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  1. I usually walk. It gives me time to clear my head after a bad shot (which I have a lot of).
  2. I've been thinking about this a bit lately. My waste size has gone up in the last few years and I need to buy new shorts. I have been watching a lot of golf lately though and now I just kind of feel like a slob wearing shorts (I know I shouldn't because most people do). So I have been thinking about switching to slacks at least when weather permits.
  3. Congrats! That is a feat that few achieve!
  4. I went to the range today with the new grip and it felt good. I was hitting my irons straight and solid for the most part, but I am still having my club turn in my hands.
  5. This is what nevrino is talking about if you need some visualization. http://www.golfchannel.com/media/golf-fix-tip-sink-more-putts-073012/ Sorry I can't embed it, because they don't have this video posted to their youtube channel.
  6. I tend to match brands, but I have a habit of doing that with just about everything, not just golf. If I see something that is just awesome though and doesn't go with my brand, I'll still go for it.
  7. Thanks burner. I just found out what you meant about the life line. After watching a bunch of videos from "The Golf Fix", I see that my grip was all kinds of wrong. Hopefully I can fix it and get some kind of consistency.
  8. Okay, well I didn't fix my problem apparently. It wasn't happening for a few swings, but then it just went right back to turning over. I have no idea what the problem is. I posted a video of my swing if anyone would be kind enough to have a look. I hold the club in front of me after the swing so you can see how the club face closes. http://thesandtrap.com/t/62082/my-swing-onoku
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 11 years (but I haven't played much in the last 5) My current handicap index or average score is: Haven't played a round in long enough to tell you My typical ball flight is: pushed right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'm trying to fix my whole swing from the ground up and I'm sure that there are loads of things wrong with it right now. The biggest thing I am noticing at the moment though is that for some reason, the club is turning over in my hands and I can't figure out w
  10. Thanks, Rusty. I've been watching videos all day trying to reconstruct my swing from the ground up. I am about to head out to the range again, so I'll keep that in mind about gripping the club.
  11. This is a bit anti-climactic, but I think I may have figured out what was causing the slippage. Because it has been several years since I have really golfed, I thought maybe I should just go back to the basics. When I went to the driving range yesterday, I was using the interlocking grip. Today my pinky and forefinger were pretty sore. When I first started golfing, I used to use a ten finger grip, so I decided maybe I should give it a try again. I just took several swings with it and got almost not movement. I switched back to interlocking and it slipped again. I think that the gap created by
  12. Just tried the grip test and the club doesn't move really at all. As for the swing in slow motion, it doesn't close at all. It only seems to happen during a full speed swing. I just did a few swings and it seems like the club is actually slipping a bit during my downswing before impact. I have the stock grips on my Nike Ignites, and they haven't been used all the much so I'm not sure if the grips need replaced or not.
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have tried a lighter grip as well, though I think I'd have to get back out to the range and try it again. If it is due to missing the sweet spot though, I'm not sure how the club would turn inward. If anything, that would cause it to turn outward wouldn't it?
  14. Ah, I should have mentioned, the club turns inward, rather than outward.
  15. My clubs are Nike Ignites btw. Maybe I just need to change my grips? They are a bit more slick than the Wilson Pro-Staffs I used previously. I can't remember whether or not this started when I changed clubs though.
  16. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I use a glove. Also my hands are actually kind of small, so the size of the grips should be fine. This is a fairly recent development. I haven't had this in all the time I have been golfing until now.
  17. Hi, I haven't golfed much recently, but the last few times I have gone I've been having issues that I can't seem to fix. No matter how tight I grip the club, it turns over in my hands when I swing. If I look at my club head after my follow through, it will have turned almost 90 degrees. Does anyone have a clue what could be causing this and how I might fix it?
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