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  1. JP must have had the day off from carrying his bag to count his money. Rory confirmed in a Twitter Q&A; that he's on the full 10% cut, making $140k on Sunday. Nice money.
  2. The problem I see most often isn't the length of time that players spend over their shots, its the fact that they are not ready to play when their turn comes around. They haven't moved to their ball, or haven't selected a club even if they are third or fourth to play. High handicappers pacing out yardages when for the most part they dont know how far they hit each club anyway, and can't hit a consistent distance often enough is another bugbear of mine, along with the mimicry of Pro's habits of taking off and putting on gloves, moving their tee around teeboxes incessantly or making multiple p
  3. I think that McIlroy will benefit hugely from having to play so much golf last week. His schedule at this time of year over the past few years has been patchy, playing one or two tournaments then disappearing for three or four weeks. I think he benefits from having a few tournaments on the bounce as we quite often see with him later in the year, and last week was like two weeks golf squeezed into one. He' only 26, in incredible shape, so physically it shouldnt knock anything out of him, and he's shown with successive wins in the past that the pressure of winning helps rather than hinders hi
  4. Most unforgiving golf course I've ever seen at a regular tour event. No rough, fairly short, but once you strayed off line you were going to pay a penalty, it was just a question of how much you had to pay. I find it quite frustrating in most events, both Euro and US, that players can miss a fairway by twenty yards and end up in trees, but regularly can still have a shot to the green. On that course you needed to have a chainsaw in the bag if you even went a yard into the jungle, so when people are talking about restrictin the bombers perhaps instead of growing up the rough and looking at
  5. Agree totally with this. The thing that struck me when watching Tiger hacking around was how uncommitted he was to his shots. He seemed to be decelerating into most of them, and then occasionally over compensating on the next chip, and skulling it through the green. I also agree with Mickelson that chipping technique is completely separate from golf swing, and for this reason am highly sceptical of Tigers excuse about being caught between swing patterns. It seems to me to be about loss of confidence and focus in what he's attempting to do.
  6. I think the consistency issue has been put to bed over the past year to be honest. Go onto the OGWR site and look at his record in the past year and reassess your somewhat outdated view about Rory's streakiness. Having said that I dont think that Rory has attained the level of greatness that Tiger achieved at the same early age so any comparison is pointless at this stage. However to dismiss the possibility of him doing so in the future is equally pointless, simply because to expect that their respective careers will be linear is ridiculous. For instance, Tiger last won a Major since he was
  7. Talk about clutching at straws, reducing the assessment a 25 year old multiple major winner's career down to a single round. You couldn't make it up. Its not that long ago that some were clinging to the "fact" that he couldn't contend in tournaments unless he had his A game, and now that he has shown that he can grind out good scores despite not being anywhere near top form we now move on to the next course in a moveable feast of criteria by which he should be judged. I'm sure that if he wins today you'll have a new yardstick of greatness ready by this evening.
  8. I'd imagine that a huge factor in Gallacher's selection, outside of the fact that he only missed out on automatic selection by a sliver, was his ability to put in a performance like last weekend when under enormous pressure. Apparently McGinley spelled out his requirements for each of the contenders a couple of weeks ago, and only Gallacher responded in the required manner. Donald was pitiful at the DB, and in the preceding weeks, and can have no complaints about being left out, while Westwood didn't even make it there, so I reckoned Molinari had a big chance to be picked, but he putte
  9. Be careful what you wish for. They had Bubba miced up in the Grand Slam of Golf in 2012, and he whined his way through the round. By the end of the round it was like listening to nails being dragged across a blackboard. Even Harrington began to grate.
  10. That's true, but I suspect that if he was throwing tantrums we might have seen more of him for entertainment value alone. I never thought I'd be a Reed apologist, but I thought his fist pump at the last was worthy of comment. He does himself no favours with his perceived arrogance, but hopefully he'll learn from his mistakes.
  11. I have to say that I thought he handled todays disaster with more class than I thought him capable of. He had one of those days where every poor shot turned into a catastrophe, getting buried in faces of bunkers rather than falling back onto the flat. We've all had days like that, and I'm not sure that I was in the mood to fist pump anyone at the end od it, as Reed did with his caddy after bogeying 18. He has an unfortunate face, which along with his ill considered remark about being in the top 5, makes him very easy to dislike, but I thought, from the limited amount we sawof him today, tha
  12. Bernard Gallagher, another who could readily described as a journeyman pro, has been Europes geatest captain, and Nick Faldo, narguably Europes greatest player,has quite easily been Europes least competent captain, so I think you might be somewhat unaware of the qualities required to do both jobs. McGinley, despite being a journeyman pro, has been a major force in the European game over the past 15 years off the course, and has done his apprenticeship for this job over a number of years, with 3 spells of duty as vice captain at the Rc, and a couple of years as captain of the GB&I; team in the
  13. I've always thought Player to be an insufferable bore and a shameless egotist. I saw him a few weeks ago chalenging a Sky contributor to try to match his sit up count, and whie its impressive that a man of his age is so fit its not unreasonable to expect that he would also have learnt some humility and graciousness. What he thinks are fortright views and bluntness are quite often boorish and offensive insults.
