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  1. tour player backspin

    its all about downforce on the ball. i have 3-4 year old wedges (upgrading soon) and i can still bring it back a little bit. plus, back spin isnt exactly the best thing for your game. i'd rather have a drop and stop action than a back spin action.
  2. those two brand will never ever be preferred over titleist. never.
  3. vokey no contest. the spin milled wedges spin way too much for me, and they dont have a gap wedge which is my favorite club in the bag. so i stick with the 200 series oil can. i strip them of the finish and make them raw, so so soft.
  4. Longest driver today!!!

    i dont know i hit my 905T longer than i did my 983K
  5. Orlando Golf trip in Feb.

    the legends at orange lake is a great course i think and i could get you onto grand cypress perhaps (if interested) guy that graduated from my school (california pa) is assistant pro there.
  6. Pittsburgh Golf Show

    hmm i might head down. i have to go to myron cope's funeral, pap (joe denardo) was good friends with him, he was a good family friend. so, it all depends.
  7. yea, but those are still like 150 or so, and alot of them are beat up, so I'd have to get them restored, which is like another 350 if I got it done at scotty cameron. i see them goin used on ebay for like 550 or so. it's almost worth it.
  8. Pittsburgh Golf Show

    hell I might go out, is it at the ExpoMart?
  9. I am aware that he made those putters, however they seem like more of a collectors item to me. How much did you spend on yours if you don't mind me asking? I'm contemplating buying a used on perhaps. Sent from my Verizon wireless BlackBerry
  10. they kinda remind me of the DCI oversized irons.
  11. i really want a new putter, and i was thinking about gettin the studio select. however, he released the teryllium ten to tour players for the PGA Championship last year, and the feedback was great. What do you think the chances are of this putter coming out? I was going to get a Teryllium 2 and send it to the Scotty's shop to get restored, but I may hold out for this putter.
  12. Shoe Types

    i wear saddle shoes, its really just the way i was brought up in the golf world. golf is a gentleman's game, and proper ettiquite and attire is required. if i'm dressed up in a golf shirt and a nice pair of either golf shorts or slacks, you need a shoe to complete the look. i right now have foot joy gel fusions, but am looking for a new pair very soon.
  13. College Basketball: Best Conference

    its a disgrace to this forum that the ACC is an overwhelming favorite. duke and unc, thats it folks. top to bottom is pac 10, close second is big east
  14. i just got my 695 blades and love the 3 iron. i had cavity backs before, and hated my 3 iron. i dont understand!!1!
  15. cant deny the beauty of a blade. going by head alone, i like the 695 blades, chrome with that Z cut that just gives a distinctive look. on another note tho, i think the grip makes the club.