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  1. Never played the Craz-e, but I have the C67 karsten and love it. No insert on mine (and I believe all the karsten series) which gives it a different feel, but not a bad feel. Give it a couple of tries, if you don't like it, sell it.
  2. My buddies and I always joke around that bare feet on greens are the best stimpmeters available.
  3. Thanks for the quick responses.
  4. Anybody have the story behind Luke Donald conceding the match to Ernie Els on Friday? Injury? Getting beat too badly and didn't want a 9 & 8 match score? Anybody got the story? Thanks.
  5. Heard about Colbert being a beast, but when its the nicest course in the area and for the winter rates they have I'd have to play it if I was there. No way I would pass it up. Nobody has mentioned Rolling Meadows in Junction City (near Manhattan). I've heard good things about this course. Anybody played it? Opinions?
  6. I wouldn't want to sponsor him with that ugly hat he wears either, but that is just me.
  7. Thanks for the input and course suggestions. Had checked out Quarry Oaks before but not Iron Horse. Had my eyes on Colbert Hills as well, but after seeing how many courses are in the Omaha area and the prices they offer (usually under 30 for 18 holes) I can't see going all the way down there for the whole trip. May have to sneak down there one day though. I'm sure it's well worth the couple hour drive from the looks of it.
  8. Hall of Above Average Pro? Absolutely. Hall of Very Good Pro? You can argue that for Kenny. Hall of Fame? Not a chance. The Hall of Fame should be reserved for the best of the best, and shouldn't be diluted. Setting minimums like the 20/2 rule won't work, because what happens when ten of the wins are during the fields that aren't as good as others, and wins shouldn't be the only determinant for a sport like golf. Behavior, off the course behavior, etc should be taken into consideration (as in baseball, not the football HOF that lets in non-character guys). The character aspect comes to m
  9. Looking to head somewhat south for a week during spring break this year. Being a broke college student, I don't have the money to fly anywhere warm and with only a week off from school and work I don't want to spend too much time in the car. I've kind of settled on Nebraska (mainly Omaha area) and if necessary I'll go into Kansas to get to some golfing weather. What I'm wondering is what can I expect mainly for Course opennings (all of them? most of them? only the crappy ones?) It should be warm enough to play, but I want to make sure courses are going to be open before I go down there. I'
  10. The days are getting longer up here in ND as well. The good thing about living up here is during the summer (May-Aug.) the days are extremely long. We are talking golfing by 5:45am at dawn and not finishing until almost 10pm (can barely see by this time). On the downside, we have this stupid season known as winter from November til early April if we are lucky. I think I would trade the long days for year round golf though. Yep, definitely would do that.
  11. An important thing to remember when replacing clubs with hybrids is not to match the loft of the previous club with the hybrid. Get a list of the distances you hit your clubs and fill the gaps with the hybrids, regardless of what degree they may be.
  12. I'm in a similar situation come summer. My son turns 3 in February and he has plastic clubs and balls that he hits around the house endlessly. I'm hoping to get him out to the putting green and get him a real club and ball and see what he thinks. Hopefully it can remain fun for him, and it can become our father/son time. It'll get me a free pass out of the house and gives me a companion when I'm used to golfing by myself if it pans out well. I would say 3-4 isn't too young to get them out on the course during slow times or just to ride along, but don't push them. Let it be fun, don't worry a
  13. I would say that you are gripping too high on the club, and you should choke down just slightly. I used to wear holes in my gloves like crazy in that position because I held the club so high in my grip. Now I've choked down, only like 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch and I no longer see the wear on my glove. That is my two cents, take it as you will.
  14. Self taught. Been golfing for 10 years roughly. Currently 8.6 and playing as good as ever. However, if one day I hit a wall, I would consider lessons.
  15. Looking into the same trip later this summer. I've played Hawktree which is very solid and I've heard nothing but good things about Bully Pulpit, but I'm looking forward to Links of North Dakota most. I've heard really really good things about the Links. As advised by the above poster, bring bug spray (bugs are everywhere in ND) and lots of balls to Bully Pulpit and Hawktree (prairie grass rough).
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