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  1. Dominating the game means consistently winning golf tournaments. The reason Tiger, dominated is because he'd win a Major in conjunction with 5-7 wins that same year. He did not simply pop-up on a streak and win a few Majors. He won 79 times on the PGA Tour and he has the highest win percentage relative to total starts than anybody ever has - including 18 WGCs - a number so impressive that even Brandel, refuses to talk about it much. That's dominance. When Rory, reaches Major win Number 9 or 10, then it will be time to seriously sit down and start discussing how much longer he'll be
  2. Quite frankly, I think it is idiotic for Brandel, a player who never even sniffed a Major win during his entire career and thus; a player who knows nothing about what goes on in the mind of another player who has won such events 14 times no less; to feign standing in judgement of a guy who is and was many light years ahead in terms of skill, mental focus, raw talent and the desire to win. When I hear Brandel, ripping on Tiger, I get the distinct impression that he's jealous - pure and simple. Jealous that he never had the kind of ability that Tiger has and jealous that he never amounte
  3. That's cute. Or, is it insanity? - Fasted man alive to 79 PGA Tour Wins - Record for Lowest Scoring Average in PGA Tour History - Highest purse in PGA Tour History - Youngest Career Slam in PGA Tour History - Only player on the planet to have won all four (4) Majors in a row - Record holder for number of consecutive cuts made - Longest continuous reign as World Number #1 in PGA Tour History - 18 WGC Championships - 2nd longest winning streak in PGA Tour History Oh, I almost forgot: - 14 Major Championships Wake me up when som
  4. It has everything to do with his new shaft position just before impact. He's always had patches where he would spray the golf ball off the tee with his driver. The difference now is that those exact same shots will be amplified off the tee - because the compression is so much better. It just makes sense. Put more force behind the ball - ball go far. - Get too far out in front of the ball with your hands when you are actually trying to hold a longer L-Position - ball go BIG TIME left. - Get caught too far behind the ball with your hands when you are trying to hold a
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mvmac In case you guys didn't see it, Bubba Watson goes "Happy Gilmore" on the first tee Bubba, had an outstanding day today and I'm glad he played consistently. I just hope the consistency remains throughout the week - that was my only problem with him being on the Team this year. Bubba's oscillations between good and poor golf is one of the widest channels of performance on tour. When he's on - he's really on. But, when he's off, he's almost comical. Contrast that to Rory. When Rory, is off - he's j
  6. It is fairly straight forward as you can see - just as long as the players follow their "trajectory" coming into the tournament. That's what I look for. The question is always: What's a players true trajectory coming into an event. My call on the majority of the players was pretty much accurate. The true exceptions were Tiger and Colsaerts - only two players and that combination (if you cared to notice) was the very combination of players that made the difference in my overall call for the U.S. being "Up 3" at the end of Friday. So, in the final analysis, the very two p
  7. - Rory and GMac, did what was expected in the morning, but faltered in the afternoon. One of the biggest surprises for me on Friday. - Phil and Bradley, did what was expected both in the morning and the afternoon - no surprises for me. - Dufner and Zach, played solid in the morning and contributed as expected. - Tiger and Stricker, have to be the biggest disappointment for Friday, although Tiger, tried a patented comeback near the end of the afternoon session. Overall, the picks were fairly on target with the exception of Tiger/Stricker. So, at the end of the day, the U.S.
  8. Yeah, and he even held a share of the lead at -6 under when play got suspended due to "darkness" today. The whole Lee Janzen thing blows my mind. Its a bit like the whole David Duval thing - which also blew my mind. Which was nothing like the John Daly thing, which never really blew my mind at all. I honestly expected Lee Janzen, to have five (5) majors and 40+ wins by now - including one (1) player of the year and maybe one (1) FedEx Cup. Where did I go wrong. I liked everything about Lee, and still do. I wish him all the best.
  9. Hmmmm. Rory and GMac are going to be very tough to beat. Phil and Bradley should be able to take Luke and Sergio. Dufner and Zach is the easiest pick of all. Tiger and Stricker will have very little trouble with their opposition. I've got the U.S. Up 3 after Friday. Any takers?
  10. Funny. I thought it translated to "Sexy Looking Golf Course." Learn something new everyday, I guess. I would love to have a "City" like that sitting in my back yard. I'd play her every single day. Courses that look like that, just inspire you to want to go out and play some Golf. It looks like one of those "feel good" courses.
  11. - North Americans - South Americans - Central Americans - Canadian Americans. Canada, is part of the "New World" and thus considered part of the Americas. - Brazilian Americans, if you include part of the North Western portions of Brazil, which is also considered part of the Americas. It means a lot to be an American. We are a very diverse people.
  12. I think you are right and for some of the same reasons why I would have selected Hunter, over Bubba. Lee's a great player, no doubt. But, if you look at his overall demeanor this year - especially during the FedEx Cup, he seemed very tired and very lethargic - just not very much into golf, really. He seemed a bit aloof during post round interviews and somewhat distracted. I just thought he was worn out at the end of a long season, after not playing particularly very well heading into the FedEx Cup. On the other hand, Paddy, always seems engaged and connected to everything arou
  13. My only problem with Bubby, as opposed to Hunter, is the stability required for Team Golf. I'm sure no one on the U.S. is outwardly complaining about Bubby, and in fact probably all believe that he's a good fit for the team. I just believe that Hunter would have been a bit more stable and has the level of play that would help the U.S. Team. Hunter, may not have had the stats that Bubba, had this year - but Hunter also demonstrated that he was starting to me in the right direction during the FedEx Cup. At one point during the FedEx Cup Points Season, Hunter Mahan, was at the very top
  14. True, but while liking Tiger Woods, as much as I do, I'm not at all impressed with his performance in the Ryder Cup. His Number #1 dominance will never be replicated in my lifetime, no doubt. I agree with you on that score - it has been one heck of a Number #1 ride with Tiger! However, his performance during the the Ryder, leave much to be desired. Had he not won as many times as he did this year, I'd be saying that he should not even be on the Ryder Cup Team. Of course, you can't keep the best of the best down for very long and that's why he has multiple wins this year, yet again
  15. Two Players that I don't think should have made either Ryder Cup this year: - Bubba Watson - US Team - Lee Westwood - European Team Neither of them have played impressive golf this year, and both of them are on a downward slope currently. I would have preferred to see Hunter Mahan , instead of Bubba Watson. I think when comparing the two, Hunter, would have brought more "stability" and less "frantic" play to the team event - which is what you will need to win. I think the remainder of the U.S. Team is pretty solid this year. On the European side, I
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