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  1. Possibly the most self centered arrogant person I have heard on the tele, his attitude towards Tiger since he started working for Sky sports has been a disgrace. Talking about him like he is a 10 handicapper at times
  2. We lucky in England, we get all four days coverage of PGA tour event live, Usually 3-4 hours a night but more for majors, WGC, tour championship etc etc. Also get the senior and ladies majors live although we are at the mercy of the US broadcaster so if there is a delay in the coverage for whatever reason the time is filled with pundits talking in the studio
  3. Is there much or any euro tour golf gets shown in American?
  4. Just wondered how this fella is viewed stateside by the American gold fans? For about 10 years us Brits have seen quite a lot of him on out golf TV coverage. He works for Sky sports on the Majors, WGC, Ryder cup and some big tour events as a summarizer and commentator. Always come across as a nice fella and never biased towards the US players although you never know if he is just doing that because he knows he is getting viewed in the UK . Even has good things to say about Tiger even though I have always got the impression he is a bit bitter about getting sacked by him all those ye
  5. Hugely impressive, every time he stood over a putt you felt like it was going to drop
  6. Havent captains been known in the past to find away round the blind draw to make sure a certain pairing happens?
  7. After one bad stoke he turned to a Sky sports cameraman and asked if he had a problem. When the cameraman replied no. Monty paused before telling the confused fella ' Just remember. you are only here because of me' Always been the same with Monty, quick to blame anybody but himself
  8. Been playing for a year or so now, betting out on the course once a week or fortnight. As a beginner my main concern was getting use to get some height on the ball from tee, fairway, ruff etc. Now this is coming along ok but I have really neglected the putting side of my game. Tend to three putt all the time from any thing you may call mid to long range, any tips anyone could offer as to how I could improve it when on a practicing putting green or maybe something I could do in my own home?
  9. Some of the behavior of Colin Montgomrie on the course over the years has been disgraceful
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