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  1. It's more about supporting and bettering the service levels by allowing for golfers to receive that service on demand. This on demand service provides a much stronger perception of service than just driving around the course and getting lucky. It could basically be a cheap service that allows normal courses to bring their service level on par with those with refreshment stations built at tee boxes. I've seen very few courses that are absolutely linear where no shortcuts exist to different parts of the course. Those linear courses may not be a potential user of the service as your point
  2. Hi all, I am new to the forum but not to Golf. I am a developer by day and a golfer by early twilight. I just finished up an app for my local course that allows a golfer to summon the beverage cart (where ever it is on the course) to my current location using my smart phone, even as you play on. The only requirement for the beverage cart is that they too have a smart phone. I am trying to see if this app that I created for this course may be applicable to many more courses. The feedback on the course I play on is that the cart was never around when they wanted it so this wa
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