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  1. Thank you for the advise, I will follow it and if not better soon I will go see my MD.
  2. Thanks, I'll go see the doc and see what he says.
  3. I have four sets now, (I just sold a set), including a set of Ping Eye 2s steel shafts which I take out every now and then. I also have a collection of wedges, 11 putters, hybrids, 5 drivers, fairway woods, a chipper and God only knows how many balls. My wife is after me to get rid of stuff to clean the garage out, but I just can't part with it, you never know when you'll need something.
  4. I believe the vast majority of us "normal size" average golfers can take advantage of the buys you have described above. However I have a playing partner who is 6'5" 250 lbs. and should be fitted for longer clubs but he doesn't, go figure. He plays "standard" off the rack clubs and then wonders why he has trouble hitting his irons. He'll never learn.
  5. I started the practice of yoga a few months ago for core strength and flexibility and it has helped a lot especially my back where I have had three surgeries. However, as I have written on another thread I have developed pain in my right shoulder if I left my arm straight up to the side and over my head. Forward and backward not so much pain. I didn't do anything that I can think of to injure the shoulder, i.e., didn't lift anything heavy, no car accidents, etc., just the yoga. My instructor has me modify the postures to lessen any stretch or strain on the shoulder but still the pain is there and is not getting any better. I played last week and sliced every drive, second shots were not much better but the strange thing is I didn't feel any pain while swinging the club. Maybe the body is just protecting the shoulder and screwing up my swing, I don't know. If it doesn't improve by next week I'm going to the doc to see what he says. Any thoughts on dealing with shoulder pain? Anybody else deal with this problem?
  6. What is happening with your second shot, hopefully off the fairway? Do you notice a change as you play the round as you do with the driver? Tee box alignment can screw up anybody. I never look at the box alignment, I pick a small target off in the distance to aim for it instead.
  7. I'll take your advise and go see my MD. I've been taking it easy but the pain is not going away or getting better. Weird, I didn't do anything to injure the shoulder, i.e., didn't lift anything heavy, no car accidents, nothing but "easy" postures in yoga. I modify the postures so as not to move the should to where it hurts. I'll give it another week or so and if no improvement I'll go see the doc. I hope I didn't do anything to the rotator cuff.
  8. Talk about aches and pains, I practice yoga to stay in shape but I think I over did it and have developed a shoulder pain in the right shoulder. It only hurts when I lift it straight out to the side and up, impacted my last round, couldn't stop slicing my tee shots. I'm told heat will help but it has been a couple of weeks now. I guess getting old really sucks, (I'm 67). I'll have to figure out something or go see a doc who I know will want an MRI, etc. Does anyone recommend a Chiropractor? I have never been to one.
  9. Interesting, I will try it. I do notice that on my back stroke the putter head appears to wobble a little. This will help, I'll practice it today. Thanks
  10. Carbon fiber shafts are easier on the hands and joints, I don't think that is your problem. Are you hitting more "fat" shots, i.e., taking big divots? I've played ever type of club out there and nothing ever happened to my hands or joints from switching irons. Can you talk to a pro at a range to see what is going on?
  11. Good point, I pull or push my "lag" putts leaving me 3 to 4 foot to the side of the cup. I meant my distance to the cup was fine but I would be off to one side or the other. If I'm not pushing or pulling the longer putts then maybe I need to work on reading the greens as well. But I do know I need to work on those 3 to 4 footers.
  12. I play with a fellow who, when putting, looks at the hole rather then his ball when making the stroke. No stats but it really seems to work for him. Any thoughts on that, I was thinking of trying it? Putting is costing me up to 10 strokes a round, I end up three putting most greens. I'm usually on in three, on a par four, but walk off with a six, very frustrating! My problem is pulling or pushing a putt, don't know how to correct the problem? I can read greens and distance control is fine, but I miss most three to four foot putts! I call them 'knee knockers,' I have no confidence in sinking those putts and I usually don't. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. No problem, good luck with you search. Let us know what you decide to buy.
  14. Interesting, thanks for the insight and explanation. I'll give your suggestions a try. I'm 67 and after 45 years of office work and business travel I am really tight. But I will keep working it and go at my own pace. Thanks again.
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