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  1. Played two days ago, it was one person to a cart, no exceptions. But on top of the greens fee you had to play $20 for the cart. I guess that is reasonable given the situation. BTW, no one wore masks while playing, I found that a little disconcerting. I figured at least on the green we should have worn a ask but nobody did.
  2. Played my first round in like two months on Tuesday. I had gone to the range a day earlier and practiced my basics and worked my way up. I actually didn't do that bad all things considered. I shanks a couple of irons which pissed me off but what can you do. Drives were OK, putting sucked, (need a lot of practice there), short game was so so, (not getting it close to the pin but that has always been my problem). I'm scheduled to play in the league again over the next two weeks and I'll get out on my own in between, need to practice on the course, not on the range. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll put them to use.
  3. I'm 68 years old, had three back surgeries and so I struggled with my irons same as your dad. I bought a set of Cleveland HB Launchers, 4 through gap wedge. I purchased them because I always hit my hybrids well so I figured why now, I also saw a Mark Crossfield review on YouTube. I really like them, they get the ball up quickly, i.e., they do launch the ball, but I have found that I need to club up from my Cobras. Now I don't know if that is because the lofts are different or my dynamic loft has change with the Launchers. Regards his height and fitting, you may want to invest some time and call Cleveland or a good pro shop, even if you can't get an actual in person fitting they still may be able to give you a static fitting, maybe shorten the clubs a little based on his measurements.
  4. I live on Long Island, NY and play all courses in my area, some up to 40 miles out from my house. Tee times are booked days in advance in most of the courses or the ones that are open are late in the afternoon. Pain in the rear because we never know what the weather is going to be days later, e.g., we booked days ago for tomorrow, turns out it is going to rain and thunderstorms so we had to cancel. We'll try again for next week, weekend are full.
  5. Was playing with my uncle Bob one day, was hitting a drive into the sun so I asked Bob to keep an eye on it. I smashed the drive but immediately lost it in the sun, I asked Bob if he has it and he say Yes I Got It, Going a Little Right, well I look right and don't you know my ball lands on another green and hits a guy in the leg, then my uncle Bob scream FOUR, after the ball hit the guy! I went over and had to apologize, he was pissed, not that he got it but that nobody screamed FOUR.
  6. Unfortunately not. First let me say that I am 68 years old and have had three lower back surgeries so my swing speed is not what it use to be. When I was playing my 'normal for me golf' before the shut down I would be within 50 yards of the green in 2 on a par 4 and walk off with a six! I usually can chip on successfully but never close, then I three putt, very frustrating. I know I need to get closer with my chip shots but around here there is no place to practice chipping off of grass. I use to go to a school yard with my shag bag but they put a stop to that. Chipping off a mat at the range really doesn't help. Then there is putting, three putts drive me nuts even from far away. I spend a lot of time on the practice green but I guess I need a drill or two to try to improve. I do par and birdie holes when I play, I don't want it to sound that bad, but those are rare.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll go back to basics and work at it slowly. Iacas, I'll work through them. Usually I hit the ball well, my higher index is caused mostly by my work around the greens including putting. Never thought I would forget how to hit a ball.
  8. I have a set of the HB Launcher and love them. I know they are not for everyone but I really like hitting hybrids so I bought a full set of them, (4 to gap). I would pass on the gap and sand wedge and by them separately, e.g., Cleveland, Ping other wedges that feel right for you. Give them a try if you can. Let us know what you decide? On regular clubs I was always a big Cobra fan, still have a set of bafflers that I play once in a while. I use Cobra woods and driver now.
  9. Due to the virus, courses being closed, etc. I haven't played in something like two months. Now I'm not that good to begin with, usually shoot in the mid to high 90s but I went to the driving range yesterday and it felt like I never hit a golf ball before! I mean I really sucked. From the right side of the range I hit the fence on the left. I had absolutely no feel for any club in the bag. Had ball marks on the top edge of my driver, shanks, top a few, hit it fat on a few, and those I connected with went nowhere, 7 iron 120 yards, are you kidding me? I know others have had time off due to the same factors, any advise on how to get a swing back? I don't really feel like paying for lessons again, I had a number of them, but maybe. Any thoughts would be helpful.
  10. Believe me, in my league we do not have any 5 handicappers, (LOL). Most can barely drive the ball 200 yards and usually into the trees or the rough. We're all old retired guys and gals but we're there to have fun but at the same time don't want to hold anyone else up so we play it forward. We also play a best ball scramble, again not to hold anyone else up. A lot of beer is consumed along with one guy who actually smokes pot while we play, (and he is still one of the better players). We each kick in $10 each round, there are like 50 people playing, a little of the money goes to first, second place and closes to the pin on the par three. The balance of the money goes to a homeless shelter. Like it said we're there for the fun and companionship. We play courses all over Long Island, NY because we want to support all the local clubs as well. We spend a lot of money at the 19th hole.
  11. I live on Long Island, NY right in the middle of the hot spot. Courses are open again but it is one person per cart, however, if and when they go to sharing a cart I wont do it regardless if I know the person or not. I'll walk instead even though that means I can only play nine holes due to physical limitations. Yes I am that concerned. Maybe after a vaccine is available but that will be a long time from now.
  12. Most courses where I play have a blue, white, gold and red tees, (red being the ladies tee). The league I am in has a rule that if you are 65 or older you hit from the gold, if you know you don't drive the ball that far you can also play the golds. Bottom line the guys and gals I play with are older and don't drive the ball that far anymore so we're happy to play the golds, makes the game more fun and gets us to the 19th quicker. But outside the league when I play I still play the golds but see many who drive the ball 200 to 210 yards playing from the whites, some even play from the blues. I just shake my head and realize it is going to be a long day.
  13. I've thought more about you post and if you are willing to move out of the country I would recommend the southern coast of Spain, the western part by Malliga (spelling???). I've been there four times and it is beautiful. If you have never been to Spain I would highly recommend it. Crime is low outside the big cities but in the cities you just need to watch out for pick pockets.
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