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  1. This. And they have gone through my bag almost every time I have traveled with it. They leave a notice that they did it. And never zip anything back up. 😣
  2. Club is closed. No locker room, no carts, no caddies, no guests, but we can walk and carry our bag. Golf trip to Ireland the last week of April is a no go.
  3. Weird round over the weekend. Drove it great, hit a lot of solid irons and pitched fairly well. Putting is rarely my problem but I didn't make a single putt and three-putted six times. Should have shot in the 70's but, 41-43-84
  4. Matt Every goes from 65 to 83. McIlroy just went birdie, bogey, double bogey, birdie. I could do that.😎
  5. Posting season doesn't start in Philly until next week, but yesterday was the first round i played without "paradise" rules this year. We did lift clean and place in our fairway because there was usually dirt on the ball but the course is in impeccable condition for early March. Greens have been cut and rolled and the fairways are firming up a little. 42-40-82 with two doubles. I was very pleased with this score, tied with my best score for all of 2019. One of my goals every year is to break 80 but I haven't done it in a while. I am in good shape for 67 but I have lost distance and was never long anyway. Hybrids are saving my game (Titleist H1's). And my short game, which was pretty good yesterday even without any chance to practice it this winter.
  6. Some of them can be cost prohibitive, but that is why I belong to a club. There are over 300 playing members but I pretty much know most of them, particularly the regulars. There are only a few I have to avoid.😎 I would think that you would want to take that approach with anyone, no matter their skill level.
  7. Exactly. I was responding to Groucho Valentine's mock horror.
  8. phan52


    My wedges are a standard PW (48 degrees), gap wedge (52 degrees), sand wedge (56) and lob wedge (60). The PW and gap wedge are part of my regular set of irons but the sand and lob are Vokeys. I always practice a lot with the sand wedge and lob wedge to be able to hit multiple shots around the green and they were pretty worn down. They are both around 8-10 year old Vokey wedges, one with mid bounce and another with high bounce. We got a new greenkeeper two years ago who has really turned our course into a hard and fast track, which is great IMO, that is how it should be. The bunkers have all been redone as well and are generally very firm. I found last season that my high bounce lob wedge wasn't working very well outside of greenside shots out of the rough The pro just got in a bag full of Vokey demos and I took a couple for a test drive this weekend, a 56 with 8 bounce and the 60 with around 10. It was a revelation. I was able to pitch much better and hit better sand shots. I also noticed that the ball came off the club with a better trajectory and the pro told me that the ball was probably rolling up my club face on my old clubs because the grooves were becoming almost non-existent. I hadn't planned on an investment in wedges but it is time.
  9. Question: Did Tiger's drop break the stated rule?
  10. #17 with large lateral hazard. Big Sur in the far distance. Approach to #18. 18 is probably the weakest hole on the golf course, a jumble of cypresses and a ribbon of a fairway. They have to get you back to the clubhouse somehow. The walk back to the clubhouse from #18. That's #16 in the distance.
  11. Walking to 15 green. Anticipation. Walking to #16 tee. #16 tee. 220 to the pin. I thought I didn't carry my shot at first but you can see my ball just short of the front bunker.
  12. #11. The 9th green is up on that dune. Approach to #12 Approach to #13 #13 green.. #14 fairway. 17 mile drive in the background. After crossing over 17 mile drive on the way to #15. Caddie: "We just left the front pew and we are on the way to the alter." #15. Birdie hole!😎. That is #16 green in the distance.
  13. 5th green. I wish I had taken more pictures of this hole. Look at the drone shots and it is a jungle of bunkers from the tee. When you look back at the hole from the green you can't see a single bunker. Amazing design feature. Approach to #6, second par five in a row. Approach to #8, short dogleg par 4. View of #13 from the 9th tee. This is the highest point on the golf course. You start at the ocean, work your way into the woods, slowly move up into the dunes, and slowly work your way back to the ocean. You might think it's a hard walk, but it's not. Very gradual changes.
  14. Dewsweepers at Cypress. They allow unaccompanied play (sponsored, of course) from 7:30-8:30 most days. Probably because it is too cold for the members to play. We were first on the tee on a cold, crisp beautiful morning. It warmed up nicely by the third hole and the rest of the day was glorious. The guy who got us on said that he felt we were cheated a bit because we should have to play it with SOME wind. First on the tee First fairway.
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