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  1. Effington

    Best Place to Live for Year-Round Golf

    Climate wise, I can't think of a better area than Southern California; it stays nice all year round. That being said, real estate is so expensive out there I can't imagine they have as many courses as some other popular golfing areas, such as Florida or South Carolina. With that being said, I'd pick Cali since you probably can still have enough variety to keep things fresh, and I don't think a new course each week would be a priority for me. As others have said, though, living there is quite expensive so you need to make some cash or marry rich first.
  2. Effington

    My Swing (Grass Destruction)

    How did you like Golftec? I've heard mixed reviews from them--how much did you your results improve and how many lessons did you take?
  3. I'm a bit late to the game on this thread, but thought I'd add that I use this plan in my area and they don't have the 2 per week cap. You can go every day as long as you reserve. In the cold weather, it's pretty busy.
  4. Effington

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    How do you fly for free? I believe you I'm just intrigued...
  5. Effington

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    I'm a bit younger, but my parents did this for a while. The Pro's are essentially the reason you're doing it; you can be close to family (which I don't want to undersell as trivial). The Cons that I saw were significantly increased expenses associated with moving and having two places. I know you might be able to find a deal where you are only paying for half the year somewhere, but you're going to pay for that privilege with higher rates, etc. Also, the hassle of actually moving back and forth every year could get tiring. And to start off, I saw my parents have to buy multiple duplicate things, such as beds, kitchen supplies, etc., that you wouldn't want to lug back and forth. Also, hopefully your agreed upon schedule works to achieve your goal. For example, if your winter is in Florida, are you traveling back for Thanksgiving & Christmas? That is another increased cost and something to consider. If money is not an issue and you enjoy travel, it seems like the cons are not a big deal.
  6. Effington

    My Swing (Effington)

    Hey guys, it's been a month but I have been practicing diligently. I found an instructor and have so far had two lessons. To start, I'm doing weekly lessons to keep me practicing on the right track. Lesson 1 was a bit of a cliche in that it was about set-up & posture, but it looked like I needed it. Changes suggested were: Ball in center of stance with 7 iron. He noted that I was very far forward. Hands in front of the ball at address. I found that doing this also promoted more shoulder dip. Change open stance to have feet square/perpendicular to the target Club face aimed at target Felt super awkward at first, which I took as a good sign as improvement. Other things he noted to work on was keeping lag in downswing (I was using too much bicep for swing speed, which he noted has the opposite effect), and turning hips more in the downswing. This was a bit too much for me to practice all, but I did get better/more comfortable with the new posture. This had an immediate significant impact on ball speed; balls were flying much faster. Huge first lesson! Lesson 2 was about the take-away and just after that. He noted that in my take-away, I bow my wrist right away, which closes the club face and promotes a pull (I did this consciously; I thought I was opening the clubface to prevent a pull!). Also, I stop rotating my body about half way, limiting my engagement of "big" muscles. Lastly, he noted that I should try and get my arms up more after the take-away. Similar to lesson 1, I'm not really able to practice all of these at once, but have been working on stopping the wrist from bowing at the takeaway and rotating my body more. I went to an indoor driving range with a Trackman monitor, and was hitting the ball as hard as I can remember. My 7 iron was logging ball speed of 97-100 and carrying 135-140; a huge jump from where I was a month ago. I've included here a picture from the first lesson; I think it's clear the lessons were helpful. Still a huge amount of work in front of me to get a good swing, but I'm confident to say I've made huge strides in 2 weeks; definitely the most improvement in a short period I can remember.
  7. Effington

    My Swing (Bigmiddy21)

    If it's 62 degrees in the middle of January, does that mean the winter is peak golf season there? I'm imagining summers being 100+ degrees and not comfortable to be outside for 4+ hour stretches.
  8. Effington

    My Swing (Wanzo)

    Can't help with your swing but it looks like you pretty much know what you're doing. I'm just wondering, is that your home practice set-up? If so, it looks pretty sweet. It looks like you have a projector--do you have any golf related software?
  9. Effington

    My Swing (Bigmiddy21)

    I'm just jealous that you can play golf in the middle of December. How often are you practicing?
  10. Effington

    My Swing (Melly9)

    Cheers and welcome to the club. How often are you practicing?
  11. Effington

    My Swing (Jetfan1983)

    Sounds great, and looks like the weather was perfect for ya.
  12. Effington

    My Swing (HJJ003)

    Keep up the practice! I don't have any insight to your swing but if you see progress then that's all you can ask for. What kind of ball are you using against your wall?
  13. Reminds me of Bill Murray in Caddy Shack. 250 yards out? Gimme my 6 iron...
  14. Effington

    How to Find an Instructor? Chicago NW Burbs

    Thanks, just looked up those places and they have great price structures compared to my local spots. It's a bit of hike for me, unfortunately!
  15. Hi guys, I'm trying to find an instructor in the Chicago NW burbs that has an indoor facility for the winter, but having difficulties. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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