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  1. My Cleveland irons are within 1* of your lofts. I also hit my 8 iron about 120 yards, 7 iron 135, however I am 68 years old and have had three back surgeries so my swing speed is not what it use to be. Not sure about the club weight but I would think a slightly heavier club would probably give you more distance?? But I would run out and buy new clubs, unless you can afford them. I would learn to hit what you have.
  2. Put into practice the instructions in the video, worked great for while now I tend to hit sky balls and I tee it low. I think I am overdoing the axis tilt but I don't know. I guess I need to put a video of my swing on here for some help. I'm also pulling everything, even my irons, to the left, (I'm a righty]). After four pars yesterday the wheels came of the wagon and I don't know why. I'm not good at self diagnosis.
  3. I am not familiar with the Powerbilt or the Howson GBH irons so I can't comment of those but the Callaway big bertha were and are a good clubs. What shape are they in? What clubs do you have, i.e., 4 through Gap wedge? Do you use a hybrid? As for the driver, I play Cobra driver and woods and love them, I do have an S3 that I take out every now and then, it is a good driver, IMHO. Your slice comes from your swing not the club. I might suggest some lessons to help hit the big stick.
  4. I'm now 68 and have had three back surgeries so I understand loss of distance. But hitting your irons to the right is another issue. I played G15s for years, easy club to hit, but to answer one of your questions the Cleveland HB Launcher is probably easier to hit, at least for me as I got older. They are based on a hybrid design. I now have a set, 4 through gap, and hit all of them just fine. I too could hit the hell out of my hybrids so I thought why not hit a hybrid design club. Now I know a lot of players would laugh at these clubs, but for me they work well. But, they will not help you hit the ball straight, that is another issue you'll have to see a Pro about. Are you hitting them dead left or slicing?
  5. They are probably mine, LOL. Usually they go in the water. But I am 68 years old, had three back surgeries, so I don't play anything like I use to.
  6. Noodles, they are cheap and good for my level of play. I've tried just about every brand of ball out there, can't tell the difference.
  7. How do you like the One Length Irons, did they do anything for you?
  8. The ferrule on my 3 wood has looked that way for years, I just leave it alone, it isn't loose or anything. If it really bothers you take it to a golf shop for an easy fix.
  9. I did a Google search on Wilson Tour Plus, the result was a Package Set for $152 dollars new at Walmart. All I could find and I don't know if they represent your clubs.
  10. How did that turn out, did you need to see ortho doc? Mine is better, not as much pain but has slowly turned into a dull ache. Still using ice and heat off and on, trying to limit use.
  11. Yes, Cobra fairway woods and driver; Cleveland irons. Wedges are a different story, I have many different brands, same with my putters of which I have 11.
  12. IMHO it is time for an upgrade. I don't know what your full set is but if they are 15 years old and you purchased them at a garage sale it may be time. As stated above there have been many improvements in wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway woods and drivers over the course of the last 15 years. Plus you get the enjoyment of searching for a full set of clubs. Having been in your position years ago of being invited to play with clients, (or inviting clients to play with you), and at outings, I always felt better showing up with a good set of clubs and bag. Now I know that is an ego thing but still you are there partly to impress the people you are playing with. And don't forget the golf shoes, I see many people showing up to play in sneakers and dungarees , nothing looks worse then that, you need to show respect for the game which I'm sure you do. Have fun with your search and by all means work with a fitter as your swing apparently is getting better, new clubs will help as well. Again, just my opinion, enjoy the search and take your time.
  13. I wish someone would juice up the simulator when I go into the stall to make me feel better, LOL.
  14. Yes I think they go over the top on their marketing but then again with the frequency of new equipment they put out I think they have to. I am always amazed when I go into Dick's Sporting Goods the number of different clubs TM is selling compared to other OEMs. By the way I wish other OEMs would advertise more to get the word out regards their equipment, e.g., Cobra, Cleveland. I guess maybe they don't have the budget for it.
  15. I my swing was consistent enough that a couple of degrees makes a difference. I have my clubs dialed in for me in terms of distance, etc. My hat is off to those that can tell the difference in a few degrees on their clubs.
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