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  1. Which was the tougher shot, Woodland's three wood on 14 or his wedge on 17? IMO, the three wood was the tougher shot, very high risk reward. That could have easily turned into a bogey or worse. Those guys are all magicians with a wedge in their hands around the green and Woodland said he had almost the same shot on 17 on Thursday and pulled it off then as well.
  2. Jack Nicklaus to Ted Williams: "We have to play our foul balls". To add my two cents, I stopped lying about my distance a while ago because, frankly, I was just lying to myself. It has made me a better player to a degree because I now select the correct club for the shot. I can't hit a wedge over 110 yards any more, and on and on through the whole bag.
  3. 41-45-86 Only four greens in regulation and If I couldn't chip and putt, I wouldn't have broken 90.
  4. I would rather see someone spit than a smoker leaving ashes all over the place. Cigar smokers on a golf course are the worst offenders. Last week I found a large cigar ash on a green that was probably still an ember when it landed and it burned the green. Spitting does zero harm unless it is something like Sergio did when he spit in the cup.
  5. If you could break a piece of gum, Phil would have done it. Steam coming out of his ears.
  6. First, don't join a private club if you don't find the track interesting and challenging. I belong to a private club that is far from "hoity-toity" and, while we are surrounded by those types of clubs in the Philly area, our course is one of the better, interesting tracks in the area so I am lucky to find something like that. It ain't cheap but I prefer the perks of a private club, like conditioning, pace of play, a good range, access whenever I want even if I just want to play 4-5 holes, and being familiar with my surroundings like the golf staff and the membership. Our club fits all of the fore-mentioned criteria, and I never have to change my shoes in the parking lot. I know of some good private clubs in South Jersey with good tracks and good memberships, but I am not real familiar with your area. Good luck in your search.
  7. 39-47-86. Drove the ball well (for me) most of the round and had a real nice start with four straight pars but the rails came off on the back. That 47 included two birdies so that tells you how bad it was on the other seven holes. Hit three pitches sideways, one going OB. Went to the range after and realized that I was too close to the ball, particularly with my wedges.
  8. I played Doonbeg shortly after he bought it, well before he ran for POTUS. And while you couldn’t pay me to play any of his courses at this point, I wouldn’t play Doonbeg again anyway, too many better courses in that general area of the west coast of Ireland.
  9. I think it is pretty clear that I mean we will not be using the new option as a local rule.
  10. I got to play about 5-6 times this winter in Philly but the weather was generally a hindrance. I think last week that we got the most days in a row without rain (or snow) in a year. On Saturday, i actually got a little roll in the fairways for the first time since the fall and hopefully course will be hard and fast soon. Ahhh spring . . .
  11. Our local posting season starts today and our golf committee FINALLY announced that we will continue using stroke and distance for OB and lost balls. It is really the only option for a club that has seven OB's in a row. The fights over where to drop a ball would have been calamitous.
  12. I have always believed that Kuchar is a phony and he has been reinforcing that belief in recent months. The situation the other day with Sergio is a case-in-point. The way I see it, Sergio is an a-hole, something that is unavoidable because he cannot help himself. But Kuchar is a JO which, IMO, is willful. All he had to do was tell the official he gave Sergio the putt, end of story. But, no . . .
  13. My biggest pet peeve at my club is players participating in competition and not knowing the rules. I am constantly correcting the players in my group but I also know that no one is policing a lot of the groups in the competition. In the vast majority of cases they are certainly not trying to gain an advantage but that is beside the point. I play by the rules and so should they. When I was Golf Chairman I would direct the pro staff to make sure that someone in each foursome had a a rudimentary knowledge of the rules because they know the serious players from the causal golfers and they should never put four casual golfers together in a competition. That isn't done anymore and all I can do is shake my head when I scan the tee times and see four knuckleheads in a foursome.
  14. I hear ya. We'll see how it goes. I even have the habit of taking out the pin on the putting green when I am practicing because it reflects the conditions when I play. Maybe that will change for me with the new rule.
  15. I'll deal with my way, you deal with it yours. I doubt it will make much difference. If i hit a good putt it will go in. If I make a bad stroke it won't. The vast majority of putts that we all miss either hit edges or don't hit the hole at all and the pin would have zero effect. But I can just hear you now, when your putt hits smack in the middle of the pin and goes in. "See, what'd I tell you!"
  16. . Well, the concept of the new rule leaving the pin in has nothing to do with making or missing putts. It's only about faster play. I will react accordingly. Rather than wait until someone gets to the pin to remove it on my longer putts, I'll putt away. But when I am close and lining up a putt I will do as I always have and remove the pin.
  17. I can agree with that. The familiarity I have with my course makes me feel that four hours is too long, but there is not much I can do about it when the course is busy and they are playing at the accepted pace. It just feels a bit tedious. Example, we played last week and waited to hit on most fairways and on every par 3 tee box, but we still played in 4:05.
  18. On the days when my swing is right and I am making consistent solid contact, there isn't much better. It may be a rare thing for me, but is is sweet thing.
  19. You and I are going to have to agree to disagree, particularly playing through a group. I have done it and it alway adds a lot of time ot a round. If I can get around them, that's the better option. And I understand that 4 hours is an accepted time. I pointed out at 4;08 is the accepted time at our course. That doesn't mean it isn't slow. When the course isn't busy, any group I am in never play in more than 3:30, and usually less. We play when ready. Get to ball, hit the ball. Why should I wait to hit my ball if the guy who is away hasn't got to his ball yet? Like I said, JMO. Hit when ready.
  20. I remember Miller as a player and saw him play live many times and I even caddied in a group with him for two rounds on the Tour back in the 70's (I had Jerry McGee's bag). But his broadcasting career is what I will remember most because I think he was the best.
  21. I have hit the pin many times from off the green and my experience is that it is totally random whether it goes in the hole or not. I know i will remove the pin when I putt.
  22. We don't have tee times, it is first come. first served, and those groups were already on the course when we got to the tee box. And I totally disagree about playing through TWO groups, as that would have added at least a half hour to our round. I was perfectly happy to start on 3 and play the first two holes at the end. We often have people who start on the back nine and the rule of thumb is to rotate in with any groups that may be on the first tee. It is an accepted policy and never an issue. And sorry, 4:08 is slow. JMO.
  23. A tale of two nines. 40-47-87. And the 40 could have been better as I three putted twice.
  24. I would be interested if they were putting up their own money. Otherwise . . . meh . . .
  25. Yesterday there was a group on one and a group on two that the starter told us were both a bit slow and he recommended that we just go out to three and get ahead of them. We did that and finished 18 holes in 3 hours and 25 minutes, had a drink at the grill and left before those two groups even finished. Golf should not take four hours to play but that is the accepted time at our club, actually 4:08.
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