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  1. San Diego's weather is amazing, but where can you live for under a million dollars?
  2. Effington


    Gotcha, this is what I wasn't seeing. If I was playing with someone who took 20 seconds to look at his 2 foot putt, marked his ball, etc., I think I'd get frustrated with that. We don't spend much time with a routine on the green, so it goes quickly.
  3. Effington


    Seems like a lot. I would have thought it'd be a quarter of that.
  4. Effington


    There is a distance, just a couple inches, where the conversion rate can reasonably be said to be 100%.
  5. Effington


    So, I gotta ask... if there is any kind of competition, why are you giving them 1 footers? They'll obviously make most of them, but once in a while they'll miss and it is to your advantage.
  6. Effington


    Hey guys, I am sure this topic has been discussed at great length, but didn't seem to find a thread specific to my question. My regular playing partner & I are aligned well that we don't give each other anything. The ball must go in the hole, unless it's within a couple inches. Thus, I practice a good amount of short putts. We don't play for money but there are substantial bragging rights and a lot of trash talk and our families see each other often. Had a couple other people join us the other day and they were surprised that we had these rules. They had played for 20+ years
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I see the pricetag on that is roughly $260, which seems like a lot when comparing to something that's a couple bucks. How is the value for the dollar?
  8. Hi guys, I just recently switched from a basement set-up to a garage set-up. The basement had a nice cushioned carpet underneath the practice mat, but the garage is just concrete underneath the practice mat. In the garage, I'm feeling a lot of feedback, whereas with the carpet underneath, I did not. Do you experience the same and if so, how do you mitigate it? I'm actually worried that over time it could cause injury, on top of it being much harder to know if I hit it solid or not. Thanks
  9. I'm in the Chicago suburbs. I can walk my local course, 9 holes for $15 or 18 for $26. $44 to ride 18, which you can find several around that price point if you look around. Some of the more expensive courses go in the $70-100 range.
  10. In Illinois here. I've read that the rule is that you can share a cart if you live together, but what I've seen in reality is that no course makes an attempt to verify it so it's essentially the decision of the players if they want separate carts or not.
  11. 1. Sport you can play your entire life 2. To be able to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather 3. One of the best social mechanisms in business (or anyone in the real world). 4. The only accepted reason (for me) to take 4+ hours away from the family to go out and play (and/or drink). 5. Sport can be played across generations (1v1 basketball vs. grandpa doesn't have quite the same touch). I wish the game wasn't so difficult and/or frustrating, but I bet that if it were easy enough that anyone could play with success, it would have a different place in society.
  12. Hey guys, dumb question here, but restrictions in place have all rakes for sand traps removed. Does this mean if we hit it into the sand, we should drop it somewhere outside the sand to hit? I'd imagine the sand traps would be in horrid shape otherwise.
  13. Hi guys, I'm a duffer myself, but recently, my 5 year old daughter has been asking to practice with me and has shown enthusiasm for the game. I have tried to show her the basics, but I don't think I'm doing her justice. In a normal time, I would get her lessons, but this is not available during COVID-19. What are my next best options?
  14. Played 9 the other day, got paired with a random. Nice guy with a pretty good swing. First hole, my shots had a wicked hook. Kept it in play, but it wasn't pretty. Playing partner gave me a tip that he thought I wasn't rotating my shoulders in the backswing. Changed my life. Shots instantly started getting better contact with a good trajectory. Made golf fun to play, and I even kept score (55). Putting was surprisingly bad, otherwise I might have been sub-50. Not too upset about that, as the solid contact on full swings made it a great day for me. Practice this week was all about
  15. Wow, that's great. I know people on this website come from a wide range of life situations, but being able to fit in 2 rounds a week when other things are going on in life is a good number.
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