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  1. Wow, this thread got really technical fast. I know I'm a high handicapper but when I started pushing the ball to the right I simply moved the ball forward in my stance, up near top of left foot versus heal. This solved my problem, i.e., giving the face that fraction of a second more to close. I also keep my right elbow closer to my body on the back swing. As I said this worked for me, Ping G driver helped also, (I believe), but I know it is the Indian.......
  2. Great, something else to worry about? I'm not spending the money on new wedges every couple of years that's for sure. I agree, it is a company pushing product. The ball you use probably has more to do with it and they're a lot cheaper.
  3. I'm in the camp of not paying big bucks for a new driver, Epic or otherwise, however I did want to upgrade my older Cleveland driver. When Golfsmith went out of business I found a Ping G driver in the used rack without a mark on it, got it for $225 and hit the hell out of it. Pays to look around, as someone up above said, next year you'll find all sorts of deals on today's Epic drivers.
  4. Is the 5 wood dead?

    I use a 3W (200+ yards) and a 5W (185 or so yards). I also hit a hybrid when coming into a green and on shorter par 3s when I want a softer landing. Other than that I use irons.
  5. All good input guys I appreciate it. A couple of things: 1. I've been on this site for quite some time and my handicap is no longer a 15 since I had back surgery (my third), not sure what it is today. Plus I'm 64 now, (can't believe that). 2. I don't keep stats but will start now, good suggestion, then I'll be able to really see what needs work. 3. I do know, my chips are always short (I feel like I'm not committing to the shot); my putting needs work, (you can't score well with a lot of three putts), and my GIR has to increase. Thinks about it, my whole damn game needs improvement! I have a lot of work to do.
  6. An OK buy if you want a "standard" set of wedges but you should look at wedges with different grinds. A fitter can probably talk you through the different grinds available and the benefit of each. These look like a standard "S" grind (Ping type), I purchased a Ping wedge with an ES grind and love it.
  7. To upgrade or not?

    If I had your distance I would stay with graphite, it seems to suit your game. I like graphite better than steel, I like the softer feel. I think both are good, it is more a matter of feel rather than distance.
  8. I personally think a lot of it is hype. I play with a Cobra S3 (which came before to Fly-Z; Amp Cell and probably a number of other "upgrades" but I still hit the S3 as far and as straight as all the guys I play with. Again, the old saying "its the Indian not the arrow." But I, like a lot of other people love new candy. I've tried many new drives over the years, but I always go back to the S3, I guess I'm just use to it.
  9. New Grips

    I use Lamkin Crossline Black grips, put them on all my clubs, really like them. $2.99 each but the fell great.
  10. I get close on par threes is one, two on fours, three on pars five but can't seem to score well. Either its a bad chip or three putt. What they hell can I do? I've taken chipping lessons, have nice clubs but can't score well, I'm tired of shooting in the high nineties all because of my short game. Any thoughts would be welcome.
  11. Help. Too many sets.

    I have four sets of irons, Ping Eye 2s, Cobra Amp Cells (least favorite), Cobra Bafflers (super easy to hit) and Callaway XRs (my favorite).
  12. I actually have just the opposite problem, I can't hit anything higher than a 7I, but I can hit the you know what out of my hybrids (5 and 3 hybrid), 5W and 3W off the deck with no problem. I can't explain that either.
  13. Fairway Wood Choice

    At 65 years old and having had three back surgeries I thrilled to hit a drive 220 (not often and I need role). I make up distance with my 3W which on a good lie can hit it 190 to 200 yards. The rest is the short game.
  14. Although not out yet they do have demo clubs in Golfsmith. My friend hit them and ordered the driver, 3W and 5W on the spot. I'll wait to see but I think they will appeal to a lot of people. Just have to get over the sticker shock.
  15. Fairway Wood Choice

    For a driver have you looked into a mini drive? A mini has a head size between a 3W and a Driver but the shaft of a 3W. Some say you can hit it off the fairway but I have never been able to do that with any consistency. TaylorMade makes a great mini driver and I hit it almost as far as my Cobra S3 driver but more precise.

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