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  1. cooke119

    Flat Left Wrist...Goodbye Slice

    Good to know. Mark Crossfield said to bow vs cup the left wrist, (for a righty) on the back swing. Didn't work for me.
  2. cooke119

    Flat Left Wrist...Goodbye Slice

    I will give it a try. I took a lesson recently to stop the fade/slice and the pro didn't say anything about it, we'll see at the range.
  3. cooke119

    Took lesson to stop a slice

    You are so right. I have been practicing a lot plus I played 18 yesterday and did much better. It wasn't league play so pressure was off and I took my time and let it happen. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm 66 now and have had three back surgeries so my game is not what it use to be. But I'm hitting them straighter and that is all the counts. I'm having fun.
  4. cooke119

    Took lesson to stop a slice

    I am practicing what Carlie taught me, what I neglected to say was that I play in a league and we had a match two days after my lesson so I did not have enough time to ingrain what she had taught me. I just thought it amazing that one day you have the feel of what you are being taught and the next it is gone. I may be I am trying to kill the ball, I'll watch out for that, (I'm playing today). So we'll see what happens today.
  5. So I have always struggled with a strong fade or slice with my driver, (I usually hit my 3W), so I took a lesson recently. Carly watched me hit a few balls and liked what she saw, i.e., good grip, on plane, good rhythm, but I wasn't transferring my weight and getting through the ball. Working with her I got it after a few drills, straight wedge shots, 9 iron, 3W and driver, all good. By the end of the lesson I was really in good shape. Then I went to the course, what happens when you put grass under the ball versus a mat, I couldn't hit anything! Slice was back, shanking the wedge, and this just a day or two later! I could not get the feel back of transferring my weight. I think maybe I'm thinking to much when I address the ball, I have all these thoughts in my mind especially when bringing the club back. Any tips?
  6. cooke119

    3 Wood the Hardest Club to Find?

    I hit my three wood as far as I hit my driver and with more accuracy. Now I know it is me not the clubs but still, I play full rounds just using my three wood. And by the way I hit it as far as the guys I play with who use a driver, (and they are all over the place).
  7. cooke119

    3 Wood the Hardest Club to Find?

    I have a fairly old Cobra S3 3W which is my favorite club in the bag. I just hope it never breaks, I actually thought of searching Ebay for one just in case. I also have the S3 5W which I hit just as good. I can hit the Cobras off the fairway, tee, up hill lies, down hill lies, you name it. I remember years ago the guy at Golfsmith recommending them, I hit them at the store and fell in love.
  8. I second that. I try never to think about or try to correct a bad swing on the course. If I start thinking, especially during my backswing, I'm dead. I guy once told me "you dance with the girl you brought to the party"
  9. cooke119

    I gotta bad case of the slices!!!

    Well results are in from my round yesterday. Wedges great, irons great, 3W good but I did push a few to the right but no slice. Driver only so/so, didn't get that weight transfer feeling and weight was not on my left side when I finished the stroke. I need to go to the range again, (tomorrow), and work on it, hopefully it will come. I can't understand how it can work on everything else except the driver? I'm not looking for more distance from the driver, (then what I normally get), I'm not trying to kill it, why the difference, I don't know. I guess it will just take more work with the driver.
  10. cooke119

    I gotta bad case of the slices!!!

    I went to the Pro today for a lesson, Carly Peters, she was great. Anyway I explained my problem, she watched me take a couple of swings with the driver. Her insight right away, grip good, on plane, tempo good, good contact. My problem, not getting my weight transferred to my left side, (I'm right handed). She asked me to hit a wedge and hold the finish, then asked me how my weight felt on my feet, i.e., how much (%) on the left and right. I told her it was about 50/50. She wanted 90% on the left 10% or less on the right. Her drill was to put away the driver, take a wedge, grip normally with the left hand but just put my right hand flat down the back of the grip/shaft, then hit some shots concentrating on ending with my weight on my left foot. It worked, she could tell from the limited ball flight that things were straighter. I then went to the driver and concentrated on the same feeling (full grip), end with 90% on my left foot and hold the pose. Drive straightened right out. Did the same with my three wood, same result. Now, I don't think I am totally cured but I now know what to feel in my swing, I just have to remember to do it. We also practiced with the 9 iron, same result, straight. I asked her to not say "fire with the hips first," I hate that saying because I can never do it. She laughed and said she didn't like that saying either, that with feeling of the weight movement to the left the body turn would happen naturally. For me it worked, I'll know how good it works tomorrow since I'm playing a round.
  11. cooke119

    I gotta bad case of the slices!!!

    I give up, going back to a Pro. Played yesterday and I think I hit two fairways out of 18! I put the driver away and was using my 3W and still pushed/faded/sliced to the right. I even hit my long irons to the right. I definitely need some professional help.
  12. cooke119

    Worst golf tip you ever received

    Put a string around you neck attached to fishhooks on your testicles to keep your head down! I got the point.
  13. cooke119

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    Same but I would use a PW instead.
  14. cooke119

    How Hot Is Too Hot to Play?

    I changed my mind, I played 18 yesterday, heat index was 103 degrees. I think I'll pass next time. I was soaked by the time we finished. I play in a league so of course our tee time was 11am, just in time for the real heat and bright sun, (high humidity). Drank three bottles of cold water, still didn't help, past right through me with all the sweat. I was done around the 14th hole, just wanted to game to end. Needless to say we didn't come in the money, we all suffered.
  15. cooke119

    How Hot Is Too Hot to Play?

    It has been on the 90's here on Long Island, NY for the past couple of days but I would still play. Given our age, etc. we ride so it is not bad. Playing tomorrow but it is only forecasted to be in the 80's so no problem. Riding, I think my limit would be 95 to 100 degree with high humidity (which we get a lot). On the Island it also depends on where the course is located. We have a lot of courses on the bay (south shore) so we always get an on-shore breeze in the afternoon. Mid Island, like Bethpage, it can get very hot and humid, no wind, it all depends.

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