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  1. That's kind of what I figured. Not to mention there will be a slight adjustment period with the new clubs I would imagine.
  2. Ok so I got fitted and ordered some titleist 712 AP2's. I loved the way they felt. My old clubs I was striking them good but I tended to hit them right at times about 10 yds off target. When I got fitted we moved the clubhead "UP" by 2 degrees and this help promote and straight/ very slight draw in my ball flight. I haven't played many rounds but I am a good ball striker. My question is should I keep playing/practising my old clubs(callaway x20s not fitted) for the next week or 2 or should I wait? I am afraid that if I over play with my current clubs it may affect my swing and mess me up. At the same time now that I am starting to play and practise more not swinging a club for almost 2 weeks seems like a long time! THANKS!