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  1. Hey guys, played 9 today. Did not break 50. I was actually just planning to go to the driving range, but while there, I was hitting as good as ever, or possibly even better. Great contact with everything, straight and high, just the distance I want (or more!). I had some extra time, so went to see if I could bring that swing to the course. Well, I couldn't. My worst shot at the range was better than my best shot on the course, by a significant margin. I shanked and grounded my way through the first 4 holes. Hole 5 was the easiest of the course, and I also stopped keeping score at that point, and starting getting better contact. At the end, I felt encouraged/optimistic next time will be better. Such is the evil of golf. For me, it's definitely about the nerves, and on the course, that manifests itself in a less than full shoulder rotation in the backswing, which throws off the timing of my entire swing. When I was hitting them better at the end, I could feel the bigger shoulder turn. Cheers to another day.
  2. Hey guys, apologies for returning to this topic but I'm again wondering if my initial question regarding surface could be impacting shot results. After a day at the range where I hit every shot thin, I came home to my practice net and was hitting everything perfectly flush, so I went to my trusty youtube videos and the first one I watched made reference to the surface. This video, specifically at the 2:22 mark references softer surfaces. My basement is off of carpet that is softer than the range/course. So, I'm wondering if I've practiced on a carpet/soft surface that I've grooved a swing for, and then on grass I need a different swing?
  3. Effington

    Dedication, and Golf

    Sorry to pick on a detail that probably wasn't the intent of your post, but where I come from, just hitting in the 80's once in a while is what makes you "good". Someone who is regularly in the 70's would be "the best player I ever played with". The bartender at the last course I was on said only 10% of golfers can even hit in the 90's, and that was on a short and very "easy" course.
  4. If it makes you feel better, I'm about the same skill level as you and I have similar issues, with a caveat. Sometimes I switch off and my irons are better, and sometimes the hybrid. But I rarely/never hit both well at the same time.
  5. Effington

    The flagstick

    Hey guys, I was wondering what are the rationales for wanting a flagstick pulled/tended if it was not required (on the green). I would have thought that the flagstick would help your ball go in more than not. This study also seemed to agree, as long as it's not leaning in towards you (to shrink the hole): http://www.golf.com/instruction/flag-or-out Also, a quick google search led me to this, saying that a new rule for 2019 says you can always have the flagstick in: http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/ball-played-from-the-putting-green-hits-unattended-flagstick-in-hole.html So, would there ever be a reason to have the flagstick pulled/tended, save for if it's leaning towards you?
  6. Ha, thanks! I do take lessons and record my swing, but don't post it online. The challenge I'm facing is that on the driving range and even in lessons, my swing looks great; I was consistently hitting a green from 130 and was hitting longer irons fairly straight as well--my new instructor was actually shocked when I told him how high I typically score. But on the course, everything looks much different.
  7. Shot 108, or +37. Every single lost shot was tee to green. Notables: Only 36 putts. Sank 4-5 long ones and didn't miss anything inside 3'. 2 Pars 4 bogeys 6 doubles 3 triples 4 quadruples Ball striking was atrocious; I am actually shocked that I was able to score 108 with how bad I hit the ball. Most shots were screamers that traveled about 140 yards. They hooked hard so I started aiming way far to the right and the results were sometimes playable. On the bright side, my best shot of the day was from the tee box on 1 and I reached the green in regulation, so at least the starter thought I could play. Cheers to one day breaking bad.
  8. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! I actually just had a lesson, my first in a while, and the instructor's main takeaway for me was a minor change in alignment. What I felt was straight was actually lined up a bit to the left. This minor adjustment changed the feeling so much that this change was the only thing I'm able to work on, but I believe it has a ripple effort on other parts of the swing. So in other words, I had a similar issue as you did, I think.
  9. Effington

    Has this ever happened to you? What should I do?

    Yep, happens to me pretty much the same way you describe.
  10. Thanks, I appreciate the thought! I suppose that is possible. I'm abnormally short and only use short irons, and was pretty worried about it when I first started out, but a few thousand swings later, I don't worry about hitting the ceiling.
  11. Hi guys, Hoping to glean some insight from the years of experience here. Briefly about myself: 35 year old weekend duffer, been learning the game for about 4 years but not very well; a good day would be close to 100 but I typically score 120+. Anyway, in my quest to improve, I have procured a full-sized practice net in my basement. However, I’m seeing a noticeable difference between the shots there vs. the range or the course. Specifically, using impact tape, I am often hitting the ball in the center of the club at home, but at the range/course I’m thin. Even the shots on the range that look good show a little low on the club impact (it’s helpful to have forgiving clubs, I suppose). Does the difference in surface account for this or am I oversimplifying it?
  12. Effington

    Newbie Observation Driving Range vs. Course

    I don't have any good instructional advise to give as I am not a good player, but can tell you that I also have the same challenges. A couple years, I got a range pass and practiced and practiced and practiced. I thought, I could improve this way and it was less expensive than lessons and a lot of greens fees. Well, I didn't get much better.
  13. Love the thread. I've been playing roughly 5 years. including several consistent stretches where I'd practice daily. My best round would be close to the 100 mark but probably not breaking it. On the course, I am so nervy that I don't get solid contact often. A couple times, my driver was working for me on the course, but it didn't get combined with the rest so I couldn't score well. On the range, my shots often look good. Over the years, I've taken a total of about 8 lessons, but I'm going to up the ante now and get more regular lessons, as I'm seeing that this is the key rather than practicing more. Plus, I have more friends now that invite me out to play, and don't want to embarrass myself.
  14. $1,000 poker chip would be interesting, are you sure it was real?
  15. Effington

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    I am too nervy on the course. On the range, my shots almost look like golf shots are supposed to. When I get on the course, they do not.

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