  14. I'm in the group of guys who previously thought he was all about hype and gaudy clothes, but I've developed a real respect for him as a golfer and a person, to the exrent that I wouldnt have been too upset if he'd beaten McIlroy on Sunday. Believe me, as a fan who's followed Rory at amateur tournaments in Ireland since he was 14, that is a huge swing, but I do believe he is very good for golf and will only improve under Butch. Anyone who can putt so unerringly from 6-8 feet under pressure will always be a threat.
  15. I think they're trying to sell hats rather than make him look cool. As an old fogie they look ridiculous to me, but the reality is that generation Y love that look. They dress Tiger to sell goods to people like me.
  16. I think a lot of people are ignoring the role of vested interests in building and promoting the brand. Its not just through his golf performances that Rory will become a generally recognised figure outside the core golfing community. Already this weekend posters are complaining about the saturation coverage of the Omega commercial, and Nike will now kick into overdrive with their own brand of marketing as they see the Tigers decline as an opportunity to promote the new poster boy. Its also in the interest of the golf channels to hype him into outer space because their big draw is no longer c
  17. I think that with the quality at the top of the leaderboard only players at about 9 or10 under at the end of the third round will have any chance of winning tomorrow. There are at least 5 guys there who are capable of throwing a 65 or 66 at the board today in soft conditions, and youd bet on at least two of them achieving it, so the leading score could be anything from -14 to -12 this evening. The likes of Scott, Garcia, and Rose have way too much to do imo.
  18. I think physical maturity is another factor you can put in there. With a relatively undiversified gene pool until very recently we Irish tend to mature physically in our early to mid 20s, and are at a significant disadvantage in some sports, especially power sports such as rugby, at youth level. Looking at recent photos of Rory, he seems to have bridged that gap in the past 12 months, and I think that, as well as a a greater focus and workrate, will see a far greater level of consistency. I also can't help but think that Tigers comments are motivated by a realisation that maybe Rory could a
  19. FarWest


    I'm curious as to why anyone would believe that the match should have been called in on the 18th when the result of the competition hadn't been decided. Europe had retained the cup, but the record book would show a tie. It would have been different if the last match was tied, but it is inconceivable that a full point would be conceded with the overall result in the balance. As has been said Tiger had ample opportunity to concede the putt before he missed his own putt. To be honest its beginning to look like a desperate race for the high moral ground, especially as even Westwood agreed that
  20. Thanks for all the comments. I have thought about replacing the shaft with a mid kick shaft to get lower launch, but its a draw bias head that I got to correct a very destructive slice. My golf has improved considerably over the past couple of years after I made a conscious decision to play more, and I think I can look at a different driver. I played this morning with a G5 that a mate lent me, and if anything I'm hitting the ball with a slight fade, and also getting 10 yards or so extra distance without a draw bias, so it confirmed that I can move away from it. I like the look of the i20,
  21. I had a Caddyshack moment yesterday playing in an Open Competition at my club. Playing off 10 I had just parred the 10th, after birdyin 8 and 9,to get to level par for my round when I took my driver out of my bag going to the 11th tee, only for the head to fall off. When I looked I discovered the shaft had snapped about a foot up from the head. I don't have an idea how it happened because I'd put it in the bag after hitting a great drive up 10 and I didn't notice any problem with it. Anyway, my dilemna is what to replace my beloved G15 driver with. My handicap has come down in the last co
  22. About 25 years ago Robert Allenby was still an amateur and played in an amateur strokeplay tournament in my club in Ireland, playing with a mate of mine in the second last pairing in the final round. My friend told me afterwards that Allenby never once spoke to him the whole way round, and didn't so much as acknowledge his existence. He described him fairly succintly as a "dickhead". A player at the opposite end of the spectrum was Paul McGinley. I caddied for him in one round in the same tournament, and he was one of the nicest guys you could meet. What really impressed me was that
  23. When I started playing, almost 30 years ago, anything over 3 hours was considered unacceptable, but nowadays it seems that 4 hours is the miimum time allowed, and 4 1/2 hours can be acceptable, even on the shorter courses. Although I would be considered a quick player I find that I now fall into the 4 hour tempo, and struggle to play quicker than that in a fourball, even though the guys I play with regularly are decent mid handicappers ( 8 to 12). A lot of the slow play I've encountered is generally down to poor etiquette or poor manners. Pacing around greens, and marking even tap ins driv
  24. I play on the northwest coast of Ireland, and I'm looking at the temps you're experiencing with envy. After this mornings round I think I'll be putting my clubs away for the winter, even though the fact that the two courses I'm a member of, being links, allow all year golf. I went off this morning to play in my regular Sunday fourball in cool but sunny weather, but by the time we hit off we were in wet gear. We had our first shower going down the first, but by the time we got to the second the sun was back out and we took off our jackets. We played the second with a strong wind off our left
  25. I thought McIlroy's performance on Sunday was close to flawless, especially given the quality of the leaderboard and how compacted it was. The manner in which he constructed his score and gave the other players no errors to encourage them was hugely impressive, and quite Tiger like. However his play on Friday and Saturday, after an excellent display on Thursday, while flawed in terms of ball striking, was probably more heartening because in the past he'd have probably played himself out of the tournament. As he said after Saturday's round, he turned a 76 into a 68. In the past he'd have pr
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