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  1. Costco Kirkland Ball

    Good to know, thanks, I wont buy any if they come to a Costco near me.
  2. Purchased a Callaway sand wedge, liked the look and feel versus the Cleveland.
  3. I am playing with an old TaylorMade RAC sandwedge and want to upgrade. Anyone playing a 56* Cleveland CBX wedge and if so how do you like it.
  4. Help choosing irons

    I'm a Cobra guy, (I know some aren't), but you can get a set of Cobras with hybrids pretty cheap, relatively speaking. If you are of "average" size you maybe able to get away without swinging a club. BUT I agree with the above, if you can get to a store and get on a launch monitor and try different clubs, i.e., get fitted.
  5. Re-Shafting Driver

    I am not a shaft expert by any stretch of the imagination, I am constantly amazed at the amount of knowledge some people on TST have about shafts. I don't know where they get their insight from but it is there. I would wait awhile and watch your post, I'm sure some of those experts will lend a hand. But, if it were me I would go to a pro shop and hit a driver with different shafts to see what fits your swing and look at ball flight. I'm not sure they will have your head, the taylormade burner but maybe they have something close to it. God luck.
  6. Iron Set Recommendations

    Let us know what you decide.
  7. Merit golf clubs

    By single length are they all the same length as the 7 iron like the Cobra's of today? If so they would be fun to play with and see how you like them. I've tried the single length clubs in the store on the launch monitor, I'm not sold yet, been playing too many years with "standard" length clubs; but I not saying no yet.
  8. I voted NO because I love watching the pros crush the ball down the fairway. There are plenty of times they get themselves in trouble by hitting long but into the trees or over the fans on the sidelines. I love the recovery shots they are able to pull off. Of course the "average" golfer is not going to hit like a pro, they work out all the time, have gotten stronger, technology is improving, and the balls are really good. IMHO courses should not be made harder, that would really impact the enjoyment of the average golfer who plays that course from the forward tees, (not the Pro tees). I live on Long Island, NY and please do not make Bethpage Black any harder then it already is! Even the other four courses at Bethpage are challenging, the Yellow being the easiest, (IMO), they don't need to be made harder. Damn trees are all over the place, LOL.
  9. Online Golf Training Programs

    Checked out your link and watched the video, very interesting. Not sure I want to pay $49 a month right now but.... Thanks for posting
  10. Online Golf Training Programs

    Never heard or saw an on-line training program, but I would be interested, any suggestions?
  11. Playing golf with your dog in tow?

    You're right, I've heard that some of the courses here hire a guy with a dog to chase geese away, but that is really early in the morning before play begins I think. Never saw him or the dog on the course. It appears to have worked because there is less geese poop on the courses now.
  12. Playing golf with your dog in tow?

    I have never seen a dog on a golf course here on Long Island, New York. Not sure it is a good idea, I would be worried about the dog being hit by a golf ball and getting hurt, (or worse).
  13. How to Play Through Another Group

    I agree, we let faster groups hit up on par 3s and play through. Now we play pretty fast, we play ready golf and usually from the forward tees, (in New York that is the gold tees), but sometimes we have a twosome behind us and then we let them play through. What slows us down is my playing partners being unwilling to give up on a ball they hit into the woods, they have to spend time searching for their ball versus taking a quick look and throwing another ball down, take a stroke, and continue.
  14. Shot Timing

    One of my playing partners addresses the ball then spends at least 30 seconds thinking about his shot waggling his club. This is on drives, fairway woods, irons, no matter what. I've asked him what he is thinking about and he says the shot. By the way once he hits his shot he usually screws it up, I think it is because he is thinking too much. But I can't break him of the habit, very frustrating.
  15. Long Irons

    I play hybrids versus long irons. I hit them straight, long, high and they land softly. I had always had trouble with long irons, always went to the right.

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