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  1. Yeah, that was a sad day. Justin was a good guy, well known in the district.
  2. Greenside bunker, #14 Pacific Dunes. Impossible to advance it from there. I could have turned and hit it backward away from the green, but my sand game was pretty good that day so I took an umplayable and kept it in the bunker. Boned it over the green into some gourse. DIdn't finish the hole.
  3. I still got up and down.🙂
  4. I remember every shot very well and use the new USGA GHIN system to post my stats. Even though I have no idea where my keys are right now.
  5. 42-46-88 Crazy day. Three doubles and a triple, and seven pars, most of which were early. Short game failure led to the doubles and the triple.
  6. Anyone can choose to use the new rule I guess, but we don't use the new local rule at our club and encourage players to hit a provisional. If the player is in a competition at our club, they must go back the tee (or the spot of the previous shot) for an OB or a lost ball.
  7. By rule, you should have put your ball back where it was. His ball remains where it is, but yours goes back to where you originally hit it.
  8. Yesterday I hit a beautiful sand wedge into a par 5 and it is obvious that it will be stiff for a birdie. But it bounces a foot from the hole, hits the pin, bouncing 12 feet away. I miss the putt, make par and half the hole. Very next hole, my opponent and I are both about 15 yards short of the green. I hit a great pitch to five feet. My opponent totally bones his pitch and it's headed off the back of the green. But it bounces once and flies in the cup for a birdie. My putt doesn't even matter now. I hate when that happens. Anyone else got one?
  9. In no particular order: Pine Valley Merion Philadelphia Cricket (Wissahickon) Gulph Mills Saucon Valley (Weyhill) Pine Valley is across the river but it is in our golf association.
  10. Close to breaking 80 again, but I can't avoid unforced errors over 18 holes. Two misclubs and a three putt from 12 feet on the back nine cost me four shots. 40-43-83
  11. The only Member event Junior players or children of full members can play in at our club is the Club Championship. No age limit, if they can qualify they can compete.
  12. He is a bit of a goofball but he appears to have taken that minimal Moe Norman swing plane approach to a new level with the added bulk. He appears to have the long shots dialed. When it kicks in for all his clubs, watch out.
  13. Donald Ross was prolific in my area, around Philadelphia. But I have to wonder about what he is ultimately credited with because my club is listed in the Ross Society's website as a remodel, and it never happened. My club is a George Thomas design and I am sure Ross was familiar with it because he designed and worked on multiple clubs within a twenty minute drive, but he didn't do anything at my club. Flynn tinkered with it, but not Ross.
  14. Putts count, right? In a tight BB match, we were one up going into 16, a par 3. The pin was up and the green is slanted significantly, front to back. I would have to hit the club for the front pin yardage perfectly and short is not an option; an impossible up and down. So I hit the club that I knew would get on the green, but that would probably leave me with a significant downhill putt, and that is exactly what happened, leaving me a 45 foot downhill, sidehill challenge. One of our opponents hit a great shot about 10 feet from the pin and my partner left his shot short and couldn't get within 20 feet. My goal was just to try and get the putt to stop somewhere within 5 feet and I addressed the ball with the toe of the putter. The line was perfect and I was pleased with the speed. It was going to leave me with a tap in, but then it dropped!! My opponent mumbled something unintelligible but I am sure it included something requiring a censor, and he proceeded to miss his putt badly. We had them dormie and my partner put them out of their misery with a birdie on 17. Fun day.
  15. Still didn't break 80 this year, but I had my best nine so far this year. 44-37-81 The 37 was with a double bogey. I hit all the other eight greens in regulation but I putted horribly, The one birdie was a 45 foot downhill, sidehill prayer. I missed four birdies inside 15 feet.
  16. Crazy round. 45-38-83 I couldn't get out of my own way on the front but then hit a lucky shot on #10 that should never have got on the green but got a good bounce. After that, I got in a groove. I doubled the last hole or I would have shot par on the back. Short sided myself in a bunker and tried to get cute. I never learn.
  17. Holed a short-sided greenside bunker shot for birdie.
  18. We still don't have rakes in the bunkers (local rule of lift and place), we have plastic rings in the holes that don't allow the ball to go to the bottom, and we must leave the pin in. But things are getting a little lax at our club. The golf staff and caddies have stopped wearing masks. The restaurant has social distanced outdoor dining and the waitstaff still wear a mask. We had a major tournament last week and players hung around until the end and there was little or no social distancing and almost zero masks. At my age and with my medical issues I was one of the few who wore a mask and I got funny looks, although no one said anything. PA has done a good job of slowing the virus and I just hope we don't become a source of spread. Golf is therapy for me these days and I would hate to see it all go backward.
  19. I don't get practice swings in general and never will because the practice swings are never anything like their real swing.
  20. Our tee boxes are: 6900, 6600, 6250 and 5600. I should definitely always play the 6250 yardage. It fits the chart for me but all of our competitions other than senior events are @ 6600. I don't want to get out of touch with playing that golf course, so I play that more often. I have more fun at 6250 but I am fine with grinding it out at 6600 because I still play in most of the clubs events.
  21. I was cruising along nicely, thinking I can be around 40 at the turn, and I hit my second shot on #8 OB. After that triple . . . 43-48-91. The back was a disaster spent in the rough.
  22. I take around 10-15 minutes. I stretch a little then go to the short game area and hit wedges for a few minutes to get a rhythm. Then I go over to the regular range and hit some seven irons and 5-6 drives. the putting green is right next to the first tee and all I really try to gauge there is the speed that day. Works for me.
  23. 39-42-81 Best round in a while and it could have been better. Missed a gimme (we putt everything out) and had a bad double bogey because of a poor decision.
  24. The two most popular public golf courses in my area of the Philly burbs, Center Square and Limekiln, are now becoming large residential developments.
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