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  1. The injury some of you guys are describing is pretty much what I have been experiencing over the last few weeks. The funny thing is I don't remember feeling any pain on the course and it doesn't really hurt paying golf. The pain is a bit vague but seems to be below right nipple to the left and I can only feel it when I twist my body. Coughing is quite painful and sneezing is really bad. I have convinced myself that I have something seriously wrong with me and going to see a heart specialist tomorrow (I don't thinks its my heart but doc referred me) I have changed my swing this year and managed to change a ridiculous slice into a fairly decent straight hit. I probably swing too much with my arms and I also try and hit the ball far too hard. I am just wondering if the change in my swing has caused this problem. I am really glad I found this thread because I now think that the pain is more likely to be caused by the golf and not something more sinister. Has anyone else had a similar experience where they are not getting any symptoms whilst on the course?
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