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  1. Rules? For the Average Golfer?

    Note to anyone reading, this is not a shot at all golfers, just a couple. It seems that my last article submitted inspired commentary, insults, and simply rude statements. Yet on the topic of rules, I received shots about playing the game, comments about lack of respect for the game, and even shots on my writing skills. Let me clarify a couple of things first and for most. The article was meant to my humorous, yet it seems some thought I was simply writing to annoy. Hardly my reasoning or true to the point of the article. On my writing skills, I admit I have only been writing about golf for about a week now, my normal articles are about food, which I have an editor and I get published, and paid. So for that issue I am sorry. The other comment I took particular interest in was that from a twenty four year old child. Sorry kid, I have in fact been playing golf 4 years shy of your age, so 20 years playing this sport. I have played in junior leagues, 4 years of high school and 1 year of college, and since college I have played nearly every weekend. So the idea of me not knowing the game, nor the rules, course edict, or playing by the rules is somewhat ridiculous due to I have been playing longer than you being able to use the toilet by yourself. The point of my article was not to encourage cheating in golf or in any other sport for that fat, but to simply be able to have fun while playing the game of golf and for anyone and I mean anyone to be able to go out and play this sport, without being reprimanded by shooting for a better handicap or by the rules that most do not even know. I feel I can say this honestly due to my background both on the private courses and the public. I only play public courses now, because of the elitist thinking a$$holes like most of the comment makers here. It’s how you all view this sport that makes me despise it yet it also drives me to write more as the Average Joe Golfer that many others and I are. Average middle class (and I am not discrediting above or below this line) individuals who play with hand me down clubs, borrowed water logger balls, who doesn’t own an actual set of spikes; and for the ones who like to crack open a cold beer, light up a 4 dollar cigar from the club house, while wearing cutoff gun shirts, and for the ones who hold the flow of the pace, due to “Ed’s taking a leak”. I write for those who simply love to play. I mean do you really think elitists like yourselves fuel the rounds of the PGA, or WPGA? No it’s a$$holes like my self and many others out there who are buying thousand dollar set of clubs, buying 45 dollar set of balls, who think it’s cool to own 1 percent of Ping or Callaway. It’s people like me who pay 32 bucks for eighteen and a cart each and every weekend and don’t give a spit about handicaps or what we have in the bag. So you can have your private courses, and memberships, your droll conversations about what new club came out or what ball you think it the best, and you can keep your handicaps for you sandbagging elitist “A” flights. I’ll be out with a thousand plus other golfers drinking beer while we play, disregarding the rules, and playing a game as we the Average Joe’s and Jane’s of this golf world, see fit. Any comments left to be made, feel free and when I see that you have a 3.2 handicap denouncing anything I just wrote, it will only prove my point of you being a golf elitist snob. Next time with the Average Joe Golfer, learn how to accidentally plug a snobs ball with your cart tire who just hit into you…He has to play it as it lies, otherwise it’s a penalty stroke.
  2. Club House Food?

    Is tournament time the only time that golf courses partake in the offering of quality foods? I am talking of good food, not day old hotdogs you and your pals scarf down between the ninth and tenth tee, in order to get ahead of the turn. No I am talking BLT sandwiches with a pickle spear and fries or a taco bar on Saturday for lunch, or even a little sawmill sausage gravy and biscuits for the A.M. crowd. These delicious culinary items can be had, can be offered, and simply for a small price. Have you started salivating yet, I have. Well golf courses have some options to address. Yes, I the Hungry Golfer the voice of the grumbling hungry bellies of all the Jane’s and Joe’s of the golf course, am giving golf courses options. Think about it Courses, these items are inexpensive to purchase, relatively easy to prepare given your current culinary equipment, and can be found at any local grocery store. The BLT is a slab of bacon, (precooked if your really rushed), lettuce, mayo, sliced tomato and toasted bread. Done. And averaged that up; you can cook this sandwich, one sandwich for about fifty-five cents total, the left over ingredients can still make up to possibly ten more sandwiches. So at the cost of fifity-five cents give or take to make one sandwich, maybe six dollars or so in total cost of ingredients, and averaging about ten to twelve sandwiches per six dollars, we see that one BLT for the golf course, cost about fifty cents total. Sorry Joe and Jane’s, Courses I bet you could sell those fifty-cent sandwiches for around six to eight dollars. Yeah courses, that is a three hundred and fifty percent profit markup. Now I can say for the taco bar, the same low cost to the Courses with a nice average of price tag associated with it. But, being hungry golfers does not make us stupid golfers. Say you get rid of the old hotdogs and the flash frozen burnt but still frozen hamburgers and replace it with quality foods, we welcome that, but if you place a price tag on the new foods that will siphon cash from wallets, then I can tell you what will happen. For instance, my cooler fits up to a twelve pack of beer and a sandwich, chips, pretzels and peanuts. That in clubhouse prices is around twenty-five dollars. A lose in profit due to a greedy manager is not good for business. So Jane’s and Joe’s of this golf world, call up your course and ask, “Hey, can we get some good grub on the menu?” and courses, don’t be afraid of change, satisfy your customers with the triple threat, Golf, Beer, and Good Food. More from the Hungry Golfer - Jay Munson coming soon! Enjoy
  3. Rules? For the Average Golfer?

    From rules made many years ago, came the guidelines set forth for the kings and queens of the golf world. In today’s definition, the men and women of the PGA and the WPGA, the kings and queens of the modern golf era. These two hierarchies of the golf world play by a set standard of rules nearly every weekend for around eight months give or take, per year. Their jobs, so to speak, and they are paid well for it. Yet these rules that I personally was not in on when they where wrote, state what I can and can not get away with for my golf game… My hobby, my beer drinking game with the pals. So I ask the rest of the world of golf, the other 99% of the watchers and waiters, the Average Joe and Jane’s of this golfing world, “why do we take golf, so serious?” When we slide on our spikes checking for grass or mud, or when we run a tee through the grooves of our irons right before we shove that tee into the corner of our mouths; or when we are standing on the tee box about to drive the best drive ever, and a buddy yells, “jack ass!” I would have to say that we are not on tour… So why do we focus so heard on the game that we play for fun? Because we like the game, yet I say again; I was not in on the writing of the rules so why do I or anyone else have to abide by them? For instance, I knock a drive straight down the pipe yet it veers off to the right just slightly rolling off into the higher grass. Now I must place down my beer, put my four-dollar cigar onto the nearly dry grass, and take my second shot. Hold on though, my ball is nearly covered in grass yet it would not be if in the short grass… A lovely toe wedge is now pulled from the seventy-five pound bag with eight clubs to many, and look my ball has nicely lading in the short grass, now I can take my second shot. Just like that, I think I broke four rules and need to add five or eight strokes to my card… My buddy yells out from the other side of the fairway, “Dude, come on man we have only five beers left till we see the cart girl again.” Refocusing once more, I think again five or eight strokes? Yep, as a smile runs the length of my face, second shot. The shot goes nice, lands about twenty yards from the pine. I walk back over to the cart has my pal hands me another beer he say’s, “Nice second man, it would have been worse if you had stayed in the tall grass.” As we drive on to our third shot… or was it the ninth… nah, that was the third. Rules are good to have for the big boys and girls, keeps them all nice and fair. But for the average boys who are just out having some beers playing a fun round, rules don’t make a winner, the rules cloud things up making a fun game not fun. So why do we play for keeps, when on the eighteenth we aren’t even really sober? Jay Thomas Munson