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  1. I have a set of killer bee irons I like them alot play real well no issues hitting them at all. Got a great deal on them new just know you dont have to spend a lot of money. I also have a miz mp 67. 6 iron i practice with and hit very well my question is i play a fade very consistant and reliable. Except with the mix 6 iron is plays well and still fades not as much and is more desirable flight path. Wonder why that is
  2. [RIGHT]Need help with understanding the hybrid[ Hit 7 thru sw just fine 5-6 irons a bit of a struggle so thinking hybrids for 6 and 5 and 4 but what to get hybrid iron Or hybrid wood or a rescue or what. I like to practice with 6 iron and get that down better but 5 iron just dosent work to well. (why is it so much harder to hit 4-6 irons then 4-6 hybrids what works best same length hybrid as your iron shaft are hybrids all differant???? Need some helpmso i can work on it this winter. Should they match my irons. Flex length progression etc. Any input would be great
  3. Winn dri tac midsize feel really great and rank high for shock absorbtion check there website and it will tell you what is best for shock absorbition and softness
  4. Thats why its ben hogans fade it wont be yours seems you will waste more time trying to copy something then forge your own style Play more think less.
  5. How long does it take you to get warmed up. In ohio its in the 40-60 depending on the day. I find its hard for me to get warmed up Hit in the golf dome last night and was hitting very well all thru the irons but struggled today Was wondering if anyone else had these issiues just could not get any distance from 8-6. Maybe it was too cold to get comfortable and rushing thru shots to beat the sunset. All and any thoughts welcomed
  6. I hit irons and woods just fine Long irons are tougher so i use fairway woods want to get into the hybrids for 4 5 Just looking for recommendations suggestions. I am pretty good at course mangement not every t shot has to be 270 yards to score well.
  7. Hey guys need some help with hybrids. Currently use 5 wood 7 w 9w then go to 6 iron which i dont stroke very well then im pretty set 7 thru wedges So any ideas as what to replace 5 iron with and so on 4. 3 etc. i tee off with 5 wood 230 working on 3 wood but not ready to bag yet not very reliable and driver has no chance as of now. M So any ideas suggestion would be great for what to try and demo over the winter. Thanks guys
  8. Heres the deal maybe you guys can help. When i go and demo clubs i get warmed up and hit great indoors. When i hit indoors or off mats i do fine. But when i transfer that outside not so great. Any tips ideas what not would be great. I know the mats are less forgiving. I hit off grass as much as possiable. Off grass i get less distance and of course divots. So any help would be great
  9. I game 5. 7 9 11 15 17 wood gap wedge sand wedge and of course putter my 5-11 woods are super concorde and 15and 17 are bang sf Always consistant always on line never any confidence issiues not sure how it happened either but been alot more fun and i hold my own on any course with all my friends. What woods are you using as far as manufacter.
  10. I play all fairway woods and some wedges and a putter of course its aspecial knd it only one putts. I have a mixed bag of fun and get around just fine
  11. What does everyone do in winter time to keep there swing smooth
  12. Any experiance out there with high lofted fairway woods.
  13. Got some new fairway meta. Super concord fairway woods #11 13 15 easy to hit great distance easier than irons if you struggle
  14. Im sure the purist will hate on this but does it matter if you play and shoot the low score of the round and all you used was a 7 wood. 11 wood. Putter and 5 wood. And sand wedge....... Just curious played in a 4 some one guy used all fairway woods short holes long holes putted great and chipped really well all aproach shots were with fairway metals(woods) tee off with 3 wood he worked a 5 wood and a 7 wood had this adams clone 11 wood which was like a 7 iron Long story short only iron was a wedge and one guy in the group said he was cheating and not really golfing. Etc. of course this guy couldny stick a green like the fairway woods guy. Really does it matter what you play with if all clubs are legal or do you have use irons. 1 more thought the fella with the woods bag had elbow surgery and missing 2 2 fingers on his left hand. Hence why no irons i guess. Share your thoughts
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