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  1. We still don't have rakes in the bunkers (local rule of lift and place), we have plastic rings in the holes that don't allow the ball to go to the bottom, and we must leave the pin in. But things are getting a little lax at our club. The golf staff and caddies have stopped wearing masks. The restaurant has social distanced outdoor dining and the waitstaff still wear a mask. We had a major tournament last week and players hung around until the end and there was little or no social distancing and almost zero masks. At my age and with my medical issues I was one of the few who wore a mask and I got funny looks, although no one said anything. PA has done a good job of slowing the virus and I just hope we don't become a source of spread. Golf is therapy for me these days and I would hate to see it all go backward.
  2. I don't get practice swings in general and never will because the practice swings are never anything like their real swing.
  3. Our tee boxes are: 6900, 6600, 6250 and 5600. I should definitely always play the 6250 yardage. It fits the chart for me but all of our competitions other than senior events are @ 6600. I don't want to get out of touch with playing that golf course, so I play that more often. I have more fun at 6250 but I am fine with grinding it out at 6600 because I still play in most of the clubs events.
  4. I was cruising along nicely, thinking I can be around 40 at the turn, and I hit my second shot on #8 OB. After that triple . . . 43-48-91. The back was a disaster spent in the rough.
  5. I take around 10-15 minutes. I stretch a little then go to the short game area and hit wedges for a few minutes to get a rhythm. Then I go over to the regular range and hit some seven irons and 5-6 drives. the putting green is right next to the first tee and all I really try to gauge there is the speed that day. Works for me.
  6. 39-42-81 Best round in a while and it could have been better. Missed a gimme (we putt everything out) and had a bad double bogey because of a poor decision.
  7. The two most popular public golf courses in my area of the Philly burbs, Center Square and Limekiln, are now becoming large residential developments.
  8. We have that device on every hole since we opened. It works great, although I did have one putt bounce off the attached stem. Since, I have tried to rotate it around the pin with my putter when it is in my line but it is hard. But generally I like it. This touchless ball retrieval solution is a Cool Golf Thing It's a rare time where you'll want to hook it.
  9. We were playing Lahinch about 7-8 years ago. We were about third in line to play. A group was on the tee and the tips tee box was right in the middle of the first tee and the one everyone should play was a little forward. The group on the tee went to the tips tee box and the first two players hit horrendous shots. The starter walked onto the tee and instructed the players to go to the forward tee and to play that tee box throughout the round or they would be asked to leave the course. They still held up everyone anyway and the rangers made them skip a hole at one point.
  10. I hit a poor approach right of the green, plus a 15 MPH wind pushed it farther away and it hit a cart path, bouncing another 20 yards right of the green. I was also short sided with the pin on a bump on the green that is the size of a postage stamp. I had a decent lie in the rough and I opened my 60 degree Vokey and took a full swing. The ball landed on the fringe and trickled to about a foot from the pin. Any shorter and I miss the green and and any longer I go 30 feet past the pin. I got applause from my playing partners, so I tipped my cap.😎
  11. I've been pretty good to date this year but shot a scrambling 44-46-90 yesterday because of poor driving. Hit two balls OB from the tee and only hit three fairways. The rough is brutal right now and I need to hit more fairways. Just the range today.
  12. We are not allowed to share carts unless it is with a spouse or someone you live with. I really miss caddies. Starting next week, we will be allowing forecaddies, but they cannot clean your ball or clubs. They will carry their own rake. They will also allow caddies to take a cart with two bags (and a rake) so the players can walk but the players cannot ride with them at any time. In this circumstance, we will pay them a full caddie fee with no cart charge. We want to get the caddies back out on the course or we will lose them. This is what I will start to do at that point, otherwise I will carry. I hate riding in a cart unless I am with my wife.
  13. phan52

    Carry or Push?

    I've done both multiple times in recent weeks and I much prefer carrying my bag. Pushing a cart requires me to walk completely around green complexes while I can walk right across a green to get closer to the next tee. It is much easier to carry on my course, particularly on a few of the hills where you have to stay on the cart paths with the push carts instead of some direct stairs and it is a much longer walk.
  14. 46-44-90 I struck the ball better than that but the ball was running out pretty good and too many drives trickled into the rough, which is brutal right now. The resulting double bogeys negated my pars.
  15. we allow carts, one to a cart unless you are with a spouse or someone you live with. I wanted to walk today but everyone else was taking a cart so I did as well. You need a scorecard?
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