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  1. I also noticed on that Trump course they got a different par for men and women, does that happen a lot too?
  2. So I was checkin out Trump's golfcourse (online ofcourse) and noticed that the holes have 5 different tees . What's the max amount of tees one on a hole?
  3. So I went and played the Lincoln Park GC in SF ($36). I got paired up with two soldiers that just came back from Iraq and were on vacation. They totally ruled and I had a blast. The course is pretty hilly and has some amazing views. Specially hole 17 which has a view of the Golden Gate bridge. We had to blast some balls in the ocean ofcourse. However, the course had a LOT of people walking/hiking on it, which was kind of weird (and scary, since I suck and didn't want to hit anyone). Also, the Web conference was amazing. I'm in this pic, find me and win props from me!
  4. James: fly to SF and let's nerd and golf! I love Khoi Vinh's design of nytimes.com. Nice work on the CSS (but what's with the tables?) Must have been crazy project to work on.
  5. I'm gonna be in SF next week for a Web conference . I'm bringing my clubs cuz I would love to hit some balls on friday. Anybody know of a cool muni in SF? Any SF heads like to meet up with me for a round?
  6. freddy adu is mediocre, if he really was so good, he'd play for a european team.
  7. argentina is insane, did romario pass them some of his drugs?
  8. Bow down to the "other" coach of the Dutch team, living legend: Johan Cruijff.
  9. Holland (ofcourse), Korea, Australia and Trinidad Tobago.
  10. heh yeah, i added maarten to my best ball team !
  11. I was telling a buddy of mine (who's a very respectable golfer) that my local golf club sometimes holds "3 club tourneys" where you're only allowed to bring in three clubs and your putter. He said that would be a cool challenge, so he tried it himself and has been playing a few rounds with 3+1 clubs: 3 wood, 6 iron, 9 iron and his putter. He's actually been playing really good with it, maybe one or two strokes above his average. He's saying that this 3+1 really helped him improve with his feel . He was telling his local club pro about 3+1 and he was even saying that he used to play with j
  12. aceadair: Sarcasm, my dear Mexican friend. The way USA played, they don't belong in the World Cup. Thrash13: They are ranked 5th cuz they've been playin mediocre teams in the qualifying rounds. And 2002 was a fluke. They are NO match for european teams. Ghana, they might beat yeah, but Italy, no way jose! aceadair: Trivia question for you (since you know oh-so-much about the World Cup)... Name all teams currently in the World Cup with a Dutch coach.
  13. USA is in the World Cup?
  14. huphtur

    I Broke 100!

    Yeah Dirk congrats! That's all cuz Holland won!
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