of right. I will post a swing video when the weather warms out. I live in NY and it is still cold.
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