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  1. Well, I sold my old driver...didn't care for the 'offset', and the salesman didn't really explain it to me, but rather just pushed it as a great deal. Anyway, I picked up a Callaway Diablo Edge 9* driver for about $38 shipped...it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up. That being said, I didn't do my research on driver selection and was told yesterday that a 9* driver is for people who can really cram the ball down the fairway, and I would have been better off with a 10.5*. Did I jump on the low price too quickly? Is the 9* really going to hurt my game? How much of a difference is it going to make? Thanks, Nick
  2. I'm an emergency manager for Berkeley County, SC and the owner of Primordial Cycles.
  3. Greetings! I stumbled upon this site through Google while trying to do some research on my clubs and figured it'd be a great source of information to help my game out. Living in the greater Charleston, SC area there is a decent selection of courses to choose from, and I keep telling myself I need to get out and play more, so maybe this will be my motivation. I look forward to learning a lot while I'm here. Thanks, Nick
  4. I picked up a set of old tungsten-titanium Great Big Bertha's about five years ago while I was stationed in Korea. Most I've seen came with black RCH 96 graphite shafts (which my 2-iron I bought separately has), but this set (3-9 irons, P-, A- and S-wedges) has silver shafts that read "Super GBBI" in large letters with "Designed by Callaway for Japan" beneath it. What I'm wondering is what difference, if any, there is between the two. Was it merely a marketing ploy, or is there really a difference between them? It's more curiosity than anything, but if anyone can shed some light on the subject I'd appreciate it! Thanks, Nick
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