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  1. We always aerated the greens twice a year. The fairways were done sporadically and the rough, never. The conditions reflected it. We hired a new greenkeeper three years ago and he insisted that he be able to aerate more often and particularly the rough. We probably lose around a week more overall of play days but it is worth it. I have been playing at my club for over forty years and the last three years has been the best conditioning by far. And when I hit the ball in the rough, while it is exceptionally penal, I know there will be grass there instead of pot luck.
  2. I would be disappointed if the top players took the Saudi money in the PGL. Don't they make enough money as it is? I can't help feeling that Phil Mickelson is a driver of this because he is all about the money. But I understand the Tour needing to step up and give the top players a bump. A weekend with Dustin Johnson all over the telecast vs. someone like Brendan Steele or even a major winner like Keegan Bradley is worth a lot to the Tour and their sponsors, and the top guys should be compensated for that. Rory got his act together today and should be in the mix for the weekend, which I am sur
  3. Short-sided myself (again) and had a difficult shot out of the rough to a tight pin on a push up green. I had options. There was a span of tightly-mown fairway between my ball in the rough and green so I could try to bump something up onto the green and hope the rise would take some pace off the shot. Or I could try and land it on the green and hope it doesn't run too far away. I chose to land it on the green, I hit my spot perfectly and the ball rolled about 6-7 feet past the pin. Made a nice par.
  4. The start of my downswing. It sometimes keeps me from getting to the top of my swing and it throws the rhythm way off.
  5. 400 yard uphill par 4, a very difficult hole for me because there is a fairway bunker right in my sweet landing zone. Hence, the fairway shrinks significantly for me. I hit a solid drive down the middle and, with the firm conditions, I got some bounce and had 172 yards to the pin. This is where the firm conditions betray me. If I hit the club I need to get to the middle of the green (21 degree hybrid), it will invariably bounce over the green and that is not where you want to be on this hole. So what I try to do when I have this opportunity is to hit my 25 degree hybrid just short and bounce i
  6. Umm . . . yes, I did. I have the trophies (and cash) to prove it. And I got GREAT satisfaction.
  7. We played one year on a Tuesday at PGA National right after the Honda and all the grandstands were still there. I expected the place to be a mess but it was pristine. The gallery was obviously kept a proper distance from where golfers would be in play. The only ball marks I saw on the greens were fresh, most probably from that day's play. I know how to fix a ball mark but the caddies wouldn't let us. They did it. My brother is a very good player, much better than me, past club champ. But, when we play, I fix his ball marks. He butchers them.
  8. Tempo is the #1 key for me. What I think is a slower swing is just being in rhythm. I believe the clubhead speed is probably the same, maybe even more, it's just that I am getting to the ball in rhythm.
  9. The handicap system artificially lowers a player's handicap with regard to their average scores, so most people will complain about their handicap regardless. If you play to it on any particular day, odds are that you will come out a winner in a friendly money match. I was the handicap chairman for years and I found that the guys who you have to watch are the guys who have a very small differential in their scoring and their handicap never changes. We use a point system over a rolling two year period where you get points for finishing in the top five, and certain amounts of accumulated p
  10. My first official handicap was 28. Less than a year later I was 17. Worked hard on my short game and figured out course management. I was very lucky with the guy I was getting lessons from. Great communicator. I got it.
  11. But he has almost always been a good putter and scrambler, His putting stats in 2015 were pretty good, probably top ten and he was #1 around the green. His success has rarely been because of tee to green. You don't even have to look at stats to see that, just watch him play.
  12. It was said in context with the fact that his usual success is with his putter.
  13. Spieth usually won because of his play around the green and his putter. This week it kind of let him down. With his strokes gained tee-to-green, he should have won the Masters easily. IF he can continue to drive it the way he has recently, I think he is officially back.
  14. Yeah, but usually when I make two birdies on the same nine I will shoot 40 or below. 43 was not so good. It included an ugly triple with no penalty shots.
  15. AS I got older I ended up under-clubbing myself all the time. It has taken me way to long to adjust, but I finally have embraced it and try to hit the right club. Just don't ask me what club I hit because I will probably lie.😎
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