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  1. It went from the worst shot of the week to the best. 9th hole, Par 3, 118 yards. OB right. 9 iron into a stiff wind. Hosel rocket at the trees lining the street. Hits one of them and bounces back toward the green, landing on the top of a greenside bunker. Little pitch that is hit a little too hard but the line is true and it hits the pin, dropping for a birdie that wins the front.
  2. Sorry to hear that. I am very cautious how I go about things during Covid, but I play golf at least twice a week because I feel it is a very safe endeavor. I was supposed to be over there on a trip in April and I know I will be back again at some point. Ireland is my favorite place on the planet for golf. Slaintѐ.
  3. Yeah, that was a sad day. Justin was a good guy, well known in the district.
  4. Greenside bunker, #14 Pacific Dunes. Impossible to advance it from there. I could have turned and hit it backward away from the green, but my sand game was pretty good that day so I took an umplayable and kept it in the bunker. Boned it over the green into some gourse. DIdn't finish the hole.
  5. I still got up and down.🙂
  6. I remember every shot very well and use the new USGA GHIN system to post my stats. Even though I have no idea where my keys are right now.
  7. 42-46-88 Crazy day. Three doubles and a triple, and seven pars, most of which were early. Short game failure led to the doubles and the triple.
  8. Anyone can choose to use the new rule I guess, but we don't use the new local rule at our club and encourage players to hit a provisional. If the player is in a competition at our club, they must go back the tee (or the spot of the previous shot) for an OB or a lost ball.
  9. By rule, you should have put your ball back where it was. His ball remains where it is, but yours goes back to where you originally hit it.
  10. Yesterday I hit a beautiful sand wedge into a par 5 and it is obvious that it will be stiff for a birdie. But it bounces a foot from the hole, hits the pin, bouncing 12 feet away. I miss the putt, make par and half the hole. Very next hole, my opponent and I are both about 15 yards short of the green. I hit a great pitch to five feet. My opponent totally bones his pitch and it's headed off the back of the green. But it bounces once and flies in the cup for a birdie. My putt doesn't even matter now. I hate when that happens. Anyone else got one?
  11. In no particular order: Pine Valley Merion Philadelphia Cricket (Wissahickon) Gulph Mills Saucon Valley (Weyhill) Pine Valley is across the river but it is in our golf association.
  12. Close to breaking 80 again, but I can't avoid unforced errors over 18 holes. Two misclubs and a three putt from 12 feet on the back nine cost me four shots. 40-43-83
  13. The only Member event Junior players or children of full members can play in at our club is the Club Championship. No age limit, if they can qualify they can compete.
  14. He is a bit of a goofball but he appears to have taken that minimal Moe Norman swing plane approach to a new level with the added bulk. He appears to have the long shots dialed. When it kicks in for all his clubs, watch out.
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