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  1. 65 in Philly today. Oh, that is the temperature, not even close to what I shot.
  2. I played it about ten years ago and it played as it was designed. It was hard and fast and we had wind behind us going out and we had wind in our face coming back. I shot 39 on the front and thought, I got this. Until we turned home and I shot 52.
  3. We were able to play unaccompanied so it isn't impossible, but the guy I played with who knows the member has a long list of suitors. They allow an hour of unaccompanied golf in the mornings, between 7:30 and 8:30. The members don't play at that hour because, when we were there in October, it is so cold but the playing conditions were perfect.
  4. You wouldn't believe how lucky I was. I was an alternate because someone couldn't make it and I doubt I will get another shot at it. Golf trip of a lifetime.
  5. You are not a "high handicapper" (your posted index is 12.4) and making an 8 on a par five probably doesn't happen all that often. I am talking about players with handicaps in the range of 20-30+. In the old system, they could take 8's and 9's anywhere, including par 3's. They will do that far more often than you making the occasional 8 on a par five and getting a shot. I think! Never saw you play.😉
  6. I don't care. That is my ranking and I am sticking to it. Everything about Cypress Point outranks it. And as my caddie at Cypress said, When you finish your round at Cypress, you are in Carmel. When you finish your round at Pine Valley, you are in Clementon, NJ. 😎
  7. This is my favorite because I made birdie. 😎 But its a damn good golf hole as well.
  8. I have played six of the top ten and I would rank them personally in this order: 1. Cypress Point 2. Shinnicock Hills 3. Royal County Down 4. Oakmont 5. Pine Valley 6. National Golf Links I am not a fan of Pine Valley. I don't think being the most penal translates into the "best". Don't get me wrong, I would play it whenever given the opportunity but, IMO, it doesn't come close to Cypress Point, Shinnicock or Royal County Down.
  9. That is why you have flights. I could never win our club championship, but I have won two flight championships over the years. So, I am a champion!
  10. Get my index under 10 and break 80. My index has been going steadily up for three years and is now 11.5. I broke 80 at least a couple of times for 25 years in a row and failed to do it the last two years. I just turned 67 but that is no excuse. I am in good health and almost always walk when I play. I have already had a talk with my pro and we are going to start a program when the weather breaks and we have a chance to meet more regularly. One session on the Trackman/Simulator and then we'll go to the range and/or course after that at least once a month, including a couple of nine hole walking lessons.
  11. Close. It's a par 72 course, with ratings of 74.0, 72.1 and 70.7
  12. "Net" double bogey is the best part of the new system. I am tired of high handicappers automatically putting 8's and 9's on their scorecard when they go south on a hole. Put 4-5 of them on a card and their handicaps stay artificially high. Side note: Here is how my index and course handicaps changed. Our GHIN season closed November 1, so I have not posted any scores since then. But my index went from 11.3 to 11.5 and my course handicaps have changed the following ways. My handicaps used to be 14 back tees, 14 middle tees and 13 forward tees. Now it is 16 back tees, 14 middle tees and 12 forward tees. Frankly, I think that is right. I play a lot from those forward tees and there is no way it is only a difference of one shot from the middle tees and back tees.
  13. My club has 6900, 6500, 6200, 5600 and 5150. 6500 is the regular mens' tees. Being a senior citizen with a 13 course handicap, I have been playing the 6200 yard tees a lot lately. Much more fun. The only problem is that all club competitions are played at 6500 and it is distinctly different, so I don't want to get out of touch with it. I still enjoy competition; it's why I maintain a handicap.
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