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  1. cooke119

    Need Advice to Learn Golf

    There are some good books out there that can inform you about golf etiquette to start with, also others about virtually everything else you could ask. But while you are reading go get some lessons from a pro. (BTW it took me three tries before I found a teacher who I really liked and learned from). On another thread I said I never give advise, but if you are just starting out and have friends who have played for a while ask a couple to join you and ask their advise (if they don't mind giving it). When I first started I had a friend who joined me at the same time, (starting out), we would go to the range and film one another to look at our swings, I'd show the film to my teacher for his input. Once you get a swing that is half way decent go play. Good luck with your journey, you'll never stop learning.
  2. cooke119

    Driving Range Etiquette Question

    I never give advise even to people I know because half the time I don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong, like the other day when the wheels came off. The most I'll ever say, (and only to a friend), is that you pushed or pulled a putt. I have a friend who looks like he is aiming dead right in his set up but somehow hits the ball down the middle, go figure. My advise would have him hitting into the trees on the left. You made the right decision.
  3. cooke119

    One of those days, they suck

    I've got to get that round out of my head, I play every week with a good group of guys but the "stuff" you have to take from them when you are playing bad is really awful, they don't hold back. Each week you are teamed with different guys and we play for money, not much but still there is money on the line, (if you come in the money it usually goes to a family in need) but still there is some pressure. Hopefully next time out I'll do better. Gotta hit the range first though and work on my tempo, slow things down. One of my partners last week told me my back swing was really fast, not good.
  4. cooke119

    One of those days, they suck

    Played 18 yesterday, felt good, clean clubs, ready to go, well the wheels came off the wagon. I don't get it, could not get my tempo right, fading everything even my irons, hitting them fat, hitting them thin. Felt like walking off the course. Other days I go and I'm on. I don't get it. I guess that is why they call it golf.
  5. cooke119

    New Irons

    How many irons are you looking for, I mean how high do you want to go, i.e., 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 through the gap wedge? When I began I had a set 7 through gap and used hybrids above a 7i. I agree, go on eBay there are tons of clubs there, in fact I need to learn to sell on eBay because I have three sets to sell.
  6. cooke119

    Watching Caddyshack Tonight Again…

    Greatest golf movie ever, I laugh my ass off. So many great lines. Not a golf movie but the other one that is on my list of all time greats is "My Cousin Vinny",
  7. Geese are a real pain but some of the courses here on Long Island, NY hire a guy with a dog trained to chase them away. Not only are the geese gone but so is the geese poop. We have a lot of deer here, (I don't think you are allowed to hunt them), now they aren't dangerous but they stand in the middle of the fairway and will not move. I hit one in the hind quarters with a drive, it flinched and looked at me as if to say "what the hey!" (It was not hurt). We also see red fox, musk rats, (by the bay), but they don't bother anyone. Had a musk rat in a sand trap digging a hole, I decided to move my ball just in case, (no I didn't take a stoke, we weren't playing for money).
  8. cooke119

    Anyone Else Golf with a Junior?

    Was at the 19th hole one day and a father and son, probably about 16 years old, came in. The father, and son, were very excited because the son got a hole in one on a par 3. The father could not have been more proud of him. It was great to see the bond between the two of them, not just because of the hole in one. Golf can do that for you. Good luck, I wish your son and you the best.
  9. I hit Cobra woods and drivers. Have a Ping G but I push it to the right for some reason, (yes I know it is me not the driver). I have heard good things about the Bio Cell although I have never hit it. What I do know is when the older clubs first came on the market they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you are finding the clubs in a store, versus Ebay, I assume you can hit them. Which one works best for you and fits your eye? They are all good drivers.
  10. Never leave them in the car (SUV) for the reasons stated above plus I wash them after each round and put them in the garage. Never thought about them being stolen from the garage but I don't think my wife would want them in the house, (we have enough clutter already). Plus for the next round I never know who is driving to the course so... Plus I leave my golf shoes by my clubs so I don't forget them, did that once, what a pain.
  11. cooke119

    Within 50 yds ....

    8i as long as I don't have to go over a trap, then I use my 52* or sometimes my 58* depending on how I feel and how much green I have to work with.
  12. cooke119

    3 Wood Recommendations

    I hit Cobra woods, (I carry a 3 and a 5). I really like them and they can be had for a good price. But, as everyone on the site says, go to a store and try them out. I hear good things about the Cobra F7. Talk to the sales rep, you may be able to find a wood with an offset which would help if you fade the ball to the right.
  13. cooke119

    Cleveland HB Launcher Irons

    I have now played a number if rounds with the clubs and I am getting use to them. They hit very smoothly and given the progressive nature of the hybrid design it is easy to transition from say a 7 iron to a 4 iron, (which I couldn't do before because I would have to go from a cavity backed iron to a hybrid. I couldn't hit anything stronger then a 6 iron). Distances are consistent and I'm getting them dialed in, (although the weather has been off and on cold so that has presented a problem). I'm scheduled to play this coming Tuesday and temps are forecasted to be in the 70s, this versus playing in the 40s and low 50s, ball should react much different. BTW, I do like the Kirkland 4 piece ball, getting that dialed in as well. So bottom-line I'm feeling good about the clubs and the ball and expect to only get better as the season progresses.
  14. cooke119

    Wedges.... my nemesis

    I, like you, have problems with wedges. Unless I have to go over a trap, near a green, I don't use a wedge anymore, I use an 8 iron and bump and run it. I have also learned that the golf Gods do not understand the word "don't" because if I have to go over a bunker and say to myself "don't go in the bunker" I will go in the bunker. When I have to hit a wedge I don't bend my left arm, I swing back and through the ball with considerable attention paid to the ball (to not hit it thin or fat), brush the grass. I also make sure I follow through and point the club at my target, or above it depending on distance. I have a shag bag with lots of extra balls and I go to a school yard and practice wedge shots off of grass. Hitting off a mat just doesn't give you the right feel. Set a target at various distances and practice, practice and practice some more. But also try the bump and run, it has helped lower my scores.
  15. cooke119

    Is the Hybrid on its return ?

    I like hybrids so much I purchased a set of Cleveland HB Launchers. YouTube Mark Crossfield's review and you'll see why. All my irons, 4 to Gap are based on a hybrid design. I've played a number of rounds with the new clubs and love them, longer, nice ball flight and most important 'consistent' in length. Most players may not like the look but I get a sense of confidence with them, especially the longer irons.

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