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  1. My club has 6900, 6500, 6200, 5600 and 5150. 6500 is the regular mens' tees. Being a senior citizen with a 13 course handicap, I have been playing the 6200 yard tees a lot lately. Much more fun. The only problem is that all club competitions are played at 6500 and it is distinctly different, so I don't want to get out of touch with it. I still enjoy competition; it's why I maintain a handicap.
  2. Whitemarsh Valley CC outside of Philly. George Thomas design, 1908. PGA Tour event from 1963-80. Every great player from Harry Vardon to Jack Nicklaus has played in competition there. Twenty years ago I would have given it no more than a 3. It was neglected, had shrinking greens, bad bunkering and way too many trees that were planted 50-60 years ago. But an ongoing reclamation project over the last ten years has lifted it to a 7, some would argue 7.5. The Philly area has a lot of great golf courses and Whitemarsh is back to being one of them. Right around the corner is Philadelphia Cricket Club, whose Wissahickon course is a solid 8, but Whitemarsh is very close on the scale, IMO, and much more accessible.
  3. Our course record is 63, shared by Ray Floyd, Gary Player and Tom Kite. That was back in the day when we tipped out at around 6600. It now is stretched to 6960 and has better hard, fast fairways, better conditioned rough and much faster greens. I don't know that today's players would do any better unless they played it a lot. On first sight, maybe 65.
  4. Not true. People do die from alcohol poisoning and more often from excessive use over time.
  5. We have five sets of tees and we got rid of the designations like "Senior" and "Women" about 5 years ago. They range from 6900 yards to 5150. Most players play from the 6500 yard tees, as they are traditionally the "Mens" tee, but more and more are playing the 6200 yard tees. It is more fun for us seniors and still quite the challenge, and is actually the length that the "mens" tee was for years until we built the 6900 yard tees about 15 years ago. So what used to be the tips (6500) evolved into the "mens" tee. Mind you, the course is over 100 years old, so 6200 yards was quite the challenge back in the day (still is for me). The Pro Tour used to play at my course for years and were playing it at 6500 yards as recently as the 70's. The women used to play at 5600 yards but have settled into playing it at 5150, where it still has a 71.1 rating and a 130 slope for them.They initially didn't want to do it because they called them the "junior" tees, but that has gone away. Just go with the colors and avoid designations.
  6. Started Saturday morning's round at 40 degrees (after a frost delay) and finished at beautiful, sunny 65. The golf wasn't as pretty. 44-45-89
  7. I used to smoke pot recreationally and I used to also drink recreationally. I never needed a "fix' of pot, but i certainly needed my drink at the end of the work day. Then sometimes another, and another . . . If I ever took up either one again it would absolutely be pot. It is pretty harmless, IMO. When it becomes legal in my state, I will probably occasionally indulge.
  8. Played in sustained 20-30 MPH winds with gusts up to 50. Got off to a very good start and was in control of my ball flight, but it broke down down the stretch. 41-48-89. It was a newspaper 89, as I didn't even finish three holes on the back. Very disappointing.
  9. The only time I might improve my lie is if I am playing by myself and I can't post the score. But every other time I play I intend to post my score so I play by the rules. Occasionally we play "preferred lies" in your own fairway due to course conditions but that is it. And BTW, if you are allowed to play "preferred lies", don't just play hockey with the ball, pick it up and give yourself the best possible lie. The better players all know this, but I always see high handicappers just moving the ball around with their club.
  10. phan52

    Pace Problem

    My experience as well. Whether in regular play or outings, but particularly in outings.
  11. You are missing the point. I don't know whether the caddie was right or not because I never played the course any other time of year, but his point was that the PGA intention was to make it easier for the Tour players. A hard, fast track is always harder than a plush track.
  12. We have added tee boxes that do exactly what you say and put all of the intended challenges into play. I play a forward tee occasionally and it is way more fun. But I also play in a lot of tournaments at our club and they are always played from our men's tees so I prefer to stay in touch with that yardage.
  13. phan52

    Pace Problem

    We changed our expected time of play from 4:15 to 4:08 a few years back and got strict about enforcing it (a warning on first offense, restricting playing times on the second). The playing times for Saturdays and Sundays are posted as well so the slowpokes, even if they played within the allowed time were there for all to see. Upon monitoring, we found that the vast majority were now getting it done in 3:50 or less unless they were held up by that one slow group. Next season we are going to 4:00.
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