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  1. New to the forum... Hi folks. I have always been a true duffer... honestly... 140 shots a round... I was just out for the walk in the park. I finally decided to either learn to play the game or get rid of the clubs. In March of this year I started recording and watching School of Golf, The Golf Fix and The Haney Project (just fast forward thorough all the extraneous stuff with Hank Haney and his 'students'). I now shoot consistently in the 90's and my best round to date is 87. If i can ever get control of my driver..... These shows can be very beneficial. Yes, Martin Hall uses some strange contraptions, but instead of thinking "I'd never take that to the range" I instead pay attention to the concepts he's demonstrating as far as weight shift, balance and angle of attack to the ball, etc. As far as The Sky Caddy SGX Infomercial Golf Fix, I agree... I will never delete his Putting Special from my DVR... but someone give Michael Breed a Xanax, PLEASE! Hank Haney says very little of true importance during his Projects... but those things he does say truly seem to be golden nuggets ("It's not a HARD swing... it's a QUICK swing" - Hank to Sugar Ray Leonard). The other video lessons I watch a lot are "Phil Michelson's Secrets of the Short Game." Not that I did it well, but when I first learned to play (I worked part time at a practice facility 25 years ago) the style of his chipping matches what I was taught back then by the owner (a PGA club pro.) I have been able to get more and more 1-putts lately thanks to these DVDs. I think the main purpose of these and other instructional videos is not to try to imitate the presenter... rather to truly pay attention and learn to understand the concepts (easier said than done) involved with golf physics. I'm finding lately that I can self-diagnose a bit better... and when I can't... I've found this forum... and I know where I can get a lesson or two now that I've managed to build a fairly repetitive swing. End of Essay