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  1. Played in sustained 20-30 MPH winds with gusts up to 50. Got off to a very good start and was in control of my ball flight, but it broke down down the stretch. 41-48-89. It was a newspaper 89, as I didn't even finish three holes on the back. Very disappointing.
  2. The only time I might improve my lie is if I am playing by myself and I can't post the score. But every other time I play I intend to post my score so I play by the rules. Occasionally we play "preferred lies" in your own fairway due to course conditions but that is it. And BTW, if you are allowed to play "preferred lies", don't just play hockey with the ball, pick it up and give yourself the best possible lie. The better players all know this, but I always see high handicappers just moving the ball around with their club.
  3. phan52

    Pace Problem

    My experience as well. Whether in regular play or outings, but particularly in outings.
  4. You are missing the point. I don't know whether the caddie was right or not because I never played the course any other time of year, but his point was that the PGA intention was to make it easier for the Tour players. A hard, fast track is always harder than a plush track.
  5. We have added tee boxes that do exactly what you say and put all of the intended challenges into play. I play a forward tee occasionally and it is way more fun. But I also play in a lot of tournaments at our club and they are always played from our men's tees so I prefer to stay in touch with that yardage.
  6. phan52

    Pace Problem

    We changed our expected time of play from 4:15 to 4:08 a few years back and got strict about enforcing it (a warning on first offense, restricting playing times on the second). The playing times for Saturdays and Sundays are posted as well so the slowpokes, even if they played within the allowed time were there for all to see. Upon monitoring, we found that the vast majority were now getting it done in 3:50 or less unless they were held up by that one slow group. Next season we are going to 4:00.
  7. The US Open is a completely different thing from the PGA Tour. The Tour has zero control of the conditions on an Open course.
  8. Most of my golfing life, I have always scored better when I drove the ball consistently. It kept the double and triple bogies at bay, which invariably occurred when I drove it poorly and into trouble. That has kind of flipped now as get older. I don't have a lot of length anymore so I find that it is actually harder to get in big trouble because I can't reach the "trouble". There are fairway bunkers on my course that used to give me fits and now I aim at them because I can't reach them and it gives me better angles of attack. I am invariably forced to lay up, which I find that I have to do sometimes even with a decent drive (for me). My better scores in recent years are when I am rolling it well and making some putts.
  9. A few years back, I played PGA National the week after the Honda Classic. The course was immaculate and the condition of the fairways in particular may have been the best I ever played. I was standing in the middle of the 18th fairway and I told my caddie that I never had a bad lie in the fairway all day and it was like hitting off of a carpet. The caddie then started into a profane screed about how PGA National is a fast, hard track most of the year, but they soften the conditions up for the Tour. "Those guys are a bunch of f'ing babies and are afraid to play this course under normal conditions."
  10. I play at a private club but, sadly, two of the better and more popular public courses in the area have closed and are being developed as residential tracts. I played last week with a friend who owns another very good public course and I asked him how it will impact his business. He says that it is already up. I asked him what he will do with the fees and he said that he has no intention of taking advantage of the circumstance and that his fees will stay the same. That was good to hear.
  11. A member from my club made match play but he is playing a past champion and is up against it. Three down thru seven. I still think he will give him a fight. He is the best player I have ever played with, by far. Another qualifier was one of my regular caddies a decade ago but he didn't make match play. A really good kid and a very good local player, but I think he is out of his element there.
  12. Too numerous to count back in my youth when I sucked but had great expectations. Really, nothing to speak of in the last 30 years after I tempered those expectations and got real.
  13. Very bizarre round. 44-42-86 I was going along making all pedestrian bogies on the front and then doubled six with a ball OB. I then started hitting fairways and greens and went 1-under from 7 through 13. We had a lightning delay that lasted about 45 minutes and my playing partners didn't want to go back out, but I was feeling it and convinced one of them to join me. We went out and I immediately triple bogied 14. Bummer. I limped in with two pars and two double bogies. I coulda been somebody, but no. .
  14. Nothing like topping it ten yards off the first tee with the cocktail hour of a huge wedding on the patio. That was the first year I took up the game again since I played in high school and it almost made me quit again. Another favorite. I was playing in an away club team match. I was in a greenside bunker on the 18th hole and boned the shot toward an adjacent parking lot. It was going to hit either a Toyota or a Benz and I was cheering for the Toyota but it hit the Benz and dented the hood. My opponent pulled up to the green in his cart and I told him what happened and he immediately asked which car I hit. Of course, it was his car.
  15. I agree with this. The case you mention of a guy who had some success on tours should be denied amateur status for a long time and, IMO, shouldn't ever be allowed to play in USGA amateur events. A golf professional is a different story. Guys who are club professionals spend a lot of time on other things besides their game and, if they decide that the life is no longer for them, they should be allowed to return to amateur status in a year or two. I know a number of guys who were assistants, got tired of waiting for that elusive head job, and had other opportunities that would change their life financially so they took them. I still play with one of them who is a member at our club and he is just another guy who you might get paired with, albeit with a + handicap. His club pro days are way behind him, but he refuses to play in the local association amateur events. He was one of the better local professionals in his day and he doesn't want to draw negative attention to himself.
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