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  1. cooke119

    MacGregor Colorkrom M75

    I looked on eBay for you, couldn't find anything, but you try, I didn't have that much info to go on.
  2. Sure is a downer, I suppose you can get it re-shafted, the Dynamic Gold shafts are common. How old is the club/shaft? That really shouldn't happen unless you are really bouncing it off your back.
  3. cooke119

    PXG Next Gen Drivers… $575

    For veterans and first responders as well, pretty nice of them. Looked at the 0811 driver, sixteen movable weights to fine tune the driver. If only my swing were that consistent but for the better players probably good. You'll definitely need a fitting to get the most out of that club I suspect. Thanks for providing the link.
  4. cooke119

    PXG Next Gen Drivers… $575

    Does that count for veterans or just active service? I would think just active service, (which they deserve).
  5. cooke119

    New Irons

    Pádraig Harrington plays Wilson Staff. I have never hit them myself but I also have not heard of anything bad about them. As compared to Mizuno, don't know. It is really up to you as stated above.
  6. I fill my bag with the same ball and I mark all of them with a black dot over the name so I know it is my ball. What I hate is that I play with some guys who will play any ball, even ones they find on the course, (I call them ball hounds), and they don't mark them. After we hit a drive I ask them what they are playing and they have no clue, pisses me off when you're trying to help someone find their ball. At least remember what ball you hit, (sorry just venting).
  7. cooke119

    Need to Buy New Golf Shoes

    The shoes you showed in the link are nice. I wear Footjoy and love them, have two pair. I prefer the white and brown myself but they are a good shoe and last a long time. I also like to be able to change the spikes when needed, although it can be a pain getting the old ones out even with the tool. Last time I had to use needle nose pliers.
  8. cooke119


    I too have a hard time with the driver but I read the "How to hit a driver" thread under Swing Thoughts here on TST, it has helped me. Had a really good game using the instructions provided then I went to the range yesterday and I'm pulling them to the left, (I'm a righty). I believe I know what I'm doing wrong but I've asked for comments on the thread. Regards blades vs GI or SGI irons I can only say that I too am a 20+/- golfer. I have tried hitting blades on various demo days over the years, can't hit them, (but then again I suck at this game I love, probably should take up tennis).
  9. cooke119

    Question About PING G Irons

    I have purchased Ping clubs in the past, I was blue dot, and they were standard length, unless they were custom made for a tall person. Color coding refers to the lie angle I believe, i.e., when you're fitted off the strike board during the fitting process.
  10. OK, so I go to the range yesterday and started pulling my drives to the left, way left. I believe I am putting to much tilt into my axis and falling back on my stroke coming across the ball and pulling it left. Have to work on this, any thoughts to help correct before I play again? I did try standing more upright and it appeared to help.
  11. cooke119

    How Many Hybrids Do You Carry?

    Since my last post on this thread which was in June 2018 I have switched big time. I like hitting hybrids a lot, I hit them well, so I purchased a set of Cleveland HB Launchers 4i through gap. All of these irons are based on a hybrid design and I really like them. 4i is 22*, gap is 50* (if I remember correctly).
  12. cooke119

    Hybrid and Putter Only Round

    Sand traps with a lip would be a bitch.
  13. If I were an 8 index I'm not sure I would change anything, but it sounds to me like you have the 'itch' for a new set of irons. Your current sets have given you great service over many years I think it is time to treat yourself to a new set. Given your skill level I don't need to tell you to take your time and look for the right iron/shaft combo that works for you. I also agree with the comment above about buying last years, or the year before, models to save a little money.
  14. I have four drivers in the garage, Ping G, Cleveland Classic, and two Cobras, (an old S2 and a Max). I really like Cobra equipment, (all my woods are Cobra), so I would go with the Cobra F9 although I am not in the market for a new driver right now.

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