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  1. Bad day today, with family and prepping for a extended trip I haven't gotten to the range in a while and haven't played either. Well it showed yesterday, I was all over the place, lost four balls. I think I'm done until after the winter, (I'm in New York), will go at it again in the Spring, taking a break.
  2. While in the Air Force in '71 I had my first back surgery due to an accident on the flight line. This kept me from walking 18, I could do 9 but that was it, had to use a cart. Second and third surgeries were in my 50s so I could no longer walk the 9. But I'm still out there, don't play that well as indicated by my index but I have a lot of fun especially with the guys I play with. Even with a cart by the time I get to the 14th or 15th hole my back lets me know, but that is what pain killers are for.
  3. In the league I play in, (it is for older retired guys and gals), we play a best ball scramble. We mix the players up each week so I do get to play with some women golfers who have been playing a while. I would say they hit 160 to 190 with a roll. However, they tend to hit it straighter then us guys who swing for the hills. One of our rules is that you need to use two drives per round for each person in your foursome, we've never had a problem getting two drives in from the ladies. They have saved our bacon on many a hole. The only problem with playing with the ladies is that you really need to watch your language and of course no urinating against a tree, (LOL).
  4. I agree, the wind is what counts. I draw the line at 40* and no wind. I'm in NY, on Long Island, and love playing on those 45* winter days with no wind and a bright blue sky. However the leaves on the ground can be a bitch, can't find the ball off the fairway, LOL.
  5. I watch guys I play with and see them fluffing their lie, kicking out from behind a tree, grounding the club in a bunker, taking mulligans, saying "I'll take a four", and on and on. I honestly don't know how any of their handicaps count. I also hear "I drive the ball 280 yards" when I drive 220 and I'm close to them when they are in the fairway, (most of the times they are in the trees). But what are you going to do, call them on every infraction? The league I use to play in was for money so you damn sure better not screw around. I made an honest mistake one time in counting up my strokes on a par four, I said I got a five, but I forgot a stroke, boy did I get called on that one. The guy I was playing with/against counted every stroke of each player, don't know how he did that. I'm 68 years old now and play with guys my age and older, they are out to have fun and there is no money on the line so I don't say anything, but I do play by the rules. I do not keep an accurate handicap myself, i.e., I don't submit my scores anymore. After three back surgeries what is the point.
  6. How well do you hit the G25 at 10.5*? Why would you want to buy and turn a 9* to a 10.5* when you can just buy a 10.5* driver? Or are you just looking to buy a new driver?
  7. PW (46*); GW (52*); a 56* and a SW (58*). I know the yardage for each, using my 56* or the 58* depends a lot on the lie if not in a trap. I tend to hit the 58* more even though it is a SW with a large sole.
  8. I also just hit to the center of the green. I will try left or right depending on pin placement but I rarely go pin hunting, I'm not the good. For 80 yards that is my 58* wedge if going over a trap, if not I use an 8i and bump and run it.
  9. Bad shot, playing a par 4, hitting into the sun so of course I knew I wouldn't see it. Asked my uncle, who I was playing with, to watch. Hit a slice, although I didn't know it at the time the ball flies right and hits a guy putting out on the other fairway green. After the ball hit the guy my uncle scream FOUR. Needless to say I was very embarrassed, walked up to the guy and apologized but he was pissed, I didn't blame him, Good shot, 213 yards out, hit a 3W and put it 2 feet from the cup, putted in for a birdie.
  10. I started with a set of Spalding clubs, full set from K-Mart for a few hundred dollars years and years ago, (couldn't afford anything else with family and a low salary at the time). I look at them now and wonder how I ever hit them but they got me hooked on the game. As my salary increased I was able to save up and buy better clubs. Now a days there are tons of 2nd hand clubs available, just look on Ebay. There probably were 2nd hand clubs available when I started but who knew. I agree with most above that you don't need the expensive clubs to start, hell you may not need them going forward either. Talk to your local Pro Shop, they probably have a set for you or can get you hooked up with someone who does. I for example have probably three sets of clubs in my garage, (not including the Spaldings), that I would gladly part with just to clean my garage out. Just wish I knew someone who could put them to good use. I have 11 putters for example, who needs 11 putters!!
  11. For fairway bunkers I use what ever club I would use for the yardage remaining including using a fairway metal,e.g., 3W. Having said that, a lot depends depends on the bunker and the lie. If we end up in foot print we are allowed to lift the ball, rake under it and place it where it was. If it is plugged you're screwed. We are not allowed to ground any club we are using. If there is a big lip in front of you you'll need a higher lofted club to get over it, obviously. For me it is a matter of picking it off cleanly, assuming a low lip. I take my stance as I would on a fairway, I don't dig my feet in, and make sure I don't dip during my swing thus hitting it fat. I keep my head very still and swing easy. I've had some fantastic shots out of fairway bunkers with my 3W, I almost like them better than being in the rough, again depending on if you have a big lip or not. I have had occasions where my only choice was to chip it out sideways due to being to close to a high lip, but that's golf.
  12. I have the Classic driver and 3W, like them although sometimes I play my Cobra driver and fairway woods, depends on my mood. Given my handicap and continuing struggle with golf I need all the help I can get. I watched a Mark Crossfield review of the Cleveland HB Launcher irons and tried and like them, I bought a set, 4i thru gap wedge. I know they are not to everyone's liking, (hybrid design) but I hit them well. I find them easier to hit then my Pings but I do sacrifice a little distance, (they hit the ball high). I just club up when needed.
  13. I lent my Ping putter to a friend to try, he lost the head cover. I called Ping and they sent me a new one at no charge.
  14. 2 to 4 a round. Played a few weeks ago and was pulling everything left off the tee, lost 8! That is why I play cheap balls, Top Flite, Callaway Hex.
  15. At 68 and three back surgeries I don't think I'm going to become a better golfer so I stay with the Top Flites, sometime Costco has Callaway Hex really cheap, I play them too.
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